Twitter has been buzzing since this morning over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s praise of President Obama’s assistance during Hurricane Sandy. In addition to his tweets expressing gratitude to Obama, Christie also made the morning talk show rounds to update Americans on his state’s situation and to thank the president for his “outstanding” leadership.

Christie said he spoke with Obama three times on Monday, including at midnight, when Obama agreed to speed along an major disaster declaration for New Jersey without all the “normal FEMA mumbo jumbo.” The declarations for New Jersey and New York were issued this morning.

“The president has been all over this and he deserves great credit,” Christie said. “I’ve been on the phone with him, like I said, yesterday, personally three times. He gave me his number at the White House, told me to call him if I needed anything. And he absolutely means it.”

“I spoke to the president three times yesterday,” Christie said on CNN’s “Starting Point.” “He has been incredibly supportive and helpful to our state and not once did he bring up the election. So if he’s not bringing it up, you can be sure that people in New Jersey are not worried about that primarily if one of the guys running isn’t.”

Liberals fawned over Christie’s embrace of “bipartisanship”:

And several gloated over Christie’s praise of FEMA, seizing upon the false assertion that Mitt Romney would eliminate federal disaster relief aid.

Christie’s praise of Obama left a bad taste in many conservatives’ mouths:

Some saw it as a diss of Mitt Romney and his efforts to contribute to disaster relief:

But a few people pointed out that Christie was only responding as would be expected given that his state is receiving federal aid:

And that Christie is merely grateful that the president is doing his job:

Though Christie’s effusive praise for Obama may not be politically motivated, there’s no doubt that it could have some political impact, particularly with Election Day only one week out.

We can certainly agree with Governor Christie when he stresses the importance of coping with Hurricane Sandy and getting on the road to recovery. We continue to pray for those affected by this disaster.

  • [email protected]

    Come on guys NJ is on the the bluest blue states. I would not matter what Christie said this state is going for the Big Zero O. This needs to be a non political thing. Now if it was a red state O probably would not be so interested in helping. I will grant you that. But folks are in real need out there and that is what needs to be front and center right now.

  • Elaine

    It’s a shame Romney’s idea of the states KEEPING and controlling disaster funds at state level isn’t in place now, then Christie wouldn’t HAVE to beg or kISS BO’S A$$ for the people’s own TAX dollars back!

    • bicentennialguy

      Precisely. It’s a shame too (and a little chilling), as some have speculated, that a governor would have to shower any sitting president with praise to get emergency assistance.

      • Purple State

        He didn’t shower him with praise to get the assistance. He showered him with praise after he got the assistance.

        • EEKman

          Using logic is a great way to get downvotes in this part of town. I’d advise against it.

          • kyleco

            Haha. You noticed? Real numbers and historical facts are certainly not encouraged.

        • AUBraves

          “He has been incredibly supportive and helpful to our state and not once did he bring up the election. So if he’s not bringing it up, you can be sure that people in New Jersey are not worried about that primarily if one of the guys running isn’t.”

          I don’t give a damn about Election Day after what has happened here.

          Christie keeps bringing up the election but says he isn’t worried about it.

          I think he is a closet liberal aiming for 2016

          • ObamaPelosi

            What the hell is wrong with Chris Christie? What the heck was he doing this morning practically endorsing Obama? Yes, Obama is doing the one Presidential thing he’s supposed to do by sending taxpayer money for relief aid to the victims of this disaster, as any president would do. But Chris Christie practically kissing ass, bending over backwards praising the president was irritating. We have one week to go till the election. Shame on Chris Christie! I knew there was something off about him with his keynote speech at the Republican convention where he made it all about himself, and now this. Christie, do you have any clue we’re one week out from election day? Don’t you get it that ofcourse Obama is going to show everyone how presidential he can be by sending aide one week out from election, when he could have cared less to help the victims in Benghazi as he watched them die in real time?? President Obama is a disgrace using this tragedy to benefit him politically, and Christie, for whatever stupid reason you acted the way you did by kissing his ass, a simple thanks for the help would have done, you didn’t have to practically endorse him, someone should lock you in a hotel and send you 50 boxes of pizza to keep you occupied from now until election day!!!!!!!!

          • Irene norris

            Agree totally!

        • bicentennialguy

          I said “as some have speculated.” It’s not my observation.

      • Catherine Barrett

        If it weren’t a week before the election .. Obama would be on the golf course.

        • kyleco

          The “Obama on vacation” nonsense is such a joke. Guess what? Presidents take vacation. I can’t imagine how nuts you would be going if he was taking as many days as our previous president.

          • Lori Rodriguez

            101 rounds of golf equals 10 weeks of play… a little much for a pres VACATION, don’t ya think?

          • kyleco

            Are you saying that 10 weeks of vacation over 4 years is too many for a president? Again, you must’ve been REALLY fired up at the record holder for all presidents; George W. Bush. He vacationed more than Roosevelt, who was in office for 12 years. His vacation time came up about 16 days short of JFK’s entire term as president. Bush spent almost 3 years (1,020 days) on vacation of 8 years (~32%) in office (according to the presidential libraries). So really, seeing as I only was lucid for the end of H.W. Bush’s term, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama…it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

          • jetch

            presidents shouldn’t be taking vacations when his military is at war, do you think the men and women serving under him are getting vacations? do you think they’re out playing golf?
            if your argument is that all presidents take vacations, then where’s the change? he was supposed to do things differently, yet he’s doing what every other president does, that does not sound like change to me.
            i can’t imagine how nuts you would be going if president romney took as much time off as obama did.

