Heckuva job, Barry. Despite repeated assurance from President Obama that “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” Americans are quickly realizing that their health insurance plans are becoming increasingly difficult to hold onto. Premiums are skyrocketing:


Hmmm. Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to make health care … affordable?


OK, well, at least middle class workers can rest assured that the other parts of their paychecks won’t take a hit. Health care premiums and payroll taxes up? That couldn’t happen!

Then again …




Come on, now. You’re just paying your fair share.

President Obama said he wants a balanced approach. What he meant was that he wants to raze the middle class.

Thanks a lot, Mr. President.



Ho-ho-hope and change: Health insurance premiums skyrocket just in time for Christmas

  • carolinelouise

    Isn’t it just a blast paying for others healthcare along with yours now. The people have of a hard enough time making ends me for themselves and their own families…Now the increase to pay for others family’s who won’t get off their couches! I hardly reconize mt country anymore… Welcome to The United Socialists States of Obama!

  • Joe W.

    I think Barky calls it “shared sacrifice”…..Bend over & spread ’em, America. Y’all voted for him…TWICE!!! No one to blame but your own stupid, gullible selves. Meanwhile, somewhere on the beach in Maui, the 1st Wookie and King Barack I are relaxing on your dime. Bwahahahahahahhahahahahaa….snort..snort…bwahahahahahahahaha….

  • Sakemoto

    Obama: “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.” Then why was my wife kicked off of it and put on govt. insurance?

    • carla5731

      And why did my health insurance plan, which I got over a decade ago when I was first self-employed, morph into something I don’t want and would never pay for if I actually had a choice?

      • Sakemoto

        Without going into the ugly details, I’ll explain. Wife and I were fine with paying the premiums for our insurance. Blue Cross was fine with it. It was my retirement system that booted my wife off of her insurance. We had to present proof that we had insured her for all the years we carried insurance to Medicare or PAY A FINE. It’s complicated of course but we did it and now we have Medicare for her with a supplemental plan.
        Obama is a liar, thief, and fraud.

        • carla5731

          I definitely commiserate with your plight though I’m coming at it from another angle. The worst part of the “Affordable Care” Act is that it has robbed responsible people of the ability to manage their own heath insurance. Lots of us who were fine before Obama mucked everything up are now paying for his idiocy.

        • dwsmokin

          Sounds like you got caught in the “credible coverage” snafu. Sorry to hear it. Welcome to government healthcare.

  • b_truit

    There will be a revolt…just saying

    • Tommy

      Doubt it. Libs are just that idiotic, I mean it was not difficult to see what liberalism does to free societies.

      *Liberal code of ethics*

      Chain them up and ship them out.

  • ceemack

    No big surprise here.

    But what the heck is a “Vman”?

  • detroit19

    Just one of the BS reasons I didn’t vote for HIM. For all of you who did? Suck it up!

  • CLChicago

    Isn’t this part of the master plan? Engineer healthcare it so ordinary folk can’t afford their private insurance anymore. Then watch the government healthcare rolls swell as more and more people are priced out. Voila! We’re on our way to “Single Payer” government insurance and control, just as Obama, Pelosi, et al ultimately wanted.

    Get ready for long waits, denial of care and yes, Death Panels.

    • Scott Anderson

      When a person can no longer afford his insurance, he will be forced to use government insurance. Certainly this was the plan.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Exactly. Hussein’s plan is pretty simple: make as many people as possible dependent on the government that they become an indentured voting block that will forever elect a government that takes care of them. A true patronage system that leads to a Marxist-socialist state. Total cake walk for this assclown now that he’s been re-elected. The America we all grew up in is effective gone. Once the 11+ million illegals are given amnesty in a few weeks and allowed to vote, and the gun collections start, this country is toast. I feel sorry that my 10-month old daughter will never know the freedom and opportunity that we all grew up with. She will only know that, no matter how hard you work, your success will always be constrained by the governement and you will averaged down to the mediocrity of the masses. It is so sad.

  • Bad things coming

    The Obama idiots who voted this POS back into office were TOLD this was happening and would continue to happen. They didn’t want to hear it so now they can just participate in the misery.

  • http://twitter.com/WilloughbyAnnie Annie Willoughby

    Enjoy taking food out of your children’s mouths and shortchanging your own family so Obama can take care of his irresponsible, America hating, perverted voting base. They’ll be healthy, more numerous and raring to vote for Hilary and Uma in 2016.

  • stellatruman

    I doubt our family will be able to hang on to our insurance when the rates skyrocket. It is had enough as it is to keep a small business going , which we fear will suffer more thanks to obamacare..people will have less expendable income , which will trickle down to us. We know it, we knew it and of course were devastated to see so many idiots vote for the man who will single handedly take America down. I hate my country now and the assclowns who run it

    • dwsmokin

      Sad part is, he played politics. He probably didn’t actually lie…sort of. We can all keep our coverage-provided the cost stays down & the plan is till offered-neither of which has come to pass for most of us. So he did what he does best-said something that wasn’t entirely untrue, yet had no chance of coming to pass. At that, he is a master.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Yep. BCBS has said they will increase rates 100%. Those who have BCBS already know it is some of the most expensive insurance already. That is going to be a painful increase. Some health ins. providers are considering dropping health coverage and focusing on liability, property, and life ins. lines of coverage. After all, how can you compete with the government?

