Twitter users watching the Academy Awards red carpet were in universal agreement: It’s time for actress Renee Zellweger to quit the needle.

Judge for yourselves:





Zellweger presented the Best Song award along with Richard Gere. She had trouble opening her eyes and appeared to viewers to be a bit, well, tipsy.

  • Ben Bollman

    I have news for everyone: she has always looked like that.

    • spot_the_dog

      It would seem so. Google Image Search shows that that lolly wrapper with her pic on it is from at least as far back as 2005:

      • Ben Bollman

        She really has the oddest face, I’ve never really found her all that attractive.

    • Vicki Pfeil Milam

      Not really. She could open her eyes and smile. She had no muscles in her face. She looked like she just came from the dentist and was still numb.

      • Ben Bollman

        She has always had that puckered up face, just re-watched Jerry Maguire about a month ago and it was like that too.

      • spot_the_dog

        I didn’t see the Oscars, but if you look at the comments at that piece from 2005 linked above (where they pulled the “lemon sours” lolly wrapper from), you’ll see people were saying much the same about her eyes & smile eight years ago.

      • Lynne A.

        That is EXACTLY how she looked !

    • dodgergirl88

      That’s so true Ben. She was never good looking. And her eyes have always disappeared and her mouth has always been perked. She just looks a lot older.

    • Lynne A.

      She has always had sort of squinty eyes..yes…but tonight is the worst I have ever seen her look …her hair ….her dress…her face……horrible.

      • Ben Bollman

        The face is the same, the wrinkles are new. That’s all I have to say about that lol

    • Liberals Needhelp

      Thank you. She may have done something here & there, shock, it’s Hollywood.
      BUT, she has always made that face, & looked pretty much like that.
      Comedians have made fun of that squint & mouth thing for years….

  • nc

    When I saw her I didn’t think Botox, I thought, “Wow she got old all of a sudden.”

    • catb55

      I thought she was drunk .. and botoxed to the MAX.

      • Lynne A.

        There are a lot who think she was drunk. Her hair wasnt really done…and she could not talk well up there. It was embarrassing.

  • APW

    Oooohhhhhh–mean! (but funny)

  • DwellsInFire

    Extreme Sour Lemon? Ha, ha. It reminds me that I need to print out some more Wacky Packages.

  • pink9

    She’s drunk and ruined her face.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    GAAAAH! That picture at the very top. Terrible. Geez. The hair too.

    I mean Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of course. Has nothing to do with Zellweger, though she looks like hell too. I was just sayin’

  • Stargate 5

    Drunk on stage! WTF!

  • Holly Van Husen

    who cares about botox she looked and acted drunk, couldn’t even read!

  • Vicki Pfeil Milam

    Wait till she goes home and watches herself on DVR.

  • Paul Citro

    These are the same people Obummer supports. We are doomed!!

  • oneword

    She looks exactly the same

  • sisusa

    Wow, this is a tough crowd. Mean, mean, mean.

  • Red Fred

    I love Renee. That being said, her stylist should be fired forever. Much better blonde like on Letterman. The prettiest legs ever.

  • cscape

    the LIBERAL war on women continues

  • Grandma

    I kept telling my grandchildren watching with me, that THIS WAS A LADY WHO USED TO LOOK MUCH BETTER!. Even the little children said WHAT’S WRONG?

  • kaykaymoore47

    Renee was obviously drunk !!! squinting, wobbly… she couldn’t read the cards

  • tony greene

    Is there an antidote?