National Review writer and author John Derbyshire stirred a racial hornet’s nest today after bloggers and Twitter users blasted a bizarre and offensive piece he wrote for Taki’s Magazine offering what he called the “nonblack version” of “The Talk” to his children. (See below for screencaps if the article does not load. The site’s servers are apparently overwhelmed.)

It includes the following disturbing advice:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.

(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.

(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.

National Review editor Rich Lowry posted the following brief response tonight at The Corner:

Needless to say, no one at National Review shares Derb’s appalling view of what parents supposedly should tell their kids about blacks in this instantly notorious piece here.

It did need to be said. While honest discussion of race relations is sorely needed in this country, telling your children not to help people in distress based on their skin color and advising them that black politicians are more corrupt than white ones is downright crazy talk.

Many are calling on National Review, for whom Derbyshire writes, to fire him for the Taki’s Magazine piece:!/jbarro/status/188381225969385472!/WutElseIsThere/status/188413576686469120!/margaritateresa/status/188437968300679171!/DaleFranks/status/188432272473604098!/ClaraJeffery/status/188428924416557057!/RBPundit/status/188444996930781184

Apparently, NR editors are in discussion:!/rcade/status/188426744234119170

And here comes a boycott…!/Lizardoid/status/188444478971977728

More reaction from all parts of the political spectrum here, here, here, and here.!/MarkSchofield/status/188447165721477120


Update: National Review has fired Derbyshire.

  • Pablo

    Somebody should fisk the hell out of that piece! Demolish his facts. Denouncement is de rigueur, but who’s going to demonstrate how wrong he is? 

    • Mitchell

      Well, since on many things he is correct, that’s going to be hard to do.

    • harebell

      Cognitive dissonance dude.
      As with most ignorant followers of doctrine, not only are they able to hold onto their views in the face of reality, but showing them reality just reinforces those views.
      Facts and reality have a leftwing bias.

      • Kevin I. Slaughter

        Except blacks and crime, and blacks and family stability. The facts and reality might as well be written by an old Klansman – but hey, they were democrats!

        • harebell

           And apparently nazis were liberals. Wingnutopia where up is down and words mean what you say they mean.
          Klansmen were xian too, but nowhere did I see Jesus telling folk to lynch people.
          Odd that

          • Kevin I. Slaughter

            Hrm… do you not actually know the history of the Klan?  They WERE Democrats, though Dems were different then.

            Do you not think that Klansmen were Christians? The Bible promotes slavery and murder, so… um..

            This is American and world history, I’m sorry if it doesn’t conform to your wishes.

          • harebell

             Yeah time rolls on and stuff changes. I’m pretty sure if I compared Liberals today to Liberals in 17C Gt Britain the names would be the same, but the people and ideas would be completely different.
            As for xians, well they may call themselves that but last I checked Jesus advocated giving up all you possessions and hung around with hookers and lepers to help them. I see modern xians still hanging around with hookers, not so much to help them; and cutting off modern day lepers from health care all the while trying to out-swindle their neighbours of their last dime.
            Xians; if only they actually followed their messiah’s example.

  • Conspiracy Quean

    Has anyone considered that Derbyshire’s piece is a parody of the “Black Male Code” that we’ve been hearing so much about since the Trayvon killing? How is it any worse than parents who tell their Black children that the majority of Whites are inherently racists and may pose a danger to you?

    • ManufacturingDissent

       I thought it was a parody too.. but apparently it isnt..

    • TonyMontana3

      Are you justifying your wrong doing by comparing to others wrong doings? Sad.

  • McGehee

    It would be easier for me to denounce it if I knew what it said — but not one of the links I’ve seen to it have opened an actual article. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to react to something for which I have to depend on secondhand knowledge.

    • Pablo

      It’s the “The Talk” link in the first para, or

      The server appears to be wonky at the moment.

      • McGehee

        Blank page.

        • Jesse Malkin

          Twitchy linked to the article above. As of right now the article is accessible.


          • McGehee

            I believe you both. I still get only a blank page.

          • Pablo

            Server’s getting crushed. Apparently, this is a thing far larger than the teeny box I’m typing in.

            It’s coming up for me at this moment.

