Oh, the media did weigh in on Bob Beckel’s repugnant comments, which we reported last night. The serial misogynist actually asked when was the last time anyone heard of a rape on a campus? Campus rape is just something mythical to the cretinous Beckel.

He then horribly trivialized date rape, and then asked if a woman should shoot her “date.” If he was raping her. No big whoop, ladies. He’s your date!

Some media outlets did report on his outrageously foul statements, but there is something fishy about the way they did so. He’s got that old (D) immunity!

So, while they were forced to call him out for his repulsiveness, they still  made sure to provide Democrats cover. Beckel is just a “Fox News host,” you see. As we reported earlier, BuzzFeed pulled that stunt and tried to cover it up. Twitter libs feed into the false narrative.

GOP training. FOX host. Gee, we wonder who is helping to push that shameful spin?

Nice try with the fake call-out, but too bad Politico also hid Beckel’s political affiliation.

It’s not just the sub-header; The word Democrat is not mentioned in the post itself, either. In addition, they say Beckel did acknowledge date rape occurs, but did not mention the trivialization of it, as if it doesn’t “count” as rape.

ThinkProgress pulled the same disgraceful thing, as did The Huffington Post.

Huffington Post’s article doesn’t even mention Democrat at all.


Disgusting. As always, the shameful lapdog media are burying bones for Democrats. Sane Twitter users aren’t having it, and are calling out the bias. They are also rightfully giving the morally bankrupt Bob Beckel the business.

Many are questioning why Beckel still has a job and platform from which to spew his bile.

The media will help cover it up by hiding his (D). Because, projection.

Bingo. We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. The real war on women is being waged by the Left and it always has been.

And the media is aiding them.

Update: Beckel faux-apologizes by stating a clarification, which henceforth should be known as a cretin clarification.

To Beckel, a date is always just a date. Even if he is raping you.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Beckel’s cloddish, classless, clueless, creepy, crass, crummy behavior leaves no doubt that he is a typical, average lib.

    Actually, he’s probably more civilized than most ultra lefties.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Going with the ‘C’ them he is also Full o Crap!

  • bkeyser

    Here’s the thing- I don’t suspect Beckel was trying to gloss over date-rape, or college campus rape, or any other kind of rape. However, like so many limousine liberals, he’s just unaware this stuff is going on. Especially in a place so revered by liberals.

    My guess is he has a “wait, what?” moment during the next commercial break; hopefully he acknowledged it.

    Now the question is, how many of these liberal “real journos” will go out and do a hard-hitting story on the dangers of being a young woman on the campuses of the nation’s bastions of liberal indoctrination? And how many “Rape-free tents” will be set up as a result?

    • kate_middleton

      I agree. The most shocking thing to me yesterday was not the date rape comment, but that he seemed genuinely clueless that rapes (often by unknown assailants) occur regularly on college campuses. As if just because he hasn’t heard if it lately means it hasn’t occurred.

      As I said in another post, there was a serial rapist on my college campus (early 2000s) that terrorized women for 10 years. The cops finally caught him in 2007 and he pleaded guilty. He was a married father of 4 who worked at the nearby grocery store.

      This cannot be that unusual, sadly. College campuses are ripe with potential victims who think of their college community as a safe-haven.

      • McCarty Griffin

        Morgantown, West Virginia, home of West Virginia University, had a serial rapist some years ago called the “Sunnyside Rapist” who attacked several college women in their own homes. He turned out to be a professor at the university, I think.

  • Steve_J

    They will admit Beckel is a liberal Democrat about the time they cover Jesse Jackson Jr.’s crime and plea bargin and Menendez’s excursions to Haiti and any other numerous Democrat boondoggles.

  • Mark James

    Beckel should NOT leave “The Five.” They need a gaffe-prone liberal chew toy. Bob fits the bill perfectly.

    • beebop1952

      He isn’t gaffe prone, he’s got no critical thinking skills.

    • ZoriahShepard

      Though it’d be nice if there was someone with a different perspective who doesn’t hate women like Beckel does.

    • TonyMontana3

      You do know that he’s a token liberal right?

      • KansasGirl

        Kinda like David Brooks and Kathleen Parker.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Following the Dems lead, Beckel will now run and win a seat in the senate. You’ve arrived, Bob. #MentalLibness

  • Loves2laugh

    A woman was raped and beaten on the campus of UCSC in Santa Cruz on Sunday. Bet she wished she had a gun. Beckel is an a$$.

  • DorothyGrissom

    I’m amazed people still watch “The Five.” I refuse to watch it until Beckel is gone.

    • McCarty Griffin

      Same here. I love Gutfeld, but even he’s not enough for me to stomach that repulsive Beckel.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    GOP voter (usually), & I was appalled at what Akin said, how poorly Murdock tried to explain that the unborn child is a life, & should be at least considered – even in the case of rape or incest….never presuming to tell a victim of a crime they must proceed w/ a pregnancy resulting from that crime. The GOP position is simple: the unborn life matters, the unborn life is a real life. The actions of a criminal, violent adult upon a woman, is the sin, is the crime…..the unborn innocent child is not the wrong. It is a life. Respect the hard decision of a woman, in the case of rape or incest to decide on an abortion……even if on religious grounds you disagree w/ it.
    So, yes….
    I find what Beckel said to be just as stupid, backwards, and downright ‘frat boy-ish’….hey, she asked for it, she was dressed like this, she was partying w/ the boys, she went to the party, she had a lot of drinks,she this or that….and she’s in college, so you know how that goes…… How much is that guy paid to say such dumb things?
    NO Beckel, a woman says no, that means no….tease or not, walking down the street, sitting at home, at work, young or old, black or white, she says no, it’s not….if the man is a college frat boy, a casual college classmate, a friend of a friend of a friend stopping by their apt., doesn’t matter.

