#NewtGingrich is in the building @MorningsideEdu #siouxcity on Twitpic

  • OldPapThomas

    Good luck with the site Boss!

  • Whistling Dixie

    If only Calista would find a new haircut…

  • http://www.flinthillsteaparty.com/ DeepWheat

    *sigh*  Was lkg fwd to Newt on Fri 3/9 in Wichita at Century II…

  • mytimetospeak

    Kansas is just one more sacrifice for Newt’s ego trip. I hope KS Gingrich supporters see this and vote for Santorum. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.chesnut Pastor Shannon Chesnut



    You people are about to doom this nation to a Marxist Dictator by keeping up with the Santorum democratic voter scam and promoting that lying creep Romney. Newt SAVED the Republican Party and you idiots owe him a debt of gratitude. may you be happy in your Barry Hussein world because the left will POUND Rick and mitt into pulp. Newt is the ONLY man who can set them back on their ear. He has experience, devotion to the country and the best ideas that Mitt and Rick steal without even blinking. You people are to blame more than the left when America is lost forever. YOU!!!

    • Ken Mayes

       Hey Deborah:  Maybe you have not heard.  There is absolutely no way Gingrich can achieve the necessary delegate count even IF he wins every state from here on.  I favored Gingrich, but he CANNOT win the nomination because he CANNOT get enough delegates! 

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  • http://www.crowsnestpolitics.com Ken Crow

    This just proves the necessity of organization. Newt never had any from the beginning. It is time for Newt and Santorum to get behind Mitt and we need to start focusing on November. We cannot continue to bash eachother and expect to win the big one this fall. It is reality that Mitt will win and it’s time to get to work.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.chesnut Pastor Shannon Chesnut

      There is no way I’m getting behind the likes of Romney at this point.  There is no reason at this point.  Let the obvious two front runners duke it out to the bitter end if they want to.  Newt, Paul need to drop out and let the dice be thrown.  It’s over for them.  It’s not over for Romney or Santorum respectfully.  The point of the primary is for these folks to duke it out.  Why at this point with over 1400 delegates for grabs would we want to get behind any candidate.  That’s like throwing in the towel in the biggest fight of our lives.