Roseanne Barr spent her morning — and it seems afternoon — in an hours-long back and forth with all comers, tweeting about those in the military being “on the dole,” calling Americans “stupid,” and bashing former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney.

It’s difficult to tell where the whole thing started, but things started to go awry when Barr lectured her followers about how racism is the cause of all problems in the U.S.:

A follower’s Tweet about Obama’s possible role in certain minority groups’ high levels of unemployment might have caught Barr by surprise:

Barr, who said she had already mentioned that point,  notes that even the Green Party members don’t understand racism issues. One Twitter follower — whom we later learn is married to an officer in the U.S. Navy — weighed in:

That’s when things really went crazy as Barr went for the jugular,tweeting like crazy to  all types of followers but saving special venom for the wife of the Navy officer:

Aha. The new enemy:  those who bravely serve their country in the military and their families. As the battles waged into the evening, Barr was quick to try to “out” others who expressed views contrary to hers:

And, of course, she kept painting our brave military forces and their families — those “on the dole” — with one brush in what she likely considers her ultimate put down:

We could go on all night — Barr likely will — but we’ll just end with one of her tweets about what Romney is really up to with all of his recent comments:

Ooookay then.

  • The Chaplain

    I have this image of Manuel from Fawlty Towers yelling, “She crazy! She crazy!”

  • Zanne

    Roseanne is bored. So she is boring. What is so hard about that?

    • ArtieThe1

      A real job, or volunteer at a hospital would do wonders for her boredom.

  • Larry Baron

    wow, and I thought my ex-wife was insane!

  • Justin Levesque

    Why does anyone care what celebrities have to say about ANYTHING? Especially Rosanne Barr! She’s just bitter because her career tanked when her sitcom went off the air. The best thing to do is ‘unfollow’ the crazy bat. She’s irrelevant, like most celebrities.

    • ArtieThe1

      So let it be written, so let it be done. Btw, I deleted my twitter account about a week ago.

    • mary

      I agree with that I for one dont care about these drug minded celebreties who cant even control thier own lives telling me what to do.

    • gun_clutcher

      I am amazed that anyone would give a healthy dump what this low life sow has to say. She is less than irrelevant.

      • gun_clutcher

        Just read on wiki that she suffered a severe brain injury at 16 that resulted in a dramatic change in behavior. She was institutionalized for 8 months. As evidenced by her tweets she apparently never recovered.

  • Rena

    Wow they are coming out in swarms… really who cares what these has beens have to say anymore… they are just bitter old hags with nothing to do

  • SFerggie

    Rosanne please stop breathing you are wasting all of that good oxygen that needs to be used by individuals with an IQ greater then that of a farm animal. Losers that believe they are owed something have screwed up this country you stupid [email protected]:disqus

    • Sig

      I have never seen farm animals so insulted! 😉

      • Brian Payne

        Sorry, i tried to click the up arrow, but it clicked the down button by accident. And also, isnt she one of those farm animals you speak of? Lol

    • Jennifer Middleton

      How dare you so insult my farm animals 😉

  • SFerggie

    Rosanne please stop breathing you are wasting all of that good oxygen that needs to be used by individuals with an IQ greater then that of a farm animal. Losers that believe they are owed something have screwed up this country you stupid [email protected]:disqus

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    She hates the military?Would she, then, please get between a soldier and a terrorist? We need them more than we need her.

    • Sonja Norman

      hahaha;…Claude…lets take the likes of Rosanne and take them out in the field…say it to their face.

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    She hates the military?Would she, then, please get between a soldier and a terrorist? We need them more than we need her.

  • AmericanSince1961

    Crazy, yeah. I’m pretty sure I remember that she has been institutionalized before. Cow has-been.

  • AmericanSince1961

    Crazy, yeah. I’m pretty sure I remember that she has been institutionalized before. Cow has-been.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Barr is irrelevant, and this is the only way to get her attention fix.

    • mikec711

      I wish news outlets would stop dredging her out of her hobbit hole. Her only value is as a shock-jock for the far left and any rational person on the left distances themselves from her. Those in the service … do NOT see her as having any valuable information. What you have done is crucial (I do not support all the wars/deployments we’ve gotten into … but I 100% support the troops who are there to defend the country when needed). The more we react … the more time she gets in the limelight. Consider the source and just have pity on her … do NOT let anything she says influence you in any way.

