Earlier this morning, Twitchy noted the meltdown by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien during her interview with Big Government’s Joel Pollak about President Obama’s embrace of radical racialist Harvard professor Derrick Bell.

@Mermaz did a little digging into not-so-neutral O’Brien’s Twitter feed and found some illuminating tweets about Professor Bell:




And more:


@ali wants answers…


…and issues a call to arms:


Will #derrickbell trend on Twitter?

Will @Soledad_OBrien answer inconvenient questions?

CNN can try to bury the story, but this Bell cannot be unrung.


Well, whaddya know? Bell was no stranger at 1600 Pennsylvania:



Former DOJ official J. Christian Adams, who blew the whistle on racialist radicals in the Obama administration, fills you in on Derrick Bell.

Note: Go back and look at the tweet at the top of the page. Professor Ogletree mentioned in Soledad O’Brien’s retweet is the very same Professor Ogletree who bragged about covering up the Obama Harvard tapes.



Birds of a feather…


  • BryanB61

    And the plot thickens.  Love how we can connect dots through Twitchy. 


    Just keep those golden oldie videos comin’ Shapiro and Pollak.  Put ’em out there.  Stephie at ABC will have to air them as O’Reilly will hold him to it; Sean H will continue his march and the rest of us will spread the word about the ‘poser prez’ and his new gig….Being vetted!  I love it!   And hey, Soledad….Try decaf!

  • OpaRon

    Does Soledad not understand that she looked like an idiot on today’s show?

  • http://twitter.com/UnnaturalBlond EX RODEO CLOWN

     It was a freak show.

  • http://twitter.com/MagnifiedView Janet Arrigo
  • robertstacymccain

    A CNN host who is not a paragon of Objectivity?

    Say it ain’t so!

  • mutnodjmet

    CA Congressional Office: ““The environment is much more important than jobs” http://nblo.gs/uWyk7 Rep. Bass 4 Obama more than jobs #teaparty

  • mutnodjmet

    CA Congressional Office: ““The environment is much more important than jobs”.  Congresswoman Karen Bass seems more interested in re-electing Obama and promoting “Critical Race Theory” than either job creation or environmental protection. Details, with video and graphic, at link.

  • dent11

    Is it true that Bill Maher is being considered as a replacement for Joe Biden on the ticket this fall

  • jonathanzacharias


  • Chimp6

    Critical Race Theory ?

    I’m more concerned with the Critical Space Theory ….
    Will we ever understand the vacuum of empty space between Soledad’s ears ?!?!? 

  • http://twitter.com/robwitham Rob Witham

    And this is why “Starting Point” was DOA from day one….

  • MRS

    wow Soledad was squirming all over her seat, her arms crossed tightly.  Where is the professionalism??

  • http://theothermccain.com smitty

    Way to Be Breitbart, Twitchy!

  • colliemum

    Well dug, everybody!

    Time indeed to fight back. As Andrew Breitbart said: WAR!

  • brian kingman

    As if a Profeesor at Haavad is something special. Bell like Soledad only gained entry to Haavad because of affirmative action.

  • Bowdoin81

    Our president is a man who was weened on postmodern ideas and doesn’t believe in objective reality, but in a world that is socially constructed by each observer, based on the observer’s race or gender or class. Existence is a continual process of identifying problems and imposing solutions, for which a  powerful state is needed. We knew it before; the Bell video confirms it. 

  • bighead227

    Great work folks.