Stop, our aching sides! This reminds us of the shock … SHOCK … when President Obama totally blew the first debate. Remember, he even had to jet off to California to soothe the shock and worry of  “deeply shaken” big-time celebrity donors.

And once again, Twitter was prescient. Brit Hume called it earlier today, when he said it was probably dawning on some senators that Hagel is just “not very bright.”

Update: Seriously, stop now. Hilarious.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Progressives eating their own. “This Hagel hearing is a disaster”

  • Arthur E Jackson

    Lights on, nobody has ever been home

  • Pete Petretich

    Hagel is neither smart or distinguished, He would just be a hapless rubber stamp for Obama, i.e., Hagel would be easily manipulated by the Military-Industrial Complex.

    • Nomadic100

      Rather he would be manipulated by the Islamist/pacifist complex.

    • Mike H.

      Do the name Slo Joe Biden mean anythin’ to ya?

    • hydrangea1

      I repeat. Just the kind Obama wants.

  • RightThinking1

    That would make him an excellent choice…, for Obama.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to concerned Senators:

    If it looks like a brutal, take no prisoners beat down.

    And sounds like a brutal, take no prisoners beat down.

    Chances are very good that it was a deliberate, brutal, take no prisoners beat down!

    Of a complete incompetent of far less than credible standing. Who should be stocking shelves at Apu’s Kwik-E~Mart. Instead of being anywhere near Cabinet level reins of power!

    • TMLutas

      What do you have against Apu to saddle him with Hagel?

      • Scott Ruggels

        Apu wouldn’t hire him. Remember what a disappointment Homer was working for Apu.

    • gtwreck

      Are you accusing Apu’s Kwick-E-Mart (Where is this place anyway?) of having low hiring standards?

  • 56Survivor

    Take nothing for granted. Call your Senator’s and let your voice be heard.
    Hagel makes Biden look like Einstein!…….or something.

  • in_awe

    What difference does it make? He’d be confirmed if he just sat and drooled. He will preside over the dismantling of our defense assets and security posture around the world at the direction of Obama. Fewer men, planes, ships, bases available to counter threats around the world.

    • Ray Zacek

      Same pattern with liberal Democrats for freaking years: lower defenses, higher taxes.

    • TMLutas

      I wouldn’t mind defense cuts, actually, if they were targeted at maximizing capability and increasing our bang per buck. This is not the kind of cutting I expect from Hagel.

    • jpjaz

      It’s the democrats that want to cut defense spending so they can buy some more welfare votes. Our defense keeps us safe. It provides jobs that help the economy. It is a gigantic trade school that provides skilled workers for future civilian jobs. Those workers have people skills learned in some of the most intense areas of the world. The military teached and builds character, integrity, coorporation, and other valuable traits not obtainable anywhere else in the world. Don’t let the demos cut defense to buy votes from not contributors. The video below is just a hint of what we have to be prepared for.

    • Keith Myatt

      Exactly right. There would not be anyone that was any good who would be appointed by Obama. If he could get away with it, he would appoint his dog.

      • GaylePutt

        Beau is probably smarter than Hagel

      • okihadit

        is his dog still alive, or did he have him for supper?

    • hydrangea1

      Exactly! His agenda is the same as Obama’s. Two birds of a feather. Both traitors.

  • Steve_J

    Like Rush pointed out today. Whether Hagel is approved or not he’s just a place holder and Obama is the real Secretary of Defense. Same is true of Kerry as Secretary of State.

    • SissyO

      Sounds like business as usual in the federal government.

    • hydrangea1

      Well, now, ol’ Lurch might just question something and THROW HIS MEDALS AWAY.

  • Stephen K

    Ummm, Hagel’s ineptitude isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Obama’s not appointing him to think or create policy; he’s appointing him to do nothing more than ask “How high?” when the White House tells him to “Jump!”

    • barkerman

      absolutely true. As is the case with anyone else he has appointed.

      Kim Jung Obama demands only loyalty from his subjects, never thought or dissent.

