Dr. Benjamin S. Carson of Johns Hopkins University gave a rip-roaring speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., earlier this morning. President Obama took a back seat and apparently nodded off as Carson held forth of political correctness, fiscal responsibility, real health care reform, education, tithing, and more:

Watch the whole speech:

More on this remarkable surgeon and speaker here.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    I heard Rush play clips of him speaking today. WHY can’t the GOP find people like this to speak for them??

    Apparently Dr Carson has been the subject of a movie. I’d never heard of him before today.


    • journogal

      Same here on both counts. So well spoken and to the point, just waiting for the other side to start demonizing him. And they will…

      • http://baldilocks-talking.blogspot.com/ Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

        Kinda difficult to demonize the first surgeon to successfully separate cojoined twins.

        • journogal

          You, I and other reasonable, rational people wouldn’t do that, but the uber-left see might see this as a jab to Obama, who in their mind is above all.

        • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

          They demonize Jesus for goodness sake

    • Emily B

      That is a GREAT movie!! Saw it several years ago.

      • Wag_a_muffin

        The book he wrote (that it was made from) is even better. Gifted Hands.

    • CPAguy

      He’s one of the most famous doctors in the world.

      • fivegreatkids

        Yes, he is the type of person our kids should be looking up to and our country celebrating. Not these sports figures that are far too often worthless role models.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Con groups should be throwing money at him to get him to speak. It’s a win-win, he’ll come and give and awesome speech that’ll inspire and galvanize, and he’ll use the money to spread the Word.

  • detroit19

    You are my hero, Dr. Carson! What a life you’ve made for yourself and for the rest of us. Thank you, and thank God for you! I wish you many years of blessing God, and us, with your presence.

  • disqus_2hePFrb7wo

    Articulate, Concise, God-Reverenced,Intelligent speech given thus far at this type of event it is time for us to return to the fundamental truth God,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit the blessed trinity and stop allowing political correctness to interfere with our foundation…God Bless America

  • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

    What a great speech! The fact that I could watch Obama’s reactions in real time…priceless!

    • http://twitter.com/equaltreatment Elaine

      Oh, BO’s reactions were my favorite part! He got SPANKED!!! :)

  • RblDiver

    GOP, put him on your ticket and win. (Side benefit, bunch of head ‘splosions).

    • fivegreatkids

      The man would be brilliant BUT after spending 20 yrs learning how to become a world class neurosurgeon he is far too valuable to take out of the operating room for long. His poor family probably rarely sees him as is. What a joy to listen to though. Maybe on the news occassionally now and full time politician when he is 80? Thank you Dr. Carson!

      • lainer51

        Plus what a step DOWN that would be for him.!!!

  • Jack Deth

    Dr. Carson wondrously mopped the floor with Obama and deftly stole and ate his lunch!

  • HWarrior13

    Dr. Carson has been a MAJOR role model in my son’s life. My son’s goal is to be the next “Dr. Ben Carson”. He became fascinated with him when my son was about 9 years old and saw his life story portrayed in a TV movie, and has been one of the biggest inspirations in my son’s young life. My son has just applied to a private high school and wrote his entrance application on Dr. Carson’s life story….that being stated, I’m now concerned that since Dr. Carson has “come out” , that the school might hold it against my son. These people in these Ivy League Schools are VERY, VERY Liberal and are total Obama Zombies…opinions other than their own are not appreciated. We’re crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that the Admission Board did not see Dr. Carson today.

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

      all the left publications gave Dr. Carson’s speech not nearly a whisper. HuffPost ran a full page story on how great Obama’s speech was and never even mentioned Dr. Carson.

  • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    I LOVED the fact that Dr. Carson wiped that f*cking smug look off 0’s f*cking face. Because #caring

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Van-Grungy/100000069253213 Van Grungy

    tears come to my eyes knowing a great American like Ben Carson exists..

