This morning, Sarah Palin linked to photos of a family hunting excursion, to the delight of her fans:

The kindness was overshadowed by nastiness, though, and, predictably, shameless jerks on the Left used the photos as yet another excuse to denigrate Palin and her family, hurling vicious insults and trying feverishly to out-debase each other:


At least one bully couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Palin’s support for her daughter Bristol, a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars: All Stars”:

Seems to us that it’s ThinkVegas who should be embarrassed. Now, all of Twitter knows he’s a jackass.



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  • Josephine (D)

    Really? Liberals insult her hunting prowess, her family, and her lady parts with vulgar language, but somehow /she’s/ the idiot? #LiberalLogic

  • BombshellWebNews

    I love the Palin Family….Truly and American Patriotic Family…..

    • Michael Hampton

      So America is about raising children born out of wedlock while telling everyone else that you are more righteous than they are?

      • Donimal61

        So, the self-righteous libs solution of killing them in the womb is better? Your point is ridiculous sir… but you probably know that and just like to troll.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        No, loving your family unconditionally.

        • Michael Hampton

          And yet still condemning those around you and saying that you are more holy than they are. Got it.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Where do I do that?

          • Michael Hampton

            You don’t. Palin does. That was the point of your statement.

      • lana ward

        Gore tried to steal the election, the dictator did

        • Catchance


        • Pete Futz


        • Maria

          You fail.

        • Michael Hampton

          Um…Bush II is the only president who actually stole an election.

          • rickg62

            Please take off the tin foil hat an end your delusions. I’ve already corrected you once on this. If you want to look at stolen elections try investigating Illinois in the 1960 election.

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            Time for a new schtick… that one is older than old.

          • Michael Hampton

            Still true.

          • Hello Jerry (D)

            To you brain dead liberals, it is.

      • Michael Rice

        Isn’t it the Dems that promote having kids even if you aren’t married. Kristen Bell was just going off about ho she won’t get married until gay marriage is elgal all over, but she will have kids anyway..
        Liberal logic = don’t plan on getting married but purposely have kids.
        Conservatives = I didn’t plan on getting pregnant but I will do the best to raise the child, becaue I don’t beleive any child is a “mistake”

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Kristen Bell would rather have children with a sloth, I think.

        • Michael Hampton

          A lot of people feel that is marriage was equal and available to those who want it, the world would be a better place. They aren’t going to stop their relationship until bigots finally die off enough so that it can be a reality and they can get married.

          • brianmouland

            Troll,Troll, Troll Mikey!

          • Isahiah62

            A lot of people feel that is marriage was equal and available to those who want it, the world would be a better place

            and a lot of people don’t namely 1.5 billion Muslims-you may have to wait a long time for the bigots to die off- your man Obama stands with them

      • Catchance

        There are thousand upon thousands of couples who desperately want to adopt, so there is no reason for an innocent baby to have to be killed or raised by a single mother.

      • Corey Dennison

        You realize your chicago jeebus was conceived out of wedlock, right? His mother was a 17 year old strumpet who allowed herself to get knocked up by a 28 yeard old bigamist.

        You did know that, right?

        • Michael Hampton

          He doesn’t tell others that they shouldn’t do it. He doesn’t try to tell them how righteous he is.

          • rickg62

            No, he just says that if his daughters screw around they should get an abortion so they won’t be “burdened by a child”.

          • Michael Hampton

            Can you show me where he said that he wants his daughters to get an abortion?

          • Sonya A. Willis
          • Michael Hampton

            He said that he doesn’t want them punished with a child from making a mistake. He doesn’t say that he wants them to get an abortion. He also doesn’t use the word “burdened.” He said ‘punished.’ Very different.

      • Maria

        The best thing they could have done is what they did do. Band together so Bristol could raise her baby instead of kill it which is what a Liberal would do.

        • Michael Hampton

          Her show proved that she has nothing to do with that baby except photo ops. Much like her mother.

      • brianmouland

        The Palins accepted the fact that mistakes happened and accepted Bristol and her child doubt if you would be that open minded

  • LC

    Sarah is laughing at them. She knows they’re hate mongers and sits back and watches them seeth. GO PALINS!

    • Brad Brunk

      Yes! go Palins!


    Man, I bet the Palins make some seriously awesome jerkey! Moose, Elk, Deer–whatever, I want some!!

    • brianmouland

      Salmon jerky is tasty too

  • Ryan Gandy

    I would ask what happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but most of these types would go crazy if anyone dared to interrupt their patchouli-soaked and tree-encircling human chains with any mention of Jesus’ words, let alone The Man himself. Just disgusting and shameful, but not surprising, that they would go this low.

    So instead…what happened to “families are off limits?”

    • Derelictus

      No God, no rules = modern Democrats. All that’s left is blistering hate and meaningless nihilism.

