Like OMG. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Sparks flew between GOP embarrassment Meghan McCain and Democratic embarassment Sandra Fluke at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night.

Now, they’re Twitter besties:

Conservatives on Twitter needed air sickness bags:

Maybe they’ll “write” a book together…

  • jimforbes

    Liberals are Liberals be it with a D or an R after their names.  One would expect no less of M McCain having been raised by a liberal dad.

  • Mary Sue

    So Meggie is all-in fighting the Democrats imaginary war on women for them now.   Didn’t her father just give a big speech about this on the floor Thursday morning?   

  • Kristin H

    Hasn’t Fluke lived out her 15 min of fame yet?  Time for her to go away.

    • Not On This Watch

      We should accept she’s no 15 minute fluke, even if it appears she goes quiet as some point.

      • Erick Brockway

        Yeah, she’s a plant, definitely no fluke.

  • BruceMajors4DC

    I heard Fluke asked to be seated next to Rand Paul (MD) so she could troll for free medical exams.

  • persecutor

    As Bill the Cat used to say: “AAACK!”

  • marine37

    Megan, you are just like your dad. STUPID!  Oh, it is so traumatic to be called a “name,” when you believe you are an elite.  Most people grow up with thicker skin and remember a little poem called “sticks and stones.”  Grow up girl and admit you will take a picture with anyone for fame.

    • Samsohn

      and you voted for her dad right? on no, you’re voting for the guy who’s more liberal than her dad this time around? i get it

  •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    Scavenger hunt! First one to find a scholarly legal article written by @SandraFluke or @BarackObama Wins!

  • Teresa Nelson

    How did Fluke make it to this party?  I thought she was just an unknown little college girl.  

    • Joe W.

       Moochelle invited her.

    • Roy Hickman

      Teresa Nelson.     She was invited by the one who carries the big stick

  • Hannah Abbott

    Just a collection of societal waste. . …the slut Fluke has no shame. .. I wonder how many notches she put on her bed post after last night. . .  the over under would be 7. . .most smart money is on the over.

    • Roy Hickman

      With Fluke’s look’s you lose

    • Samsohn

      wow – that’s how you speak about people you disagree with? you’re really a benefit to our society!

  • Joe W.

    Good God, what a pair to draw to……a slut & a slug….

  • CynicOwl

    Sluts of a feather fluke together

    • Samsohn

      that’s disgusting – i’m sure you call yourself a true Christian too

  • Jenn G

    Dang it Rush…you went and made her into a celebrity!  Without you she would probably not been at that party much less all the other appearances she’s done.  Can we have a re-do and totally ignore her?

    •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

      How does she have time. I thought law school was hard?

  • Mike St James

    How is Meghan McCain worthy of any note—anywhere. Dim chubby daughter of has-been political hack. Is that all it takes in today’s world? Slouching towards Gomorrah.

    • Roy Hickman

      You are sure right about a has been, who never was . He is one of the reason Obama, is El Presidente now

  • cscape

    i’m no expert….. but me thinks that these 2 girls need to hook up with Michelle O for a crash anti-obesity program (LOL)


    I’m  so  glad those two losers found friendship.  A big ‘yuck’ to both. 

  • sb36695

    I won’t call them sluts.  I’ll just go with idiots!

    • Samsohn

      much classier! do you go to church with that mouth?

      • sb36695

        Of course not! Nor will I go to Congress and ask for free birth control!

  • FlatFoot

    Why is Georgetown Girls Gone Wild bimbo, Sandra Fluke, even there at the dinner? Because she was on national television begging Congress to force everyone in the country to pay for her $9-per-month birth control pills?

    Also, it looks to me like Sandra Fluke should have begged Congress to force everyone in the country to pay to have that slab of bacon sliced off her back. *yeesh*

  • Roy Hickman

    McCain has been Fluked

  • Roy Hickman

    As for as any of this goes, I guess it would be rather nice, That the men no longer would have to pay for birth control. Sex would be more abundant, more freedom, to make this story shorter , ( ” MORE SEX ” ) with the american taxpayer , paying for the birth control. Hell that’s what it’s all about anyway. ( The American Male Thanks YOU ! )

  • papagei51

    What does one expect in a Kardashian world?
    Strive to be the dumbest twit and you too, shall have fame.
    They can keep it.
    I like my anonymity, my GSD, and my guns.

  • DeeDunbar

    WTF is either one of them even at this dinner? especially loser Fluke. Pelosi bring her?

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Those two are the best free birth control out there.

  • DWS

    Reading some of the comments here.. likely from people who call themselves ‘good Christians’ reminds my of Christs words in Matthew 7:22-23. I think a lot of you will fit that bill and you should be ashamed of yourselves for the way you act, especially if you consider yourself a Christian, because you sure are not acting like one.

  • Matt Kaemerer

    Wow, the people on here are absolutely disgusting.

  • hilbuk

    So…you’re saying women should not support each other when they’ve both endured sexist attacks, just because they disagree on political issues? Ridiculous.

  • n4cerinc

    Wasn’t she the one who described herself as “strictly dickly”? 

    btw, no issues with women defending each other. Taking issue with women claiming non-isssues as issues. There are women out there who are being abused in terrible ways. Getting called a slut for demanding tax payers subsidize your loose lifestyle and/or defining yourself as “strictly dickly” are non-issues.

  • marine37

    Samsohn.  Yes, I voted for her dad.  IT WAS THE LESSOR OF TWO EVILS.  I admit it, I voted for a RHINO.  Did you vote for the half white socialist?  

  • Boop

    All of you people are FUCKING insane. Go take care of your knocked-up daughters and read your bible. 

  • getliterate

    Stay classy, Twitchy!