      • Robert Bryan

        I agree with you almost completely. However, I wouldn’t ever wish her to be near a hobbit hole; that would be an insult to hobbits everywhere, and Tolkien to boot.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Barr is irrelevant, and this is the only way to get her attention fix.

  • Paul D Walters

    Another Hollywood has-been running her mouth for attention! Maybe she was smoking that pot she is trying so hard to legalize!!( So, there is my arguement against legalization-more Roseanne types running their mouths.) Thank the military that you have that protection of free speach instead of insulting them. But, what do you expect from someone like her?

    • letitsnow1

      roseanne, just a JOKE, as most of them are. they know nothing thats going on in AMERICA , their to high!

    • Jorge Hernandez

      You are absolutely right, Paul, these idiots can memorize lines written by someone else for their show and that’s it. When they voice their opinion, the stupidity comes out in mass quantities. Remember it is the military that gives us ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS.

      • Mr

        God gives us our freedoms, the military makes sure we keep them.

  • Paul D Walters

    Another Hollywood has-been running her mouth for attention! Maybe she was smoking that pot she is trying so hard to legalize!!( So, there is my arguement against legalization-more Roseanne types running their mouths.) Thank the military that you have that protection of free speach instead of insulting them. But, what do you expect from someone like her?

  • Holly L Carlson

    Gotta be on drugs; nobody could be that nuts, could they?


    I didn’t realize Rosanne was still with us. =(

  • oldenough2remember

    Wow… about not being able to process thought correctly:o( So pathetic that she doesn’t understand how freedom works and spews her hatred at the very people who have made it possible for her to have that freedom.

  • ogalsnorf

    Rosanne is not a mentally stable person-never has been-her life says it all.

    • jen longview

      RB has to be semi stable to actually type her nonsenese.

  • Donald Koller

    Why is this woman relevant to anything at all?

  • James Atkins

    If there is one segment of society that is deserving of free stuff, it is our active military and veterans, good grief.

    • letitsnow1

      FOR SURE!

    • TomJB

      That which you earn is by definition, not free.

      • James Atkins

        Indeed. Thank you for clarifying my statement :)

  • Kevin13952

    Celebrities, for the most part, are in their profession because they are more emotional based than logic based. They “fit” in a world where they get to express their emotions in a fictional, virtual reality. As such, their most significant contribution to society is simply to invoke emotions of the populace. They have no better knowledge or opinion of matters pertaining to politics, economics or world events than does any other person. Their only advantage is that most of the population has been dumbed down by substandard educational system put in place by the liberals and that the same population idolizes idiots instead of those who are real, true heros such as @CindyChafian husband. I have never gotten one autograph from one so called celebrity in my life, I certainly wouldn’t want one from a has been, wash up like rosean, but I’ll buy a drink or a meal out of tribute and respect for those who have placed their life on the line to defend me and my country, even when they are sent into harms way by the idiots who run this country. Our soldiers are the real heros and deserve the greatest accolades. They deserve more money, better healthcare and a better retirement than our politicians. Our soldiers are the ones who stand in front of bullets, shot at them by a hostile force, in order to protect the right of morons like rosean to spew their idiotic hate and nonsense. Thank God she is a has been. And than God our soldiers defend this great nation!

    • Maureen M McGill

      I husband is in the Army, 22 yrs…deployed and deployed and deployed…i am an Army brat…stand behind our troops 150%…i can’t stand when celebs open their mouths about something they know nothing about but how to piss off the majority of our
      Country…Roseanne was is and always will be a big loud mouth sloppy POS. Nothing she says has any merit…she is simply talking to hear herself talk.

      • letitsnow1

        AND I TRUELY THANK ALL THOSE THAT SERVE, their families should never need., they should all have. GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY.

    • letitsnow1


    • Holly Billings

      Very well said, indeed! My husband, 37 years (USArmy, Ret) – God Bless Our Troops. When and If the SHTF (and I hope and pray that it is never), Rosanne and her kind will be running to stand behind the nearest armed American soldier! 😉

  • sweetbeest

    Just remember how she mutilated our American song. She is a nobody…. A loud mouth nobody!