  • LoriGirl

    The race-baters (sic) are just about ready to jump their collective sharks. While an article like Derbyshire’s must be addressed, we can begin watching for the jump. They’re playing a losing game. These people are showing us who they are. Believe them.

  • alabnb

    Fact is that one cannot state certain factual truths (such as black v.s white IQ/intelligence) and not be considered a racists.  In the same line, one cannot state certain facts about AIPAC and Jews controlling large aspects of US political life and foreign policy and not be considered an antisemite.  There are a lot of truths about a lot of groups in this country that are considered taboo.

    • Fugitive Vizsla

      IQ is not the measure of intellect, it measures one type of pattern recognition through a standardized test. It’s misleading to imply that a group with lower average IQ scores is less intelligent than another, when, in fact, it has been argued that some communities fare worse on standardized tests in general because of the way that the material is tested and analyzed.

      • alabnb

        One can also look at civilization development throughout history in Europe, Asia, Americas, and Africa – and compare the different cultures which the resident’s there developed during the ages. 

  • Pablo

    On edit: With the screengrab added, no need for repetition here. Deleted.

  • Reticulator

    This sounds as bad as what NBC did.    Unless there is substantial, convincing evidence it was satire, he should go to the same place that the NBC employee was sent. 

    • Pablo

      Would you like to write the rebuttal piece?

    • SDN

       How about substantial, convincing evidence that the things he has cites for are false? I don’t see anything like that from any of his critics.

  • Mick Bodine


  • MuhammedX

    maybe he should have just put a bounty on an alleged black criminal. And say he wanted him Dead or Alive. Or maybe tweet the address of a Black person whom he wanted kidnapped, or put a bounty out on a Black person? Oh wait….that was deemed OK or at least ignorable by the same passé poseurs gnashing with the feigned outrage at this “outrageous” article. please. You clowns are so foolish you even got Tyler Freakin Perry pretending to be profiled. Give me a break. George Zimmerman the white man…i mean Hispanic man…i mean White Hispanic man…he said f-n coon…oh wait he said f-n cold….he wasn’t injured…oh wait there that gash in his head…Keep making excuses for the crumbling black community…pretend it is all ok…the once fiercely strong Black family structure had been eroded by liberal dependency schemes for half a century now and have done nothing but created generational slaves who rely on government handouts.. set asides…special considerations.. and now apparently…an army of liberal fools who pretend the only thing wrong today is that last bastion of hatred n the world…an NRO writer who simply says what most people say…black…white….asian. Avoid the hood and the hoods. You will get stomped and people will be too afraid to say and do anything about it because if you do… you either end up “George Zimmerman” or beat to a pulp. For every Trayvon that steps up to the wrong guy and gets his… there is the 78 year old cracker who gets beat senseless for being white in the wrong place…or the 13 year old who was doused in gas and lit up by hood rats saying he deserved it for being white…or the Mississippi State student shot by the three black assailants. I am probably a racist for just saying that by todays standards…meanwhile the NBPP calls of the death of cracker babies…yet NRO writers are racist for stating the obvious. If racism is bad…then its bad period. Not just when you can try and foist it upon a white boogeyman…

  • LoriGirl

    Was Derbyshire in this article actually pointing out the enormously high rate of black-on-black crime, the decline of the black family structure due to liberal social engineering, or the exorbitant numbers of aborted black babies every year? If he did, I missed it.

    • Mitchell

      Why would he care about any of that? He is give a ‘talk’ to his non-black kids. The subject is black on white (or apparently white, in the case of his kids) crime. 

      And the fact is that ‘liberalism’ works in overwhelmingly white places like Vermont or Oregon. The problem is not ‘liberalism’. 

  • Not Claude Akins

    The sad thing is, if his facts are indeed true, we should WANT to call attention to them. I don’t think anyone believes a gap in IQ between blacks and whites is due to genetics; and if that gap is indeed as large as he contends, we should be doing something about it. [And yes, I will grant that that is an enormous task, and one not likely to be well accomplished by a social engineering project by government of the left or the right]

    But the simple fact* that a black baby born today is, through no fault of his own, so far behind the 8-ball relative to his white or Asian peers is incredibly discouraging.