          • kyleco

            Well rather than speculate how Romney would measure up, why not just compare Obama to the previous 3 republican presidents? I’ll make it simple; he has been on vacation less than they were. So does that count as change? G.W. Bush was just coming back from a MONTH LONG vacation when Sept. 11 happened. Speaking of, didn’t a war or two happen on his watch? Why, then, does he hold the record as the most vacationing president in history? So while I can appreciate the attempt at “how nuts I’d be going” bit that you attempted to throw back in my face, of the last several presidents, Obama and Clinton have vacationed the least, so if Romney were to vacation as infrequently as Obama, he’d be in uncharted territory for modern republican presidents. I also think it’s important to note that the idea of “vacation” as a president is a little bit of a misnomer. It’s not like they are ever just “out of the office” and have their calls forwarded… I think it’s unfair to expect any individual to be at their office 24/7. And, to answer your other question; yes, military personnel do get time “off”…

          • jetch

            you really are suffering from obama-worship aren’t you. do you ever stop to think about how unhealthy it is to have such devotion to a leader? it’s people like you who allowed hitler to take power. you so worship the guy, he can do no wrong. i bet if he enacted marshal law, and canceled the elections you’d be all for it. you really need to *think* about where your life is headed!
            now, regarding your bush took more vacations nonsense. all presidents work from home, it’s called the white house and they actually work where they live. bush chose not spend time in washington so he worked from his real home in rural texas. those weren’t vacations unlike obama who goes to marthas vineyards and stays at the home of his super rich “friends”.
            it is not unfair to expect a *president* to work 24/7. that is the JOB! he’s the leader of the free world, why you would expect to treat such a job as if it’s just like any other job is beyond me, but it does probably explain your lowered expectations of obama.

    • Purple State

      What happens when the state doesn’t have enough money for their relief effort?

      • EEKman

        This is no place for rational thought liberal. Go away.

        • AUBraves

          rationality would show you that the gulf coast got a paltry amount from the feds. The state run programs may have been more beneficial. There should never be a time when a President can say “No” to a state with a disaster just because of political reasons. That is the benefit of state run programs.

          • EEKman

            But they are Texans! Bootstraps and all that,

          • AUBraves

            There you go again. We have had no conversation about Texas. Put the pipe down and concentrate. One thing I will say, Texans are a proud people… much prouder than you who will not state your residence.

          • EEKman

            Here’s a picture of the liberal hell hole I live in. Nevermind the illusion of paradise, everything is burning.

        • Michael Rice

          That must be why there are none here.

      • AUBraves

        The exact same thing as happens when the federal government doesn’t have the money for relief efforts.

        Alabama is still recovering from the horrible tornado… New Orleans is still recovering from the last two hurricanes.and the east coast will be recovering for a very long time after Sandy. Even the federal government can’t afford to make everything as it was prior to a disaster.

        A lost of recovery comes from insurance, loans, etc.

        Of course FEMA and other agencies provide what they can but it’s never enough.

      • Michael Rice

        Well, if the feds give access to the moneyt hey have, to the states…they would only run out in cases where the feds would run out also..

        • Purple State

          The feds giving access to the funds they have for the state to use as they need it is how FEMA works NOW. What I’m understanding from Romney’s plan isn’t that he’s divvying up what FEMA would have spent into 50 portions for all 50 states. If I’m understanding it correctly he’s saying he won’t fund it at the federal level by as much, and the individual states will pay for the difference as they need it.

    • AUBraves

      Instead of touring the talk shows and kissing O’s ass he should have been calling out the NJ National Guard and putting plans in place. Instead, he made a move for 2016 that left citizens of his state sitting and waiting for someone to respond.

      I think he came off looking really bad.

      Damn these politicians who will sacrifice everyone in their way just to get a chance to be on camera.

  • Linda Howell

    He is showing kindness in adversity – Just because we don’t agree with the liberal democrats does not mean for us to be cold and callous – (that’s their style – not ours!)

    • tomtom1983

      No not callous, honesty. Obama doesn’t deserve praise, he stood by as those wildfires burned many homes and lives were lost.

      He stood by as the BP Oil spill spread in the Golf. Libs didn’t show anything but callousness to Bush for Katrina even though he asked the state government to order an evacuation and declare a state of emergency as the storm progressed. It was rejected.

      That part was never expressed by those twits. And now were supposed to show them the respect and courtesy they never show us. I’ve tried, I’ve truly tried, but no, I cannot show anything other then what is shown to me.

      They have attacked us, physically and verbally. They have vandalized our private property and denigrated our religion. They have told lie after lie after lie. They have threatened our candidate with assignation and harm and they’ve been racking up debt the likes this country has never seen.

      If anyone deserves praise it is state and local governments, as well as private citizens and not that liberal rat in the White House.

      Yeah its very easy to sit in the situation room making calls. I bet if it wasn’t for the election that rat would be a no show like so many times before.

