Today wasn’t just any Friday for The Daily Beast and Newsweek’s editor in chief. No sirree. Today was the day she introduced The Big O to her faithful housekeeper at the fourth annual Women of the World Summit:

Oh, this is a happy moment! The Twitterverse can’t congratulate Brown fast enough for bringing these women together:

Hey, it’s hard out there for an elitist!

Yeah … too bad that didn’t work.

A question for Ms. Brown:


  • waltermitty2012

    If Oprah was looking for a housekeeper, Keith Olbermann is available and still looking for a job.

    • 1azuce

      What, he’s no longer moonlighting as a shiny chandelier?

  • $27789750

    And why is this of interest?

    • rennyangel2

      Libby hypocrisy and blindness.

  • Joseph A White

    Yeah, we all know that good help is hard to find these days. What’s her commute to Oprah’s house in Chicago gonna cost her? And does she have her papers?? (In case Oprah wants to run for governor a la Meg Whitman)….

  • Jim

    You’re doin’ it wrong, Tina. If you let them out of the house and let them see the sunlight, they always try to escape.

  • Spatial Awareness

    I bet she counted the “Silver” afterwards too.

  • Anderson

    What really boggles the mind is that these elitists dont get how truly elitist they sound.

  • rennyangel2

    Brown prob. thought Oprah and the housekeeper had many career experiences in common. Did Tina then ask Op to pour the drinks?

  • 1azuce

    ..and then Oprah introduced her beloved 57 housekeepers to Tina Brown.

  • Zefal

    Tina once introduced Oprah to friends as her carriage house. Very awkward moment.

  • Brett McMicken

    imagine, just imagine, if mrs. romney had said the same thing about introducing her housekeeper to someone.