President Obama dug deep into his class warfare bag of tricks and pulled out…a silver spoon.

Via The Examiner:

President Obama assured working-class Ohioans that he wasn’t born into a wealthy family, in an apparent shot at Republican rival Mitt Romney. “Somebody gave me an education,” Obama said today. “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn’t. But somebody gave us a chance.”

The president, calling as he was for increased government investment in student aid, seemed to be implying that receiving an education paid for by family is less legitimate than receiving it due to government support.

The transparent slap at GOP front-runner Mitt Romney didn’t throw off conservatives on Twitter still having fun with Obama dog jokes.!/DavidDNelson/status/192691918252158976!/iowahawkblog/status/192686281262776322!/suzy_rice/status/192688561588408320

On a non-canine note…!/cdrsalamander/status/192687143091572736!/NewsCut/status/192698627897049089!/dskolnick/status/192695815943368705!/bfkoontz/status/192694869335089153



  • jsn2

    No silver spoon but he does have a nice set of canines

  • ComanderCody

    The good folks of Louisiana are saying,
    damn Obama, we won’t even eat that.

  • debdash

    Frankly, I’m more interested in just who DID pay for his education.

  • Larry Baron

    Why doesn’t he say who paid for his education? Is he ashamed?

  • rivers

    In other news, OWS protester says Obama’s image appearing in the dirt on his pants.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    That David Burge really needs to be a comedy writer for late night TV.

  • shirtsbyeric

    No Barry, someone gave you a diploma.

  • IronButterfly

    No silver spoon, but there was a hammer and syckle…

  • Fred Hailar

    shades of Ma Richards.

  • SineWaveII

    Better a silver spoon than a golden retriever

  • weRbroke

    Nah, he’s the son of a father that had at least two wives on two different continents.¬† Mostly raised by everyone EXCEPT his white mother, and¬†ignored by his FATHER, who happens to be the race he most identifies with.