Apparently, there’s nothing funnier than corporate Twitter accounts sending out 9/11 tributes and remembrances. Alleged comedian Joe Mande seems to believe that corporations, composed of humans, are incapable of humanity. He spent the morning retweeting 9/11 memorial messages from well-known companies:

A moving 9/11 memorial photo? How hilarious!

His fans thought it was a witty, biting commentary on the evil and selfishness of corporate America:

No, actually. He doesn’t get it. But this woman does:

Indeed. Mande’s mockery of heartfelt tributes to the heroes and fallen of 9/11 is nothing short of shameful. On a day of national mourning, it’s Mande and his pathetic fans — not corporate America — who are trivializing the tremendous loss we felt 11 years ago. We hope they’re proud of themselves.

  • lazypadawan

    I remember the Burger King in Rosslyn, VA where I used to occasionally get lunch closed to the public for days so the staff could work on providing food to everyone working the Pentagon crash site. For free. What a [email protected]

  • katherine appello

    Mocking anything related to 9/11 is a betrayal of America, and to those who lost their lives that day, as a result of volunteering and those of us who lived in the area and went through it close up. Disgusting.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Never heard of him. Any reason I should have? I’m guessing No.

  • SFerggie

    What do you expect the same losers bashing the tributes are the same POS that have their hand out and expect the rest of us to make their life easy and support their every whish claiming it is a right. A total waste of good air they are!!!

    • Brady Dale

      Umm… okay.

      I guess.

      Then again, I didn’t by those little flags after 9-11 and stick them in all the windows of my car, either.

  • grais

    I’d bet they patronized all those evil corporations, too.
    They’re hateful, dumb, and miserable.
    Better they should be cowardly on Twitter than kicking the neighbor’s dog.

    btw, Joe who?

  • montanachick

    Who’s Joe Mande?

  • BrotherWill

    Who the hell is Joe Mande?

  • ZoriahShepard

    I can honestly ask: who the hell is Joe Mande?


    Who in the hell is Joe Mande?

    • John Fowler

      Apparently, his mom and aunts have been down voting your question.

    • Brady Dale

      He’s the guy that invented the website and later the book, LOOK AT THIS F*#&ing hipster. He’s a popular stand-up comic. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s okay. Plenty of people think he’s great.

  • PhillyCon

    Who is this guy?

    • Aestro

      Good question! It’s surprising that you’re the first person to ask!

    • Brady Dale

      This is what made him famous. He’s awesome, but his comedy is all about making fun of just about everyone:

  • Mark

    This is what Joe Mande looks like:
    He looks like the kind of snot-nose twerp who should have a hair net on his head and a name tag pinned to his apron.

    • FMchubs

      He looks like the sort of person who should be working in a cafeteria? What does that even mean? What about his physical appearance qualifies him for that position? Do you just look down on all food service jobs?

    • ksimms

      It’s actually a pretty successful tv writer and stand-up comedian, especially for someone his age. Who probably makes more money now than you ever will.

      • Rob

        JOB CREATOR!

      • Maria


      • Maria


      • Amie Holladay

        Your insult is that he’s richer than us? Shouldn’t you be taxing and then eating him instead of defending him?

    • Brady Dale

      I would absolutely love to have a few beers with Joe Mande. For sure.

  • Aestro

    You’re right Michelle, when I think of “heartfelt”, the Arby’s corporate twitter account is the first thing that comes to mind. Their previous tweet was about their new turkey roasters.

  • Amie Holladay

    I guess I’m joining the choir. I’ve never heard of this guy before. He is funny, though, in that he became relevant by being a huge douche. Way to go, that guy!

  • Zack

    “A joke went over my head, NOW I AM ANGRY” — You guys

  • ksimms

    These are “heartfelt”? I think the point is the corporations are just glomming onto national sentiment.

    And speaking of pathetic and shameful, how about the Republicans who voted multiple times against the 9/11 First Responders’ Bill like Paul Ryan. Talk about “betrayal”.

    • Robert

      Please loser. What other little gems were put in that bill other than care for first responders?

      • ksimms

        Please list the little gems that you were opposed to, and I’ll list the atrocities jammed into the Patriot Act. Ryan and his ilk said this was an “entitlement”. So much for never forgetting about those first responders. Or the fact that the Giuliani and Bush administrations lied about the health risks from Ground Zero. Only now are they fully admitting it. Shameful.

        • Blue Dilly

          First responders already know of the health risks involved in responding to disaster scenes, such as chemicals, rock dust, asbestos, and the like. And we go anyway. You’re welcome.