      But being conservative I respect his right to say so but I whole heartily disagree. He deserves no such praise.

    • EEKman

      It appears that based on your downvotes that republicans are conflicted regarding kindness in adversity. Good to know that you can’t even unanimously agree on that.

      • AUBraves

        Again you try and confuse the issue.Kindness is not what most posts are about. Try and focus. typical Dem logic… move the real issue aside and talk about anything but the truth.

        • EEKman

          Oooga booga ooga booga! Who’s an adorable little tea man! You are! High five for expressing yourself! Yay for expressing yourself! You’re a special snowflake, yes you are!

          • AUBraves

            Don’t work yourself into a frenzy. Although you have issues with expressing yourself, you have a right to an opinion but you don’t have the right to distort other peoples opinions. Try to control yourself and breathe.

  • Flagramma

    Obama is doing this for show !!! Christie knows this and has to kiss his ass for money is worried state will not get fair share. Where was Obama on Libya!!!

    • Michele

      Amen to that @twitter-519005359:disqus! Where was Obama in Bengazi. He was all eager to come out and say he killed Osama Bin Laden, but when in all actuality are Navy Seals got him and then in turn Obama sat in the Situation Room during Bengazi and watched 4 of our own die. Obama has so much blood on his hands and he needs to go!!!!!!

      • EEKman

        So now you idiots are armchair generals and CIA agents? Colin Powell (a republican) endorsed Obama’s foreign policy. Mitt Romney even endorsed Obama’s foreign policy in the last debate. Geraldo Rivera of FOX news implored his employers to stop politicizing Libya with “baseless accusations”
        The CIA strongly refuted your position. STFU

        I know Mr Powell is a moderate, which means liberal to you extremist nutjobs.

        If you spoke this way in the aftermath of 9/11 you’d be run out of the country.

        We come together in national tragedies. This is not the time for this filth.

        • Jules

          No one endorsed the Benghazi response. Obama could have ordered a NEO but he went to bed instead.

          • EEKman

            So your solution is to rehire the Iraq era NeoCons? Yeah, cause that was a massive success. How many casualties did we take in Iraq again? How much did it cost?

          • Michael Rice

            In other words, your preferred response was just to sit by and watch Americans die…

          • EEKman

            No my preferred response was exactly what the President did. It is Exactly what Christie said. I like Christie after how he handled himself in that interview.

          • AUBraves

            Of course you like him. he said something about the prez “promising” aid. None has been received yet.

            Coincidentally, there are a few truck loads of aid coming from Ohio from the Romney assisted relief rally.

            It’s great to have Romney. He can make a decision without a teleprompter and gets things done while Obama is still monitoring the storm.

            By the way, Christie did an awful thing. He imitated Obama and went on a talk show tour instead of staying in his state and activating the NJ National Guard. He was more worried about a shot for 2016 than he was about the people of his state.

            Reminds me of Obama and Benghazi… no matter what happens, go appear on a talk show and everything will work itself out.

            Of course you like Christie!

          • EEKman

            Oh wait, we are talking about Benghazi gate now. Im not CIA, I dont have the facts. Colin Powell endorsed Obama after all this went down, so If he didn’t have a problem with it then I don’t see why I should. He’s republican, If he wanted to be partisan he could have. He chose to be honest instead, so I defer to his opinion.

          • AUBraves

            Colin Powell is a person that has no more facts than you do. The reason neither of you has the facts is that you fail to read them or watch the videos. Do you think the investigation is only republicans chasing the truth? The democrats are in with both feet also. So you can take Colin Powell and the MSM but that means you are ignoring the majority of America. Typical Lib nonsense.

        • Jules

          And you apparently never heard of LIHOP, MIHOP, 9/11 truthers or My Pet Goat. Also, the first 9/11 was unexpected. Any thereafter are not.

          • EEKman

            That happened before the smoke cleared? Really?

          • kyleco

            You know the WTC had a bombing before 2001, right? Why wasn’t it “expected” after that? Just wondering. I could also take the angle that there was far more purported intelligence warning of 9/11 than Benghazi, but…

        • soJa

          You have outed yourself as the usual leftist that gets their “news” from lib media talking points and so your opinion is worth little.

          Case in point, you said “Mitt Romney even endorsed Obama’s foreign policy in the last debate”. This is obviously false and you would know that had you actually watched the debate.

          The rest of your rant is just as bad. Like the special pleading of “Geraldo of FOX news” as if that lends weight to the silly comment he made. At least the people Fox employs are allowed to have an opninon and not just be lapdogs; though he is still wrong on this issue.

          Nothing has been “refuted” as you say until all the facts are out on the table. Something the administration has been reluctant to do. In some cases even looking like a cover-up. I’m sure they appreciate people like you that believe everything they tell you though. The government said it, must be true!
          I know you care nothing for facts, I just wanted to be sure you know that you look like a jackass.

          • EEKman

            You kids are adorable.

          • kyleco

            So which ones are the REAL facts? Only if they support *your* position, right?

        • rosalie

          “Filth”. You just described Obama and his administration. “Cynical” is what we’ve become listening to his bs for almost four years.