      • Glen

        it will eventually backfire in his face – if people will pay attention – after they have 30 illegal aliens living next door with weapons supplied by Obama

        • GaylePutt

          Look at Stockton CA…

        • Bill Gryan

          Wait, you’re not implying that people who broke the law to enter this country might also break the law using weapons, are you?

          • hydrangea1

            Oh, surely not! Why, that would be politically incorrect, doncha know.

        • srsanbo

          But we (the law abiding) will have to forgo our rights to ensure they have a tougher time with already illegal straw purchases. That makes total sense.

          • Lloyd Duncan

            But please don’t forget that’s where we have to make the stand; rights cannot be taken away, ever! They can be ignored or disregared, but that’s why we must defend and assert them with the power of our 2nd Amendment rights if needed! Itls aboiut protecteng the government our founders established and protecting ourselves against any change in that government!

      • teapartydoc

        Great name.

    • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo


    • Michael Kennedy

      If Hagel were smarter, he might question some of his orders.

      • 1SkepticalChick

        Ain’t happening.

    • Janice Ellis Webb

      He did the same thing with Blow Joe Biden!! Doesn’t want anyone to outshine him, which wouldn’t be too hard!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Man, GOP really ripped Herr Hagel a new cornshoot today. Might even be enough to derail him. Even if he does get through, I’m glad to see the GOP showing signs of learning something from the the debacles of the last couple of months. But I’ma glass half-full guy

  • johncunningham

    Clearly Hagel is a witless stooge for Chairman Urkel and his Politburo. Urkel is such a dolt himself that he can only surround himself with men dumber than him. thus Hagel is ideally suited for the job.

  • Martin Johnson

    We knew he was stupid, but apparently he’s also too lazy to even prepare for the obvious questions.
    No wonder Obama wants him, no threat he’ll upstage the narcissist in chief.

  • wassup402

    ….and it may be dawning on a lot of those same people that the person who nominated him isn’t too bright either.

  • Ray Zacek

    Perhaps not very bright recommends him for the job.

  • Ernest Gudath

    An old axiom from Management 101: First rate managers choose first rate subordinates. Second rate managers choose third rate subordinates.

    • KenBoyer2

      Wait! You’re trying to say that Obama’s second rate? I could see fourth rate, perhaps, if you graded him on a curve. :-)

    • Gayle Schermerhorn

      Hopefully he is playing dumb and will outsmart Obuma. One can only hope.

  • VictorErimita

    Hey, Senators. He hates Israel and hates the military. What more qualifications for SecDef do you need?

    • hydrangea1

      Just the kind Obama wants.

  • Ray Zacek

    WTF did anyone expect? And Kerry is probably as dumb as Hagel. Hagel simply lacks the pretension and the veneer and the rich widow for a wife.

    • $24698634

      What’s Kerry got to do with this? By the way, Kerry was rich before the rich widow. His mother was a Forbes.

      • Michael Kennedy

        No, Kerry was rich from his first wife. He was from a middle level bureaucrat. The Forbes connection was thin. I did have a roommate that sent wedding invitations to every rich person he had read about, hoping for a gift. I never heard how it worked out.

      • BigDogJunction

        Wow! Don’t comment, if you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

  • McGehee

    Hagel is a former Senator. So are Obama, Biden and Kerry. If you want to know why the government is a mess, there’s your answer.

    We need to add IQ tests and psych evaluations as qualifications for all federal elective offices, Cabinet posts, and federal courts.

    • $24698634

      Truman, Kennedy, Nixon and Johnson were senators too.

      • Red_Right_Returning

        That was then, this is now.

      • Scott Ruggels

        One out of three is poor odds, and Jack didn’t finish his term.

      • McGehee

        Can’t say I consider those four to constitute a counter-argument. And you left out Warren G. Harding, of whom Biden could be a reincarnation.

        • huntnogather

          Keen analysis. Those who know history may remember that Republican party bosses nominated Harding because he “looked presidential.” And that they didn’t want him to campaign because if he did, he would be asked questions, and “Harding’s just the dam* fool that will try to answer them.” That is EXACTLY Biden in a nutshell!

