President Obama spoke with the National Governors Association today, in a bid to get them on board regarding sequestration.

Absurd. His scare tactics continued, but Gov. Jindal (R-La.) was having none of it. Governors took questions after the White House meeting.

And Gov. Jindal did not hold back. You can tell by the lapdog whimpering.

Aww. He scolded! And worse … attacked!

You know, attacked with terrible smears like truth and reason.

Boom. Well done. More of this, please.

  • $2346491

    So now Jindal is for spending cuts.. His position on this stuff changes weekly.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      You know me from HA. Is there ANY GOP pol that meets your ‘purity’ test.? You don’t like Jindal. You don’t like Cruz. Who DO you like? Put up or shut up.

      • $2346491

        It is very clear who I like from there… I don’t like Jindal because I haven’t appreciated the careerism and whining that has broken out since the election. Throwing Romney under the bus right after the election to serve Bobby Jindal’s purpose was tacky. Nor do I appreciate him trashing the House Republicans or my main guy Paul Ryan.

        As for Cruz, the guy is an arrogant jerk. He reminds me of Obama. I think that it is an Ivy League thing. People who go to Ivy League colleges tend to come off as snobby know-it-alls.

      • TXL

        I am from Louisiana. Bobby Jindal knows how to make hard cuts to spending, and we have had a budget every year he has been in office.

    • J. Cox

      Did your lips burn when you said spending cuts?I know you libs think a 75% tax rate would fix things…I mean the tax hikes in jan already fixed almost 1 million jobs….and by fixed I mean lost…but please tell us of your Utopia where Obama is King,and his failures are really to be blamed on that pesky constitution and those blind forefathers.

      • annoyinglittletwerp

        She’s not a lib. Both of us comment @ MM’s old blog ‘Hot Air’. She’s got a thing for ‘Marco’. Her adoration for the gentleman from FL blinds her from seeing REAL conservatives like Cruz and Jindal.

        • Mellow Melon

          hey hey hey . . . give Rubio a little love 😉 He might be the Republican Bill Clinton, but lemme tell you, Clinton could at least win elections and even declared that the era of Big Government was over. Of the three, I think only Rubio and Cruz could win a general election. I love Jindal, but I’m not sure how that Cajun accent and his rather stiff speaking skills would go over in a general. Shallow stuff, but unfortunately we live in shallow times.

          • Squirrel!

            Not that this is relevant to the convo, but THAT is not a Cajun accent Jindal has. It’s the same accent anyone born & raised in Baton Rouge has. There are many different regional accents in Louisiana. Aside of that, I like Jindal but have been disapppointed in some of the things he’s come out & said since the election. I commend him on his comments post meeting with O. He has done a good job in Louisiana but don’t know if I’d vote for him in a Presidential election. I like Rand Paul.

          • Mellow Melon

            Oh, it’s not? Sowwy, my bad. I thought it had a bit of a Cajun ring to it, but I’m not a Louisiana native XD. Yeah, I like Rand too, I just don’t know how nationally viable he would be. If we’re gonna win 2016, I really think we need to be looking at a minority so we can finally get the stupid race card off the table, and we’ll also want someone who has a very charming public personality. You think back to Reagan, he was just irresistible what with his charm and good humor, and even old Bubba Clinton had some appeal with that folksy way of talking and that swagger. I just don’t see Rand being able to pull off that kind of shallow, LIV appeal.

          • Squirrel!

            Whatever it is, I hope they figure it out and quick! I also don’t see Jindal as presidential material. Maybe a cabinet member. I really like Rand’s ideas but know what you mean about reaching out to the other side. I like plenty of the other guys. I just know that we’ve got 4 more years of this for sure. I hope never to live under anything like this again when it’s over… not for me or for my family!

          • Mellow Melon

            right on, I feel ya there 😀

          • E Quilibrate

            Agreed w/all exept Paul has voted to confirm Hagel,
            this is a non-starter for me.

          • Squirrel!

            I’m not going to let the Hagel vote deter me about what I think of Paul. I see that’s happened with a lot of ppl. Hagel would’ve been confirmed anyway. I believe the Repubs should let O’Mighty One have his way (except on 2nd Amendment infringement) so when it all goes to Hell in a handbasket it’ll be obvious to the low info ppl where to place the blame. I didn’t want Hagel but would’ve happened anyway.