  • Anthony

    Comments by @machinelavine sticking up for helpless animals, who sticks up for helpless unborn babies?

    • ratizbad

      Not the Demorats that is for sure.

    • Derelictus

      Deer are more important than humans, didn’t you get the PETA memo?

      • Maria

        Doesn’t PETA kill most of the animals it supposedly saves?

        • brianmouland


          • Maria


    • Tina McNeil


  • strat77

    Such insightful comments from the left. Very sophisticated.

  • SL

    Hey libturds! When the world goes to hell, and it will if you worthless progressive’s have your way. You will be crying like a bunch of smashed cats for people like the Palin’s to feed and take care of your sorry asses. Don’t knock on my door, losers.

  • Sharon Schlund

    hahaha…When the food trucks no longer come with the food, and the dollar collapses, these hateful idiots will be begging for some one to get them some food…..U go Palin Family…More American then all the left put together!

    • TugboatPhil

      Not only would the hate spewing libs above not be able to kill for meat, they probably would have no idea how to grow the vegetables they worship.

      • Michael Rice

        I actually heard some nut job a while back. on a talk show, claim we should nto eat veggies becaue they feel pain…..

        • Jeff

          I wonder if he mows his grass with earplugs so he doesn’t hear the screams ??

          • George Gaither

            Jeff, that was a good one, thanks for the laugh.

        • Steven Sadler

          That’s nothing.
          I heard a woman say we should all get our meat at the supermarket where no animals are harmed.

          • Corey Dennison

            Unfortunately, that’s not an exagerration. And these same morons are allowed to vote.

          • beastdogs8

            The sad thing is the clueless and moron vote counts just as much is those of us who put the time and effort into researching our choices the impact it will make on the survival of this nation.

          • Tom Wygle

            Sad, isn’t it?

          • frogbalz

            Com’on Steven, haven’t you seen the replicators in the back of the grocery store? You know, like the “real” ones on Star Trek.

        • Maria

          They don’t feel pain once they’re picked (IF they feel pain at all, which I highly doubt). 😀

        • beastdogs8

          So if this nut job does not believe we should eat veggies, and probably not eating meat ether if he/she was going on the feeling pain idea, what the hell did this nut job suggest we live on???

        • Lee Barrows

          well i guess they should die and leave the world a better palce!

      • Martin T. Kinard

        Why are liberals “hateful” when they stand up for what they believe in and conservatives are “hated” when liberals point this out?

      • Martin T. Kinard

        Also, we KNOW that embryos don’t have the mental development to feel pain yet, and there you have it, Conservatives, jump all over that one. I’m not defending the nutjob who may have said we should not eat plants, that’s idiotic. Evolution created fruits and plants to be EATEN in order to spread their seeds. See there are idiots on both sides who are out to lunch.

        • Ebenezer Ademola

          So if someone is parilyzed from neck down and can’t feel a thing we have the “right” to kill them?

          • GaryTheBrave

            And eat, apparently.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Then the Palins will be the greedy selfish one-percenters with a smokehouse full of food! And I’m sure they’ll give generously to those who ask, and respond *ahem* forcefully to those who try and just take.

    • Brad Brunk

      When that happens, my front lawn will be a mess with dead liberals trying to steal what I have put away for emergencies… just saying.

    • Postbackxp

      Sharon you made one of the greatest and truthful post every.
      I think most of the ones who spew hate at the Palins wish they could
      of had a loving family like theirs. Plus Sarah and Todd are still
      hot for each other got to love that.

  • ride2live

    They could always just stop following her if her tweets bother them so.

    • Pete Futz

      That is the part that I don’t get. Also, you can bet they all eat meat that someone else killed.

      • Ron Maier

        But it comes from the Store :) sarc off

        • Corey Dennison

          I know libs who actually think that.

          /not sarc, really sad

      • TundraThunder

        If those nutcases saw how animals are slaughtered, they’d shut up about us hunters. At least we kill the animals quickly!

    • Derelictus

      Then they wouldn’t have anything to be “righteously outraged” about. It defines their existence.

    • RMC

      This is what I don’t get ride2live…… It’s like they go out of their way to find something to get their panties in a bunch about…….

    • jdkchem

      That would require rational thinking.

  • Shirley Jones

    LOVE your pics. and well remember the feeling of hunting with friends and family! Enjoy ..Sarah keep the American spirit alive…Ky Hunter and fisher, great country for both.

  • Love of Country

    Liberals are so intimidated by and jealous of Sarah Palin that it boggles the mind. She’s a beautiful, wholesome American living the American dream and it simply drives snotty blowhards on the Left bananas.

    And as for them freaking out about her guns just remember …. democrats only use guns to murder 10,000 Americans every single year over ‘important’ stuff like rims, sneakers, turf, drugs and bling. Democrats simply have no idea what middle America is all about … Sarah Palin does … she exudes it.

