Yes. Yes, it is. As Twitchy reported, the FBI released still photos and video of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing. They are seeking help from the public. They shouldn’t expect much help from CNN, if today’s coverage is any indication.

Twitter users gasped for breath.

Oh, CNN. Wolf Blitzer caused the most hilarity, however, with his “cocky” insightful analysis. And by insightful analysis, we, of course, mean obsession.

And an exit question for Wolf:

  • Tangchung

    CNN is now a daily joke email.

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      Always has been to me.

      • Adi

        Not to me, no. But since they refused to show the Palis dancing on 9/11, I was out. Btw, did you see any footage of Palis cheering Boston? Because it did happen.

        CNN is part of Goebbels media: if we didn’t report it, then it didn’t happen.

  • oneword

    morons at CNN

  • $8245944

    Is he the “dark-skinned” male CNN blurted out yesterday? Fools.

  • TJ

    Some person from White House is phoning in a complaint to CNN that is not cocky. They know what it looks like to be cocky in every thing they do.

  • Kevin

    I don’t get it, did I miss something in the video? It’s two guys walking down the street with backpacks, they don’t even seem to do anything with them. Am I to use caution cruising by the school bus stop tomorrow?

  • traffic_robot

    Wolf still hasn’t learned, all these years after Katrina, not to go off script.

  • Michelle

    Well, that’s not going to help them narrow it down. It’s Boston, Wolfie – ever been there? Most of the male population of Boston IS cocky and damn proud of it.

  • tcbaz

    cnn has changed their theme song to yackity sax.

  • Stupid Republic

    You know who else looked cocky? Anthony Weiner.

    • Guest

      Anthony Pencil Weiner?

    • stillinthe60s

      Yeah, but the kid did it with his face.

    • Ron Tanase

      still laughing

    • angeleyez

      This is cocky . . . . .

    • E Quilibrate

      C’mon that’s just gotta be a play on words. Ya think?

  • Jeffrey Harbin

    Tomorrow the bet is he can’t say the word “meow” 10 times in one broadcast.

  • ToyZebra

    Two cocky young men in Boston. Wow, they are gonna stand out.

  • Guest

    So if the kid turned his hat around, what are odds the Blitzer would recognize him?

    • E Quilibrate


  • Lotte Lenya

    Between Wolfie and Chrissy I’m having my first real laugh in this tragic, awful week.

  • Garth Haycock

    Cocky: dogwhistle for Tea Party. #RegressiveGroupThink

  • stillinthe60s

    And if the kid turned his hat around, what are the odds the Blitzer would recognize him? Do I hear a slim or none?

  • Michelle

    Is it just me or does The Onion seem to be more legit than CNN these days?

    • Brett McMicken

      what’s even more amazing are the things said by people who sit in judgement of sarah palin

      • freeinaz


      • Ann Tucker

        Isn’t that the truth !

    • Peyton

      Atleast the onion admits that they are solely for entertainment.

  • froggy19510

    Blitzer says Boston bombing suspects look ‘cocky’.
    And Wolf Blitzer is kookie (liberals dont confuse Kookie with cookie).

    • E Quilibrate

      Kookie being commie speak for cookie?

      • froggy19510

        Kookie: characteristic of a kook; strange or crazy.

      • Jason Call

        Ya. You like kookie?

  • rolc

    Laughing my *$(# off at these comments. I don’t watch CNN for these obvious reasons. Thanks for the update.

    • E Quilibrate

      This at least qualifies as entertainment. CNN…. not so much.

  • grais

    “You can get pretty far away from Boston if you know what you’re doing.”


    • Kevin

      It’s amazing what one can do with an automobile these days.

      • grais

        Only “if you know what you’re doing.”

        • Peyton

          I wonder how far away they could get just by pure dumb luck?

          • Miss Clairee

            Ask Obama, he knows!

        • Kevin

          Well, since they were found to still be in Boston, we can rest assured they didn’t know what they were doing

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      Don’t laugh. I don’t think poor Wolf ever leaves the CNN studios. A cab ride to see a 14th Street hooker would be a grand excursion for him.

      • grais

        If you don’t “know what you’re doing” I guess you just walk around in circles, never getting away from Boston.

        • RLEE

          too funny you just made me spit water all over my screen lol

    • Peyton

      If you can turn a key, you can get pretty far away from Boston in a few days.

    • Michelle

      I got far away from Boston by automobile. Got as far as the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, I REALLY knew what I was doing.

  • BlahBlah

    They may still be in Boston and they may not be. If they see a fork in the road they must take it. Cockily.