        • AUBraves

          Please go back to facts. Stop steering all over the place in your responses.
          How do you compare 9/11 to Benghazi?
          You are doing everything you can to irritate people and then talk about “come together”. I ask again… focus.

          • EEKman

            I tried facts last night, they don’t work on you guys, but hooray for expressing yourself!!
            Id bake you a cookie but i dont know your favorite flavor. I bet its Double nut chocolate. Oh yes it is. Who wants a chocolate nutty cookie class?

          • AUBraves

            Now we are getting to the real you! Sooner or later Dems all fall apart and get into a conversation with no reality and no basis. When you finish the pipe you can come back and rant some more.

          • EEKman

            Look up my posts from last night in the FEMA thread if you want facts. I was up until 3 am working on it. I’m not in the mood right now.

          • AUBraves

            Of course you aren’t in the mood. It’s been a very long and tiring day of lying and being offensive. It wears on you , doesn’t it? Get some rest. It’s nice to have a little humor here on the rare occasion.

          • kyleco

            Seems you’re far more eager to go toe-to-toe when it’s about hair pulling and name calling, but a discussion of fact is something you pass up.

          • EEKman

            I poke you in the nose! I got your nose! Yes I did! Come get your nose! Whos adorable? Yes you are!

          • AUBraves

            Yes… you got my nose… Big Bird is a relevant part of America…. Sandra Fluke is a virgin… Dems are always right… and Obama will be president in 2013…

            We’re actually OK with you believing you have my nose and all the other fairy tales.

        • Randal Redder

          “We come together in national tragedies. This is not the time for this filth.”

          So your idea of coming together in national tragedies is trolling a conservative website calling everyone idiots, ‘extremist nutjobs’, and telling people to ‘STFU’.

          We get it. You made your point. You don’t like conservatives.

          “If you spoke this way in the aftermath of 9/11 you’d be run out of the country.”

          Just like all those people with ‘Kill Bush’ signs were run out of the country…

          See this is where your narrative is killed. The left always wants to play the ‘coexist’ card, but has a terrible time coexisting with anyone who offers a conservative opinion (especially if they’re a minority as Stacey Dash has learned). Just look here in Wisconsin, we’ve had multiple death threats against our governor, a state senator’s head dumped with beer at a bar, protests at a Special Olympics ceremony that the governor was at, nails thrown at cars in a Tea Party lot, doctors writing illegal sick notes for teachers on street corners, protesters taunting Sheboygan high school students at the capital, a person fired for not removing a Walker bumper sticker, and a person beat up for having a Romney sign in his yard (to name a few).

          So don’t troll here lecturing us about coming together and filth.

          • EEKman

            Thats what happens when we can’t agree on the same set of facts, human decency goes out the window. Blame FOX and Rush for that.

          • Randal Redder

            So FOX and Rush Limbaugh are to blame for the ‘Kill Bush’ signs, the vial behavior of the union protesters in Wisconsin, and more recently, the people on Twitter making death threats to Mitt Romney? That makes perfect sense.

          • Michael Rice

            See, respond with facts to dismiss hos rantings and he never actually “responds”. He just name calls and babbles some more.

          • kyleco

            What doesn’t make sense is that you pretend this type of stupidity only comes from “the left”. Really? No Romney supporters have ever done anything like make death threats, much less on a highly respected forum like Twitter. No conservatives would be caught dead holding signs with nasty things on them! … Point being, your examples are terrible. Fox and Rush and Michelle ARE responsible for promoting fringe nonsense as the basis for arguments that the left is unhinged and vile and whatever other scary words they can muster. They rarely reveal the full story and only latch onto whatever will serve as the most divisive elements to fuel the misinformation train.

          • Randal Redder

            But I never said it doesn’t happen on the right, nor is that the point. So if people on the right made some death threats or vile signs, does that justify someone on the left doing the same thing? It doesn’t, and it still doesn’t refute the fact we’ve experienced a significant number of vile political acts by leftists in the past few years. This cuts into this whole COEXIST party of open-mindedness anti-bullying stuff that the first troll initiated.

            ” Point being, your examples are terrible”
            – before this “point” you talked about how conservatives have held signs with nasty things in them (post sarcasm detection)… But this really doesn’t discredit examples of the left being vile. All it does it try to argue that two “wrongs” now make a “right .” My examples were clear, factual, and specific. The link is an actual link with actual pictures of actual people. I can provide you to news stories of the governor receiving death threats… Or news stories of Robin Vos having a beer dumped over his head. Simply saying “the right does it too” will not take away the lunacy done by liberals, specifically in Wisconsin. Again, two wrongs do not make it right.

            “Fox and Rush and Michelle ARE responsible for promoting fringe nonsense as the basis for arguments that the left is unhinged and vile and whatever other scary words they can muster. ”
            I don’t fully understand your statement, but you sound a lot like someone who called for a certain You Tube video maker be thrown in jail for starting riots in Libya… Almost as if you’re justifying vile behavior because of they disagree with some political speech.