    I get the idea that you should do WHATEVER YOU CAN to deter a rape attack or fend off someone….but, to act as if that is enough, or replaces a weapon in your hand, or the possible need you may have for a real weapon (gun, club, mace, something, is silly).
    Should he not realize the real change is that 25 yrs ago, they told young women & girls, just cooperate, don’t fight back….you’ll end up dead. Now, it’s you may end up dead no matter what….or kidnapped & put into the sex trade or some other horror…you better darn well fight……..w/anything you can & have.

  • grais

    Never mind #FireBobBeckel. He shouldn’t be fired; he’s representative.
    How about #BobBeckleIsALiberalDemocrat for all the dopes who think he’s just a Fox Host. There can’t be any argument about it.

    • TonyMontana3

      Does it make you mad when we call him a Fox News host? Boo hoo. He IS a Fox News host. It’s only important for you to call him a liberal democrat.

      • grais

        No one said he’s Not a Fox Host. He’s also a flaming-liberal-moron as evidenced by all the ignorance he displays. He’s an idiot. He’s obnoxious. He’s ill-informed. He’s one of yours. Man up; own it.

  • WVS

    Beckel’s an out-of-touch loon. Date rape happens and it’s a big freaking deal. And I’m in no way agreeing with him or the CO libs when I say this, but the campaign to politicize rape–to shanghai it into the abortion and Second Amendment fights–is embarrassing on both sides. Oh yeah, it’s effective. When you say, “We should do this, because rape,” to object becomes misogynistic. But it’s embarrassing and it’s finally backfiring on the Dems, because they hate guns more than they love women. Rape is not a political issue. Abortion is the taking of a life in its formative stages. The Second Amendment protects all citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. When it comes to applying those things to cases of rape, the principles don’t change. But you know, abortion in cases of rape would be a historical footnote if we could give every woman in America a firearm :) Hear the Dems shudder…millions more guns, plus the loss of a favorite talking point.

  • Mike Domitrz

    While Beckel has since apologized, he has a track record of making insensitive and utterly incorrect statements regarding sexual assault and rape. Fox News needs to remove him immediately AND publicly address what took place during that segment. Provide the facts regarding sexual assault on college campuses. We would be happy to share the truth from all the campuses we work with.

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    As Michelle Malkin pointed out, beckel has the D shield. How many of you remember MooMoo jehmu green’s RACIST verbal assault on Tucker Carlson? She NEVER apologized on air, Megyn Kelly did it for her, and she still appears on FOX from time to time. Not on Megyn’s show though. It was NEVER covered by ANY media outlets. Even FOX swept it under the rug. This just goes to further prove that if you’re a lefty, you can say anything and there are no consequences. But God help you if you need a sip of water during a rebuttal, then they will rip you to shreds for it and you’re not fit to serve in office.

    • KansasGirl

      Sadly, true.
      Truth means nothing to leftist thugs.

  • Maxx

    They liberal media mocked Bush because…..eeegads!…..he didn’t realize bar code readers were so popular in grocery stores.

    Bob Beckel not realizing rapes across college campuses nationwide occur every day?


  • Guest

    There are overflowing toilets in Haiti with more appeal than Beckel

  • ratizbad

    The (D)Stand for Dummies of the lost cause for America.We see them all the time. Disgusting criminals that could not tell the truth if you’re life depended on it .Example The one who is playing big shot ,Running America in the ground on purpose And Congress and the Senate sit on the sidelines playing tidily winks.And hide and seek…..

  • Charles Edmonds

    Bob Beckel is TRASH! I just wish that one of the women that was sitting around him would of taken off a shoe and hit him in the head with the heel.

  • TonyMontana3

    Wow. It seems to be very important for you that we call him a liberal. But we wont. We will call him a Fox News Host. Which is 100% accurate thing to say.
    By the way you do know that he’s a TOKEN liberal right?

    • nickshaw

      Yes, it is 100% accurate to say he is a Fox News host but, you know as well as I that liberal sheeple have no idea that liberals are a fixture on Fox.
      Not “tokens” as you suggest.
      On Fox will you hear liberals speaking without hoots of derision, having their mikes cut off or “hosts” walking out on them. Some, like Shep, have two shows a day!

      Of course, this episode with Beckel should and did get condemnation, both immediately from the rest of The Five and later.
      Would that the rest of the “media” treat conservatives the same way as Fox treats liberals.

    • grais

      You won’t call him a liberal because you’re disingenuous, deceitful, and ashamed that one of your own has exposed the ignorance of so many of you.

      You only fool each other.

  • USKensington

    I’m all for beating on Beckel, but that “1 in 4 college women” are raped thing isn’t true, either, is it? Doesn’t that statistic include lots of dubious standards like “I had sex with someone willingly and then regretted it the next day”? I seem to recall reading that years ago.

    Conservatives shouldn’t be wielding that particular cudgel.

  • KansasGirl

    If guns were allowed on campus, there would be less rape and more dead rapists.

  • BristolGOP Backup

    I don’t know why they are hiding his (D). It’s the ultimate defense against everything.