Bada-zing! As news broke Monday of Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun’s suspension for PED use, Twitter exploded.

Logan Morrison stole the Twitter buzz, however, with his quote of the day. Or century.

The Miami Herald sports reporter tweeted the quote from Miami Marlins left fielder Logan Morrison and it was retweeted nearly 2,000 times and counting.

Twitter users can’t get enough of his hilarious reaction to the Braun suspension.

Win, Mr. Morrison. Give him a follow on Twitter: @LoMoMarlins. 

  • lesterwink23

    That’s almost as funny as the joke the MLB has become

  • Ben Bollman

    At this point they may as well make everyone juice because the majority do already. The lying about it is the worst part.

  • Heather_A

    That’s our LoMo.


  • CatHerder

    Nearly as bad as the DisAstros then.

  • Bemani Dog

    And then they won their next game.

    • DouginCO

      Yes, against my Rockies :(

      • GaryTheBrave

        What happened to our Rox? They were in 2nd place and now they lose to the Fish.

        • DouginCO

          It’s my fault. I moved out of Colorado at the end of June, and they went into the crapper.

          • GaryTheBrave

            For shame! I don’t know whether to downvote you.

    • Lady 12

      It was an underdog streak! My Mariners won, too, and THAT was unexpected.

  • DefCon99

    At least we know cycling is clean.

  • Jeremy

    That is hilarious making fun of his own team.

  • Mr. Saturn

    To be fair they are mostly just talentless. PEDs wouldn’t make them be able to see the ball better or make better contact.

    • hwy505

      Yes, but after that even bad mechanics will put pop on the ball than without PEDs.