          • kyleco

            Actually I called it all stupidity. I don’t see how you can misconstrue that to mean that two wrongs make a right…Stupidity; both sides. Using it as an example to differentiate how people act based on what side they’re on is, in fact, terrible. Further, I was responding specifically to the “so FOX and Rush are to blame…” post, hence I ended with what they *are* responsible for. I’m not sure why, again, it was so unclear to you what I was pointing out there or how you can derive that I would call for a youtube video maker to be thrown in jail. You lost me there. My statement and point were to be taken at face value: these people (Rush, Fox, Malkin) hock “news” stories (usually only an out of context bit, to boot) to support their agenda, which, as stated, is a disingenuous stream of misinformation intended to be as divisive as possible.

        • Michael Rice

          Plenty of people said far worse after 911 and they were nto chased away. In fact, in many cases they got prime time air slots to babble.
          Turth – the people on the ground in Libya requested mroe security, prior to the attacks. Fact – They were denied.
          Fact – They knew it was not a result of a video and still, for days on end, claimed it was.
          So, you are saying moderates, not conservatices, agree with Obama?m Ok, what is teh point? If I find a moderate, who claims to be Democrat, and disagrees with Obama will you stfu?
          COme together….in other words you want the hurrican politicized so Libya goes away.

    • dha

      By the time for money to be given hopefully Oblamer will be gone.

      • EEKman

        Bring back Dick Cheney!

    • ObamaPelosi

      Christie is a traitor to his own party! I don’t like him anymore! I don’t think he wants Mitt Romney to win and I think he’s making a play for running in 2016. He will not get my vote no matter what, now that I know his true intentions. Christie on Obama: “He has been incredibly supportive and helpful to our state and not once did he bring up the election. So if he’s not bringing it up, you can be sure that people in New Jersey are not worried about that primarily if one of the guys running isn’t.” So the other guy who’s running, Mitt Romney, is worried about the election, Mr. Christie? You are a traitor! I knew it when you gave the keynote speech at the Republican Convention and made it all about yourself. I didn’t know if when you said that Romeny would win the first debate and come Thursday (Oct. 4th) the whole landscape would change concerning the election. I thought you were supporting Romney, and even though the memo was to keep expectations low for the person you support, I thought you were just calling it like it was. But now I know you were setting Romney up for a fail, because you never believed he would win the debate. I bet you were crying when Romney won the first debate by an unbelievable 70%, when you were betting on the opposite. Now i know your true intentions, and from today’s remarks, I know your true desire, not to have Mitt Romney win. You never expected the people to love him, you thought you could make a play for 2016. Everyone is going to know the real you, Mr. Christie. You might as well join the Democrat party. That’s where you belong. No one would do what you did today, praising the president in such a way! A simple thank you would have done. You do realize we’re just one week away from the election don’t you? Traitor!

  • CalCon10

    Christie is a jerk, kind of a junior McCain. He always has been. Time for people to wake up and realize it.

    • Jens Christian


    • soJa

      I’m grateful Romney made the right call in not choosing Christie as running mate. A good example right here.

  • LochGates44

    My prayers are with everyone effected by the storm, but we are a week away from election day. Christie needs to choose his words more carefully.

    • EEKman

      Yes, god forbid he should appear human.

      • AUBraves

        Again you are mis-guided.

        • EEKman

          Cooperating in a tragedy is mis-guided. Got it.

          • AUBraves

            See? You place your words in other peoples mouth and then act as if you make a reasonable point. Try to be honest and voice a decent opinion relevant to the posts you respond to.

          • EEKman

            Seriously right! I mean i know we got hit by a hurricane in the most densely populated areas of the country, but didn’t anyone get the memo that there’s still a Kenyan Marxist in the White House!? Helloooo!!?

          • AUBraves

            I’m supposed to reply to that? Dude, you are beginning to totally lose it. You fly from one topic to the next. Dems have taught you to do that but, really, it makes no sense and makes you seem desperate.

          • kyleco

            I’m confused, @twitter-444090460:disqus , your statement of “Again you are misguided” is completely justified in your mind, yet you offer no opposing stance or support for your dismissal of @EEKman:disqus ‘s statement. It seems like that post is a bit self-deafeating here…

          • AUBraves

            Long running series of posts between he and i on many topics. He’s reading them all and replies to most. I think he got the point. And I get his point… a lot of times.

  • HS013

    Is the east coast more important than the gulf coast? They had a category 1 hurricane this summer as well, and the president didn’t seem anywhere near as concerned as he appears to be for Sandy.

    • Michelle

      No, the east coast isn’t more important than the gulf coast, but a hurricane a week before the elections is apparently more important than a previous one. Obama is finally stepping up to the plate because he’s well aware it may be fresh on everyone’s minds as they vote early all this week and up to next week. Sandy was very convenient for Barry.

      • Catherine Barrett

        Where are the photos of Obama sending in the help to Benghazi? .. OH THAT’S RIGHT HE DIDN”T >>>> HE LET THOSE MEN DIE!

    • dha

      He also had no concern for the drought or fires in Texas.

    • rosalie

      Usually, it depends which way the state went in 2008. If they voted for him, he’ll help; otherwise, you’re on your own. Ask Texas. He had no choice this time. The bar is set so incredibly low for that jackass that if he cancels a campaign rally and looks as though he really cares, he’s showered with praise.

    • dnonnema

      In Obama’s eyes, NJ, DE, MD, NY are far more important than MS, AL, LA, TX. He’s a partisan hack, and Christie is jonesing for a snack. Hey now!

