When Snoop Dogg isn’t tweeting lists of reasons he wouldn’t vote for Romney (including ‘bitch got a dancing horse) or ideas about teaching his child’s peewee football team how to smoke weed, he is hanging with his new buddy Piers Morgan. As Twitchy reported, the BFFs chatted it up on “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Thursday. Best buds! The rapper is turning reggae artist and has a new track titled “No Guns Allowed.

Now, Piers has made a photo of him and the rapper a centerpiece on his Twitter profile.


Twitter users can’t help but note the rapper’s past and the blatant hypocrisy being exhibited by Piers “Musket” Morgan, the gun-grabbing ghoul.


That’s alright. He clearly doesn’t  care about them. He only cares about using them and dancing on the backs of the dead to further an agenda.

And his own floundering career.

  • thetawake

    “Hey, why does Piers Morgan have photo with gun-loving, violence-glorifying Snoop Dogg as Twitter profile?”
    ….”because some of my best friends are black.” – P. Morgan

    • J. Cox

      Winner.Double standards are the only standards the left knows.

    • capisce

      ….”because some of my best friends are black.” – P. Morgan
      You give Piers too much credit. He knows someone who knows someone who’s an actual black person.

  • trixiewoobeans

    “My street name is “Toolio!”.

    • Donna W


  • Maxx

    Arthur Fonzarelli, you can relax now. The world has a new metaphor for “jumping the shark”

    That moment when a pretentious aging english bloke uses the word “gangsta”

  • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

    Hypocrite, thy name is Musket.

  • Richard

    Snoop, please shoot Piers.

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    Beclowned himself again ?

    Some “sanctioning body” should make rules about how many beclownings it takes to earn a “Darwin Career Award” (Sgt. Shultz, Bathtub Boy. Soledad O’Braying) so we can root for Musket Morgan and Ricky Madcow to get there. We could play football pools (squares) and shot games.

    I defer to AosHQ for the rules…..

    What say you morons and moronettes ?

    • TJCrane_NCC1701

      Remember that old joke about Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder “seeing their piano” ? Don’t worry, Snoop tripped over it because he didn’t see it either. STONED


  • Love of Country

    According to sales, Snoop Dogg is a decent rapper but I’m quite certain that he’s not the best rapper around or anywhere close. Personally, I listen to about 8 different genres of music and hip hop is just one of them though it’s been some time since I listened to the hard stuff ie the gangsta rap and/or metal … prolly since I tend to be a good deal more zenful and enlightened these days (bad childhood, doh!) and no longer feel the urge to vent and relieve stress and steam through that extremely coarse music as I once did as a troubled youth.

    But I can think of nearly a dozen rappers who are better than Snoop Dogg off the top of my head. I think a lot of people may actually like his persona better than his music. You know … that happy go lucky semi dangerous over the top pimp kinda guy with the edgy and colorful sense of humor. Disaffected white kids are all over ’em like a cheap suit, for Pete’s sake. Never mind the old fool sits around the house making webcam videos of himself smoking blunts with his minor children whom he introduced to the drug …. CPS anyone?

    No, Piers …. actually someone like Tupac Shakur was a far, far better gangsta rapper than Snoop Dogg ever thought about being. Snoop’s not even close to best of all times. Not to mention that the best rappers usually have voices good enough to sing with if they so chose to do so … IMHO, Snoop’s voice is well below par in that respect. However, to be fair, his spoken word and rap voice both have its own loyal niche following, I’m sure. But you know, the rhymes aren’t everything, Piers, and Snoop’s certainly no prodigy … not that you would know as much since I strongly suspect you only pretend to fancy the black culture from afar … as in far far away, no?

    Now having said all that …. your boy Snoop Dogg’s lyrics are generally quite violent and vile and frequently degrading to women and go so far as to say you’re just not a man until you’ve slapped a b tch. Of course there’s worse messages in his music including the glorifying of gun violence but that one message in particular has always bothered me over the years because way too many of his fans actually take that garbage to heart, according to the statistics. So bravo, Piers Morgan, you exceptionally disingenuous and forever meddling diabolical fool.
    Epic Hypocrisy, Epic Fail

    {RIP Pac!} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ElX6mLnb1g

    • Donna W

      Tupac was the real deal.