  • jetch

    unbelievable! if you don’t subscribe to her tweets, you won’t see them, so why are these people so upset? it’s not good enough that she’s not in politics anymore, they don’t even want her to tweet to friends and fans either??? they’re upset because she posted pics for her fans to see??? wow!
    these people are sick. their hatred isn’t normal.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Manic obsessiveness bordering on full-blown schizophrenia.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      That would require thinking, something liberals lack

  • 1irishdell

    To quote @mikemartin52 “still thinks someone gives a shit what she’s doing.” Didn’t he just prove that he DOES?! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted his precious liberal time on this tweet, right? Oh, to be so simpleminded as a lib….

    • Derelictus

      Someone that pathetic probably spends all his days and nights on Democratic Underground and MotherJones railing about the “fascist right” in his soiled underpants, dreaming of a communist revolution in America.

  • Lisa

    For everyone that wants her to go away…why are they reading her tweets? By responding, they are validating that she is still getting under their skin.

  • tjp77

    Killing babies because they’re inconvenient = Good.

    Killing animals for food = Bad.

    • Derelictus

      They’d probably fall back on the “acorns aren’t a tree and embryos aren’t a baby” argument. Dumb argument but that’s their rationale.

      • Tina McNeil

        Yes, but the acorn is just the ‘Egg’, whereas an unborn baby is an egg and a sperm, therefor a completely separate being.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Well, the seed is the product of pollination, which, depending on the tree or other plant(monoecious vs. dioecious), could be sexual/asexual reproduction, so an acorn is essentially a zygote, both ‘egg’ and ‘sperm’.

      • Martin T. Kinard

        Not a fall back position at all. An embryo is NOT a child, it can not live outside of the host/mother, therefore it is NOT a child. It isn’t a dumb rationale at all.

        • marcdepiolenc

          It is a pretty weak rationale, though, because the criterion of ability to survive outside the womb puts you on a slippery slope. Is a premature baby that needs an incubator to survive its first days or weeks outside the womb not a living human being deserving protection? I’d sure be upset if somebody applied that criterion to my premature child, as I understand some British hospitals have.

        • Derelictus

          So destroy the weak. Good argument.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Using your logic under ObamaCare/Tax YOU are an embryo until your 26th birthday. At least your brain is still in the embryonic stage.

        • Lee Barrows

          Just to let you know your President VOted three times as a senator of ILL. to KIll a baby after a botch abortion so dont tell me there is a differance science says that life begans a conseption…..

    • Elaine

      It’s a LOT better than the inner city kids shooting each other with ILLEGAL guns! Why do they not get as OUTRAGED about dead KIDS bodies?

  • Donimal61

    They are the idiots for blasting her for hunting for food, killing poor animals… where do they think their food comes from, just because they only see the end product (a steak, a fish filet or whatever) they think they are advanced and civilized. Libs are naive and delisional.

    • Derelictus

      Eating meat is essential for human nutrition. Have you ever seen a vegan? All sallow-faced and wide-eyed.

    • Maria

      Maybe they think it all comes from Replicators like in “Star Trek”.

  • Maxwell

    Lol at Kelly, who said “@SarahPalinUSA Hunting, huh? How evolved & sophisticated.” She does know that in ancient China and many other ancient kingdoms, hunting was a way for royalty and nobility to relax. So, yes, hunting is “evolved and sophisticated.”

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      They are far more ignorant than they know — but of course, that’s what ignorance is. That’s also why most of the rest of the world never allowed firearms in the hands of peasants — it was to keep them from hunting the king’s land. Ironic that these “people’s movement” types advocate a policy that originates with the most elite of the elite!

      • Derelictus

        Good point! The Left wants its citizens to be mere subjects and peons of an unaccountable oligarchy of know-it-all hatemongers. Banning the subjects’ right to own firearms is only the first step.

  • NWFL Conservative

    I just love how the left project their feelings of inadequacies and uselessness on people who have actually accomplished something in their lives. How sad it must be to be them,

    The left is horrified at people who hunt animals for food, but have no problem when a physician uses an aspirator to suck an unborn baby, often dismembered, out of the womb. Their hypocrisy stinks worse than rotting roadkill

  • James McCarthy

    Who is she again? She looks like that character Tina Fey did, fabulously, on SNL.

    • david christoph

      who’s Tina Fey? oh, she was the political hack who slandered an intelligent patriotic governor.

      • James McCarthy

        Is that the Governor who bailed on her constituents to be an entertainer?

        • david christoph

          it’s the governor who was targeted by unfounded ethics charges for the sole intent of making serving her constituents ruinously expensive. nice try.

        • Corey Dennison

          No…the one who had 27 frivolous lawsuits filed against her by libtards.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      “Fabulously” he says. Pfft. Yep, Jamie, just totally faboo! And the greatest outfits!