        • AimToMisbehave

          It was opposed by people like Paul Ryan because it didn’t provide for any verification or vetting to ensure that the money was actually going to first responders and people truly affected by the 9/11 attack. Why wouldn’t any sane person want some degree of oversight, especially since it had only been a year prior that “stimulus” money went down a giant rathole to seemingly non-existent entities in fictitious zip codes? If you want to talk shameful, let’s talk shameful. We can start with a sketchy and ambiguous bill worth billions of dollars, along with the use of first responders as a political fig leaf. The money, power and control that came with those billions was the actual objective and didn’t have a damn thing to do with helping heroes. Take your “betrayal” talk and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • lana ward

      Talk about betrayal, how about Bill Clinton having 3 or more chances to get UBL but refused because he didn’t want war on his watch and was afraid his popularity would sink if he did so. He could have possibly spared this country all this heartache and grief if he wasn’t such a pompus little bitch

  • RobHoffman

    I feel like either everyone is going to mock corporations for sending out remembrance posts, or we’re going to chastise them for not saying anything at all.

  • Rob Stevely

    I know its said a lot…but this time I mean it….Who?

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos hate the 3,000 people who died on 9/11, and their families.

  • Brett McMicken

    so, the next time a corporation posts a tribute to civil rights or something in observance of the kennedy assassination we can expect mocking tweets from the same sources?

  • Stacey Kirkey

    I, happily, do not know who Joe Mande is. Considering his hate mongering behavior here, I don’t care to know who he is. I sure hope he never needs a REAL job though. Talk about hateful, insensitive bullies! Thank you corporate America. Some of us really will #neverforget.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    I suppose those corporations who employ hundreds of thousands of people shouldn’t have any comment at all on the tragedy we all suffered as a Nation? Do you honestly expect me to believe that — here, let me get you some vitamins, burgers, fries, shakes, tires, toothpaste and what-nots for the STUPID you just spewed Joe Mande.

  • Wulfheard

    Who the hell is this Joe Mande jack-off and why do we care what he tweets? Getting all tourqed up over his idiocy is just feeding his ego.

  • TugboatPhil

    I wonder if Joe Merde remembers that the purpose of hitting the Twin Towers was to strike at Wall St and destroy the financial center of America. It was corporate America that took the hit in New York and the federal government that was the target in D.C. Why wouldn’t corporate America remember this day?

    The goal of the Islamists that day was to destroy our economy, a goal which seems to have passed on to the Democrat Party Platform in 2012. Al Qaeda could make no worse statements about corporations, American success and the opportunities for financial achievement in America than the Democrats and their Occupy slugs have for the last year or two.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I’m not getting it… I went to his feed… just saw him retweeting stuff, unless he actually tweeted all that himself? I’m stumped on this one.

  • brianmouland

    Yet another moron du jour trying to promote his pathetic career by tweeting

    • E Robb

      Isn’t that what the corporations were doing? Or did we actually need Pepperidge Farms to give it’s 9/11 consolations via social networking?

      • J.Milliscone

        Exactly! And what are they actually doing to remember the victims other than the obligatory never forget hashtag?

        Did they donate money to the first responder fund or start to hire more veterans in their stores? I bet neither.

  • Brady Dale

    Wait… so all he did was Retweet without comment and everyone is flipping out? Do I have this right?

    • JimmyJusticeUSA

      yes that is what I was trying to figure out.

    • JimmyJusticeUSA

      yes that is what I was trying to figure out.

  • E Robb

    I’m glad this post gave all the dumb, humorless, consumers a place to gather and mourn the corporations who got teased.

    • brianmouland

      From a guy who shops at Walmart and eats at McDs

      • E Robb

        I do neither of those things. I shop at a co op and eat real food.

        • Amie Holladay

          Well good for you! It’s nice of you to stop by & allow us to be inspired by your understanding of true humor (re-tweeting a bunch of tweets, that’s so funny, I totally get it now!!!), wisdom and shopping habits. Anything else to contribute?

          • E Robb

            Yeah: stop commenting on what pop culture stars say, because it seems you’ve made a DISQIS account just to do so. Go outside. Go for a hike. Read a book.

          • Amie Holladay

            Wow! By the time you finish trolling Twitchy, I’ll be a whole new person. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’ve even learned that people who comment non-stop on movies are different from people who have made 7 comments on stories related to pop culture figures. You’re the best!!

          • Amie Holladay

            And you found two friends to come by and unlike my comment while liking yours. Good for you!!!!

  • Maria

    Who is Joe Mande? Twitchy says he’s a comedian, but it appears he’s not a very good one.

  • fanofTV

    Joe was paying tribute to the companies that care about this country and our fallen brothers and sisters. Thanks, Joe for pointing out that the companies were great for doing it. Right on, Joe.

  • FredFreddy

    For the record, Waffle House’s initial Tweet was “Waffles on the mind today”.

  • Jimps

    It is satire based on disgust felt from gross exploitative corporate pandering. They are using 9/11 to sell shit and push their branding initiatives. It’s gross and Joe is right to mock and belittle them. Working class people shouldn’t be sticking up for corporations. They don’t go to bat for you ever under any circumstance, so maybe read a book once in a while and stop flailing your arms like someone who has been successfully fear-mongered.

  • mrscottd

    You just wrote a whole article with retweets. You are a “writer”. Good job.