Here’s the clip:


Another corporate social media moment:

More adorable-ness overload:

  • nc

    At least her dress stayed up and in one piece.

    • Sam

      I was just about to say the same thing. She’s taken a beating this award season, minus winning everything.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Yep, I’m totally *squee*-ing over her too. Love her, loved her reaction upon hearing her name.

    • disqus_LASIg6epmj

      Is there a clip of it? I can’t bring myself to watch the Oscars though I do like JL.

  • Maxx

    Call me sexist and old fashioned but when she slipped and I saw Hugh Jackman bolt out of his chair to help her, my first thought was…..

    …yeah, he gets it.

    No need to “man tutor” that fella.

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      Yeah… in the future that’s gonna be a cool story for her kids.

      “The first time I won an Oscar I got so excited, I tripped like a goof and fell walking up the stairs…and then freaking Wolverine came out of no where to help me up!”

  • BlueStateRepub

    I love JL! I hate the Oscars but I’m so glad she won. She can fall all she wants. Who cares.

  • Mom Of three

    She handled it with amazing class and humor so frequently missing from Hollywood “elite”.