  • Ben Bollman

    Christie is just being a leader, nothing more nothing less. I don’t fault him in thanking someone who helped. It is sad though that we have to be relieved when the President actually decides to do his job, unlike in Benghazi.

  • Pompei Lena Grimaldi

    Christie is a moron and a traitor. Vote the SOB out.

    • EEKman

      Wow you will even cannibalize your own if they dare utter anything but hatred and contempt for the President. You should follow the lead of the more moderate members of your party and show some humanity during a national tradgedy

      • AUBraves

        Undoubtedly you are of the opinion that you are showing some humanity during a national tragedy? Read your posts and then come back with an apology to all those you are attempting to mock.

        • EEKman


  • WingedBishop

    Is “normal FEMA mumbo jumbo” synonymous with “Where’s yo’ dolla’?”

  • The Daffodil Times

    You guys just can’t STAND that President Obama is helping with the recovery effort

    • AUBraves

      What i would like to know is… what has been done by anyone at this point in the game? especially in NJ. Maybe some real efforts have been made but I haven’t heard of anything the federal government has accomplished yet. And, as I said before, it’s still early in the game and until the winds calm, I’m not sure anything can be done right now… not by the Feds. Yes, Utility companies, etc can begin repairs but I would think only promises have been made at this point.

    • Jules

      Of course we know he’ll be at his best. We aren’t stupid. He wants to be re-elected. He never helped any red state that needed assistance.

      • Purple State

        Missouri is a blue state now?

  • bignels2

    Lets not be stupid here, If this was not a few days away from an election , do you think Obama would go out of his way to do this? WAKE UP!

    • Ben Bollman

      It is also hitting his voter base, never saw this concern for wildfires and tornadoes in the Midwest.

  • bignels2

    How soon our memories fade. Last year at this time we had a hurricane on the east coast too at the same time & obama was no where to be found, he offered some support, but he was never on Tv hour after Hour, OHHH that’s right it was not election Year, DUUH. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • edward cropper

    Christie at heart is a liberal so his kissing BO’s butt is natural for those who think Government funds are really the governments. See my blog for BO’S real reason for being so accommodating.

    • EEKman

      That, or hes actually human, expressing empathy and cooperation during a national tragedy. Nah, that cant be it.

  • smmy33

    He really doesn’t want Romney to win, you know he wants to go for it in 2016 remember his weak speech at the convention, didn’t mention Obama once, he just started campaigning more for Romney now that it looks like Romney might win

    And because the media is so liberal in NJ and NY he wants to get on their good side , so they don’t go after him if NJ aftermath clean up becomes a mess.

  • Doug C DAV

    This is nothing new, this is above politics and Governor Christie is just doing what he is supposed to do, also the President is doing what he is supposed to do, people losing their homes, power out to millions, injured and worst, we do not need to make something political that is above political.

  • jqc1970

    So Christie has to kiss obama’s a@@ to get help for his state.

  • jackay

    Watch for Christie’s praise to end up in an Obama campaign ad maybe as early as tomorrow. I guess he needs the money but I think sometimes he can be a Judas. Maybe he was just tired.

    • soJa

      Judas could be right. Maybe some resentment for not being chosen for VP coming out.

  • Scott

    Did nobody else notice Christie said obama signed for relief WITHOUT GOING THROUGH ALL THAT FEMA MUMBO JUMBO? I suppose the NEW YORK Times was wrong when they said we NEED BIG GOVERNMENT! what they need is BIG MONEY with no questions or oversight I think.
    Why aren’t the lefties whining about their god obama totally skipping the same FEMA that they think Romney is trying to cut out?
    I’m glad the states are getting relief but not so glad how.
    Keep on praying for those in the affected areas, be sure to thank your local emergency personnel and volunteers that actually deserve and earned our thanks and gratitude again. Not by watching t.v and signing a blank check, but by risking their lives day in and day out for a mostly ungrateful population.

    • nc

      And didn’t BHO himself say he was going to “cut through all the red tape?” What is red tape? Useless regulations – so why are they there in the first place?

      • Scott

        DAMNIFIKNOW !!
        Barry has shown that he doesn’t care about any regulations,rules,laws or especially the Constitution. We could save a lot of money if he would just go ahead and fire everyone that has oversight duties and let him have at it. Ofcourse he already has had at it and nobody has made peep really, except for us racial, woman hating, homophobic, capitalist pigs that think for our selves with our brains and not our vagina

  • Dana Langdon Kellison

    When we had the 5.8 Earthquake here (we’re about 10 miles from the epicenter), not only did Obama refuse a request to come here, but FEMA was denied and they had to appeal it.

  • Love of Country

    ————————————– BENGHAZI —————————————–

    Hey Barry …. you don’t pick and choose which national crisis you want to respond to or sweep under the carpet like some lying, cold hearted, dishonest, fascist dirtbag.

    • EEKman

      Fascist is an extreme right position. Which is he? Communist or Fascist, make up your mind lunatic.

      • LochGates44

        In your dreams.

      • kyleco

        Come on EEK, it’s not about the meaning of the words, it’s about how scary they sound.

