And with that, came more devastating testimony out of the Benghazi hearing today. As Twitchy reported, Eric Nordstrom choked back tears during his opening statement when he said, “It matters.” Another Benghazi whistleblower, Gregory Hicks, then testified that he briefed Hillary Clinton that night. Yet the former Secretary of State continued to blame the crappy YouTube video.

Now? Gregory Hicks also testified that the YouTube video was a non-event in Libya.

Huh. Curious.

Bingo. The lies are staggering and shameful. The Obama administration blamed the video over and over. They disgracefully scapegoated the First Amendment, while flanked by the coffins of the dead Americans.

And a reminder:

More to come, we are sure. Twitchy will continue to monitor the hearing as citizens strive for truth and justice.


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  • GrindingMills

    The guy admitted to breaking the rules of his probation. I understand the free speech defense, but why should we defend an admitted criminal?

    • Smiley

      Because Big Gov basically sicked the local Gestapo on some harmless probation violator just to prop up their false narrative.

      I’m sure in the same position you’d have wanted us all to do the same.

      • angeleyez

        Hillary lost the 3:00 AM phone call argument to Obama.
        Will Hillary lose the 2:00 AM phone call argument to the
        next POTUS in 2016 ?
        ▲ YES
        ▼ NO

        • Smiley

          Both Obama and Hillary fail at those 3 AM calls.

    • carla5731

      It doesn’t matter who the government chose to scapegoat. The fact that officials at the highest levels of the federal government would fabricate a lie about violent protests, and then name a specific person living in California as the cause of those fictitious protests, is an abuse of power. Clinton is such a craven liar that she not only told the families of those killed that we “got” the person respsonible, she also spent 70 thousand of our tax dollars running ads in the Middle East denouncing the video. Nikoula may have violated his probation but that doesn’t mean the federal government should be allowed to falsely accuse him of a non-existent crime.

      • GrindingMills

        I don’t think they are accusing him of a crime besides violating his probation. I think if you asked anyone in the administration now, they’d freely admit that it was a planned terror attack that was independent of the video. I think the protests in Egypt on 9/11 were actually in response to the video, and that’s how the video gained notoriety and currency for the administration.

        • Garth Haycock

          Mrs. Clinton told the father of one of those killed that she’d make sure that they’ll make sure that whoever made that film would be arrested and prosecuted.

          He was arrested under the pretense that he violated probation. But anyone who looks at Mrs. Clinton’s words critically can see that he was really arrested for exercising his first amendment rights.

        • carla5731

          You asked why I thought we should defend him and that’s why. Until the Obama Administration publically apologizes to him and admit they lied and made a target out of him to cover their own incompetence, I’m on his side.

          Clinton, Obama and Rice specifically said that the attack in Benghazi (not Cairo) was due to the video even though they’d heard from Gregory Hicks that it wasn’t. They invented any “currency” the video had and Hicks confirmed that several times in his testimony today.

          • GrindingMills

            I’m not defending a criminal that violated his probation. I’ll contest the Obama false narrative, but I’m not going to to the point that this guy should be freed from jail or the government owes him an apology. He broke the law and now he’s in jail. That’s how the criminal justice system works.

          • Gary Freeman

            The government owes the guy an apology because they were telling everyone that his video got those men killed in Benghazi. No one caused him to violate his probation but him. But the shamefulness of the Obama administration putting the blame of those 4 men’s death on him and his video is why he deserves an apology. Who knows what that crap statement from the Obama Administration did to his family. For all we know his family has been harassed and hounded for their relatives videos getting people killed. And we wouldn’t hear about it on the news if his family was being negatively effected by the wrongful blame being put on his shoulder because the liberal media wanted the whole story forgotten.

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        And this is the most intelligent post I’ve seen on the subject.

    • radicallyalyssa

      I agree. While I understand he is a high-profile criminal because of reasons that aren’t true, he still broke the law. The dude should be in prison for violating his probation.

      • Elaine

        Trumped up charges. Know how many are out on parole for that same offense over and over again?

    • camnpat

      You are absolutely right and we should not ignore nor condone that just because another crime was committed on him.