  • Maxx

    When Dr. Carson was speaking with Obama looking not too overjoyed nearby, it reminded me of Gilligan trying to grasp the Professor.

    • lainer51

      The Prez. doesn’t do well when he knows he is not the “smartest man in the room”.

      • Jamoni Wench

        So. When does he do well then? When he’s alone?

        • $36544368

          Depends on what he’s doing when he’s alone 😉


    Looks like Obama tried to play a race card and it FAILED. The Doc is a man of values and dedication; something the “O” isn’t use to!

  • PennyBeach

    Thankyou Dr. Carson, watched on C Span. Inspiration through the real “fairness”, Reason.(loved the line about the eagle in flight)

  • lainer51

    Wow, wonder if he would consider running for President?

  • conservativemomma

    I would bet that 99% of school children have no idea who Dr Carson is. You would think that maybe a few teachers would tell his amazing story during Black History month. I guess it doesn’t fit their agenda of oppression.

    • Garth Haycock

      I agree about Dr. Carson not fitting their agenda, but I also think it has to do with the fact that Dr. Carson considers himself a man, not a black man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

      The same treatment was given to Dr. Mildred Jefferson. She was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical school and the first woman surgeon, of any race, at Boston Medical Center. She was an amazing, beautiful, kind, intelligent woman and a family friend. I miss her very much.


  • Garth Haycock

    I love the photo of Dear Leader above. He looks to be trying to internalize how it is possible that there is anyone who does not worship his very existence.

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    The best thing Dr. Carson’s mother did was shut off the TV and is probably a good reason he wasn’t indoctrinated into identity politics.

  • John Galt

    Haha I love when black conservatives are able to get their voices heard. Obama and his staff always assume black skin = democrat for life – hahah joke’s on them

  • Wag_a_muffin

    I read Benjamin Carson’s book, GIFTED HANDS as one of our night time out loud reads. It remains one of my favorites! Hallmark did a special (Cuba Gooding Jr–I think) played him. It was good, but not as good as the book. I HIGHLY recommend the book. Dr. Carson is a great role model.

  • meeester

    I wonder if the lefties* will look through his college transcripts,birth records and citizenship documentation?

    By lefties* I mean willfully ignorant, close-minded hypocritical morons

  • yourpaled

    The least the GOP can do, if they are serious about maintaining power, would be to spread the same message that Dr Carson gave here, and slam the message incessantly until America wakes up. It would be a tough battle because of the media bias, but ALL conservative shows should plug this message non-stop. Also, they should expose Dr Carson widely all over the US by asking him to say these words of wisdom at any occasion possible.

  • $129448

    He has brains and balls

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

      That was my first reaction “Wow, this guy’s gotta set of coconuts!”

  • Drew Longview

    Michelle seemed to enjoy it.

  • Kabong30

    True greatness. Love it.

  • deano24

    When Mr. Ben Carson gives a speech, it sounds like i’m listening to Mr.Thomas Sowell or Mr. Walter E. Williams.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Mars/1021563074 Justin Mars

    What a inspirational speaker!!! This is the man kids should look up to. Heck, is the kind of man we should all look up to. Instead they put morons like Obama and George Clooney on a pedestal for no other reason than being “cool”.

  • Samh09

    The look on POTUS’ face was so worth it. This guy has guts. He has gravitas. WTG ,Dr. Carson.

  • ember

    I’d love it if he became a leader of the conservative party.

  • maquignon

    Up with Ben Carson; Down with Barack Obama!!!!

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated

    I took some screenshots of the NIC’s RUDE behavior

    @ http://polination.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/dr-ben-carsons-prayer-breakfast-speech/

  • agroulx

    I hope everybody here actually listened to the entire speech. How can this not be appealing? Any body that disagrees with Dr. Carson is solely doing so because it makes Obama look bad — doing so because of their egos. Wake the hell up, it is time to SOLVE problems, not create more.

  • http://twitter.com/ROMEOHF23 ROMEOHF23