Twitchy told you about Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA hunk and mission flight director with the patriotic “Stars and Stripe” mohawk earlier tonight during our live coverage of the Curiosity rover landing. The landing is over, but hearts are still afire as Bobak Fever grows.

The marriage proposals are pouring in:

And it looks like he’s got some male fans, too:

Ferdowsi’s Twitter follow count exploded tonight:

Here he is talking about Saturn’s rings:

Gotta love when social media decides what’s buzzworthy and when — instead of, say, the time-warped dinosaurs who may get around to it after the next sleep cycle:

  • vino veritas

    Eeeww.. disgusting foul mouthed skanks and feral homos to boot, please get a life. Twitter is really becoming more & more of a filthy sewer alright!

    • $21367552

      And your comment was just so enlightened and civilized by comparison.

      • CanofSand

        No. Oh wait, by comparison? Then yes.

      • vino veritas

        If you dont like it then why bother responding and if you dont like people who point out facts in their posts then thats just tough for you. These nasty people explicitly talk like dirty whores so who the hell are you to judge me as uncivil because I point this fact out? They have the ‘right’ to talk like that and I have the same ‘right’ to criticize them for it, deal with it. Same goes with the disgusting pornographic gay comments too, of course. No one wants to read this crap (except those liberals reading it probably) when discussing something as important as the success of the latest exploration of another planet so why dont you redirect your self-righteous indignation
        towards somewhere it belongs, like the degenerates that hijack & pollute intellectually-driven civil discussions with profanities and dirty jokes.

  • David

    the old balding dudes are so much cooler. just saying.

  • John Gallagher

    The girls getting all hot and bothered by this guy are almost as bad as the dumbasses who twitted (yeah I know that’s not the word – but when you have twits babbling – it’s “twitted”) their love of the guy who shot up the Colorado theater

    • Son of Kochthulu

      What the…I don’t even…shut the hell up, mmkay?

  • WJGBalderama


  • Josephine (D)

    I should get into NASA. Me gusta. c;

  • Julie the Jarhead

    Nope, not my type.

    Now, if I were 30 years younger … 😉

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    Ugh. This guy follows Pig Maher.

    • MovingToNevada

      And Cornell West and Algore. Not to mention Obama. Ugh…major turnoff right there.