  • afvet4america

    He could have said The President has performed his duty in managing the FEMA requests for our State and other’s, we’re happy about that.

  • wilkan3

    eveyone is making a big deal about what the POTUS did. All he did was his job which he has not done for 4 years!!

  • GTFOBigGovt

    The correct message is “Pick one: Free birth control or ~infrastructure.” And Fire Island? This speshully means you. My tax dollars don’t go to saving your sorry asses today when you were just so sure you were impervious to real life. Wake UP.

    I could really do without the Christie a$$kissing.

  • AUBraves

    It is odd to me that Christie has decided the morning talk shows are the right place to be during a national disaster. Shouldn’t he be focusing on the State of New Jersey rather than flapping his mouth?

    • Dana Langdon Kellison

      You know, I noticed that. While I want to assume that he was just thinking of his state, which is what he should be doing, I did find it odd that he’s going on all of these talk shows saying he doesn’t want to talk about politics and then talk up a politician who’s getting ready to be in an election.

  • Raekeduoh

    Christie tells President what he needs, and we’re supposed to believe that Obama is a great leader by saying yes…..a week before the election!! Of course Obama is going to give away as much as he can..the nation is watching..and Christie is an idiot to effusively praise him for doing so!! Obama is so anxious to do something after screwing up Benghazi that he would have given away the whole kitchen sink without even being asked to do so!!

  • michael s

    I’ll say this. I see conservative Chris Christie has no problem with big government now. Praising Pres Obama while Romney wants to eliminate FEMA. It was good wating fox and friends seeing Christie dismiss his own man Romney. Dick Morris and other conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for their crass partisanship.

  • soJa

    Christie needs to pump the brakes here. I understand his focus has shifted to his state, but uh, newsflash governor, life will go on and the election is just as important today as it was yesterday.
    Obama doesn’t deserve any praise for doing the job he has mostly failed at the past four years. So he made some phone calls and said he would sign the checks. Well great, we already knew he was good at talking and spending tax payer money, this isn’t some big thing he is doing.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Christie just on tv saying he never expected houses to be lifted off their pilings? WTF kind of NJ resident is he? We had PLENTY of storms the past century that did that. The US weather service SAID it was going to be BIG. I lived down the shore in the March Storm of 1962. Wasn’t fun either.

    And more since the 1800’s

    Newsflash, live near water Sh!t happens. Chose free birth control and Big Bird over levees, drainage, TREE TRIMMING, power, other resources etc – in time of crisis, live with the consequences.

    Crazytalk 2016. He won’t go anywhere.

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    1) ONLY Governors can call out the National Guard to help- posse comitatus law, I think.

    2) Only the President can declare an area a “disaster area”- and that means that only Obama has the purse strings- the ones that Christie needs for federal money to start the cleanup measures- also has to do with flood insurance, too.

    3) Christie has seen what happens to ANY GOVERNOR who does not kiss Obama’s patootie- think of Rick Perry asking for a disaster declaration for the drought and fires in Texas- Obama’s reaction- tough beans, no disaster declaration. If you’re in a red state, all Obama wants is your money- either through taxes or your contributions through the tort lawyers to his campaigns.

    As I read today, the Obama administration has a “Lord of the Flies” mentality.

  • tomincol

    Sandy has incurred damage across multiple states. Hence, it is a Federal issue

  • Laurel

    Gee might Obama’s care and concern have something to do with November 6th? He didn’t show that same care with oil spill or fires.

  • Brian

    What was it that the “Libs” said that were wrong? He went out of his way to praise Obama for great leadership and access. And the charges of Romney wanting to put Fema to states or privatize it is true. That’s extremely unpopular

    So what’s the problem here?

  • Michael Rice

    THank the President and it makes you a hero and great future leader of the country?????
    Of course Obama had the time to speak and “lead” He skipped Vegas and Libya..

  • stuckinIL4now

    It’s not like he told anyone to go out and vote for Obamuh. Geez, would you all chill. As if this would turn the election. Christie’s right–he’s a governor and he has a state and its citizens to worry about right now.

  • Michael Rice

    I want to know where the “war room” pics from the Libya events are. Wait, there are none.

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    Gotta give the prezzy kudos, if he follows through on this.
    Voted Romney a week ago and this wouldn’t have changed my vote !
    Quick to respond where likely liberal voters are concerned…..

  • vino veritas

    He did the right thing. If he had not done this, the MSM would have accused him of being unfair and playing partisan politics during a disaster. Now the libturd media, and the unions, cannot accuse him of being partisan. Plus, I’m sure he really is a fair guy. We all know obama did what he had to do most likely for appearances (just look at his track record) however Christie has a reputation for being real and a fair guy for good reasons. I don’t always agree with him but I know he’s not making his decisions based on political gamesmanship, if and when I don’t.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Regarding FEMA: The big government liberals want us to give FEMA a big hug every time there’s a disaster response. That’s not why FEMA is controversial.

    What people are worried about is that FEMA would be deployed to respond to civil disobedience. If FEMA did not have such a vague scope of authority, and FEMA was authorized to handle for natural disasters and man-made environmental threats such nuclear reactor containment breach, everyone would love FEMA.

