Infamous Obama femme-a-gogue and HBO star Lena Dunham also happens to be dating a member of the band “Fun.” She showed up at the Grammy Awards to support her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff. Apparently, the CBS camera crew is in love with Dunham.

Many viewers have had quite enough.

Next year, the CBS dress code manual must include a cap on Lena Dunham’s screen time. Mandatory.


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  • waltzingmtilda

    I know I’m old and stuff, but I really fail to see the appeal of this young woman. She’s like a real life John Hughes character minus the charm and subtle good looks.

  • Maxx

    On the farm, they call that “Caterpillar yellow.”

    • Rabid

      Naa..that’s more like John Deere yellow.

  • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

    Damn she is butt ugly. And what’s with the beer belly?

    • nc

      And the dirty arm?

    • ozconservative

      It’s what passes for attractive in the liberal world


        she is one of the most disgusting women in the world today.

    • Jeffrey Herold

      Who are you to declare a concept of beauty that everyone else must live by? You clearly do not have one ounce of human decency.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to ObamaBots:

    This is what you voted for. Subliminal messaging for ‘The War on Women’ sent through a Guernsey heifer.

    Do you honestly think the cow “chose” that gawdawful bright yellow Gunnysack?
    It’s made to stand out in a sea of dark tuxedos and gown. Easier for the cameramen to find and exploit.

  • Sasha Williams

    So much jealousy of her fame!

    • Jack Deth


      What “Fame” would that be?

      Ms. Dunham is a silver spoon. liberal sock puppet for the DNC and its self perpetuating and ridiculously false “War on women”. Buffeted by her sick, sad series, ‘Girls’ on HBO.

      Ms. Dunham never “testified” on Capitol Hill. It was media instigated and endorsed Press Conference which was repeated by multiple media organizations over and over again until the “Big Lie” took hold. And was swallowed hook, line and sinker by Low Intelligence voters like you!

    • NCRelite

      yea, jealous. totally nailed it

    • TugboatPhil

      We’re also jealous of Octomom and Honey Boo Boo in the same way.

      • dmacleo

        LOL Octo-boo-boo

    • Corey Dennison

      Yeah…so jealous of those fat-ass Larry the Cable Guy arms and those tats that she’s going to regret when (and if) she grows up.

      By the way–not that you’d understand–but fame isn’t always a good thing.

    • CatHerder

      There’s famous and then there’s infamous. Can’t imagine what there is to be jealous about, biker-chick wannabes are a dime a dozen.

    • Noah Lee

      ummmmm no. So much bewilderment at her fame.

  • Kingofthehill

    I just don’t see the fascination with these idiots.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    We all live in a Yellow Submarine!

  • James Hansen

    whenever I see her, that voice in my head says “man she needs a hot shower and tat removal surgery”

  • ClarkFL

    What a disgusting creature she is. Hogging camera time is right. Emphasis on “hogging”.

  • SupermanRetiredChief

    “OOOHHHH Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” Sorry popped in my head when I say that yellow dress.


      That one wins an award.

  • Stone Bryson

    I honestly had never heard of Lena Dunham until I started reading Twitchy. To be even more honest, I still only hear about her here.

    My mission to avoid most anything related to Hollywood must be paying off…

  • Andy Hebert

    She’s dating a man? I thought she was a lesbian?

    • $22091572

      oh i want to say something so off color lol.. but yah.. your right she is..

  • Sonya A. Willis

    I’d rather look at a decaying Walker that just fed than look at her. “She” gives me nightmares.

  • Kate

    Ugh. As a 22-year-old, I’m disgusted with the way her show portrays my age group. There is nothing funny about being a 20something who is unemployed, promiscuous and irresponsible (and covered in tattoos and piercings). That’s what happens to liberals who refuse to grow up.

    I can’t decide which one is worse- Lena Dunham or Kim Kardashian.

  • hatsylady

    She is hideous and she’s an opportunist. Hit the road you freaky yellow piece of vomitis

    • $22091572

      I have to agree.. shes nasty to look at.. and has no talent..