    • Shari Rhodes

      I remember that….haven’t liked her one bit ever since she stood up there and slaughtered our beautiful National Anthem. No respect or couth.

  • Dean Vaughn

    Why do you give press time to washed up has-beens? Ignore “it” because nobody cares what it says.

  • Heath Mattocks

    She’s crazy as a rat in a coffee can.

    • POWR

      Not to mention as stupid as she is ugly.

  • Bunnie Muzzleman Berryman

    And to think she is the kind of people our military is fighting and dying for. Let freedom ring, I say….

  • LissaKay

    What an idiot! Our military is on the dole? I guess so if you don’t know the meaning of “work” and “sacrifice”. If she’s so into socialism, let her be the first to have the government control the work she does and distribute all of her money.

  • SilviaB

    Why don’t you ask why you need to smoke the pot in the first place? Avoiding reality? The rest of your rant regarding the military is just that a rant…. you are a washed up loud mouth that can only get attention by ranting….. No one cares for your thoughts on anything or has any respect for anything you say….

  • allenbarr

    those of us who are Christians get on our knees and pray. WE pray this country not to be divided. Yes we use prayer. Our weapon are spiritual not carnal If. i speak out i insult. if i keep silent the war is lost. So wheather i speak or not God will win this victory. How long will he suffer our country to be disobedient before his wraft is poured out upon us? Do you care?

  • Richard Nichols

    Roseanne who?

    • jen longview

      Exactly why we make her relevant is beyond me…

  • allenbarr

    I must say this for you camedians. The only time God mentions his sense of humor is when he tells a failing nation is this. I will laugh at your calamity.

  • $2943864

    Actually, to the contrary we are all on the dole of our brave military. If it wasn’t for them Roseanne would have nothing. I can’t imagine someone as vile as her trying to scrape by in any other country.

  • Dick Fitzwell

    Man, Rosanne Barr is nuttier than squirrel turds, and so full of hate! It’s amazing how she seems to see herself as relevant, yet in reality she couldn’t be more irrelevant! How dare she besmirch the character of any member of our armed forces! On the dole, my ass! Our service men and women earn every penny they get, and yet are profoundly underpaid to provide the blanket of security from under which she spews her hatred of the very people that provide her security. It’s just plain disgusting.

  • Stephen Campbell

    PLAIN and SIMPLE—-
    EAT SHIT and DIE You Slovenly HOG!

  • Maureen M McGill

    Your an idiot Roseanne, i don’t think even you know wth your talking about. You know nothing about the military or the lives of the families etc…stick to things you know about, smoke some more pot so the next time you run your mouth about stuff you know nothing about we can all sit here and laugh at you and call you an idiot. Smdh!!!! JMHO…ppl in Hollywood don’t live in the real world yet they comment about it….stick to movies, all your divorces, getting your hair and nails done and spending money and leave world issues to those who live them every.

  • Prentiss E. Hall III

    I do not normally comment on things like this; however, after 25 years in the Army with multiple deployments , overseas tours, and working more hours than the average person I feel compelled to say that I earned the retirement I will get. I did not stand around and just wait for it like it was owed to me. After 20 years and one day I was working for half pay. Thats right: I was already going to get 50% of my pay for nothing. Why am I still doing this then. It is called commitment. Yes Roseanne, I have free health care for life for me and my wife, a Government check, and various other perks that come from my long service. I am going to enjoy everyday of it that god allows me. For all the dedicated service men and women out there, and their family. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

    • fedupintx

      That “free health care for life” went out the window a long time ago. You’re going to have an annual fee for Tricare (which they are trying to raise considerably right now), along with co-pays, catastrophic caps, etc. Not a bad plan compared to what a lot of folks get, but it’s not what we were promised when we chose to make it a career… The big point she misses is that the the federal government is constitutionally responsible to fund a military, much of what the democrats want to spend money on is technically not the responsibility of the federal government.

    • Rachanee Scott

      Thank you for your service, commitment & integrity.

    • Jael Mace

      Thank you so much for your service! You do not deserve the degradation that is taking place. Just remember that most Americans get a tear in their eye when they remember what men/women like you have done, all for us to live free. This is the greatest country in the world, not because of the Roseannes, but because of people like you. As Mr. Jefferson said “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    • Jorge Hernandez

      Thank you, Sir. Your service is appreciated by many more people than you know. God bless you, we owe you so much more than you will ever receive.