    • Corey Dennison

      She’s the one that scares the crap out of you and your Chicago messiah. And she’s not anywhere near finsihed on the national stage.

      Sucks to be you.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Saul Goodman
    @SarahPalinUSA I bet your vagina smells like old goat milk. Similar to your outlandish policies. #FuckAFunction

    I’ll bet the last time this vulgarian saw one was the day he was born. What a disgusting pig. A perfect example of the vile, unhinged left. As soon as they result to vulgarity it immediately signals they have no argument and resorting to personal attacks to make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives. How sad it must be to be someone like that.

    • Richard Jefferies

      I’m preaching to the choir I know, but, sex and vulgarity are all the left knows. They dress up like vaginas in lieu of logical conversation. They always attack any woman on the right with vile, misogynistic comments that in reverse draws “outrage”. All their protests devolve into some type of sexual or scatological display of depravity, which they all think makes them so very clever. They are one-trick ponies.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      No offense there, but such a remark doesn’t even bear quoting, at least not in full. Let’s edit a bit out of respect, maybe? Just a suggestion. …

    • David Saylor

      I saw a bumper sticker the other day that summed it up.
      “Annoy a liberal, Work hard and be happy!”

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Wow, what a classy bunch leftards are, no kidding, huh? Is it hate or just ignorance, or both together?

  • yestradamous

    Libs are not very self-aware. They trash Sarah Palin and then go out for a hamburger.

    • Derelictus

      Hey as long as it’s not a chicken sandwich from Chik Fil A it’s all gooood.

  • Isahiah62

    Bonus question for Sarah hater Twirps- which prez gave us the first animal preservation laws? Hint: an avid huntsman

    National Forests 51
    Federal Bird Reservations 4
    National Game Preserves 5
    National Parks 18
    National Monuments 24
    Reclamation Projects7
    Conservation Conferences and Commissions

  • TocksNedlog

    Not really sure why people call liberals “bleeding hearts”.
    Seems to me most of them are suffering from brain bleeds.

  • Derelictus

    Stay classy, Democrats!

  • lana ward

    Think how Great America would be right now had the dictator not stolen the election!!

    • Michael Hampton

      Um…Obama won. Bush is the one who lost and then got the Supreme Court to name him President. You got mixed up there.

      • Donimal61

        Uh, oh… to name a couple… black panther voter intimidation (swept under the rug), liberal press carrying all Obama’s water asking “tough” questions of a less than experienced academic… hum, somebody got a way with something… less of course you drank too much Democrat KoolAide and went blind you’d see that.

        • Michael Hampton

          If you are going to talk about voter intimidation, then what about the republicans in Ohio who turned democrat voters away or told them it was a different day? What about redistricting that is always sponsored by republicans and they have said repeatedly that they cannot win without limiting the number of democrats who can vote, or by changing the borders of their territories?

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Guy is beyond delusional. Come up to Mass., the birthplace of gerrymandering, if you want to see some of the most blatant carve-out abuses. Please provide reliable citations for your other scurrilous allegations.

          • Michael Hampton

            Google Florida Registration Scandal. See for yourself.

      • NWFL Conservative

        Oh yeah stolen elections, blah blah blah blah blah. What do you suppose your boy will do when he loses the election in 44 days? Declare it invalid and impose martial law when all hell breaks loose? Would you like to make a C-Note wager he takes it to court? When you point your fingers remember there are three more pointing back at you.

        So go pour yourself a steaming hot cup of S T F U, no one here takes anything you say seriously in the first place. AMF

        • Catchance

          “A steaming hot cup of STFU”…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
          Best line of the night.

      • rickg62

        Here we go again. How many times does this argument have to be disproved. All the Supreme Court did was verify that the Florida Supreme Court was violating it’s own constitution in it’s ruling. Your own darlings in the media recounted the Florida votes every way imaginable and had to come to the conclusion that yes Bush won. Get over it.

        • Michael Hampton

          Then why did he have to be “appointed”?

          • rickg62

            Nobody was “appointed”. That’s just you regurgitating the whacko left’s conspiracy talking points.

          • Michael Hampton

            The Court’s third and final intervention in the 2000 presidential
            election came just days later. In its unsigned opinion, the Court
            explained that it had voted 5-4 to put a stop to the Florida recount.
            Allowing the recount to go forward, the Court said, would violate the
            Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The U.S. Supreme
            Court sent the case back down to the Florida Supreme Court, which had no
            alternative but to dismiss it. The presidential election of 2000 had
            been decided, in essence, by the vote of one Supreme Court justice.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Ob God, not that laughable bullshirt again. And I bet you call “Birthers” crazy!

