Let’s just get one thing straight: when creepy Jim Messina wants to talk to you about your “first time,” you run.

You run far, far away. Alas, 26-year-old writer and “Girls” actress Lena Dunham didn’t get the memo. In fact, she evidently embraced Messina’s creepiness. It was probably the OFA campaign manager’s winning smile that convinced her to do a promotional video encouraging young people to vote for Obama. In the video, Dunham compares her first time voting for Obama to losing her virginity — and she encourages other female first-time voters to see it the same way:

Shout-out to government-provided birth control? Check! There’s nothing sexier than that. Sandra Fluke is totally beaming right now.

The video went over very well with the coveted Julia set, and much fawnage ensued:

Julias everywhere agree: when it comes to being taken advantage of, President Obama is the only man for the job.

But, well, a lot of people thought it was just plain icky:

Oh, snap.

Well, that’s definitely one way to look at it.


Hmmm …

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And, in this case, asshattery.



Progress: CNN runs insulting article suggesting that women vote with their lady parts; Update: CNN pulls article

  • twinx

    The 1st pic: Jaysus, WTF WAS that???????

    • ozconservative

      According to “el Sooper” it is an albino chupacabra…..

      • twinx


  • http://twitter.com/MarthaChandler9 Martha Chandler

    What a disgusting ad, but typical for BO. He does seem obsessed with sex. Maybe he’s not getting any.

    • afvet4america

      You know my grandmother used to say that when a man is constantly on and on about sex and it’s issues it mean’s they are not getting any at home. She said same for when nosy neighbor women did the same thing. So you may have a good point there.

  • Kandeep

    Wow… yeah go with guy who’ll never marry you but will be sure to pay for that abortion or your pill… yep lovely ::gag::

    • Penmar

      The guy won’t pay for that abortion, that is what they think taxpayers are for in the US.

  • Love of Country

    These people have some serious issues.

  • radjahshelduck

    Now, now, twitchy, I think Ms. Dunham has a point. A lot of women lose their virginity to a nineteen year old guy who doesn’t really care about them at all except to the extent that he can get sex from them. That is quite similar to voting for a man who behaves like a nineteen year old and doesn’t really care about anybody except to the extent that he can get votes from them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.penariosribero Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

      now THAT is what i was trying to say for a second comment.
      bravo maestro

      • afvet4america

        I thought your comment spelled it out real clear. : )

      • Jeffrey Harbin

        Does he look something like this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rafael.penariosribero Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    you know, im in for things to be more open to the respective audience… but there is a difference between a clever metaphore, a disgusting joke, and crap you pull out of your ass the last minute to try to sound poetic

  • YanquiBob

    If her “first time” was in ’08, that means she didn’t bother voting in ’04 or ’06. You’re a real patriot there, Lena.

  • http://twitter.com/JulieB1387 Julie B

    Will there be any respect left for the Office of the Presidency once he is gone?

    • afvet4america

      Not for his Presidency no.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Yes. Once he is gone.

  • http://twitter.com/papertiguer papertiguer

    if I was a man i’d feel a soft coming on and then innoculate myself with a vote for Romney

  • afvet4america

    Someone needs to help this girl. Look at her hands…..This is one very insecure nail biting lady. I feel sorry for her.

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    Our election system has hit an all time low, they claim they are for women but use sex to to get votes. Is it just me or does this belittle the same women they say they are protecting from Romney, I’m cunfuzzled lol.

    • Colleen Kelly

      And these same women are offended by binders. You can only go so far when you rely solely on your lady parts. Very cunfuzzling lol.

    • Colleen Kelly

      And these same women are offended by binders. You can only go so far when you rely solely on your lady parts. Very cunfuzzling lol.

  • Danny Wheeler

    TMI, Ms. Dunham!

  • http://twitter.com/lazypadawan lazypadawan

    Isn’t this the same overrated hipster slob whose character is routinely used and abused by men? I’m so sick of people fawning over this homely tramp.

    • Gallatin

      She is still being used and abused by one man in particular.

  • rockerdon

    What. An. Idiot.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Obama’s ‘first time’ with Lady Liberty:

    • Brenda Hellwig

      Funniest thing I’ve seen in many a day! Lol! Lol! Lol!

  • irishgirl91

    You would think BHO would want to keep his distance from voters talking about getting F’d by him.

  • Felicia

    Wow…Sounds like she’s telling women to vote with their “lady parts”!!

  • stfinmich

    Oh, I get it! If you have no respect for yourself, have no class, and live like a slut, vote for ‘O’.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clayj Clay Johanson

    Not shown: Having gotten what he wanted, Obama never called her again. And she ended up with a raging case of herpes.

  • louisiana_mom

    Your first time shouldn’t be with a creep who thinks of you as “lady parts”…. jus’ sayin’

  • Joe W.

    Is Lena Dunham related to Barack’s Momma, Stanley Dunham?? Inquiring minds want to know…..

  • sleazyrider

    Not sure there’s an antibiotic to cure that STD…

  • WingedBishop

    She and Sandra Fluke are perfect for each other.

  • $129448

    Who the hell is she? When did young women become Birth control whores owned by the government?

