The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit suffered a malfunction at Orlando’s Universal Studios tonight. Passengers hung vertically at the top of the amusement ride for three hours before being rescued. Tourists, journalists, and bystanders captured photos of the harrowing incident.

Yikes. Glad all are safe.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Built by the same guys who did

    • twistedgenius

      Have to disagree there.. Cause they probably have it working again by now.

      • Matthew Koch

        True dat.

      • Burnmybunghole

        That, and it actually worked at some point. More than anyone can say for

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Of course, only the government can build things that don’t work. The free market never fails, it can only be failed, right?

      • SPCAndyJ

        Right, except when the free market fails they don’t wreck everyone’s healthcare and bankrupt the country in the process. Nice try though.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          The free market screwing up doesn’t leave us all broke? You have a very short memory.

          • SPCAndyJ

            That only happened when ‘too big to fail’ liberals like yourself stepped in and bailed them out instead of letting them fail. Glad I could help you recall that important detail…

      • NRPax

        And unlike government, the people that caused the problem will be held accountable.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          You’re adorably naive.

          • NRPax

            Oh really? Did your magic crack pipe show you the future and reveal that there is not going to be an investigation?

      • $29561723

        good one. Question: Why didn’t government regulations/OSHA prevent this from happening?

  • Maxx

    A perfect metaphor for Obamacare. When people who are stuck on a roller coaster can be rescued in shorter time than it takes to sign up for Obamacare, that says it all.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ve never been to Universal Studios (Orlando or HollyWeird), someone once told me “The rides and attractions there suck!” But I want to visit there anyway, just to meet #JakeAndElwood #TheBluesBrothers it’s on my “Bucket List” Jawamax 8<{D}


    I’ve been stuck on quite a few myself (mainly due to me going to Six Flags all the time and malfunctions happening). Never lasted longer than a half an hour, and surprisingly common (although to prevent this, rides are shut down for 2 cycles every few hours for routine maintenance to avoid that from happening).

    Anyway, I’ve been on RockIt. Not the best coaster (but best one in all the parks in the Orlando area, but nowhere near the beasts at Bush Gardens in Tampa).

    • $29561723

      The Gryffyn at B.G. Williamsburg was/is the best I’ve ever rode on. I loved Tampa as well.

      • ICOYAR

        I live next to Six Flags New England. Youtube Bizarro (Six Flags New England, and NOT mistake that for the Six Flags Great Adventure one), and you’ll see what the best roller coaster of all time really is.

  • MrApple

    They got their money’s worth on that ride. Not for me.