    Either way, the existence of a permanent black underclass is toxic for the country. Whatever the causes, be they education, parenting, or whatever, they need to be identified and addressed.

    [if fact-checked and confirmed!]

  • LynnH
  • brooksbayne

    before you go off half-cocked, read thru the #TeamDueProcess stream on twitter. there are some very valid points that derbyshire makes. a few of them are a little paranoid, or overly “safe”, but my eyes have been opened lately just by the black hate demonstrated right on twitter.

    • Not Claude Akins

      “Opened… by black hate?” What does that mean? Are we supposed to draw a conclusion about all persons of African descent based on the Internet ramblings of some?

      Alas, were we honkeys to be judged by your own stream, sir, I fear we would come up wanting.

      • brooksbayne

        you assume a lot, and it appears you’re  uninformed regarding your opinion, or maybe you’re playing devil’s advocate, but since you tweeted to someone else for backup tonight using my handle, i’ll choose the former.

        read the #TeamDueProcess stream. it’s all there. additionally, i’ve taken days to tag white racism under #WhiteRacism. the amount of hate tweets and threats based on race definitely have come from the black quarter.

        i’ll probably write a blog post about this tomorrow.

      • Pablo

        No, you have to be an idiot to assume anything about all blacks. You’d also have to have either not read or failed to comprehend the piece. It’s quite clear that “all persons of African descent” are not what he’s worried about.

  • FlatFoot

    Yeah… it’s harsh. It’s blunt. It even stings a little.

    But I can’t find a single falsehood anywhere within.

    I grew up in Los Angeles my entire life from birth to adulthood. I can relate. The only non-black people to be truly shocked by this piece, the ones that aren’t just acting like politically correct drama queens trying to score brownie points [no pun intended], really don’t know very much at all about that of which he speaks.

    I do know. All too well. He’s just being painfully honest about it.

  • radjahshelduck

    10f–For the record, Atlanta has a black mayor and he was the first mayor in the country to say, in essence, “OWS, you have a right to protest.  You do not have a right to camp out indefinitely in a public park paid for by the taxpayers.  So get out.”  And when they didn’t, he sent in the police.  Good for you, Mayor Reed.

    • Mitchell

      And in 2010, Atlanta had 17.3 per 100,000 people. Portland had 3.9.

      What could the difference be?

  • tddneal

    So what.  Is this any different than the racist rants of Jeremiah Wright, Malcom X, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?  Or how abour Barrack Obama calling his own mother a “typical white person”  I dont recall any profound outrage against these people.  Why is it only racism when a white person says it?   Tired of all the manufactured and fake “outrage” directed at people.

  • kryon77

    There are important truths in the article – in the first few paragraphs.  In any racial population – white, blacks, asian – we find a great range of variation along  the dimensions of intelligence, sociability, “emotional intelligence,” etc.  Because only individuals actually exist, it’s morally imperative to judge every individual according to the traits he or she exhibits in words and conduct.  In this process of judging, group membership is irrelevant.  I wish Derbyshire has stopped right there, rather than use these truths as throat-clearing to preface his more troubling (and false) sentiments.

  • Rulz

    Meh, the comments written by Derbyshire are too general, I mean, he should be referencing Black liberals and Democrats. I’d LOVE to have Herman Cain be my president or represent my district that someone like Pelosi or Reid.

    I’m not afriad of Blacks and I’ve lived in downtown DC and Detriot and happen to a minority under left-wing standards.

    I don’t think Derbyshire is racist. Even Jesse Jackson is scared of young blacks in hoodies sneakin up behind him on the street.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady   Many on the left can save their faux outrage.  Trying to label all conservatives “racists” because John Derbyshire wrote a piece that they disagree with is…well prejudicial.  I am conservative and do not agree with many ofJohn Derbyshire’s points.  As Andrew Breitbart would have said:  “So?”  

    If you disagree with Derbyshire, disagree with him.  But instead the left will try to paint all conservatives and republicans with the same brush.  It is a lie and they know it is a lie.  

    Matthew 7:1-5 comes to mind.  Look it up.  