  • Tommy

    I’m enjoying that those idiotic liberals are forced to experience the bull crap they so deservingly stepped in.

    Thats right idiots, you made this bed now lie in it. We warned you infantile leftist hypocrites that exactly this would happen, did you listen?

    Nope. You were to busy patting yourselves on the back with your self righteous, bigoted hypocrisy.

    So now you have no choice but to experience everything you so ignorantly rioted for. Hey occupiers, this is what being hoodwink looks like. Fools.

    But congrats liberals, you so earned every bit of this. And we can’t wait to see your shock and concern when everything else we told you will happen finally forces you hypocrites to take responsibility for your actions, it’s three hundred years past due.

    How’s your messiah looking now children? Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!

    • redheadgrl

      Oh, don’t forget they called us racist haters when we warned them!

  • nc

    What does it mean that all these increases come as no surprise to us conservatives, but are shocking the socks off the libs?

    • redheadgrl

      Low information voters. That is all.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      I think it means that the libs are getting a very rude awakening with respect to what they bought into with Barack Hussein. And the best is yet to come now that he doesn’t have anyone to answer to. The “buyer’s remorse” with this con-man is just getting started.

  • Tommy



  • George Washington Mclintock

    NOting that the trolls are staying out of these Healthcare threads. Silence is deafening.

  • http://twitter.com/blogbat מרטין

    Obama’s war on the sick and elderly.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      More like King Hussein’s war on the healthy and economically productive

  • dwsmokin

    All these idiots had to do was ask any insurance agent months ago what was going to happen. It wasn’t (&isn’t) rocket science, and it didn’t take a modern-day Nostradamus to predict it-just someone with a little business, economics, or finance background. Of course, all those folks were demonized by the folks in charge, & the voters bought the whole thing hook, line and sinker. Math still rules.

    • redheadgrl

      As the dude on Shark Tank says, “the numbers don’t lie” and “money isn’t emotional”.

    • nc

      But that’s the problem: Conservatives are good at math but stink at English, while the libs are great at English but stink at math.

  • Guest

    I’m estimating my take home will be around $150 less per month with SS tax increase and increase in medical. But, I’m paying for single only — not family. I would love to adopt a kid, but the family medical premium costs make me hesitate. And the fact that it costs about $40K to adopt these days.

  • redheadgrl

    I work in the healthcare industry, and I have to say that the insurance premium increases are just the tip of the iceberg that we can see. Any provider accepting Medicare/Medicaid, especially rural hospitals, are getting hit very hard with federal and state audits. And the audit agencies get paid a contingency fee on the money they declare “misspent”. So, they are allowed to go back 3 years and declared services provided as “unnecessary” and take back the payments. The largest rate of denials is that the medical care provided was accurate, but the patient should not have been admitted to the hospital (inpatient). Then there are the pre-pay audits that hold up hospital payments anywhere from 60-90 days. Talk about a hit to cash flow. One person I spoke with says he appeals every denial, and he has a 96% win rate. However, only about 23% of denials across the nation are appealed. The word on the skreet in the industry is that the contracted auditing agencies are targeting small and rural hospitals/clinics/private practices who don’t have the bandwidth to appeal the decisions, so they get to keep the money recouped.

    At an audit conference I attended recently, a speaker stated she believed these audits were “veiled rationing”.

    My friends, the situation is dire and only going to get worse.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      I have executive experience in the hospital industry. Agree with your assessment. Most individual providers don’t have the staffing to perform a proper denial recovery process. I know one rural hospital that just tossed the Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance denials in a box and never touched them An audit of those “throw-aways” showed $3.2 million worth of claims in a 1-year period. They found it easier to just raise the rates on other payers and recoup their losses that way. Despicable. And CMS loves it!

      • nc

        Red and Just, these are serious issues that are under the radar. Where are the public figures who can voice these concerns? I’m thinking of people like Sen. Coburn, Sen Rand Paul or Rep. Price who are doctors themselves.

        • redheadgrl

          From what I understand, Sen. Coburn is trying to raise the issue to examine the auditors that are paid on contingency….

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Is there anyone in this country now that doesn’t see how incompetent, insincere, and completely delusional Barack Hussein is? After the paycheck hit all the ?Libs I know are like, “WTF”???!!! Frekkin’ hilarious watching those little moments of epiphany popping off all over the place. Bwahahahahaahhahahahahahahahaha. Dumb-asses.

  • http://www.lidsamy.com/ Lidsamy

    2oo bucks a month outta my paycheck and into the bank of the fiscal cliff what’s in yo wallet Barry?

  • Brandy Schneider

    I’m riding my 5 minutes of Fame seeing my tweet on this page!! I should have added that not only did their health insurance go up but that her check went down 200$ due to SS..

    • nc

      Not just any tweet, but the #1 spot – congratulations!

      So sorry to hear about the raw deal your sister and her family is getting. That is really rough.

  • scubaski00

    What the #lowinformationvoter is SLOWLY beginning to realize is Obama has mastered Clinton’s masterful speaking skills….of course you can “keep your healthcare plan” the part he omitted was “but it’ll cost you tenfold to do so!!”