  • mwill

    “You simply get chills every time you see these poor individuals, as Jack Cafferty just pointed out, so tragically, so many of these people, almost all of them that we see, are so poor and they are so black, and this is going to raise lots of questions for people who are watching this story unfold.”….Wolf Blitzer.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      really?? i don’t watch him.

  • Rulz

    “should i turn on CNN?”


    “is it great?”


    • Peyton

      Oh it was better than Comedy Central.

  • Christopher Moore

    Wow..we are being lied to….that is great…These are not the guys People!!

  • NotaLemming


  • capisce

    The race for the Pulitzer is over.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Wow, he has broken the case wide open!! Wonder if he shared his brilliant insights with the FBI. A fine example of a CNN “journalist.”-a credit to his profession.

  • tcbaz

    Doesn’t the FBI usually add a description of some sort like 5’10” 175 lbs and Norwegian? Oh well be on the look out for guys wearing hats.

  • Tom Anderson

    Poor Wolfie is having a bad week. First his street reporter wouldn’t bite on his TEA Party smear, then he got spanked for the smear that he tried to make and couldn’t, His station gets spanked by the FBI for the arrest that wasn’t. Then this farcical effort at reporting news in 684,361 sound bites. Next hes going to go home and pee on his own couch out of frustration. Can we stick a fork in CNN yet? Are they done?

  • sarainitaly

    Isn’t that supposed to be racist coded dog whistle language or something?

  • TocksNedlog

    This just in: Wolf Blitzer reports that Men Without Hats have been cleared of any involvement in the Boston bombing.
    Men At Work considered to be ‘persons of interest’.

  • Brett McMicken

    cnn: looking a lot schlocky

  • Peyton

    We should start a #ComedyNewsNetwork hasthag and retweet all the stuff blitzer says to mock CNN.

    • RLEE

      you really should after all the daily show mainly picks on fox cnn would be funny as hell

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Well, Wolf can tell by the way they use their walk, they’re cocky guys, no time to talk.

    • Ann Tucker

      Wonderful .

    • beebop1952

      Cannot get this out of my brain!

      • Donna W

        Me either, now I’m going to have to listen to “moves like Jagger”, and “thrift shop”.

  • Bill Board

    “They don’t know if these are Americans or not Americans” said Wolf DITZ-er. Now there’s a real news flash.

  • bob

    This just in: Wolf Blitzer reports that all cocky men with white hats are now suspects. Good thing the FBI has CNN on the case.

  • bob

    This just in: Wolf Blitzer reports that all cocky men with white hats are now suspects. Good thing the FBI has C N N on the case…….. wow.

  • Brenda Watkins

    Not only does Wolf look a little cooky, but he sounds a little cooky too.

  • Zefal

    Can you say “dog whistle”? Well, that would be the charge if someone on Fox News had said this.

    • BAW

      As I recall “cocky” was one of words the press liked to use in the coverage of the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    CNN – We can’t tell if they are breathing or photosynthesizing….but they sure look cocky!

    • Jason Call

      holy crap funny LOL

  • dainks

    Hmm… Looks middle eastern to me.

  • Ann Tucker

    Ah , I just read this line of comments after this horrible week of heartbreak , and it gave me much needed laughter :-) I remember poor Wolf in the first Gulf war disappearing at a rocket noise like a shot plastic ducky . He’s a funny man !

  • mrparker1

    And here’s the answer, for $2000, Wolf Blitzer.
    Uh, alex, who is the most stupid celebrity to appear on Jeopardy?

  • Damon McNally

    “They look cocky,” says the walking, talking fuzzy ball sac.

  • SoundsConstitutional

    Blitzer has ALWAYS looked like a ‘cock’!

  • obathos

    What could be cockier than Wolf Blitzer..? How about Wasp Shitster?

  • Uncommunist

    There are many many dumber ‘journalists’ , who ‘coincidentally’ are either related to or are sleeping with their lamestream media bosses

    • mickeyco

      You sure?

  • snyper77

    Next,Wolf will quote Steve Martin…:A couple of'”WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!!”

  • The Lazy Comic

    Wolf…. hasn’t CNN paid you enough over the years? Please… resign, retire, remove yourself. Go away. Except for your family, I think most people probably feel the same way that I do.. You may have been ”okay”… back in the days when Columbus set sail for Omerica… but that was then, and this is now.

  • regmgr

    I’m surprised that anyone heard Wolf’s comments since very few people even watch this fool in the first place. CNN, On it’s way to oblivion.