          • Guest


      • Linda Ann McBride

        I’m not sure what you are getting at. Roosevelt gets great credit but he was just a smart Obama. He drove our country to the poor house. Truman was hated because he put this country back in order… debt, lowest taxes since they started…..balanced budget etc. No subsidies no handouts.. Of course he was hated, he didn’t buy votes . How would you like to have 12 years of Obama? Roosevelt
        was loved by Socialists, Communists and anyone wanting a handout. Well that is what we put up with with Roosevelt….(I’m old enough to remember) So I do have hope that we will have another Truman, but I can’t see that it is at all likely even with Rubio, etc. They are far from being as strong as Truman was. They will all fold.

      • BigDogJunction

        Said the guy/girl that doesn’t know where Kerry got his money.

        So what?

    • TocksNedlog

      We have those now.

      They’re called “campaigns”.

      • McGehee

        Then they’re scoring the tests the wrong way around.

    • Kathy Guymond

      I think that’s a good idea !

    • Bill Gryan

      Unfortunately, the voter who can’t find the US on a map would still be able to vote. And there are many.

    • gtwreck

      T don’t agree. The real need is to educate the masses and to do that we need to get Government out of the education business. If we start now we may have a well educated set of voters in the next generation that can weed out the incompetents in all three branches of our Government.

    • Joan Barrett

      We also need to add background checks on ALL officials in government – starting with OBummer!

    • Joan Barrett

      We also need to add background checks on ALL officials in government – starting with OBummer!

  • HWGood

    But Bam-Bam’s getting a positive response on him from people in all 57 states!

    • Bill Gryan

      Even some of the corpsemen are behind him!

    • hydrangea1

      Must be the 47%.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Ineptitude? Bumbling? What are the chances he was this way when he served as NE senator?

  • Nan231

    The ignorant control, the intelligent create.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Own it, commies. You hate this nation. You worked hard for it’s “fundamental transformation” (i.e. destruction…) You won the election, now OWN the consequences, muthafuckers.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    Not to speak ill of Nebraskans, but is Hegel the best that you could do?
    We need to build that pipeline quick, so there will be someplace to hide the body.

    • huntnogather

      Nebraskans rejected Hagel as a RINO a long time ago. He quit after 2 terms but there were Republicans lining up to get rid of him and he wouldn’t have been elected a third time. We have elected three Senators (1 Rep/2 Dem) that couldn’t get elected school board president in this state today: Hagel, and former Governors Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey. All three got to DC and totally forgot the state that elected them and pursued their own interests. Nelson retired this year because his popularity was down the tubes and he was being openly heckled in public by usually respectful Nebraskans. Kerrey tried to come back to NE after a decade in NY and was soundly thrashed by Deb Fischer, a relatively unknown. Our current Senators–Fischer and Mike Johanns–are good people.

  • HARP2

    LOL…..I plan on becoming a brain surgeon. There is a lot I don`t know but I`ll learn after I start…snort…snort…hahaha.

    • marvgoux1

      Hey it worked for Obama!

  • TocksNedlog

    Liberalism IS a disease of the brain.

  • fivebyfive

    Next Obama will nominate a block of wood
    (couldn’t be worse)

    • Mike Yerion

      Hagel: chip off the old block

  • Erwin

    Not loyalty, obedience. There’s a difference…

  • Robert Varner

    Sigh….which lately means he is that much coser to confirmation.

  • StopThisMadness

    It doesn’t really matter who Obama appoints….because Obama’s making all the decisions and the morons in his cabinet are nothing but place holders. They are there to take the blame when things go bad with his inept decisions.

    • dareisay

      I always felt it was the opposite. Obama lets his minions come up with policies,while he’ s the mouthpiece.

      • Trylogic

        I disagree with both of you. I think Obama knows precisely what he’s doing.

