Not just now; perhaps a better word is “again.” Vice President Biden and his “task force” already hypocritically met with noted experts from Hollyweird. No photo op, though!

Now, more B-listers, including comedian and actor Chris Rock, head to Capitol Hill.

More from Politico:

Comedian Chris Rock, long outspoken about the issues of guns in American culture, is heading to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to support President Barack Obama’s new gun control package in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

Rock, along with singer Tony Bennett, actress Amanda Peet, actor Adam Scott and actress Anna Deavere Smith will join a coalition featuring Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Law Center to Prevent Violence at a press conference in the U.S. Capitol.

Oh, well. Long outspoken. Case closed! He’s totally fit to help shape freedom-grabbing policy!

Less serious, indeed. Not only is the whole celebri-policy idea patently absurd, but Chris Rock? Hey, why don’t they ask him about the time he shoved Jason Mattera’s camerawoman? Or about the time he shamefully celebrated Independence Day by slamming it as “Happy white peoples independence day”?

Less serious and even more hypocritical, as citizens on Twitter rightly point out.

No credibility. A joke and political theater, as always. That’s why President Obama always needs actors.


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  • Randi Starr

    So he going to talk before or after he kisses Chitcago Jesus’s ass?

  • Calcat36

    F*ck Chris Rock. Someone invite Ted Nugent to put that little coward in his place. Will CR be bringing his armed security? Big mouth actor…

    • michael s

      Stop with nugent. The fake patriot.

      • Calcat36

        Sorry michael s, I didn’t know that you knew the NUGE personally and that you knew Cris Rock personally to define him as a real patriot. You are so super smart! I am not worthy of your ridicule! You da man! Or as Rock would say, you my nigga.

        • Conservativesniper

          Well, Nugent did weasel out of service when called to go to ‘Nam. I like Ted’s views on guns, and his music, but don’t hold him up as an example of anything heroic, because he isn’t. And NOBODY is sticking up for a spoiled racist like Chris Rock.

      • Calcat36

        Who, michael s, would you consider worthy enough to be called a real patriot?

        • Conservativesniper

          Chris Kyle, Michael Monsoor, Jason Dunham, Jared C. Monti. and there are hundreds more.

      • lainer51

        Stop with Biden. The fake patriot.


      Chris Rock is nothing but a skinny crack head!

      • lainer51

        you are WRONG – he is an ugly, skinny crackhead.

        • TEXANONLY

          It sucks when I am wrong, I admit I am wrong and you are 100% correct

  • Tangchung

    Need gang control, not gun control.

    • Calcat36

      Add hollyweird control too!

  • GaryTheBrave

    Amanda Peet was in The Whole Nine Yards playing a prospective mafia hitwoman and shooting all sorts of high-powered handguns WHILE KILLING PEOPLE in that movie. That is likely the maximum exposure she ever had to guns in her life. Speaking of maximum exposure, there’s a scene in TW9Y where she’s totally nude and holding a pistol. WOW!!

    • Dan Thorpe

      my dream women a fine naked women holding a gun

  • $27789750

    Tony Bennett once a notable. Now he performs in hotel dining rooms for bored senior bus trippers who politely clap out of good manners. Pathetic.

  • Tangchung

    Who elected Chris to anything.

  • $35072932

    Who is Chris Rock again?

    And why do we give flip about his ideas on our right of self-defense?

    In fact, why should we care what any of these hypocritical ‘celebrities’ say on the subject – aren’t they usually protected by armed security?

  • super duper freak

    Chris was/is funny, but as with most celebs, he has no credibility regrading reality.

  • Weeper of the House

    How is this hypocrisy? When Ted Nugent does his rants its protected speech, but when real celebrities rather than washed up has beens like Nugent speak out its somehow hypocrisy to Twitchy and its band of merry twits

    • Noah Lee

      I don’t recall nugent testifying before congress on the matter. and nugent is a well known long time gun advocate.

  • Maxx

    When you need someone to stump for your gun grab and you call Chris Rock, well…that pretty much sums it up.

    The gun control train has fallen off the tracks folks when the “go-to guy” is a stand up comic.

  • Conservativesniper

    Flaunting their ignorance for all to see. Someone please inform these IDIOTS about the DC vs.Heller decision by the SCOTUS. They can whine all they want but it isn’t going to change the law.

    Chris has really degenerated, guy used to be funny.

  • Guest

    Rockdoosh should go to Chicago and tell his brothas to stop killing people,
    but where would the publicity be in THAT..?

  • $129448

    More publicity for another washed up unfunny Hollywood loser

  • Jimni27

    Chris Rock is the absolute worst. His stand up routines have always been racist, and the hypocrisy at which he went after Romney was beyond laughable. Google pics of his house. A one percenter through and through but….democrat! Obama is really appealing to the lowest common denominator with these celebs.

  • Right Wired

    Chris Rock glamorizes thug culture.
    Thug culture leads to violence.
    Chris Rock wants guns banned.

  • Bigfatty1

    Idi Amin for king of America. If dead, then dig him up and find the man a prop.

  • Axelgreaser

    CHRIS ROCK IS SO FOOLISH AND MANIPULATED BY OBAMA ‘IDOLOTRY’ HE’S GONE BEYOND ‘CULT WORSHIP’ to ‘transference’ of a political person to ‘father figure.’ And he suggests the entire nation should obey Obama as we would our own fathers and look at him also as a ‘boss.’ What he fails to recognize is, Obama is our ’employee’ and his election does not mean we must give up our beliefs and opinions and follow Obama in lock-step. With Chris Rock, it’s not just supporting Obama’s unhinged obsession with disarming America, it’s a race issue, let’s just get that out of the way immediately which is what Barack Obama intended from the day he called out the Cambridge Police for ‘doing their job’, demonized them in the tradition of Saul Alinsky, announcing on a world-wide feed: “They acted stupidly,” and it’s been ‘off to the racism’ every since.
    And Hollywood, who has its democrat plants, i.e., Chris Dodd “former United States Senator Chris Dodd (architect of the horrible Dodd-Frank bill) who is now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., which serves as the voice and advocate of the U.S. motion picture, home video and television industries around the world.” A man who left Washington in disgrace and whom remains connected to it, you can bet. And there are many others behind the scenes working in Hollywood on behalf of the Democratic party within the myriad of ‘union’s that encompass Hollywood. Obama has funneled the film industry stimulus money, ‘our tax dollars’ tht they did not deserve nor need and in return typically communist Hollywood has supplied Obama with countless ‘useful idiots’ such as Rock with which to turn on the hand that feeds him.
    And yet, what do ANY of you do to punish Hollywood? Are you going to movies? WHY, for the love of God are you? Are you buying their asinine biography’s listing off their hardscrabble lives and heroic triumph’s over their endless, self-indulgent addictions and other listings of their silly travails? If you do, YOU are part of the problem. YOU are supporting Barack Obama. And YOU have no reason to complain about it.

    “We” made our own bed when (some of us) elected this tyrant. Money talks. Don’t continue giving yours to Hollywood. This man? This Chris Rock? He hates you. He hates himself. I don’t know his personal history, but he must be desperately unhappy if he feels the need to adopt Barack Obama as ‘father’ and follow him blindly as a ‘boss’ who should be obeyed without queston and for whom ‘prosylization’ is a duty.

  • G.

    You may be an idiot if: You ever had a role in any movie where you brandished, handled, or (pretend)shot a gun to look cool and macho and then came out against them.