  • 277Volt

    Snoop the best gansta rapper ever? Hell no. Not even close. Pay attention Piers,

    NWA and their contemporaries like Too Short, Big Daddy Kane and Ice-T defined the genre almost 20 years ago when the subject matter was incredibly powerful. It was a significant social statement and an in-your-face illustration of a way of life most of America never knew about back then. 20 years later everyone is more than aware of it and to me this new gansta is like a fake Rolex – close but not the real deal and not worth the money.

    Let’s look at old school versus the new guys. Snoop is rolling over on TV with a doughy hysterical woman like Piers whereas an old-schooler like Ice-T laid it out in no uncertain terms – guns are our last line of defense from tyranny and you aren’t taking mine. Case closed.

    • Princess_Jen

      Thank you

  • Stan_LS

    Snoop is also a member of Nation of Islam.

  • Larry G.

    to be fair the editors of twitchy would have to do more homework on the this story as Snoop Dogg (now calling himself Snoop Lion for some reason) latest song is actually called “no guns allowed”. it features the lyrics:

    “Let the music plaExplainy, me don’t want no more gunplay
    When the bodies hit the ground, there’s nothing left to say, ay, ay
    Me don’t want to see no more innocent blood shed
    Me don’t want to see no more youth dead
    Come hear me now”

    and Drake also raps about the horrible toronto danzing street shooting. there is of course plenty of room to criticize peirs but to suggest that snoops is still the violence glorifying artist of the 90s and that this picture is hypocritical is not true. snoop has been actively campaigning against guns in 2013.

    the other sections of twitchy are always so well dont, but i just find the entertainment section to just so often be full of mistakes. this article, constantly calling alicia silverstone stupid and joan rivers come to mind.

    • Donna W

      “actively campaigning against guns in 2013″…yet where has he been the rest of the time? Making a fortune off of violence. It’s all about citizen control – and DC will make sure that those who further their agenda will be rewarded, those who don’t….well, Valerie Jarrett did say it was ‘payback time’.
      I just don’t trust Snoop’s sudden urge to save the world from guns.
      (By the way, have you taken a peek at Lil’ Wayne’s video, “Love Me”, featuring Drake & Future? Hideous, scary stuff).

      • Larry G.

        not yet, because i actually hate most lil wayne music haha!

        and your point about snoops past actions i completely agree, and there is much to be said about this sudden change of heart. i just think when we throw out words like “hypocritical” and “dancing on graves” we have to be sure that were being accurate, much of the reason peirs interviewed snoop was because of this new revelation he woke up with

  • v1cious

    More proof of how out of touch most of you are. Snoop hasn’t done gangsta rap since the 90’s. In fact, he just quit rap completely to do reggae.

    • Agent_Zeero

      The point remains

    • MrApple

      And smoke more weed! And you know that potheads make nothing but good decisions.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I’m gonna feel REALLY sorry for Calvin when the Gramercy Riffs get a hold of Snoop for killing Cyrus.

    NO NOT REALLY! 😛 #TheWarriors #canyoudigit? #CanYouDigIt? #CANYOUDIGIT??????????????????????????????????????

  • stuffitnow

    So pos morgan, you feel the need to find a black man to help with your whinning. At least the NRA has someone that is not a hypocrite, Mr. Noir speaks the truth and can shoot too! Watch out morgan, we’re sending you back!

  • Stan

    Typical Liberal hypocrisy on display. I wonder if Sir Morgan the Phone Hacker hit a blunt with his new buddy the Dogg?

  • notenoughtime

    Morgan = moron!

  • Guest

    Nutless Morgan is probably unaware that Calvin Broadus (Snoopbitch) is:
    “both a convicted felon and an admitted ‘Rollin’ 20s Crips’ criminal street gang member who continues to associate with other Crips criminal street gang members.”

  • Hopey Changey

    White libs flock to these chuckleheads out of guilt or stupidity. I am not sure which. But I know it’d be fun to watch them get eaten by a pack of wild lions.

  • Hopey Changey

    “Welcome, everybody. Snoop Dogs new album ‘Murder you and your babies in their face’ is coming out next week. Snoop, nice to have you on board…” Then the next week “Once again, the bible clinging conservatives want to keep our children dead, my next guest, Dr Dre and Suge Knight are here to talk about this…”

    • v1cious

      Snoop hates Suge Knight, and Dre has his own label. No wonder your ideas are so dated, you live in a bubble.

      • trixiewoobeans

        For reals? That’s called “literary license” you dolt.

      • Scotty G.

        Reading comprehension fail.

  • David Horstick

    With al of his anti gun screed, is Piers Morgan anti abortion?