    But if FEMA is authorized to act in a politically defined “state of emergency”, then FEMA is not such a warm and fuzzy entity. That’s being lost right now as the MSM is trying to put Romney on the spot.

  • nc

    I have no problem with Christie praising BHO for “doing his job” while he is doing his. But a few minutes ago Jamie Colby on Fox reported that a NY fireman died today when he went into a building and didn’t come back out. I didn’t catch his name and have been trying to find it on the Internet but no luck so far. THIS is the hard work and these are the true heroes. God rest the soul of this brave fireman and God bless all our first responders and others who were out there in the worst conditions.

    • nc

      I found the story and, sorry I was wrong, it was a policeman, not a fireman. Here it is:

      “Among the 22 people killed in New York City as a result of superstorm Sandy was an off-duty police officer who died after rescuing his family from floodwaters, CBS station WCBS-TV reports.

      Officer Artur Kasprzak, 28, died Monday night in the basement of his home on Staten Island, the New York Police Department said in a release

      Around 7 p.m. ET, with floodwaters surging in his home, Kasprzak was able to get six members of his family, including two men, ages 69 and 31, three women, ages 31, 56 and 68, and a 15-month-old boy into his attic so they could safely escape rapidly rising water.

      Kasprzak then told one of the women he rescued that he was going to check the basement but would be right back.

      Around 7:23 p.m. one of the women called 911 to report the officer missing.”

      God rest the soul of this true hero.

  • JonInVa

    The same libs that praise Christie now were only weeks ago calling him a pathetic fat slob after his GOP convention speech. And of course, after the election they will go back to that same vitriol.

  • The Daffodil Times

    Christie didn’t beg the President for relief aid, the President gave it to him because that’s what Presidents do.

    • rbtpowell

      Tell that to the families of the four who died needlessly in Benghazi……………What, captain benevolence couldn’t find the time to get photo ops at the embassy there?

  • yviemarie88

    IMO, I thought what I heard Romney say is he’d like to give more FEMA control to the states, who know best what their need is. Maybe he was thinking of Texas and others hard hit by disasters?

    I agree with wondering what Christie is up to. The effusive praise just doesnt seem to fit in the picture of the classic behavior of BO we’ve all come to know.

  • Linda Sue

    I, also thank the President for stepping up, for once, to do his job.

  • alumin

    I understand that Gov. Christie is doing his best for the people of NJ, which is what he should be doing. Most Americans are praying for all of the victims of this storm. If Obama is, FOR ONCE, not campaigning and saying something beneficial for America – that’s a shock – but it is his job. What about when Americans were dying and begging for help in Libya?? Where was he? Him doing his job ONCE, and a week before election day, does NOT excuse 4 years of ABJECT failure and quite probably treasonous actions in Benghazi, Libya.

  • worldscam

    Christie’s a fat ass,a poor speaker and an idiot in every way. I hope his fat ass knocks Obama out of the helicopter tomorrow.

  • nc

    Steve Doocey on F&F just made the great point that last year there were two massive week long power failures on the east coast. Why wasn’t some of the “stimulus” money used to update the power grid and put it underground? The libs are forever lecturing us about “infrastructure” – well, as Steve said, rather than putting the money into Solyndra projects, why didn’t they do this?

  • kch50428

    Christie is a willing stooge for the Obama-loving media. And he’s letting himself be used.

  • Sonya A. Willis

    I never have trusted Christie especially after he was caught using a state chopper to get his family to a ball game (apologies if these aren’t the full details.) Be appreciative but not all buddy buddy. Drudge has a front page photo of Obama and Christie all smiling walking with arms around each other.

    You just know the Obama campaign is preparing an ad for this. Why do this so close to the election?

  • Wendy

    This is how you must deal with a narcissist and Christie knows it. (He sure isn’t putting forth any extra effort to help WV.)

  • Wendy

    And it is extremely weird to see Obama actually working and doing his JOB!


    ‘Obama has been “proactive” and that he appreciated Obama’s leadership’ – Chris Christie

    I respect Chris Christie for that moment because he told the brutal,honest truth to three heartless robots who haven’t learned anything about covering news. For Fixed and Fools to ask that question shows me that they don’t care about what happened to the people on the East Coast,they care about getting rid of Obama. Fox News: Where News Goes To Die. We Distort,America Cries.

  • Adela Wagner

    “I use you, you use me…we’re an effed up family” Christie lost me when I read about how he smooches radical imam Mohammed Qatanani, who wants Sharia blasphemy laws criminalizing criticism of Islam in the U.S.

  • G.

    Perhaps Christie remembers how vindictive our child-king can be…

  • nothri

    Man, going through this stuff really is depressing. So many of you are harping on each other to use ‘facts’, then turn around on do the opposite. The same people who are screaming about Obama’s leadership in Benghazi are the same people who dismissed the victory over Osama Bin Laden as a triumph for the folks on the ground that had nothing to do with the president. Not to be outdone, the people who are praising the response to Hurricane Sandy ignored the piddling leadership of the gulf oil spill. From where I stand, the only ‘facts’ that matter to any of you are the ones that support or can be twisted to support your own political bias. Personally what I’m tired of most in this country are supposedly intelligent people bickering over politics the way cheerleaders from rival teams bicker over football.