    • BJM

      Dunham signed a $3.5 mil book deal in Oct, aka, the 1%. Dems don’t see the hypocrisy and irony in using rich young celebs to tout $9 a month contraceptives to young women with more college debt than they can ever repay and few job opportunities.

      • Gallatin

        Book deal really? Does anyone think she an actually put that many words together?

        • Bizness22

          Editors can work magic.

  • WingedBishop
  • Lula6469

    o.k. I must come out from under my rock because I have no idea who this person is to insult her. Stupid ad though but I guess it will work with stupid people. Have a nice evening. ****UPDATE***** googled her….I am not missing much. Still don’t know who she is. :-)

    • Penmar

      I was under the rock next door, I don’t know who she is either.

      • Lady 12

        Nobody who doesn’t live in the gutter knows who she is. Or cares.

        • Penmar

          Actually, I live under the gutter, so that must explain it.

  • J.N. Ashby

    First time…so painful and disappointing, am I right, ladies? Mahaha….

  • TwitWit

    I am speechless..

    • Tony0920

      it’s about time. nudge, wink :)

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    So if they are going with the whole “sex sells” vibe, why didn’t they choose an attractive spokesperson?

  • Dion Corrigan

    It seems she never got over being used by him and thinks the next time it will be better.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    Who is Lena Dunham? I’ve never heard of her before. No. I’m not being snarky. I’ve literally never heard of her and I’m normally up on pop-culture.

    • http://twitter.com/wrldthrumyeyez Miss Information

      Me too, and really, I don’t want to know. This ad is unappealing, no hint of cuteness, just pathetic.

  • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

    Os first time: That was great. Can you loan me $5 for gas to get home now?

    • http://twitter.com/Moxie2123 Linda Kathleen Bell

      But first fix me a sammich.

      • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

        Get to it woman… I got to get to Vegas!

  • pixelsmith24

    Liberal women are so unattractive.

  • rennyangel2

    These posts are really creepy. If the zero is their first time, they are in for the trauma of a lifetime.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      If their first time was with Obama, no wonder they like women now.

      • rennyangel2


  • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

    I just replied to Ashley Judd and noticed that she is an author, Advocate, Wife, etc. I bet her hubby is proud to know that wife comes in 3rd place.

    • brianmouland

      And her former career as an actress running a distance 4th

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.segundo.52 John Segundo

    Maybe they think they can also reel in the considerable population of young male dumbasses who might be vulnerable to subliminal message that they can get laid somehow if they get off their lazy butts and vote for O again on Nov. 6.

  • http://twitter.com/Moxie2123 Linda Kathleen Bell

    He’s hoping virgins pair off in groups of 72 and car pool to the polls together. GOTVirgins.

  • Sketti

    Yikes, that guy comparing the lost of his virginity to voting for Obama, how did he lose it, from behind?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    if losing her virginity is like voting for obama, she did it wrong.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      I dunno. You’re full of lust one moment, and pain and agony for four days(years) afterwards…seems…kinda right to me.

      • orringtonmom (D)

        lol… still say you’re doing it wrong! LOL

        • Elilla Shadowheart

          I think this is kinda more of where I was coming from.

          http://youtu.be/sSxDE1QCHA4 You’ll enjoy it, believe me on that.

          • orringtonmom (D)

            you were right… i laughed. now i have to share.

            and upon further review, who am i to judge how people like their sex… if bending over and taking one up the tail pipe is your thing, vote obama.

  • disappearing moderate

    A letdown? A disappointment? Feeling used? A drunken mistake? Okay, I can see some of those unfortunately all too common reactions to voting for O.

  • http://twitter.com/bloodyhellmate Craig Edwards

    Yikes, did Obama give Lena Dunham any CHANGE for cab fare after her 1st time?

  • http://twitter.com/bloodyhellmate Craig Edwards

    Also, in terms of Political ads, I thought Carly Fiorina’s DemonSheep ad was stupid, but this one wins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rightstuffnovelties Right Stuff

    Hmm, I would have compared voting for a historic failure and liar to that of a virgin being knocked up by an Occupy Wall Street deadbeat who turns around and sues her for a place to stay; not to mention the cost of the glow-in-the-dark condom he found in the alley. Liberals have lost their minds and this ad proves just how out of touch and desperate they are!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ElenaMarie02 Marie Elks

    This ad is beyond vile. I didn’t think Obama could sink any lower. How wrong I was.

  • Interesting Times

    Is it possible for Obama’s strategists to think any less of women?

    • Colleen Kelly

      Give it another day or poll result…

    • Colleen Kelly

      Give it another day or poll result…

    • Bizness22

      I’ve never understood it myself. Where I come from, when older guys offer you “free stuff”–it’s creepy. You don’t tell them they should totally run for office because that’s sexy.

  • kate_middleton

    Disgusting. Can’t stand this, can’t stand her, can’t stand him.
    Whoever came up with this idea is a real loser.

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    Yeah for LD! She is amazing!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Amazingly stupid.

  • mnemosyne23

    Who in heaven’s name is Lena Dunham, and why should I care what she thinks?

