And so it begins. Or rather: And so it continues. Libs were up late Friday night rehashing all their old talking points about Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s fiscally conservative budget plan.

(Twitchy debunked the Ayn Rand card here.)

Conservatives pushed back hard and quickly with reminders of their own. Let’s hope the Romney camp is prepared to do the same. (Looking at you, Andrea Saul.)

Watch GOP Rep. Ryan get Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to admit that Obama administration officials  “don’t have a definitive solution” to massive unfunded liabilities. “We just don’t like yours:”

Bring it on!

  • Mikael Parks

    All of this totally sucks…There should be a Balanced Budget amendment passed to force them all to make sure it is balanced at all times. Also term limits on all offices..and of course capitol punishment to those caught dipping their hands in the cookie jar or just betraying the people’s trust…This would probably solve some issues at hand…Two party system is now incompetent and broken. That’s how I see it as an American.

    • J.w. Appling

      Thats how anyone with a functioning brain should see it. I hope zombies never attack DC they would quickly starve.

    • J Harvey Allen

      Mikael – Can’t happen. Current CBO numbers show Social Security + Medicare + Federal Pensions = MORE than TOTAL TAX REVENUES! There is NO MONEY with which to operate the government.

  • Snarky D

    What a fine opportunity to resurrect those Obama budgets which didn’t get a single vote from his own party. Romney needs to sell THAT as a vote of no confidence in Obama from the Democrats themselves.

  • Deborah8050

    TheFactCheker: Ryan states the U.S. has “10,000 people retiring every day.” Geitner states the U.S. has “millions of Americans retiring every day.” These two men are America’s money managers who should know the numbers. Whose correct? Ryan, per (Note: Geitner asked the question, and then became flummoxed when Ryan actually answers his question with the accurate number of people who are retiring every day in America, and will be for the next 19 years [maybe that’s why that chart shows that “leveling off” Geitner is taking credit for?] Ryan gave him the actual answer, at which point Geitner tries to buy time to get his thoughts together by opening his mouth either a) without thinking, although a wise man testifying before congress on the numbers would never speak wthout thinking, or b) he did not actuallly know the numbers, in which case how did he get this job?

  • nanblan

    She sounds like a used car salesperson. The talking points literally spew from her huge mouth. I’d actually like to ask her the following question and watch her squirm trying to come up with a reasonable answer:
    If Mr. Ryan’s or any other plan attempting to revamp the Medicare program fails to pass, then what will those who are currently 55+ do in 12 years when the program becomes bankrupt (as predicted by the head of Medicare?) In 12 years I’ll be 69 and hoping to live at least another 10 years or more, but will no longer be receiving Medicare benefits. I will simply be cut off. Since the Democrats have so far failed to offer a solution or even acknowledge the impending danger the program is facing, how dare they criticize Mr. Ryan’s plan, which guarantees the same benefits for those of us currently 55 or older. Under the left’s do-nothing governance, the program will definitely collapse, leaving granny and me so far over the cliff that we’re fighting the dangerous rapids far below.