Fox News’ Dana Perino took to Twitter to post some great photos before the airing of her special, “Up Close with 43: President George W. Bush.”

Jasper wasn’t alone.

While conservatives have many issues with President Bush, they respect the man and his deep humility and decency.

The reviews are in and the special was a hit.

Humble? That’s unheard of!

Kudos, Dana Perino.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    When you see the classy George Bush and his father, you realize what we once had in the White House. Good men who love America.

    Maybe Tiny D will do one of her raps about this experience.

  • Lidsamy

    God I miss him!! I loved it when he called her his sweet press secretary!

  • Sam

    Give me lovely Dana rather than that a**hat Jay Carney. Do they have the ratings yet?

  • mickeyco

    I think we all recognize now how important class and graciousness are in our president.

    • Theresa Howard

      “Don’t know what you got until it’s gone” has never been more apparent!

  • ClarkFL

    I wish I was more politically involved when he was president. What the hell can I say? It was my early 20’s. I would have appreciated it more having a man in the WH that actually loves America, instead of holding a disdain for this country and its citizens that don’t march in lockstep to socialist fiscal doom.

    • Political Junky

      I understand. My first election to vote in was 2004 Bush/Kerry. I knew nothing about politics other than Kerry seemed like a big wuss (I was 19). The more I learn, the more I realize I probably would not have agreed with everything Bush did, but I still think he is a great man. His humility and class are such a stark contrast to today’s administration.

  • Marcy Cook

    A classy, humble man. I just love him.

  • Mary Lee

    Authenticity, humility and integrity that’s what makes George W. Bush so special, I wish we had more of that in our political system. When he got teary eyed and his voice cracked at the end of his speech at the opening of the library, it was a powerful moment.

  • BenY

    Bush was a decent man who brought some decorum back to the Wh after slick Willie soiled it. Having said that, he laid the groundwork, with his spending and some policies, for the fuehrer to take us down the road to disaster. AND PeRINO, she is just a tool for progressives. It is questionable if the WH can even be deloused after 2016.

  • MisterIncredible

    He may not have been a very good president, but he’s a good man. I respect him.

    • Jason Call

      Yep. Good man. It seems, too, that those who know him best admire him most. Observe the loyalty he inspires in those such as Perino and Cheney.

      • MisterIncredible

        Run that by me again?

        • Jason Call

          Axiomatic, like the Biblical “by your fruits shall they know ye.” The man’s closest associates consistently praise his character without equivocation, abundantly and convincingly. He must be a good man. I should think this is all clear enough.

  • Guest

    Watching GW was a reminder how far we have fallen…
    to rappers being VIP’s in the White House,
    and an overt Chicago-style corrupt administration.

  • K King

    I wonder if Obama has his own picture in the spot where W had Lincoln

    • 3seven77

      Obama probably put a mirror there.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Seems like eons ago that we had such integrity, honesty, humility, and love of country in our White House. As someone else here said, it is sad to see how far we’ve fallen. One can only pray that the next 3 years pass without much more damage to the moral, social, and ethical fabric of our country and that repairs can begin in 2016. What a sullied time for our nation these last 5 years have been.