        Ok dear,l’ll play along. Yes, Bad Ol ‘Bush secretly packed the Supreme Court to hand him the tie that Rove engineered. Meanwhile, Cheney shot three of his friends at his Fortress of Solitude, from where he commandeered by remote contr those 3 airliners and got phony cell phone broadcasts put out, all so he could turn the government of Iraq over to Halliburton.

        Did I miss anything?

        • Maria

          Watch out, they may believe you! You know how gullible the Left is.

      • Love of Country

        Um yeah …. because getting more votes had nothing to do with it …. what a willful fool you are!

        !st and original tally …. Bush had more votes
        2nd tally … Bush had more votes
        3rd tally …. Bush had more votes
        4th and last tally by local newspaper … Bush had more votes

        Beyond that … Gore had 20,000 military votes disqualified because even though he knew they were submitted in time … the govt postal service didn’t deliver them in time …. the pos disenfranchised our brave men and women overseas.

        • Michael Hampton

          That is a lie. Bush had fewer popular votes than Gore. That is a fact.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            You do understand the “Electoral College,” correct? It’s in that Constitution thingy.

          • rickg62

            Nationally, yes, but I thought we were talking about Florida, unless you’re doing the usual liberal arguing method, lose the argument and change the subject.

          • Love of Country

            Try to follow, kid. You said the Supreme Court handed Bush the election. That means you were talking about Florida and Bush had more votes in Florida …. that’s what we’re talking about.
            It’s true Gore won the national popular vote, but Bush had more national electoral votes. That means Bush won fair and square by the time tested rules on the books …. the Supreme Court has nothing to do with that.
            So I didn’t lie because I was talking about Florida because you were talking about Florida …. see how this works? There was no ambiguity except for in your desperate, uneducated mind.

            So stop calling people liars and racists just because you’re losing the debate, mkay?

            Cheer up, though …. if Dinglebarry is able to swindle a hollow victory in Nov w/ the help of the state run media …. he too will lose the popular vote but have more electoral votes than Romney ….. that limey bastrd, lol

      • Corey Dennison

        Ummm…no. EVERY recount under every condition showed that Bush won Florida.

        Sucks to be you, boy.

      • lana ward

        Go to the website WND . All of the polling has Romney up 8 points and higher!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!

      • david christoph
  • John Fowler

    Could you imagine how they would react if we spoke that way about liberal women? Honestly, I wouldn’t want to. They’re already mentally deficient, how would it be right to mock them for physical insubstantiality, as well? No wonder they vote the way they do–their minds are vulgar and they can only relate to themselves as people. Others are of no consequence to them.

  • tvonthebrain

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. Liberals and hateful comments. Can it get any more predictable?

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      You can set your watch to them.

  • kahnavka

    Just like the Palin family, I am a proud member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) YUM!!!!!

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Just goes to show that Mrs. Palin and her family values are a threat to the liberal agenda. Drives them nuts.
    Oh and we don’t hunt to get a thrill out of killing, we hunt to get FOOD. Pure food with no chemicals like the ones used in domestic slaughter victims found at your local market!

  • JD

    Sara Palin and family have the right idea, many Americans could learn something about survival from them. When are you getting back in the race Sara? Hello and happy hunting to the Palin family

  • Tanille

    I can’t believe how dumb people are. Hello without hunting the human species would have died out Years ago. How do you think your ancestors got their meat for their tables?

  • Jerome Padin

    Nothing more pathetic than loser liberals whining and sniveling about people More intelligent and more honorable than they ever could be.

  • Skevvy

    “This where I git me a huntin’ license?”

  • Revis56

    Way to go Sarah.So proud to call you a real American.Just ignore all the smartass comments..They are just a bunch of Obama’s puppets..

  • Donna

    Providing food for your family isn’t fashionable. Mrs. President Arrogant would like us to eat our veggies, and starve to death or be forced to eat Monsanto FrankenVeggies.. and you would have no need for Nancy “more bang for your buck” Pelosi and her food stamps. What a truely ungodly, hideous lot we have in Washington, DC.

  • rdjoker

    Why would they follow her if they hate her.. Idiots.

  • rdjoker

    Wait till the Country collapses, and these morons run out of food. Guess who they’ll be asking for handouts as usual.

  • catholic_citizen

    How tolerant. How sophisticated. How intellectually superior. The left once again demonstrating their ‘tolerance’. I wonder if they even know the meaning of the word? Here is a hint – it does NOT mean ‘accepting anything other people believe in as long as it is was I believe.’

    Honest. Sorry, but there is is.

  • Kate

    “killing helpless animals…”

    Where do they think the meat they buy at grocery stores and in restaurants comes from? I’d bet money that none of them are vegetarian/vegan.

    • Jess Bear

      It was probably a pro-choice uber vegan that said that…

  • William Frenchek

    So if all of these people hate her and her family so much then why are they following her on Twitter???