    • ballpark1981

      did you retire a General??, I know many retired service people, most still work, and have to travel to a veteran’s hospital for “free” care, am I wrong???, thanks for your dedication(tired of saying “service”)

    • dmacleo

      I messed up knees so only in 3, but the big difference is we were under contract.
      yes VA helps me, as it agreed to per contract.
      idiots like roseanne think its just given away for nothing, service members earn it.
      18+ hr shifts for weeks straight during reforgers in the 80’s in germany, did more work in 3 yrs than she has all her life I bet.

    • Sonja Norman

      Thank you for your service Prentiss, as a Wife of a service connected disabled Veteran, sons in the military, I know what you mean. What Rosanne is concerned, she would not be able to spew her hate if it wasn’t for the freedom we have due to our military. Someone that tweets in Bingo , rather then English, what can you say?.Nothing. What amazes me is, that there are individuals out there, with the same mindset. Their parents must be so proud.

    • JohnnaCal

      Those who have served long term pay for it in many ways we usually dont share. We do ask for a little respect…esp from someone who is running for and has not chance to be POTUS.

    • Maryanne Donohue

      go for it you deserve it, and thanks for protecting AMERICA, my AMERICAN friend!

  • Tracy

    Send Rosanne to the front line.

    • lillymckim

      With nothin’ but a Bean Bag from Napolitano

  • Doc Halliday

    Rosebutt. get down on your knees and thank the people in the military for standing in harms way so you can run off at the mouth.

  • MartiLou Morris

    Roseanne, tread lightly. We can always send you over there to do the US MILITARY’S JOB! How DARE you speak against the finest men and women in this Universe! Yes, they are on the DOLE, it’s called…PAYROLL. Should they work for free? They got your back Roseanne, they defend your right to say what you wish, and they die everyday defending YOUR RIGHT TO TEAR THEM DOWN!

    • Susan Snow Phister

      Amen, Martilou Morris!

    • David Nichols

      She’d be afraid to pick up weapon, but if she did, it would be nice if it misfired and disconnected her brain

  • mark hamrick

    she is just another stupid hollywood has been,

  • Thomas Baranowski

    This is what happens when you grow your pot and veggies in dog poop…….

  • John McDougal

    Roseanne is a moron and always has been.

  • John Cooke

    Why would anyone really care what Rosanne Barr thinks or says?

  • Jeffrey Gibbs

    fat ugly no talent skank with her negative opinions on military and mitt.never liked the fat c—! roseanne you ,are no longer relevant!

  • Shell

    I’m still serving and for a moment I didn’t know who this person was but luckily my phone loaded and was able to see the picture. The soldiers today make alot of sacrifrices alot more then what a regular person would. I came back from a deployment and my 14 mth old son didn’t know me and didnt want anything to do with me. And as a mother it hurt alot. We make alot of sacrifices and we deploy away from our families, and sometimes don’t come back. My fellow friend was killed he was a father of three boys. We have commitment to our country also this is a job that we have chosen to do that others decided against as their occupation. We have alot more stressors you never know when your going to have to leave in a yr times. You have people who pickett against you just for trying to do the right and dying for it. It saddens some and angers others. But still we are committed. Profession of arms!

    • letitsnow1

      we thank you , and may God be with you and your family, and all who serve.

    • carmijok

      If Roseanne had been in the military she would have been shot by her own people just to shut her up. I used to find her funny. Now I find her pathetic.

    • Susan Snow Phister

      Micaehla Sterling, thank you for yours and all military men and women’s service! I am an American that is extremely grateful and aware of the sacrifices made on all of our behalfs. God bless you!

  • Roxie Zirlott Fillingim

    Roseanne Barr has opened her mouth and shown her ignorance. She is an irrelevant Hollywood has-been and is desperate for attention. The only thing I would say to her is the military people she is bashing are the ones who made it possible for her to be in Hollywood to begin with; to have the freedom to choose her own career. Do you honestly think she would have been “famous” (I use that loosely) if our praise worthy military men and women had not fought for America’s freedoms? I seriously doubt it, she is not that talented.

  • Tom Knapp

    So, Roseanne has figured out what is wrong in America. And it is the military.

