Never let a tragedy go to waste. Even if it means politicizing on the backs of dead children.

President Obama is heading to Denver, Colo., today to spike the football and do a victory dance in the end zone.

As Twitchy reported, Governor Hickenlooper recently signed three anti-gun bills into law.

Twitter users are fed up.

They also point out something else. What happened to that laser-like focus on jobs?

Jobs? Ha! Clearly that’s of no concern and the people of Colorado will feel the pinch even more. As we reported, Magpul Industries has every intention to pull up stakes and leave Colorado.

But, hey, spike the football.

  • Guest

    He won’t bring up his “laser like focus about jobs” with at LEAST 2,000 jobs leaving Colorado due to the new ban as well all the people that refuse to visit the state anymore.

    I know so many people that hunt all over the western united states and colorado is the 3rd most populated state by hunters and they will lose all those sales for hunting tags and all the rest that goes with it like sales for Guns, Ammo, Fuel, Food, Lodging, Taxes etc.

    Then you have all the competition shooting events cancelling which is going to cost them a lot of revenue and places that film a lot in colorado for those hunts and gun type shows are leaving and some already gone.

    • OLLPOH

      We know people that use to and we repeat “use to” travel from Georgia to Colorado just to hunt. No More!

      • Guest

        I hear ya. I know a lot of hunters as well as people in the firearms industry and CO is being avoided like the plague. The Outdoor Channel has cut all ties and is moving out of CO right now, Michael Bane has 4 shows alone and lives there but is leaving.

        Being in South Texas there are a lot of local hunters here that go to CO every year but they are going to the dakota’s, montana,utah now. One group alone is a small business owner and he and the 9 employees he has all go hunting every year and it costs about 40k (its their annual retreat) and he cut that off this year and is looking at Utah.

        Whats sad is that there are so many small towns that solely rely on the hunting community to keep their doors open and basically make their year and they are going to really suffer.

        All this for nothing, no law they have passed will accomplish anything.

        • TugboatPhil

          Maybe they could start a campaign to attract gang bangers and other miscreants that don’t obey gun laws and are never targeted by law enforcement? I mean the goal is to turn law abiding citizens into criminals rather than punish actual criminals…isn’t it?

          • Rulz

            They already are attracting people like that.

            Looks like the Soros spending there has paid off.

    • $46661540

      I’m going to guess that one extra Broncos home playoff game will offset any loses suffered from the cancellation of any competition shooting events over a 10 year period. C’mon John Elway, you can save Colorado again!

      • TugboatPhil

        Hunting and fishing in Colorado brings in $1.8 Billion a year.

        Well, it did.

        • $46661540

          Let me know the last time a fisherman used a gun.

          I understand your point, but my comment regarded shooting competitions and not hunting/fishing.

          • Guest

            what a genius response. Do you think Fishermen aren’t hunters and hunters aren’t fishermen?

            Guilty by association and you screwed us here so we aren’t going to support you there.

            There are consequences to the actions of these new laws where they are treating an estimated 100 million law abiding citizens as if we are all these southern accent, tobacco spitting inbred idiots and we take real offense to that.

            Thats why we aren’t going to support that state or companies in there and we are fully backing companies that are standing by their morals and getting the hell out of that bass ackwards state.

            HiViz, Magpul, Alfred Engineering, Sportsman Channel, USPSA, IPSC, Michael Bane ARE leaving and the shooting world is backing them and supporting them 100% and I can’t wait to see the economical impact to catch up with Komiefornia v2.0 aka Colorado.

            Its going to be far more of a local impact there than most are willing to believe and mark my words, this is going to hurt that state FAR more than those scare tactics MaoBama was running about sequester.

          • alanstorm

            sounds like liberal “thought” to me – focus on one little point, and ignore the corollaries and consequences.

            So you’re saying there is no overlap or allied interest between hunting and fishing, and that shooting competitions are the only gun-oriented activities that bring dollars into the state?

            I know what you’re going to say: “That’s not what I meant!” But if you can’t express what you mean, why should anyone pay any attention to you?

            Then again, if liberals said what they meant, they’d never win any elections.

    • Ariadnea

      With new gun control laws in place, criminals outside the state will be enticed to move headquarters, as victims will become defenseless. Soon Colorado will be the next Chicago.


    Just a few descriptive words…
    Scholarly Utopianist.
    Scholarly Alinski-ite.
    Scholarly black liberation theologist.
    Manic megalomaniac.
    Manic narcissistic.
    Scholarly critical race theorist.
    Which is lifelessness and hanging on to a non-parental childhood…

  • Rulz

    Hey Colorado—still have those good feelings inside by electing democrats?

    • GaryTheBrave

      As a Coloradan I’m pissed the Dems have taken over. I just hope and pray there are still enough good folks remaining who remember what it was like 20-30 years ago and decide in 2014 to return the Governorship and a Senator to conservative control.

  • ratizbad

    Well,Like his basketball skills and throwing a baseball and being so called president,Spiking the football will be a challenge for the Athlete of the year.Pathetic little wannabe Marxist…