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  • http://www.twitter.com/whitneypitcher Whitney Pitcher

    How Occupier-esque of him to not only capitalistically sell his book, but to do so on a website/company that publicly traded like Amazon!

  • http://www.worldotonto.com/ AAABTonto

    perhaps you would get an even better reception in Russia, Van. Putin will “give you some space, man” … LMAO ;-D
    Btw, Van … socialism has FAILED everywhere AND EVERY TIME it has been tried at the cost of millions of lives!
     Obama claims that America has failed, when it is 70 years of incremental manipulation, erosion and destruction of our individualism, capitalism and liberty that have drug us down to this point and so NOW …the liberal solution is to say that Republicans are to blame and we should just throw out the Constitution because it just doesn’t work. It works just fine when it isn’t fingered and perverted to the point of dysfunction.  I will not submit to this garbage-like concept – it is vile …

  • Guest

    Well stated, Tonto.  BTW, Jones, you’re irrelevant.