    This coming from a woman who’s TV show pretty much pioneered
    the downfall of traditional family values that was idolized for almost a whole
    generation. I could be mistaken, but
    before her show, I don’t remember seeing a show that encouraged children to be
    extremely sarcastic, disrespectful, and just downright rude.

    Roseanne, do you want to see who has caused more harm to
    American society than the members of our fighting military ever could? Just look in the mirror. I’m sure that your house has many of them in
    each room.

    • Alan

      Well, the same could be said about “Married With Children” but at least you knew it was farce and didn’t try to be anything but. “Roseanne”, on the other hand…

  • John (magnum)

    I am a veteran, and she rates about the same as Jane Fonda. Both left wing b!tches.

  • Ed Dingess

    I never understood the attraction to this woman. It is amazing how people like her can rise to the level of mega-rich with so little skill and so little talent and apparently so little between the ears. Wow!

  • Melissa Hudgins Bain

    This comes from a poor excuse for an american that grabbed her crotch after failing at singing the national anthem. She is a has-been that will never be anything again!

  • Aundria

    This sorry ass C*NT couldn’t say that sh*t she spews out of her disgusting mouth WITHOUT our military! F*CK HER!! Stupid has-been. She sucks, so she knows the only way to get media attention is by these f*cking moronic things she tweets. God, I want to beat the sh*t out of this idiotic b*tch! She needs to go crawl back under her rock.

  • Guest

    I used to get upset over ‘celebs’ like Barr and Barkin posting vile comments about our heroic military and those on the Right who dared disagree with their position. But I’ve been convinced that they are really just desperate for attention and are starving for anybody to respond to their pathetic attempts for recognition to justify their ever decreasing relevance.

    • POWR

      It’s part of their job search. Insult the Right, get a gig from the Left. Could a role in the next Michael Moore film be far behind?

  • Sal Paradise

    You know what really hurts? My country invited this pig into their homes and made her a superstar. Add her to the steaming pile of D-Listers with nothing left on the clock.

  • ilhunter

    Stop listening, stop paying attention to this loser.

  • Socko7

    She quit being funny or entertaining a long time ago. Just a bitter pathetic has been trying to hang onto a shred of fame, she never did have any relevance.

  • Jael Mace

    Ohh yeah we are going to listen to the people who quit their jobs to go to Hollywood to make it big (and lived on welfare while they’re at it). Guess what, while you were giving BJs to get your next part ( which never came), we were all working so you could buy whatever mean bitches need to buy to survive. Thank god the new generations have no clue who your ass is! Roseanne is nothing but an obese tv memory now… Maybe she’ll realize whats right after dems start cracking down harder on junk food.

  • Jennifer Smeltzer

    Roseanne is a bitter, evil person! If she does not love this country and our Military there’s other places she can go! How about Siberia? I think she’s just trying to piss people off and we’re falling right into her sick plan! Maybe if we ALL ignore her she’ll fade away-just like her career!!!

  • Kimberly Synesael

    What an old washed up hag Roseanne is..Its not our fault noone gives a sh*t about her…just like the rest of the washed up liberal hollywood hags she has to say off the wall things like this to get attention..her fat wrinkled a$$ should be thanking the military rather than bashing them.

  • Karen Partridge Green

    Sad that all of our military has put their life on the line each and every day, people have died in the line of service, families have lost their loved ones in war-for what? So this Hollywood has-been, wannabe can disrespect them. I think if she hates so many things about this country that much there are plenty of people who will donate to the “one way ticket to a third world country for Roseanne Barr fund”.

  • Dale Young

    Truly a brave American Rosanne is, since she thinks that someone in a land far from home to insure that the terriorist threat stays far from our shores is just living off of her tax dollars, I think she should #1 try to live and support a family on the base income made by those people on the dole and #2 she should take a trip to Afganistan and ride around in a poorly armoured HumVee and put herself in harms way, as said below let her stand between a GI and enemy fire or IED

    • doc255

      Agreed, but first she has to go through BT

  • $6557272

    Barr knows nothing of the American way. What an angry and pathetic soul.

  • $6557272

    America sends men and women to have their limbs blown off, and then they have to rely on private charities because of a lack of funding. Politicians cut the military while bloating the welfare state in order to buy votes, because so many people are not even aware of the constitutional roles of the branches of the federal government. Democrats have seen to that, and Republicans let them get away with it. It’s immoral and pathetic!

