No, really! See, it’s totally simple! Here’s how it works:

The wind blows. A lot. You with us? OK. So. We use that wind to generate electricity. We store that electricity in batteries. Like, vehicle batteries.

And where does one find lots of vehicles? Why, the USPS! The USPS fleets are currently made up of “old, in some cases dilapidated” trucks. What we do is, we replace those dinosaurs with new trucks that run on wind-powered batteries.

Get it? No? Well, perhaps Sen. Tom Carper can do a better job of explaining it:

It’s moments like this when we know we can truly be proud of our government.!/DarrellIssa/status/195244070770180096!/stevecoplon/status/195242143894339584!/TheHuisman/status/195199137308876800!/BradJRobinson/status/195247850047815680!/TekJim/status/195262224057630723!/DarrellIssa/status/195244782119944193

Now, now, Rep. Issa. Don’t be so quick to write off Sen. Carper’s idea. Mayhaps D.C. can be ground zero for testing! There’s always plenty of wind coming outta there.

  • Marshall_Will

    Let me get this straight.  In the wake of fraud ridden Solyndra and a bevy of Green Boondoggles, progressives are -still- talking this up?  How much in the red is USPS operating at per year? 

    Pull the plug on both and be DONE with it.  

  • Dandapani

    Actually, wind doesn’t blow. It sucks.

    • Marshall_Will

       Duly noted.  Especially when the taxpayers get the bill for having them installed “off the Continental Shelf” to keep another quasi-gov. enterprise no one uses any more afloat..? 

      Still trying to pick Winners & Losers.  

  • rbtpowell

    Can these magic batteries even be built in the U.S.? if so what do we do with them when they are spent?…….seems as though the enviromentalists are engaing in job security.

    • Marshall_Will

       Once read ‘water’ is the least efficient commodity to transfer just by its sheer weight.  How ‘efficient’ can transporting batteries be?  Will they be brought in by BARGE? 

      All the EE’s out there, what’s the line loss between TCS and the nearest USPS motor pool? 

  • rbtpowell

    Can these magic batteries be built in the U.S.? If so what do we do with them when they are spent?……appears as though the evnviromentalists are seeking job security…..

  • micropterus_salmoides

    No breeze no mail… APWU 85% furloughed

    …  I see potential here:
    * Less junkmail – good
    * More crazy hi-jinks from Newman and his merry band of misanthropes – good
    * Massive reduction in payroll/overhead for USPS – good *Only delivering when Al Roker gives them the green light – good

    Carper is a sneaky conservative genius!!

  • weRbroke

    Out in the sticks…our mailpeople drive their OWN cars and trucks to deliver the mail.  OLD, dilapidated, maybe, but usually ON TIME.

    Why or why can’t just ONE person of notable status call this clown out on his absurdity?

    • BeeKaaay

       Because the propaganda needs to get out and all the “notable status” people have been infected by Marxism?