        • John Ledo

          destroying the country with 51% of America behind him no matter what he does or says

          • Angie (D)

            In fairness — most of that 51% don’t know or care what he’s doing as long as they get their check. I’d put the hard-core sociopaths who actively support what he’s doing at less than 1/5th of that 51%.


    well he will fit in just fine in this administration…Obama and Pelosi are not very bright either 0_0

  • Kathy Guymond

    This has got to be a DISTRACTION something is up whats Mr. o up. to now look over here while I screw you over even more !!

    • RightThinking1

      “Hey! Look! A video….”

  • gladys whipple hurtis

    Does anybody else remember Obama, in the debate where he appeared like he was high on something? Look at the bags under Hagel’s eyes … he might have gotten some of Obama’s stash.

  • KenBoyer2

    As with most nominees, if he’s rejected, then who else is His Awesomeness going to pick? Don’t get your hopes up… the pool of suitably foolish and inept DC insiders who are owed their turn in a position of frightening power and influence is large, yes, but still quite finite. May God have mercy…

  • huntnogather

    Don’t blame Nebraska for this bumbling fool. We rejected him long ago. He’s always been self-serving, and thinking his own agenda was more important than that of his state (during his 12 years as Senator). He retired, but would’ve been canned. He’s also as much a Republican as Colin Powell is, if that means anything. Can’t the Republican Party officially disown people like this?!

  • John Free

    Show of hands…WHO among you jumped on Mario Rubio about his doubts…Answer- not very many, but the LibTards- POSING as conservatives, peppered the pages calling for his head. Mario will make a FINE PRESIDENT- just wait.

  • Jan Greenhawk

    Doesn’t anyone wonder? Biden is an idiot, Obama chooses him as VP. Geitner is an idiot, Obama appoints him as treasury sec. Kerry is an idiot Obama chooses him to be secretary of state. Now we have Hagel who can’t seem to answer a question to save his life and seems totally unable to think. Does anyone see a pattern here? Barry doesn’t want smart competent people around him. He wants lap dogs, just like he wants a lap dog media. Holder, Napolitano, all of them fit that mold.

    • Raye09

      I think his strategy is to appoint people so inept, so dumb and so incompetent that they make him look good by comparison.

      • RightThinking1

        Remarkably, Joe Biden actually does accomplish that.

        • Angie (D)

          Having Joe Biden as VP is better protection for a POTUS than 100 secret service agents.

          • hydrangea1

            So true!

    • Trylogic

      Let’s not forget his choice appointments in press secretaries!

    • RightThinking1

      How could you overlook ‘genius’ Stephen Chu? Or for that matter, Hillary as Sec. of State? Rice…., my god, the list is endless…, basically anyone associated with the guy.

  • pawthoo

    Agree w/Hume. If you added the room temp and Hagel’s IQ you still wouldn’t break a 100.

  • dareisay

    He better not be confirmed!

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    Hagel is window dressing. Obama rules through his czars.

  • DizzyMissL

    I liked this quote from Rubin:

    A long-time Capitol Hill Democrat astounded by the hearing tells me, “It is very clear from the testimony that Sen. Hagel will not be bringing the potato salad to the next Mensa picnic.”

  • John Ledo

    i dont think he actually wants the job. read his body language. I think he has some kind of back room deal with ofakeo and now is starting to realize that it’s a huge mistake.

  • John Ledo

    Remember folks you have to pass it before you know whats in it

    • hydrangea1

      And WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE! Don’t forget that lu-lu from that brilliant, honest sec. of state we have now.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    If the idiot gets appointed, won’t that make him the Eric Holder of the Defense Dept.?

    • hydrangea1

      Only if he’s chinless like Eric the weasel.

  • John Ledo

    As a Republican I can say the Republican party seems to lack enough balls to let the people know exactly how bad our country actually is today and how much worse it will get. The party didn’t hammer this enough during the election. Who cares if people feelings get hurt…lay out the truth. Lay out the plan that obama is setting us up with and let people know the truth. then turn around and say, we will allow obama to do whatever he wants in the next 2 years and see where he takes us. from now on we will pass every budget and every bill. Then sit back for 2 years and watch the country destroy itself. by that time people will be begging for conservatives to take over and will soon forget anything to do with socialism.

