Zing! As Twitchy reported yesterday, President Obama golfed with Tiger Woods and Golf Digest had the scoop. You see, the White House press pool was totally snubbed.

And, boy, they are not happy about it.

Evidently, it takes missing a bromance golf outing to tick off the press. Unrequited love; it hurts!

President Obama golfing with Tiger Woods- you have to use your imagination because the White House didn't allow the press pool access.

Ed Henry took to Twitter to explain.

Indeed. While it is hilarious to see the press whining about their lack of access, Ed Henry makes valid points. But, it just rightly strikes some as a little peculiar that it takes missing a golf outing with Tiger Woods to remind the press of that. President Obama continually claims to have the most transparent administration evah. And the press allows that lie. Until now?

This Twitter user offers a reason for the non-transparency yesterday.

Zing! And Dana Perino makes a solid point; what difference would it have made? It’s not like the press would have actually asked any hard-hitting questions anyway.

And others sum up the real problem, and it ain’t access to a golf outing.




  • V the K

    Oh, noes! The WH press corps had to go a whole weekend without being able to ask their boyfriend, “What are you going to do about those terrible Republicans?”

  • hankito

    Oh I love this. It brings such a huge smile to my face.

  • Steve_J

    None of them are trustworthy (Obama, Woods, or the press).

  • CitizenEgg

    Pick your battles and it’ll show what’s important to you. In this case, it’s clear that the media felt deprived of a fluff photo op and that’s got their panties in a bunch. Being stonewalled on important policy and life and death matters…meh.

    • peteee363

      not to nit pick, but panties is no longer a word that we are supposed to use. but i do like your use of stonewalled, instead of blacked out, since that might be considered racist.

      • CitizenEgg

        No panties…? Is that why we end up with all those va-jay-jay shots of celebutards? I remember when the losers tried to pile on Crowder for using the word ‘knickers’ because….racist or something. I advise all language cops to STFU and use words fearlessly, lest you censor yourself needlessly.

        • peteee363

          i hope you got my sarcam, i hate both the language police, and the grammar nazis online. i only mentioned panties because of the other post where they now want us to stop calling panties, panties. i also purposely never capitalize anything, so as to draw out the grammar nazis.

          • CitizenEgg

            Missed that post about panties, which is just as well because I would’ve gone commando on that thread.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            would’ve gone commando

            ba-dum tshhh!

        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          Panties. Panties. Panties. Panties. Panties.

      • kateorjane

        I missed the resolution on that word change. Is “knickers” acceptable now?

        • peteee363

          i’m not sure, but whenever the change is made public, i am not sure if i can stop calling them panties. a panty raid would not be the same with another name.

        • rennyangel2

          they prob. all wear thongs

        • brewerandpatriot

          Knickers sounds slightly racist if the phone connection is poor.

      • RightThinking1

        Yes. I am still reeling with shock that CBS reported that O was taking a vacation with “the boys”. Clearly a racist dog whistle. Don’t understand why Chris Matthews hasn’t ranted about it.

        Michelle has lucked out on this. All of the focus on Barry has diverted scrutiny from her jetting off to Aspen.

    • rennyangel2

      Ticked about no golf pix but could care less about Libya, a tortured and dead ambassador, FastandFurious, throwing Rice under the bus (couldn’t happen to a better hack), yadda. But golf pix. Oh, they’re all upset over them.

  • $24414377

    The sniveling WH press corpse should now realize they have been clearly used for photo ops only advantageous to Barky Kardashian.

    …you know, like the caskets from Benghazi and the family members.

  • peteee363

    i wonder who insisted of this lockout? obama afraid to be seen with womanizer woods, or woods afraid to be seen with marxist obama?

  • $29561723

    I wonder What are the press will do now. Interview Rubio’s water bottle? Photoshop the Pope eating Chic-Fil-A? Accuse chestnuts of being lazy?

    They’re all idiots.

  • TocksNedlog

    Ed Henry: “sad — journalists are here to hold powerful accountable”
    — Yes, we can see the headlines now …

  • TocksNedlog

    The press was just miffed because, for once, the president chose to wash his own balls.

    • peteee363

      i assume you are referring to golf balls, since i am almost positive he doesn’t have real ones, have you seen him throw like a girl?

      • Joe W.

        Moochelle has the real ones strung on a lace around her fat neck.

        • Secede

          She loans them to him when she’s not using them…..

    • Jaels_Song

      No worries, I’m positive the press will recondition them with Chapstik…

  • Finrod Felagund

    What’s the White House press corps going to do about it? Not slobber all over the latest greatest thing Obama says?

    Not bloody likely.

    They don’t respect themselves, so why should Obama respect them?

  • Joe W.

    This is hilarious. Like when I was in high school, the star quarterback of the football team was going steady with the head cheerleader & Homecoming Queen, but he was using the cheap little floozy skank on the sly. The press is Barky’s cheap little floozy skank. And deservedly so. I love the poetic justice in this…

    • peteee363

      calling the press a floozy skank is being generous!

  • $41341954

    As a member of multiple golf clubs, I would be thoroughly more pissed off if the press was stomping on my fairways and greens than a few pictures of 0bama for the sake of transparency. Ed Henry makes a good point. It’s private property and if the owners (members) don’t want the press, the press can’t come.

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      I get your point, having been the dd of a private golf club’s founding member. But the WH Press Corps is tiny and when access or space is too limited for even that many, they pick one to go in for all of them.

  • NRPax

    So basically the romance is over and the press is upset because Obama won’t take their calls.

  • $23629333

    Wasn’t it Elvis who warned about “One-Sided Love Affair(s)”?

  • Rob

    Granted Obama hasn’t really EARNED the outing but a Pres IS entitled to get some time away from work (once in a while, not every other week, Mr. Obama) and time away from the press.

    What pisses me off the most about this is those “reporters” when they DO have access don’t f—ing use it. Just fawn over whatever the hell he says and refuses to treat him as anything other than the chosen son.
    You’ve had access to him and F&F for years, him and Bengahzi for months and you WASTE it on Michelle’s bangs!

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    Maybe Woods can convince Obama to lower taxes.

    Well, it was worth a shot.

  • caritas7s

    We all know Dem voters are, for the most part, low information voters. They don’t read papers or listen to the network news. This is why O gives interviews to frivolous publications like Vogue and frivolous TV shows like Ellen and The View. This is why he rubs elbows with Jay Z, et. al. This is why he’s golfing with Tiger. His constituency will see how cool he is. This is how he communicates his coolness to his minions. His golf game with Tiger also completely eclipses his current scandal… take your pick… Benghazi… Fast and Furious… He doesn’t need or want serious press coverage, he’s got the positive attention of those who matter to him.

    • CherDash

      @caritas7s:disqus I beg to differ. They *do* read fishwraps and they *do* watch the alphabet news. That *is why* they are low information voters. The network ‘anchors’ give him softball interviews, and that is why he goes to them to give interviews. He trusts that he won’t be asked any tough questions.

  • RightThinking1

    Benghazi–> Press: “meh…”
    Golf outing–>Press: riot of outrage

  • http://twitter.com/KHShan Kay Shan

    Has anyone on the WH Press Corps broken a real news story in 4 years? Would they publish it if they had a negative story about Obama? Let’s just make them correspondents for Entertainment Tonight.