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    The War On BULLDYKES!



    dangit — WIMENFOLK!

    *sigh* — gals.

    Big Bird hardest hit. Last seen and heard running away while sobbing, ” He never buys me flowers anymore!

  • Lady 12

    Unbe-freakin’-lieveable. GAG!

  • Brian Roastbeef

    I watched both Obama’s ad and Putin’s and I’m no more interested in voting for either of them. I am however now considering getting a Russian bride…

  • Richard Vasel


  • dennylee60

    So you should lose your virginity to a guy who makes lots of promises that he can’t/didn’t keep, borrow lots of money from everyone to pay for stuff, lies about what he has done in the past, blame others for his failure, and will say anything to get you to do what he wants. Great…

  • http://twitter.com/lucia_Strong LUCIA ARMSTRONG

    Yes, you lost “it”! Four years ago to someone who you thought cared. And since then, you have been abused by him. He spends all of your money, makes promises he never intended keeping, and then he lies to you and every one about it…. Time to grow up and have relationships with “real” men!

  • Brian

    5 seconds into the video you can clearly tell it’s not about sex

  • Paula Noakes

    I wonder who she voted for in 2004? She’s 26 now, subtract 4 she’s 22 in 2008, subtract 4 she’s 18 in 2004 and should have voted. Huh. No thrill? Proud to say MY 18 yo daughter has voted Romney/Ryan. (She’s in college, absentee voting.)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDX6MKQ3V5OZ3RG5FXUQIAJ5DU John

    Think of it this way…it was a PSA letting guys know from which women to run.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDX6MKQ3V5OZ3RG5FXUQIAJ5DU John

    Think of it this way…it was a PSA letting guys know from which women to run.

  • TiLiNi

    What man wants to do anything with this she-man Lena Dunham!?

  • TiLiNi

    What man wants to do anything with this she-man Lena Dunham!?

  • Adela Wagner

    Another part of our Republic being sleazed.

  • Adela Wagner

    Another part of our Republic being sleazed.

  • Sean Barrentine

    Maybe they mean anal virginity by force?

  • Sean Barrentine

    Maybe they mean anal virginity by force?

  • thomp5000


  • ozconservative

    “This is creepy, even for an albino chupacabra.”

    Dammit I just sprayed Coke onto my keyboard!!!

  • AMSilver

    This ad actually gives me hope. Mostly because there’s still a week and a half to go, and Obama has nowhere to go now but down. If desperation makes his campaign do things like this – I think the only votes he’ll get this election will be from people who have already voted. And yes, but Nov 6, those who cast their votes early for Obama will feel dirty, misused, lied to, and too embarrassed to tell anyone what they did.

  • SailorDonut

    Um, the 2008 election was my third time voting, and she’s the same age as me. Maybe she didn’t start voting until she was older, but I find it more likely that she’s full of it.

  • http://twitter.com/Kramerica3 Cosmo

    YouTube is now screening comments on this video. If you try to comment, it freezes and posts the message “pending approval”. That said, there are far more dislikes than likes for this disgusting video.

  • NRPax

    Wow. I could only stand thirty seconds of her voice. Off to snort steel wool in an effort to scrub the video out of my short term memory.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDX6MKQ3V5OZ3RG5FXUQIAJ5DU John

    This reminds me of the campaign a few years ago where a bunch of liberal women had T-shirts printed up that said, “I only sleep with Democrats”. The dirty little secret is a that a lot of us men figured out long time ago that these are the women to run from: the ones who will use sex (or anything else) as a weapon to get what they want. I’ll wager that they only “sleep with Democrats” because they can’t get anyone else. We aren’t that stupid, or we have the presence of mind to apply a cost-benefit analysis to them–and find them lacking.

  • bicentennialguy

    Maybe Messina should have appeared in the video instead….I’d lay money on the fact that his “virtue” remains intact.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    the first time should be with a man who understands women. i’m not sure these women understand women. i find a guy who is good with money incredibly sexy. she didn’t mentioned that in the ad…

  • Steve_J

    The first time she’s implying requires two people to be in the same space at the same time. Voting requires a person be in that space alone. Is she implying her first time she was alone with only her imagination?

  • http://twitter.com/reshas Heidi

    UPDATE.. Steven Crowder Parody.. ROFLMAO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSxDE1QCHA4&feature=youtu.be

  • ksimms

    Wow, the same joke did not get this “clutch the pearls” response 32 years ago when Reagan told it himself. His version was about voting Republican for the first time. And that was the actual candidate, not a surrogate.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      He was quoting someone else, I believe.

  • Gallatin

    Never heard of lena dumbham so I did a quick search. I see she is on hbo. I don’t get hbo. I refuse to pay for hbo.

  • Bizness22

    I thought hers was the party that was AGAINST objectifying women? /confused

  • Elizabeth Williams

    CARING about whether someone has
    health insurance or not, and FORCING them to get it are two different things. Nice try though ; )

  • $92510698

    Pretty straight forward message: Vote Obama and get screwed.

  • BeeKaaay

    The first time someone turns off their brains, they become a leftwingwacko. It gets easier every time after that.