      With that said, the whole probation issue only came up after the whole “YouTube demonstration video” narrative had been put into place. Would the guy have been arrested then and there if his video hadn’t been brought up?The angle that must be researched and reported is a) what was the video excuse trying to cover (just ineptitude before the elections, gun running, something else?), and b) who came up and developed the narrative of this false accusation. It wasn’t that blame was laid on another politician or department officials- they actually picked a civilian and used the weight of the gov to cover their behinds no matter what happened to this guy.

      • GrindingMills

        Well, the reason why it came up is that he admitted to uploading the video to Youtube, and since his fraud was internet based, the terms of his probation said he was not allowed to use the internet without the court’s approval.

        This guy has nothing to do with the Benghazi narrative other than his video was blamed for the uprising. His jail time is almost a result of wrong place wrong time. If you or I produced or uploaded the video we’d be taking the blame, but we would not be sent to jail for it (assuming we would not be violating a court ordered probation.)

        • camnpat

          Again, you are absolutely right. And the issue is not this man’s guilt or sanctity of his own crimes. The issue with this particular aspect of the Benghazi events is that there was an organized effort to blame the entire event on someone outside of the administration or even the culprits that actually attacked the embassy to divert attention. And this is just one aspect of the whole debacle.

          You are right that maybe most people wouldn’t have ended in prison for a similar video (though do you think your life after all the publicity this got would have been exactly the same? I have to wonder about that). However, part of the issue is this organized effort to go after someone’s specific video. Did somebody at State went out and searched for a video/image/recording to justify the attack, which would mean a premeditated intention to create a narrative for the events of that day? Did somebody already know about this guy and his video and just said “hey, that fits” and wrote a memo for all officials? Was the fact that this guy had a record played a part in all of this? If so, did those involved sought out somebody with a record?

          You start answering these questions and you are either going to get that the people in the administration are some of the most despicable (organized cover) or the most incompetent of all time (didn’t bother to actually look into what happened but instead assumed that the linked someone got on an email was the cause).

    • Gary Freeman

      Doesn’t change the fact that they paraded him on tv talking about how he’s the man who made the video that caused the 4 men in Benghazi to be killed. He was still a scapegoat. Probation violations are a reason to go to jail, sure. But they still made a media frenzy about his arrest because he made the video.

    • Squirrel!

      After all of this, he should get a pass on that probation violation. My thoughts.

  • Elaine

    Why it matters: Never mind the outright LIES, but by spreading that lie about some obscure movie they incited actual protests, causing many injuries and even deaths. How many times did Obama & Co. go around denouncing the film maker and apologize for the USA? He even thanked and praised those who dragged Ambassador Stevens through the streets to a hospital. That hospital just happened to be under the control of the same group who attacked our compound, so those were the terrorists he thanked? This is seriously very sick and does matter. No one from this administration helped them, so they are guilty of murder, in my opinion.

  • Agent76

    Brzezinski And The Mujahideen 1979

    In this video-footage Zbigniew Brzezinski arrives in a helicopter and speaks to a translator in front of a seated crowd of Mujahedeen: ‘We know of their deep belief in god – that they’re confident that their struggle will succeed.

  • Al Ways

    If you recall in the 2008 election, how many times did the Bush administration get tarred over the supposed koran defacing at Gitmo (that never happened), the killings of american citizens by mobs of muslims incensed at you-name-it. I think David Axelrod (as he sat illegally in white house briefings without proper security credentials) figured that another mindless islamic mob story would provide excellent cover for his “golden boy” candidate. Unfortunately the facts don’t stand up. Of course he is out of the picture – maybe Cong. Issa should call David Axlerod in to explain what he knew and what he did that night. Perhaps his cell phone records?

  • el_polacko

    the charge was ridiculous on its face. the video was just a mish-mash of hilariously lame scenes of guys running around in fake beards. i know that the muslims can be, shall we say, sensitive to any number of things, but this video was not likely to be one of them.

    • Gary Freeman

      Pathetically sensitive if you ask me.

  • Brett McMicken

    Conservatives knew this already; news to Dems only

    yet, how many of those Dems will care?

  • Red Pill

    Please check out this tweet from what appears to be a real Jihadi:

    Note which YouTube videos he links as justification for Jihad… and note that the YouTube video made by this filmaker is NOT one of them.

    The two YouTube videos he linked have a lot more in common with John Kerry than they do with political prisoner Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.