  • Swampbuggy

    These dumbass Obama ass lickers only dream that they could be half of what Sarah and her family are! Envy is the devils workshop, these people are instructors!!!

  • Brad Brunk

    Liberals are intolerant, hate filled bullies that only have nuts to post on stupid social media or pointless websites… in real life they are losers sitting on a stained couch in their mothers basement playing Atari, cheap lawyers, actors, 60’s throwbacks or sleazy politicians… that pretty much describes the “occupy” crowd.

  • Shane Finch

    Yeah and all those people spewing hate will be starving to death if the Sh@$ hit the fan with global chaos and food shortages. People like the Palins would do just fine. Call us what you will but call us survivors as well.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Liberals don’t think. They feel…Unless you’re an unborn or partially aborted baby, that is.

  • Kevin

    The libs will starve when the economy crashes. Of course we’ll be taking what we need of theirs first.

  • Loves2laugh

    Don’t all these cretins who say they don’t care about her have to be following her to get her tweets?

  • nc

    They wouldn’t care what she said or did if they weren’t so afraid of her.

  • Gail Wakefield

    it doesn’t matter what the Palin’s do, the Left will demonize it–laughable

  • precursor

    This is the true Obama civility course 101. Liberals HATE anything that is good.

  • anna4sarah

    To all you liberals out there..Leave them alone and get a life..Why do you not worry about your President he will lose in November..Get over yourselves..

  • anna4sarah

    BTW Sarah Palin does not get bothered by you losers..

  • Suzyqb

    There are some really Hateful and Disgusting remarks on here. If you don’t like the Pallins don’t bother tweeting about it. No one cares what Liberals think!

    • Michael Hampton

      That’s funny because I could give to craps about what Palin thinks.

  • Blackwater
  • Ken Clawson

    Weelll I’d say when the fit hits the shan I’d surely want to be with Team Palin. That’s one rockin’ red blooded American family right there.

  • g-main

    Huh…I’d love to go hunting but I’m a city boy. But I certainly cling to my two handguns and my 4 bibles. Suck it, libs!

  • mkreider

    So why are the little Demtrolls following her tweets? They are just so lame. My old boss lives in AK. It is far different than the little studio apt the Demtrolls live in. They are pathetic. Sarah’s family sure had a lot more fun than the Demtrolls tweeting about them.

  • PapaRick98

    I appreciate someone who is not afraid to go out in the wild and try to harvest an animal for consumption during the hard months. Wild animals are in no danger of going extinct and it’s much better than raising domesticated animals that get butchered point blank. They have a chance to escape and if they don’t, they become food for the family, Been that way since the beinning of our country.

  • Wulfheard

    Liberals are scum. Should this be a surprise to anyone. Hopefully when the economy goes bum up after “Dear Leader” gets reelected they will be the first to starve to death.

  • NWFL Conservative

    The thing that really strikes me about Sarah Palin is that she sees the good in people and epitomizes all that is good in this country. So many liberals on the other hand, are angry, virtiolic, and self loathing. They attack her because she epitomizes all that they want but know will never have so to make themselves feel less inadequate, they attack her. But Sarah always gets the last laugh because her skin is far thicker than any of their dull arrows can penetrate.

    I am so bummed that her show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is not still on. I simply loved that show. With her and her family you just saw good, down to earth people who epitomize what is still good about our country and still espouse the things that made this country the greatest in the history of mankind.

    • nc

      I loved “Alaska” too, it was wonderful to see that beautiful part of our country through her eyes. She always makes you feel like she could be talking to you personally. I got that same feeling when I read her book.

  • Brett McMicken

    liberals all get their food from star trek replicators, dontchya know

  • Gregory A Granello

    Lefties? I think they look a lot like … ducks.

  • irishgirl91

    Okay, obviously I am missing something, didn’t they have to follow Sarah in order to get the tweet? Do they just follow her to hurl the vitriol? If so, they really need a life.

  • Bruce Carter

    Attention Libtards!
    Just because your meat comes in a plastic-wrapped Styrofoam container doesn’t mean something didn’t die. Not long ago most killed their own meat in America, still a common practice in many parts of the world. One day the grocery store will be filled with empty shelves & broken glass. As you slowly starve to death after eating your lawn, we hunters will still be enjoying our barbecues. Don’t pretend you’re better just because somebody else kills your meat for you.

  • Otter2

    I don’t hunt — I never aborted a baby either. Progs are so outraged over meat yet could care less over a murdered baby. Fish in a barrel so to speak. :( The baby can’t run away.

  • Botzilla

    If the SH$% hit the fan, who would you rather have as your next door neighbor, the Palins or some pinhead leftist that wouldn’t make it the first 24 hours?

