Oof. Todd Akin must have gotten to Mike Huckabee after his “apology” earlier this week on Huckabee’s radio show. In an email today to his supporters, Huckabee blasted Republicans calling for Akin to withdraw from the U.S. Senate race.

The Party’s leaders have for reasons that aren’t rational, left him behind on the political battlefield, wounded and bleeding, a casualty of his self-inflicted, but not intentional wound. In a Party that supposedly stands for life, it was tragic to see the carefully orchestrated and systematic attack on a fellow Republican. Not for a moral failure or corruption or a criminal act, but for a misstatement which he contritely and utterly repudiated. I was shocked by GOP leaders and elected officials who rushed so quickly to end the political life of a candidate over a mistaken comment in an interview. This was a serious mistake, but it was blown out of proportion not by the left, but by Akin’s own Republican Party. Is this what the party really thinks of principled pro-life advocates? Do we forgive and forget the verbal gaffes of Republicans who are “conveniently pro-life” for political advantage, but crucify one who truly believes that every life is sacred?

Who ordered this “Code Red” on Akin? There were talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee suggesting language to urge Akin to drop out. Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees. Operatives were recruited to set up a network of pastors to call Akin to urge him to get out. Money has changed hands to push him off the plank. It is disgraceful. From the spotlights of political offices and media perches, it may appear that the demand for Akin’s head is universal in the party. I assure you it is not. There is a vast, but mostly quiet army of people who have an innate sense of fairness and don’t like to see a fellow political pilgrim bullied. If Todd Akin loses the Senate seat, I will not blame Todd Akin. He made his mistake, but was man enough to admit it and apologize. I’m waiting for the apology from whoever the genius was on the high pedestals of our party who thought it wise to not only shoot our wounded, but run over him with tanks and trucks and then feed his body to the liberal wolves. It wasn’t just Todd Akin that was treated with contempt by the thinly veiled attack on Todd Akin. It was all the people who have faithfully knocked doors, made calls, and made sacrificial contributions to elect Republicans because we thought we were welcome in the party. Todd Akin owned his mistake. Who will step up and admit the effort being made to discredit Akin and apologize for the sleazy way it’s been handled?

Liberals are reveling in Huckabee’s Akin defense:

Huckabee has a handful of Republicans backing him up:

But by and large, conservatives are facepalming. Hard:



Townhall‘s Guy Benson posed the question as to whether Huckabee, who is slated to speak at the Republican National Convention, should be replaced with someone else:

Several people objected to the prospect of Huckabee being pulled from the lineup:

Most conservatives, though, were in favor of Huckabee being cut:


Over the past week, the Akin fiasco has only gotten messier and messier. And just when we’re convinced it can’t get any more head-desk-worthy, another bomb drops. What else could possibly be in store for the GOP? Commentary‘s John Podhoretz has a bold idea:

Oh boy.

  • TLKensington

    The party should disown this idiot too. Stop losing us votes over this idiotic issue. Last I checked the economy should be the focus of this election.

    • John Fowler

      Somehow the argument got shifted away from the one that would have guaranteed us a win–Obama’s failure on the economy–and it was our own guys that did it. How long can America last when the good guys are idiots?

  • Ritamalik

    Memo to twitchy team: Quit panicking over these idiots. Calm down!Don’t sensationalize this crap. The less attention these idiots get the better! Soon they form a very small eco-chamber where they can bitch about the “mean GOP who leaves its wounded behind” amongst themselves until their heart is content. Otherwise these idiotic team of Huckabee and Akin will continue agitating and trying to fracture the party for the sake of their own narrow selfish gratification.

    Reasonable people understand that the calls for Akin’s removal came from bellow (i.e. the majority of the grassroots and ordinary people) and not from the top. The Bigwigs only caught up with it later when they saw their own rank and file rejecting this guy. We simply cannot risk our victory for the sake of ignorant people like Akin and frankly the pro-life cause which is dear to my heart is very much harmed by this man’s ignorant comments. If even for the sake of a genuine mea culpa and atonement for the harm that he had cause he should have gotten out of the race quietly and gracefully as soon as the storm started to gather and before the damage got any greater. But he didn’t and that alone shows that he was not worthy of our support to begin with! At this point frankly I think he has gone insane! So team twitchy if a tree drops in the forest and nobody is there to hear the sound, does it make a sound really? Ignore them already! Idiots!

    • TLKensington


  • conservativechick

    Kind of SICK of this conversation about now. MOVE ON, dot orgers.

  • ZoriahShepard

    Amen, Elaine, amen.


    T. Akin is in it for himself; sad to see GOMER PYLE/HUCKABEE is on his side. I’m not.

  • chris

    This is the problem when you have to pander to the religious far right. Sure religion and morality should have a role in politics, but when those beliefs blind one from common sence its a problem. The GOP preaches small govt and letting us make our own choices than who are we to tell a woman what she can and cant do. Personally i feel 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions are wrong.

    • chris

      But who are we as men to tell a woman what is best for her. A man will NEVER have to face this situation EVER and have to live with decision. If you want to show that there are options like adoption then go for it. More to the point whether you are pro life/choice we all should agree thar asshat akins comments were stupid and personally i wouldnt want someone that dumb to represent me. Also, its about WINNING THE SENATE so we can get things done