Presidenting is all about action, baby! And nobody knows that better than Barack Obama. During his $1.6 million post-campaign campaign speech today, he stressed the importance of “moving forward” on Shamnesty:

“Do what I want or else”? That’s our Barry!

So did we. Then again, since when has he let the Constitution stand in his way?

  • JoeMusgo

    I must have missed the line in his speech where he promised to send a budget to Congress “and insist that they vote on it right away.” Pandering trumps fiscal responsibility, it seems.

  • William J. Miller

    Congress was designed to go slow, to avoid making knee-jerk, not-well-thought-out decisions.

    Seems that Congress is broken, thanks to progs. Create/take advantage of a crisis, demand immediate action on your legislation without details, demonize the other side (“Why do you hate kids?!?!”). Wash rinse repeat.

  • NachoCheese (D)

    Yes it is always best to rush through ill-conceived legislation. That way you can look like your are actually doing something…who cares about the result!

    Ugh, it is as though the sheep that support this clown of a Teleprompter in Chief just do not understand the law of unintended consequences.

  • The First Lady ; D

    I fully understand Obama’s urgency in getting HIS plans implemented without debate. He’s afraid of decent. The more debate, the more points the GOP may make. Plus, we have to pass the bill to then discuss what he’s hidden inside it…such as Gay/TG rights for said illegals.

  • Stupid Republic

    Yes, let’s ignore the failures of the ’65 and ’86 legislation. Let’s ignore the potential economic impacts, whether a net gain or drag. Let’s ignore the long term consequences of shoving through some garbage bill because it felt good at the time.

  • R.C.

    …and well have to pass the bill to see whats in it….

  • NCRelite

    Obama has all the answers! He fixed our healthcare, he fixed the economy, he saved the auto industry, he is going to fix the illegal immigration issue! He’s a genious!

    • TugboatPhil

      Don’t forget that he “decimated” Al Qaeda and has them on the run….running all over north Africa and the middle east killing Infidels and Apostates alike.

  • Kabong30

    Demagoguery defined.

    • ForTheRepublic

      Politics aside, your picture brings me back to the saddest moment of my childhood: the scene in Pokemon:THe FIrst Movie where Ash gets turned to stone. So thanks for that. :(

  • Guest

    The Schmuck-in-Chief had two years with a fully compliant Congress,
    willing and able to pass any law they chose.
    Immigration reform (which he had promised) must have slipped his mind.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    #SkeetSummit Obama says bring your appetites men, cuz were goning to shoot some skeets. #Shamnesty

  • twinx

    What the Hell difference does it make? (shout-out to Hillary!) It doesn’t matter, people. Even if the Republicans get their border-control concessions or their damned ‘clauses’, do you honestly think Obama is going to enforce ANY OF IT? Please don’t make me laugh.

  • JCRocks

    Obama – is he another selfish, greedy CEO with no concern for the unwashed masses? Senator “present” suddenly has an urge for action after not addressing immigration reform at all during his first term.

  • JD1W

    “Obama-gration” is his immigration just like Obamacare, pass it to see what’s in it

  • CherDash

    “I am dictator, hear me roar….”

  • CherDash

    “I am dictator, hear me roar….”