Mr. Eloquence strikes again.

This afternoon at a memorial service for slain MIT officer Sean Collier, killed allegedly by the Tsarnaev brothers last week, Joe Biden flexed his trademark sensitivity muscles:

“Knock-off jihadis,” huh? Not the real thing?

And why is that? Is it because of their “relatively modest killing power,” as Geraldo Rivera tastelessly put it?

Try telling that to the families of the Boston bombers’ victims. To them, there’s nothing knock-off about cold-blooded killers.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Shameful, Mr. Vice President. But, sadly, not unexpected.

By the way, the 1993 World Trade Center bombers “only” killed six people (plus one unborn baby). Were they “knock-off jihadis,” too?

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Is this the administration FINALLY recognizing that the motivation for this attack was militant islam?!?! IE….. terrorism?

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Joe “Nature abhors a vacuum!” Biden:

    Doesn’t your phrase “two twisted, perverted, cowardly knock-off `jihadis” kind of punch a hole with your boss’s coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood and prayer rugs in the West Wing of the old EOB?

  • Doctor Drive Thru

    Hey Boston…no class rubes! Can only attract “Knock-off Jihadis.” New York beats your as again with Designer Jihadis.

    • angeleyez

      Joe The Clown Biden wouldn’t known a radical Islamic Jihadist form the POTUS.

      • SpinMeNot

        I didn’t realize there was a difference. Other than BHO is likely a bigger tool than your average Jihadi … at least they take responsibility for their actions.

        • Garth Haycock


    • CatHerder

      “Be sure and look for the union label…”

  • Mister A

    “Why?” <=== This is the most useless question ever asked. The answer is almost always bullshit.

  • TocksNedlog

    ‘Tis the meme-of-the-week: Sure, they’re Muslim, and what they did was an act of terrorism; BUT (according to our left-wing friends) they’re still just ‘Jihadist wannabes’.
    Witness Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh: “Whatever their racial status, they seem to resemble young American mass murderers more than al-Qaida members.”
    If the truth doesn’t suit your agenda, then you simply change the truth until it does; right, Joan?

    • EverybodyTalks

      Progressives….If the truth doesn’t work, then it has to be incorrect!

  • rinodino

    Omg. Here comes the fake conservative rage just picking apart anything and everything , just because you can

    So I guess Biden should take back the twisted perverted and cowardly remarks as well? Smdh

    • Michelle

      Omg. Here comes the insane liberal defense justifying any and every stupid thing that come out of Biden’s mouth, just because you can.

      No need for Biden to take back the adjectives twisted, perverted and cowardly – they are accurate for describing jihadists (the designer and “knock-off” versions)

      Hey, while I have your attention, what are your thoughts on “garden variety domestic violence”?

    • grais

      The man’s an idiot.

      • SpinMeNot

        Biden? Rinodino? I vote for both.

    • Bob Galasso

      What he should do is tell the truth. Oh, I forgot, no one in this administration can do that.

  • Spatial Awareness

    @VP is a F*CKING RETARD.

    • SpinMeNot

      Wow, I heard a Celestial Chorus singing backup as I read that …

  • ratizbad

    Mr.Stupid Biden..You are a knock off pitiful VP!!! And of course that thing they call the President,Pitiful again!.

  • bidentime

    Of course these are “knock-off Jihadis” as Obama has told us many times that we have al qaeda on its heels.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Biden can take them out with two blasts from his Jed Clampett-style shotgun off his second-floor balcony.

  • James Neal

    Airhead Biden and Muslim Obama are knock-offs when what we need are real leaders…

  • Ronald Green

    And just think, this lame brain is one heart beat away from the White House. Why do you think the Dow dropped so sharply with news (false) that the White House had been bombed.


    I wish Joe Biden would show us what a REAL one is. Using himself. With no innocents civilians harmed. And no, I don’t consider Joe Biden to be an innocent civilian.

  • hwy505

    It’s “Fatwah” not “Fatah” dumb-ass!