  • Darren Jones

    you libs are vulgar and you all sound like a bunch of crazies. The Palins are a
    God fearing family they don’t bother you. Conservatives like Sarah don’t come
    out like this and attack you personally with such vile we just state the truth
    and you apparently can’t handle the truth.
    Where is the philosophical debate or a logical conversation? I think you all need therapy and a
    restraining order from adult conversations like politics.

  • Walker Bennett

    Liberals hate people that are able to get food without the governments help. The poorly disguised socialist power structure and media in the country don’t want anyone to be able to survive on their own. They would prefer that you give away your guns and forget how to live off the land because they can’t stand the thought of having people that aren’t completely helpless in the event of martial law. It seems like people just assume that we’re always gonna have grocery stores and diners. I don’t think the average person understands just how close to collapse America really is. We can’t support other countries and give away benefits to illegal aliens forever. Eventually the money and the power will come to an end. When (not if) that happens, I hope I’m surrounded by people with a basisc understanding of hunting and outdoor survival skills.

  • Sandy E Clanton

    Baffling that some follow tweets of people they despise…the funniest was [email protected] wrote Hunting, huh? How evolved & sophisticated. How sophisticated can you be when you “do” SoCal? and evolved & sophisicated wouldn’t that be like an oxymoron? I think maybe i’ll change my view on buying their birth control and the morning after pill so these “smart idiots” don’t reproduce.

  • Robin Monroe

    What a bunch of nuts. You cannot leave wild animal populations unchecked. An educated person would know this. Connecticut and Maine found out the hard way several decades ago when they banned deer hunting. The herds over populated, ticks spread like wildfire and they were over run with Lyme disease. In an effort to humanely cull the herds they shipped tick ridden deer all over the country and spread the disease across the entire nation. And, low and behold – both states reinstated deer hunting to keep the deer and tick populations under control. And besides, if you really cared about the planet you would eat MORE meat and less grains. Nothing has damaged the planet more than the plow has, and it doesn’t matter what crop is being grown.

    • brianmouland

      Where I live in Canada we have an overpopulation of deer . Frequently deer will be hit by a vehicle then dragged 100 feet .Often the deer dies in agony on the side of the road

    • david christoph

      an EDUCATED person knows that wild animal populations, unchecked, become a threat to a growing human civilization; an INDOCTRINATED person does not. Or perhaps leftists don’t know about the importance of animal control in places with growing human populations because wherever leftists govern economic growth and population growth are hindered by burdensome regulation, confiscatory taxation, and oppressive government policies.

  • Maria

    It’s rare that whole families have nice family outings in the out of doors. They looked so happy. I love Sarah Palin and her family! Sure, her daughter had a baby before she got married (and was ready), but hey we all make mistakes! The whole family banded together and is stronger than ever. Gov. Palin is a very inspiring woman, a good role model.

    To those who naysayed her and her family, they are just put off because they didn’t have all the love that family does!

    • James McCarthy

      Why is having a child out of wed-lock a mistake?

      • Maria

        For those of a religious nature it is.

        • James McCarthy

          I still do not really know the why though. If simply religious reasons, I wonder how a mistake child would feel about being the product of a mistake.

          • Maria

            Life’s not all peachy keen, butterflies, and Disney movie themes. Welcome to life.
            I don’t agree with people having kids outside of wedlock, but things happen and well make the best of it and love the kid. A kid should have a mother and a father. Sometimes that can’t happen. People make do.

          • Timothy Noonan

            I am fully aware of the reality of life and life is not the Leave it to Beaver 1950s world you’d like it to be nor should it be. Having children out of wed-lock doesn’t make it a mistake Just because you disagree with children out of wed-lock. That is your opinion, don’t judge others by it. Kids born to parents out of wedlock do have mothers and fathers. As a religious person I expect a little more compassion and less damnation.

          • Maria

            You’re adorable. Now, move on. :)

          • Timothy Noonan

            Ha! Ha! Now go ask your pastor why an out of wed-lock child is a mistake when the child is a precious gift from God? Was God mistaken in his choice of parents? Quite profound.

          • Maria

            Why not ask yours?

          • Timothy Noonan

            No need for me, I do not have the problem of confounding God, and his gifts, with man-made, religious dogma.

          • Maria


          • Isahiah62

            hmm awfully familiar phrase there- (Now go ask your pastor ) you all have the same handler, reading from the same script or you are paid-soros-troll

            on Obama: ‘I Stand Up for Foreign Aid’ Because of ‘Biblical Call’ 5 days ago
            …………… is this what your pastor tells you after he says to let the children starve? What ever helps you sleep………………

            on Planned Parenthood’s FB Page for Teens: ‘Stop the Slut-Shaming’ 5 days ago
            ……………….Yes all valid points. No one claims it is like cleaning your teeth. It has side effects that must be weighed by the patient. They are not used as some ridiculous form of birth control like your pastor tells you.