  • carmijok

    You know it always amazes me when ‘celebrities’ who EXIST because of public support, are surprised at how upset people are with them when they denigrate half their audience just so they can flap their gums about something they know little about. Don’t spit in the faces of those people who were fans and expect to continue to work. Your last several endeavors should have proven that.

  • carmijok

    Of course she can spend hours on Twitter. What else does she have to do?

  • Hiram Abeef

    She’s probably all for gun control too, but in a SHTF scenario she’d be trying to hide behind a soldier, demanding that the armed man on the dole protect her sorry butt.


    This hag is beyond reach of reality. I believe I loathe her.

  • SDSciFiGuy

    If she does not like the United States let her leave. I will pay for a First Class Airline ticket wherever she wants to go only on the promise that she does NOT return. I still remember when you purposely fudged our National Anthem and I will never forget it. This country has made you wealthy and our Military has allowed you to keep it. So the next time you lift that fork to your FAT mouth, please remember that far too many American’s have died just to give you the opportunity to share your vulgarity. Please remember my genuine offer of a FREE First Class Airline Ticket, I am very serious…

  • Susan Snow Phister

    Has she been smokin’ those macadamia nuts she’s been growing? If she doesn’t like the military, go to Syria!

  • Rick Nelson

    Her thoughtare almost as coherent as Nancy Pelosi’s.Most of what she says makes little sense.he fals to realize she has te freedom say the ignrant things she says because the military.

  • Mark James

    Yeah, Us racist Americans voted for a black President. I didn’t, but a lot of us white folk did. Not our fault he was a communist in disguise.

  • frank002

    I guess grabbing your crotch while trying to sing the Star Spangled Banner drains what little brains you had left. Roseanne, you are like Cher, a had been, ugly, irrelevant POS

  • Heath Williams

    Roseanne Barf is a has been or in my opinion a never was 5 seconds of fame does not constitute a celebrity

  • Connie Smith

    Rosanne a- dana-Barr is a big cow ! She should shut that big mouth of her’s before someone gets insulted and does something to her!

  • GeorgeinParadise

    Has Been! I put up with 20 years of socialism in the military that you so indignantly defend. Yes I denied my own rights by my own volition to receive substandard pay to work 12 hours a day for month straight to “suck” off the government tit. I did it so shitbags like you can say the vile and disgusting things you say. You are welcome for your freedom! There is something more to those of us in the military than me, me, me. It’s called sacrifice. I and millions of other military members paid for that with our blood, sweat, tears, and youth. You are just trying to be beholden to the Hollywood communists hoping that one of them will hire you because of your likemindedness.

  • David Nichols

    Roseann, you are nothing but a slovenly whore.

  • BobGuy

    Military earn their pay. Unlike certain other public employees, in particular elected officials. Not that they don’t work long hours. A survey some time ago showed that our congressional reps and senators work about 79 hours a week (when working at all), but that something like 38 of those hours were spent campaigning.

    A military campaign is quite different from a political campaign. In the military there is no overtime compensation or bonuses. The retirement benefit is O.K. but for the fact that it cannot be “vested”, if that is the word, before 20 years in service. The health benefits are variable, depending on where you are stationed or where you live after retirement. We don’t have a union and don’t want one. Mission accomplishment is an ingrained operational template, not a motto. There are few folks who do more with less than the military, even if you count the hundred dollar hammers and the six hundred dollar toilet seats… :o)

    Ms. Barr has some psychological problems similar to her Leftist cohorts in Hollywood, and to Mr. Obama’s. As the title of the book says, Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder. This is just one more element of proof.

  • Renee Pickup

    Wow. Just wow. I can guarantee that most people in the military work harder on any given deployment than Roseanne worked on her crappy sitcom. This is ridiculous on every level. A paycheck is not “on the dole”. Police officers, fire fighters, teachers…all on the dole? Really? Moron.

    • Renee Pickup

      And I am military and a Liberal. “Profiling” all members of the military as her ‘opposition’ is a little ironic.

  • Bill Gordon

    Who cares what this has been buffalo says. Talk about somebody on the dole,hell she’s been on the dole her whole life. She never was that funny. Always used other people to hold her up so she thought she was that good. Put her on the front lines and watch her whine and cry.