  • Axelgreaser

    REGARDING BIDEN, by now you have to ask yourself, what would the equivalent be to ‘La Cosa Nostra?’ This White House perhaps!? I mean look at the man past the asinine jihadist remarks. He look’s like he’s just peeked through a speakeasy’s portal and hissed: ‘Vinnie sent me.” The dark glasses and the ominous ‘railing’ pose which he has pretty much became synonymous with when he’s jamming and bulldozing and lying Obama’s hair-brained, progressive agenda down our throats. There it is in the photo at the top, Biden the missing character from the God Father saga, captured for posterity looking like a hoodlum nearly confirming what we’ve suspected for so long: that we have a crime wave in the White House, that we’re being duped and lied to and FOR WHAT! We are a nation, not chatel, not ‘subjects’ and we do not deserve it that we’re being represented on the world stage by this inappropriate, undignified, foul mouthed, podium smashing screecher. And Biden is the second thug in line for the title of ‘Don’ of America. Which of the two top men in our governement is worse! One a ‘schmoozer’ that manipulates and meddles ‘back of the beat’ like a jazz singer sings or this bellowing ruffian, Biden. That as a representative of the people yet is a rough around the edges, insanely rude, completely insensitive, apparently stupid, corrupt and insulting only adds to our general downgraded position, atrophied respect for Washington, D.C. and moral decay by example, is an assault to the history of a great nation which has sunk to allowing this sort of rube turned loose to speak for us to foreign leaders (unforgiveable) and scream at us here at home. It’s astonishing. Really. Just jaw dropping.

    This is the man who in some demetia ridden stump speech perjored himself by squawking into a microphone to a bamboozled crowd, “White Republican’s want to put black American’s back in chain’s” when the Republican party historically has thrwarted the Democrats at every turn from doing just that. The Party of the KKK. And like another scoundrel of the same party, Hillary Clinton, he did it in ‘dialect.’ How insulting to blacks!

    • Garth Haycock

      I dunno. La Cosa Nostra at least has a moral code by which it abides.

  • IprefertobeAnonymous

    Who is Joe Biden to slain MIT Officer Sean Collier? Why is he speaking at the memorial service anyway?

  • Right Wired

    That’s funny, coming from a knock off-vice president.

  • tops116

    Yeah, once again, Biden has demonstrated that talking isn’t his strong suit. Still, I’m amazed that someone in the Obama Administration actually used the word “jihadis”… and in reference to someone that committed a terrorist act.

    • Bob Galasso

      Unfortunately, by using the disqualifier “knock-off”, Joe was negating the term, not really using it in the way that you suggest he was. No one in this administration is going to admit that jihad and Islamic terrorism exist. They need to stick by their campaign words that bin Laden is dead which was meant to make us believe that so is radical islam.

  • Bob Galasso

    They couldn’t be “real” jihadis. After all, al Qaeda is on the run. That’s what you told us. Right, Joe?

  • Gary Freeman

    We should listen to Biden. He and Obama are the experts on Jihadists, considering how many of their best friends form the Muslim Brotherhood are Jihadists.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Jesus God in Heaven with this one. What an absolute tool.

  • WVS

    I know it’s insensitive to the victims, and I kind of suspect the “knockoff” part comes from a position of “It can’t be the real al Qaeda, because we ‘decimated’ them.” But considering the history of things that’ve come out of Joe Biden’s mouth, well…he could’ve done a lot worse. What befuddles me is why anyone would ask him to speak at a memorial service of any kind.

    FYI, the left isn’t happy about this either–but for very different reasons. Let me quote from an anonymous “MIT confessions” Facebook page:

    “There is no reason to classify other’s ideologies as ‘perverted’ just because they are not the same as ours… They should learn from Officer Collier’s example, to embrace diversity, and truly accept it, even if our ideologies are different.”

    Learn from the example of a murdered hero, to embrace the ideology that killed him? Ladies and gentlemen, these are the greatest minds of our society.

    • spepper

      Effin’ Joe is what’s known as a bag of “verbal hand grenades”. He’s the LAST person you want speaking at your memorial service, since there is NO telling what he might say AT ANY TIME. But usually inappropriate as hell.

  • Ben Marquez

    I don’t wish anyone bad or evil happening to them, but I wonder if something were to happen to members of their family as has happened to many of us, what would their thinking be then? The privileged believe that because they say it, it’s so.

  • spepper

    Effin’ Joe should be familiar with all things that are of the “knock off” variety– since he is a “knock off” Vice President…..

    • yourmamatoo


  • TomJB

    I guess to be a “real” jihadist, they need to be card-carrying members of the AQIJU – Al Qaeda International Jihadist Union. Because if they aren’t behind it, its not “legitimate” terrorism. Say otherwise and they will kill you.

  • yourmamatoo

    Dumb and Dumber, we now have in the WH are pathetic.