    • hydrangea1

      You are exactly right. Good post.

  • Guest

    Has anyone ever listened to Hagel speak and not concluded, “This man is an idiot”?

  • Largebill

    Senators who are shocked to find out former senator Hagel is not too bright probably also fail to notice that most of their colleagues are not very bright.

  • Kevin Underwood

    Unfortunately, Hagel is Republican only in name (Small r Big L) his answers and beliefs are not blunders, they are the core of liberal beliefs which are Anti-American and Anti-Semetic. In a liberals’ minds America is a racist, economically unbalanced, opressive capitalist state that thrives off of the misery of the third world. You can thank public education and the unversity system for promoting and propagating these beliefs.

    • Angie (D)

      Exactly — the lefties aren’t upset at what he said — they’re only upset that he couldn’t spin their core beliefs with more finesse.

  • Angie (D)

    The upside of this is: if Hagel gets confirmed as SoD, we’ll know how the Romans felt when Caligula made his horse a consul.

  • AZWarrior

    Leon Panetta had a fit over defense cuts. Hagel would swig Obunghole’s butt sweat to become defense secretary. Then, Oblowhole can say his REPUBLICAN defense secretary went along with it. Basically, Obongo picked the dumbest Republican he could find.

  • Guest

    Hagel is not serious choice, he is a pantomime horse being used by Obama;
    in order for him to claim he tried to be bipartisan, but the Republicans spurned him.
    Subtle and disingenuous….
    Like throwing pork chops into a mosque,
    then complaining that people were ungrateful, for not eating what was provided.

  • Redhotchilli Pepper

    obama is only picking these types of people because of how Susan Rice was treated and forced to step down.

    • hydrangea1

      Well, Obama threw Rice under the bus. He asked Lurch to take the job a week before Rice withdrew, according to Lurch’s interview with the Boston Globe.

  • Chris Turner

    Just another in the long line of losers who could never make a paycheck in the real world looking for their next ‘gobtment’ job supported and endorsed by the head loser who never had a legitimate productive job

  • walterc

    Reminds me of the police chief in Casablanca “shocked” to see gambling going on at Rick’s place. Their only shocked to see incompetence not covered as well as it usually is. Incompetence over flows inside the belt way.

  • walterc

    Reminds me of the police chief in Casablanca “shocked” to see gambling going on at Rick’s place. Their only shocked to see incompetence not covered as well as it usually is. Incompetence over flows inside the belt way.

  • bidentime

    I believe Obama truly wanted Hagel as to be confirmed. It would complete his pair of bookends. Joe Biden being the other half.

  • bidentime

    I believe Obama truly wanted Hagel as to be confirmed. It would complete his pair of bookends. Joe Biden being the other half.

  • James Neal

    I grew up in Arkansas — I hope Nebraska is as embarrassed about Hagel as I am about Clinton (actually both Clintons)….

  • Tradecraft46

    No, he lacks what many do: the integrity of his word. He is just a stalking horse, and the next one, if necessary, will look better, even if possessed of a desire for inappropriate social relationships with small furry animals.

  • Smeethow

    And, if the senate votes to confirm him, what does that make them?

    • hydrangea1

      It makes them exactly what we think they are, inept corrupt individuals who are there to line their own pockets and destroy this country with their actions. The ones who have any character are shunted aside and vilified.

  • mtlhd1955

    Like the rest of his so called “staff”. They are just figure heads. All of his departments are being run by the undesireable anti-Americans he associates himself with. All in an effort to bring this country to its knees. Mostly using Chicago Style Strong Arm Tactics.

  • hydrangea1

    I’m going with Brit Hume on this one. A bumbling idiot. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, (ala Hillary) because Obama will be calling the shots anyway. All Hagel has to say is “yes, messiah”.