  • lillymckim

    I wonder when she will go into rehab?
    Undoubtedly she must be high on something.
    No one could muster what came out of her mouth if not high on something and it sure isn’t life she is much to hate filled to actually enjoy this life!

  • Emma Brown

    Rosanne MoronBarr is just that…a classless moron…and a huge bore…used up and worn out…

  • ballpark1981

    talking to roseanne, is like having sex with snookie, get immunized first, don’t think your the first, and don’t believe anything she says

  • Nergal

    This is just Rosanne’s desperate bid for attention. Her career in acting is over, and she knows it. I’m not sure how she ever had one to begin with. Her acting was sub-par, she was ugly, even when she was young, and the only thing about her that is even remotely funny is that she believes that people would ever actually take her seriously. Military personnel are not on “the dole”. They work for a living, and provide a service which the majority of the country wants. What the hell has she ever done, aside from make lousy movies, star in a crappy show that no one would ever watch, today, and occasionally perform comedy acts that no one laughs in?

  • Richard Ligarzewski

    I hate to repeat myself, so i’ll say it again. This has been is a nothing. Whatever comes out of her pie hole is worthless puke. She is a self hating loser who is looking for attention. Just don’t pay any attention to her and she’ll crawl back under her rock.

  • EM

    I am for sticking Miss Barr in the front line next time we are at war any where, and seeing what she can do for our country. Don’t expect much. She is a weak , feel sorry for herself, because of her parent’s lack of love, loser. So much hatred from her. Respect is a word not in her vocabulary. What have you done for yourself, or anyone else for that matter, Miss Barr?

  • Debbie Nye

    Actually the military sacrifices their all, to allow the likes of that has been Roseanne Barr to flap her stupid mouth. She has all day to tweet because she doesn’t have a job! She is trying to get FREE PR!

  • Maurizme

    I don’t know if Rosanne knows the meaning of the word “work”. That is a word that our military is painfully familiar with. She is able to tweet dribble because hard working military people have protected her right to do so. It’s very ungrateful of her to say what she did! I sure appreciate our military – thank you to all the service men and women who protect our rights and our freedom, 24/7. :)

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Roseanne must be related to Cher.

  • lilbigmom

    Missing the point. Rosanne is a comedian (even if she is not funny), an attention seeking wench. She is a “has been” that will say or do anything to get attention. Remember when she mutilated the Star Spangled Banner because she thought it was funny? If the woman cannot show respect for our country’s song, why would you expect her to understand the roll of the military, the workings of government or the value of patriotism. To take her seriously is ludicrous.

  • Marvin Ray Lewis

    Roseann Barr is just a stupid, self-centered a$$!!!!!!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Crack addiction is an ugly thing.

  • Rob

    hmm, really Roseanne so you think career military and veterans are “on the dole”. How about those retired service members that were exposed to “agent orange” in Vietnam and who knows what other chemical agents our service members (myself included) were exposed to during and after the Iraq war(s) and Afghanistan? I think my wife could tell you a thing or two after watching her dad (career navy) wither away and basically bleed out of every opening in his body due to agent orange exposure in Vietnam..So think about that the next time you start picking on us veterans and retired military, also remember if it wasn’t for the dedicated service of the men and women of the armed services, you wouldn’t have the freedom that you cherish.

  • Sol Rudolph

    First & Formost Let Me Say a Very Heartfelt THANK YOU To All of Service Men & Women. After His or Her Services, Our Soldiers Should “Want” For NOTHING ! So Far as This ” dole ” That This Loudmouth,Repulsive Swine roseanne Keeps Running Her Foul & Ignorant Mouth About……I Think Most Anyone In This Country Is In Favor Of Helping Truly “Needy”……What We Are Sick Of And WILL Have To STOP Is The Funding Of The Lazy….For Which I’m Sure This Tube Of Vermin With Ears Thinks is Just Fine.

  • Kristian Sorensen

    Isn’t technology great? It gives Liberals the ability to spit on the Troops from the comfort of their own homes.