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady  Before the left goes off and paints every conservative and Republican as a racist, I would caution some introspection.  I do not agree with Derbyshire on some of the points he raises, but I have also heard what he has said many times from people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and political persuasions.  I have heard what Derbyshire said by leftist who work in social government services (usually after a couple of drinks in a private conversation).  So if you disagree, great, rather than engage in faux outrage, how about discussing this rationally and with facts, argument or humor.  

  • londondave

    What is the original “THE TALK” to which Derbyshire alludes, and which is the basis of his article?

    Seriously,  I don’t know.

    But given the tenor of the article, I must assume it’s THE TALK black parents give their kids about WHITES?

    Just as an aside, who was the guy who said when he’s walking alone down a dark street and he hears foot steps approaching him rapidly from behind, he felt so relieved to turn around and see it was a WHITE person.

    Oh, that was the Rev. Jesse Jackson, correct?

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady  Call this “the talk” to those wanting to discuss this topic in the manner John Derbyshire did…

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady   

    If you want to denounce Derbyshire, please go ahead.  I disagree with him too.  I just hope you will expend the same energy denouncing Marion Barry for the racist comments he made about driving “dirty Asians” out of the District of Columbia last week.  Derbyshire has no real power.  Marion Barry is a mayor.  Oh wait, Barry is a Democrat.  So that gives him cover.  

    BTW, Derbyshire was fired from National Review today.  No word on Marion Barry though.  

  • FrancisMcManus

    Dana Loesch needs to be held accountable for her Limbaugh-like trashing of Sandra Fluke: 

    • Pablo

      You need to be held accountable for being predictable and tiresome.

  • gerardv

    No surprise to see Goldberg and Lowry and the associated others at NRO backing away from something that sails far too close to the truth. They can’t have it. But they will spend a lot of time lying about it.


    Ah, the establishment, pretend conservatives; sterilizing their comfort zones.  Too funny.  Lowry is an abject bore, by the way.  Egg heads unite.  Bunch of fakes, all of ’em in that clique. 

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady  So why hasn’t Marion Barry been fired?  Oh by the way, check out the comment I copied from The Atlantic arguing why only Northern Europeans can be racists.  How racist is that?  

  • Francis W. Porretto

    The great irony about conservative commentators’ widespread
    rush to distance themselves from Derb’s entirely accurate article is that today’s
    conservatives are supposed to be champions of truth and opponents of


    Not when it requires taking an actual position on something
    like contemporary race relations, I guess.

  • $7421226

    God bless mr Derbyshire, he might have saved many innocent white lives if he had written that Truthfilled piece sooner.

  • SuperFash

    And when will Marion Barry be held accountable for his racist remarks @ Asians? Impeach him!

  • Lefty

    Truth Hurts.   I’m black and I follow his advice naturally.

    Until the culture changes and there isn’t rhetoric that inflames to riot. Until there isn’t an acceptance of bad behavior. Until blacks quit blaming non-blacks.

    That’s when we’ll see progress in our community. There are “blacks/African-Americans” and there are “Americans” who, like me, have dark skin.

    My Pops told me that you always have to watch those that want to excite you, whether ministers or women. All they want is your money.

  • cgraham77

    The article is entirely over-the-top and offensive…HOWEVER, I would challenge anybody who has the BALLS to do the OPPOSITE of what he recommends in the article. 

    I’d be willing to bet there would not be many takers…and for a good reason. Now THAT is the saddest part of this all. And until that changes, than stereotypical views of blacks will not. 

    I, myself, have found myself targeted by groups of blacks when I was the minority in a public place, for no other reason than the color of my skin. And I have felt my life threatened. 

    When will the glorification of “thug life” end?…That’s what I want to know. That blacks would continue degrade their own culture is a mystery to me. And for those who wish to be viewed as a “thug”…why is there then anger when that’s how you are indeed viewed?? Isn’t that what you wanted??

    I think that one brilliant piece to this ordeal is that it also underscores the hypocrisy found within our culture with regard to race relations. Apparently, this piece was a reaction to “The Talk” that blacks have with their children about whites, yet I haven’t heard any outrage about that. That’s not to say that I condone everything that was stated in his article…but only that it serves to further highlight the double standard that exists.