Local D.C. reporters are crawling around Washington, D.C.’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood tonight as word spread that alleged David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell was bunkered down in a tony mansion.

One reporter tweeted photos and updates from the scene:


Meanwhile the neighbors are joking about which games to invite her to play.

How about Taboo or Truth or Dare?

  • no_more_deceit

    This is not news, it is infotainment. Where are the reports about Benghazi?

    ABC News is the new National Enquirer.

    • medicinewomantwo

      That’s pretty much true for all of them including the government ran ones…………….there are no journalists, they all died.

  • effinayright

    Somehow I don’t think “holed up” is appropriate to this situation. Just sayin’.

  • HARP2

    In the commie world….Erections have Consequences.

  • Victor Kahuro

    This Petreaus affair is a distraction. That guy should be testifying before the congressional committee. I can’t even try to believe he had an affair.

  • disqus_CToQe4nlDV

    Why have we heard more about Paula broadwell in three days then we heard about bill ayers or reverand wright in five years?

  • Liberal Hater

    The media sure has its priorities in line…..