Apparently, McMillan hasn’t been reading the same jobs report as the rest of us — or living on the same planet. In case she’s been in a rocket somewhere, Obama himself claimed ownership of the economy last year:

It’s worth noting, of course, that that remark was an aberration; Obama has been blaming George W. Bush for his every woe since taking office in January 2009. And earlier this week, he backtracked on his responsibilities for America’s economic health by grading his performance as “incomplete.”

Kills jobs with cancer, right?


  • digitalPimple

    Hey Terry… You will have to Vote for Romney, to see what is in his job plans. That line seems to be good enough for the American people, should be good enough for you.

  • Couranto

    Who is she?

  • Robert

    I don’t know you, but I wouldn’t mind if you were unemployed. Does that count?

    • Owen007

      I thought she was unemployed. All she does is post on Twitter all day.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      She works for Soros.

  • Owen007

    Imagine that, blaming the president for a bad jobs report. Well, it’s not like Obama campaigned on fixing the 2008 economic meltdown? Oh wait, he did. Well, it’s not like Obama said “pass my stimulus bill and unemployment won’t go above 8% and will even hit 5.6% by 2012.” Oh wait, he did. Well, it’s not like Obama ever once condemned jobs reports under Bush, even if 300,000 jobs were added in a single month. Oh wait, he did. Well, it’s not like Obama said “I’ve got three years to fix this or I’m done.” Oh wait, he did. Do we detect a pattern forming here?

  • CPTWilly

    Hey Terry, I heard Lady Gagag has room on her planet . . .

    • ZoriahShepard

      Hahahahahah nice.

  • Exador

    Remember, this is the ditz who “got her groove back” aka, got conned by a gay jamaican dude looking for citizenship and money. What an idiot!

  • John Hanover

    Mitt and Paul know two idiots who will be unemployed this November. Technically Joe is too old to go back into the workforce and too dumb to be a Wal Mart greeter and Barack will have to line up speaking gigs to supplement his wife’s lowly income.