  • ssgtflo

    How is this fat ass no talent bitch even getting any attention? She isn’t funny, she is ugly as hell, she should have been shot for her version of the National Anthem, and now she is taking pop-shots at our military people… FUCK HER!!! Tell this cow to go to a Marine Corps base and try to make those comments. You talk about living off of people, she hasn’t worked in forever yet because her show is in syndication she gets the royalties and she wasn’t even the one that was funny on that show. She is a pathetic sad cunt that just needs to go the fuck away. By the way you fat-ass bitch my military pension was directly deposited this morning into my bank account and I don’t lose any sleep over getting that money as my constant pain in my spine and legs are a constant reminder that I earned every fucking cent you good for nothing non-appreciative piece of shit.

    Semper Fidelis
    James B. Flores
    Former Staff Sergeant
    United States Marine Corps
    ~and damned proud of it~

  • Susan Snow Phister
  • tp412

    Rosean Barr is a has been… a really FAT has been

  • Scott Redlhammer

    Roseanne Barr is a SKANK….that’s all.

  • Sonja Norman

    For starters Rosanne, here in American we speak English, not Bingo. Learn it.

  • Sonja Norman

    she is another Hollywood nitwit, trying to get attention, because deep down no one in their right mind cares what they have to say. The movies of the lefties suck, what comes out of there mouth is trash. And all they can result to is hateful, foul vile language.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Yeah right Roseanne, all they do is pick up the check and set around on their ass.

  • Leo Williams

    God pleas forgive this poor old drug sucking alcoholic has been for her transgressions. She knows not what she does, or who she is or what day it is.

  • Cynthia Fregoe

    Apparently Roseanne Barr does not know what being on the dole really is.Those who sit back & collect welfare their whole life & even bring children into the world so they can collect more,never attempting to get a job are “on the dole”. Military members earn every d*
    mn dollar,working longer days than most people & in dangerous conditions everyday,not just during wartime. They are told where to live & when to move,they are separated from family & friends for long periods. They miss seeing their children born & miss seeing many of their milestones.Their spouses become single parents who often live far away from extended family.They deserve everything they get & more. And yes,I am the wife of a former enlisted Marine/Naval officer. Blessings on all who have served & are currently serving in the U.S. military. :)

  • Joe Mama

    I almost wish I wasted my time with Twitter so I could send her a Dan Akroyd quote, “Rosanne, you ignorant slut.”

  • Cyndi Gallagher Simmons

    What an egotistical, self centered unappreciative B! My son is in Afghanistan having shells dropped on him every friggin day and this woman sits on her fat A, typing msgs to unknown people just because she’s famous she can run her mouth and get attention. I am beyond pissed right now. She and people like her really don’t deserve the freedoms they get to enjoy because of my son, Mr. Hall there below my comment and the thousands who have served and are serving. But, there she gets to enjoy it and we have to suffer her nasty verbal blows along with other casualtiies of war. Damn, I hate her.

  • Darin Davis

    There is no salary too high for someone who puts their life on the line for the safety and protection of all.

  • JSebastian

    Roseanne must have some cognitive disorders. She rails against the Tea Party and against people who have sinecure jobs in the Government that subsist on money stolen from taxpayers…exactly the same thing TP’ers are upset about.

    Seriously, why does anyone pay attention to her? She’s irrational.

  • Mark T Davis

    As a 27 year (and counting) Marine, I get tired of the righteous indignation displayed my some of my fellow servicemembers when “what they’ve earned” is called into question. If you feel that you have to explain to Roseanne frickin’ Barr that you have earned it, you really must be insecure. BTW, if you are a spouse of a servicemember, keep quiet. “We” didn’t earn the benefits, your spouse did.

  • Joseph Andrews

    Ugly and stupid is not way to go through life Roseanne Barr. As vets are considered
    honored men and woman by the nation. And you are considered nothing but pure trash by the majority of the nation you might want to consider the reasons you think your ugly
    wicked perverted nature serves you well. Most folks here just consider you stupid.

  • Karl Spencer

    That’s one stupid biatch. My bullets are worthy of a better adversary. My Dad taught me never to use the C word but Rosanne meets the definition.

    • Karl Spencer

      Hopefully this two time veteran didn’t bring disgrace upon himself or the two services I served in. And to think that myself and others like me serve to protect her freedoms as well as ours and yours.

  • jdkchem

    I’m surprised the bitch did not wish service men, women, their families and veterans died from cancer. And yet it demands respect because it wants to be POTUS.