          • Timothy Noonan

            Please restate your opinion, I really have no idea what point you are trying to make.

          • Isahiah62

            I’m saying if you are going to post under multiple nicknames you gotta be smart enough to not say the same things under all of them-

          • Timothy Noonan

            I am not doing it to be coy to you or any other poster. Twitchy KGB is the problem. See other comments below on this thread regarding Twitchy KGB. In fact, Twitchy KGB blocked my home IP. Twitchy and Malkin employing totalitarianism and denial of free speech.

          • Isahiah62

            in your mind banning troll from a PRIVATE website with TOS is equal to KGB govt suppression of info and imprisonment of dissenters – got it– yeah

            that says everything about what you think

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Damn!! I would love to go hunting in Alaska!! Hell I am loking forward to this week end and Turkey Opener.. Sarah Palin is real…All you haters are just that, pointless, lifeless, little hatters!! (Includes more then a few so called conservative dip-wads out there!!!)

  • Blarney Rose

    To be “fair and balanced,” these vitriolic, vulgar comments are spawned by the same vermin who booed God at the DNC! Yep, those liberal Dems show their civility, respect for life and liberty and a God centered reality, do they not? NOT! They just continue to show their asses(donkeys) to the world!

  • beastdogs8

    I wounder if these dumbass liberals who are in complete horror that Palin and her family are out hunting for their meat, realize that animals have to die in order for them to purchase their meat in supermarket. I talked to a anti hunting liberal nut job before, she went off on how hunters are nothing but blood thirsty killers, and hunting should be illegal, the poor animals, I listen patiently and then gave a simple response: I asked her if she eats meat, she said yes, then I responded with: you know they have to kill a animal so you can buy your meat right??? she had no answer and suddenly had to leave.

  • Richard MacKay

    What are they doing that the libs hat so much? the libs hate anything and everything they are miserable lonely people. What have people done from the cave men and on, they killed animals for food and clothing, look at the native american how else would they have existed? Fill the freezer with food for the winter, what a novel idea sounds good to me. OH wait that makes me a lib that hates. they have tunnel vision, You might as well talk to a brick wall at least it will listen to you and it wont spue out garbage.

  • Marisol Gutierrez

    These liberal idiots need to go get a life! She isn’t sharing it with them, she is sharing it with the millions of people who LOVE HER and HER FAMILY!!!! Love you Sarah and Fam!

  • RK

    One day these idiots and their likeness will be begging for someone to feed them when the govt. no longer can afford to support them after Obama and his policies bankrupt the country. It is pretty easy to spot miserable people and there are quite a few of them bashing this family.

  • Amy

    I love how the libs keep telling Governor Palin to go away and leave them alone… They aren’t aware you can Unfollow on Twitter? Also love the hunting h8rs… Give this country another 4 years of current POTUS and they will be hungry enough to beg hunters for food. LOL

  • Streetiebird

    Another hard-hitting Twitchy article where there is no basis for calling the tweeters “lefties” other than their dislike of Sarah Palin, which is shared by apolitical individuals and even some on the right after she torpedoed their 2008 run for President. But please, carry on as if you are a journalist.

  • brianmouland

    I live in Canada many times those people who live up north have to hunt to stock up their food sources for the winter. Sorry lefties but in Northern Canada near the Arctic Circle there isnt a Safeway or a Starbucks five minutes away.

  • moberndorf

    The lack of class, intelligence, and imagination of leftists never ceases to amaze me. They are a great argument for reverse evolution.

  • Martin T. Kinard

    I am a liberal and an Atheist, but I don’t care if she and her family go hunting. I grew up in South Carolina, I own guns, and I believe in hunting for several reasons. Hunting culls the herd in a time when natural predators are in decline, otherwise we have to kill the animals in other ways and waste good food.
    I do NOT agree with Sarah’s politics, I think she is a mental midget, and I really thought her leaving the Governorship of Alaska was cheap; but attacking a person at this level and her family is just plain mean. IF liberals are doing this, then shame on them; of course, I’ve seen the same thing from the Right about the President. I guess it balances out.

  • marcdepiolenc

    I’ve said for years – and this is further proof – that the Left is its own worst enemy. Leftists actually do best when their speech is suppressed, because so many of their utterances betray their envy and insecurity. And that’s in the best of circumstances. Challenge their delicate egos with images of a happy, handsome, functional family enjoying life instead of belittling their betters and bemoaning their victimhood, and the lefties pop like festering boils! The comments featured here are the typical result.

  • Adam Cooper

    Why does someone who tweets “leave us alone.” go to her tweeter anyway? If I don’t like someone I don’t spend my time looking at what they say.

  • ModdKenwood

    hunting in Alaska? what else is there to do up there but that and fish?! stfu libs.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Liberals… afraid of a woman who can kick their pansy @sses!