          • E Quilibrate

            I fear by the time the lo-info crowd gets the message, we may well have a humpty-dumpty scenario on our hands and no wherewithal to make repairs

      • $2346491

        I’m for spending cuts. Bobby Jindal has been shaky on this point recently however. In his speech, where he basically accused Republicans of being “stupid,” (why exactly he wants to belong to a party that he believes is full of morons is beyond me.. but whatevers) he also was for “growth” and against “spending restraint.” He took what alot of people thought was a swipe at the House Republicans and specifically Paul Ryan. I’m not sure how one can be for spending restraint and entitlement reform and be critical of the guy who brought these issues to the forefront. (My theory is that it is all jealousy and political posturing, but still it is sort of tacky for a governor to act like Jan Brady.)

    • reneehaigh

      when did you start to read? your remark is about as kindergarten as it gets: read up on your politics my friends before the shrapnel blows outta your ass!! you are what rush limbaugh calls a low information voter!

      • $2346491

        It was in his speech about the party being “stupid.” He basically said that the Republicans should focus on “growth” rather than fiscal restraint. Lots of people took that as an implicit slap against Paul Ryan and the House Republicans.

        Perhaps you should read up on that a bit, m’kay. Also, insulting people who slightly disagree with you is not the way to win elections – Just saying.

  • Lady 12

    Wow… Is there a transcript of what exactly he said? And this guy should definitely run in 2016.

    • $2346491

      Considering he was against budgets and spending restraint and for trillion dollar deficits about a month ago, I’m not sure why the sudden change in his attitude. I have to agree with Rand Paul’s advisors about Jindal – Tim Pawlentry without the Minnesota nice personality or blue collar appeal.

  • Maxx

    Don’t waste your time Jindal. This Finger Pointer in Chief couldn’t lead a platoon even if he was channeling the ghost of Patton.

    When I think of the quality of his leadership, I’m reminded of Alexandre Ledru-Rollin.

    “There go the people….I must follow them for I am their leader.”

    • tjcuzns


    • Kevin Gallagher

      He also kicked the media out of the room before talking to the Governors. So much for transparency.

    • ozconservative

      The ghost of Patton would probably give him a couple of good hard slaps first.

  • Aaron

    Except, he doesn’t have to lead. The media will spread whatever blame-the-republicans message Obama wants them to, and the majority of the American people get their cues from the media. The media certainly won’t be broadcasting Jindal’s words to the masses this evening.

    Every attempt to hold him accountable exists purely in a vacuum.

    Obama knows exactly how to play this game.

  • $29561723

    ObaMao: If we don’t act NOW, the sun will eventually burn out and consume the Earth, destroying all living things. We MUST pass climate-change legislation NOW!!!

    Press corp, Progressives: YEEEESSSS, YESSSS SAVE US MY LORD!!!
    GOP: (uh, that won’t happen for about 14-15 billion years oh i guess I better be quiet before Chris Matthews calls me a racist.)

  • SJ’s Dad

    Obama>Jindahl: Quit confusing me with all that truth
    & fact stuff, because, you know . . . RAAAcist!

    Carney>Obama: Um, Sir, his skin is darker than yours.

    Obama>Carney: Quit confusing me with all that truth &
    fact stuff, because, you know . . . RAAAcist!

  • liberalssuck

    Good for him. I wish more would speak up!!

  • $27789750

    Why IS it so impossible for Bam to sit down on the Hill with the folks and work out a solution. Won’t, can’t, WHY????

    • silas1898

      Because the Republicans will always say no, just like the past 4 years. The solution to everything is to cut taxes for the rich. 32 years of this voodoo economics* got us here

      *The smartest thing George Herbert Walker Traitor Bastard Bush ever said

      • SideTraKd

        All Obama ever offers is increased spending and higher taxes, so, yes, of course they are going to say no. Thank God that someone will tell him no!

      • $27789750

        Nonsense…he simply climbs on his plane a goes off to spew more propaganda

  • reneehaigh

    obama will NOT stop the destruction he has started: that is his game plan: blame the gop: he will not cut anything that will hurt liberal voting base: 2016 is not that far off: lets concentrate on the midterms: at least we can slow down the damage and the job as president needs to be re-evaluated: boobama has way to much power: why bother having a congress and senate when he is getting carpal tunnel from all the executive orders he signs: he just snubs his nose at the constitution and the way the government has been running for ever 200 years: he thinks he is something really special: he probably has already in secret tried to walk on water and failed: too bad!!

  • plaingolf

    This is the worm that the GOP will run against Hillary in 2016. What do you think his chances are?

    • E Quilibrate

      OH, yeah, Hillary the one who did nothing as Chris Stevens died.

      • plaingolf

        Yeah but by then the load drumming will die down to finger tapping on a table.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Love my Governor.