The State of the Union hype machine is humming along. President Obama’s official Twitter account just sent out the above link for viewers who want to watch online.

But before you get to watch, the White House wants to make sure you enter your e-mail address. You know. To “help us get it done.”


Will Anonymous hack this livestream as promised? Stay tuned.

Update: And then there’s this: The “enhanced” SOTU. Not a satire.


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  • Maxx

    So, it took how many State on the Union speeches to get to “The President is laying out his plan to create jobs?”

    Not a good sign when a President lowers his golf handicap AFTER taking office.

  • goldwater89

    “harvests more e-mail addresses”

    That’s how Obama won! He ran a far better ground campaign. Begging for e-mail addresses may look pathetic but it actually helped him get out the vote.

  • Seriously?

    The funniest part is the video. But I DISLIKE that our government’s office of the President’s website looks like a cheapened campaign website for hookers. STRONGLY dislike it. Makes me sick. And the Youtube account is freaking hilarious, until you realize it is – official. Yep.