Oh, yes. She did. Kirsten Powers appeared on Fox News this morning and laid into “journalist” Steve Kroft’s swoon-filled lovefest on “60 Minutes” last night.

But Kirsten wasn’t done. She took to Twitter to follow up.

President Obama recently bashed Fox News yet again. Journalists who don’t wag their tails like good little lapdogs? They don’t suit.

He can’t stop, evidently. As Twitchy reported yesterday, it seems like President Obama should be named a Senior Fellow at Media Matters.

Go get him!


Fight like a girl? You betcha.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZR4D5E2WTOI4MSKK7AJS6EG3OA Everybodys All American

    New respect for Kirsten Powers.

    • john1gun


      • Jack Deth

        Rush is commenting on the “state run media” topic right now.

    • Conservative First

      This is nothing new for Kirsten, she has a history of calling out her party. While I disagree with her on quite a few points, she’s someone I definitely respect. She is undeniably principled, and cares more about her beliefs than her party, who couldn’t respect that?

    • debdash

      I have always had great respect for Kirsten Powers, although I frequently disagree with her politics. She is a truthful person even when it goes against her Party. Which is DEMOCRAT for those of you who don’t realize they are represented on Fox News.

      • Deana Gardner Ray

        Couldn’t have said it better Deborah. She has been really critical of Obama and the liberal media. Very odd for a Dem. AND she does it on FNC which Dems always say is “faux news.”

  • Jack Deth

    Kirsten is starting to collect coup.

    Though if Obama did condescend to sit through a FOX interview. His reaction to the first tough question would be to unplug his mike and walk off the set.

    Chris Plante and WMAL’s earlier talk radio shows were all over this “state run” topic this morning.

    Good times.
    Good times.

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Is Kroft even capable of embarassment at this point?
    Does he realize that he should be ashamed of a performance like that?

    • seek456

      looking forward to O’Reilly tonight. He had claimed that Kroft was a good journalist on Friday. It will be interesting what he says about the interview today.

      Good journalist? lol Not so much.

    • Jim Russell

      Love is blind.

      O already has every news broadcast but Fox spreading their legs for him. What does he want, a dictatorship?

      • CintiCB

        True FACTS, simply, have NO place in this administration!! This is why he doesn’t like Fox News Channel (FNC). He shouldn’t worry, though, because his ignorant, empty headed groupies are not intelligent enough to watch FNC!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jjcarone John J. Carone

        Jim: By your choice of words above, I can tell you are “straight”. To be more inclusive, I’d like to add, “and bending over” for him.

    • beebop1952

      They have abdicated journalism for fluffing …. without the condom.

  • TocksNedlog

    No doubt, any second now Andrea Mitchell will refer to it as an “in-depth” interview.

    • Pendog

      How long before ESPN blabbers call her a ‘cornball’ liberal?

      • seek456

        already have.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T3ADMWWDLD2T4VJLOM6IGGLRGQ James

    i have always respected her and Juan Williams regardless of their views because they are rational.


      Juan Williams is a trashy human being, no respect for this racist at all.

      • seek456

        I like Juan. He does spout nonsense about race, but he seems like a nice guy. I think he has a streak of kindness and he even admitted that he couldn’t believe how the “far right” (according to lefties) treated him about the NPR fiasco. He thanked them all for their kindness and he did state that he was saddened by the response from some of his “friends” – not so much in time of need I guess.

        There are very few democrats that I have respect for – and it’s not because they’re democrats. It’s because they can’t ever argue like adults. Childish name calling and silly left wing points that have nothing to do with facts. Sally whatever her name is – a bright woman but spouts stupid “facts” that are false and keeps repeating them, even when called out. If she only talked like an adult – which she is capable of, but seems to feel that she has to say dumb things.

        Another one I like is Joe Trippi. Think he has a level head on his shoulders and you can always tell when he has trouble backing a dumb move by the left by the wry grin on his face.

      • michael s

        Juan Williams is a victim of racism . He can’t be a racist.

        • 1SkepticalChick

          “He is a victim of snakebite. He can’t be a snake. ”
          Perfect sense.

    • 364NKL

      James, Juan Williams NEVER disagrees with Obama and ALWAYS uses the race card. He is a P.O.S.

      • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo


    • Agent_Zeero

      Juan Williams? Rational? Since when?

    • Linda Ponzo

      Juan Williams is a smart political analyst, but he goes completely irrational when speaking about Obama.

    • beebop1952

      Juan is an intellectual fly weight. Don’t put the two of them in the same sentence.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    I wonder how much hate she gets for working with Fox. She’s definitely right; we might as well have state-run media, it’s so biased.

    • irishamrep

      We do have state run media and we are the only ones that could do a damn thing about it by calling and turning them off! If we do not we will surely and completely lose our Freedom!

  • Bob Smooper

    She is a GOP plant.

    • lainer51

      and you are just a plant – still need food, air and water, but no brain.

      • Joe_Pace

        Thanks. Now I’ve gotta clean the Pepsi I splattered on my screen. 😉

      • Silenttype78

        I almost posted something very similar 😉 .
        Great minds and all….

  • Mark Stephens

    I do not always agree with Kirsten Powers, but her arguments are invariably based in logic and fact. We may disagree on interpretation, but I have always found her to be one whose opinions I respect.
    A pity that the same cannot be said of other “journalists.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maliheh-Banoo/100001527498988 Maliheh Banoo

    Kirsten and her so called left wing buddies she mentioned are ‘token liberals’

  • putthehammerdown

    What IS UP wid’ Kristen Powers? More often than not she’s espousing stuff, in a coherent and straightforward fashion.
    Has another dimension suddenly overtaken us while we were all napping?
    Let FOX try her out for a while, in her own format/style. Or, let her sub for ‘someone’ for a bit.
    Someone like Shepard Smith………for a month straight.

  • http://twitter.com/boatshunter George Hurst

    For K.P.:

    How can you espouse the mantra, if you do not trust the politicians? Could you wrap yourself around the paper promises of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution? Kiss the DNC goodbye and speak out against all the tyrants. ..You present evidence that you are struggling against your core beliefs. Come to the RNC, help the Phoenix rise from the ashes.

    • http://gathman.org/vitae CustomDesigned

      I wouldn’t recommend the RNC at all. It has abandoned the constitution just as much as the DNC. While the DNC trashes the 2nd amendment with their War on Guns, the RNC trashes the 4th with their War on (some) Drugs and Forfeiture. Then there is the War on Poverty, War on Pornography, War on Terror. Between the two parties, pretty much every bill before Congress in the last 40 years has been unconstitutional. No wonder Ron Paul was “Dr. No”.

  • golftilidrop

    If she continues to be rational and fair, she will be kicked out of the liberal/democrat club.

  • Lady 12

    Loved her “Oh boo hoo” comment.

  • rinodino

    Kp has a pay check to protect, that’s pretty much it

    • Silenttype78

      I would guess that she could be less objective without fear of losing her pay check. In fact, I would say that she is risking her name (and her career) by choosing to be objective.
      Your logic is flawed.

      • http://www.FunDMental.com TheRealJackpineSavage

        By definition, what passes for logic on the left is Always flawed.

        It’s not a bug, it’s a Feature.

    • michael s

      Not about as paycheck. Notice her recent targets. Pres Obama UN ambassador Rice, Toure. Female CBC members. See a pattern. Kirsten is just vile.

      • Zane Henry

        no, you’re just a hater (to use the vernacular of your side). I’m sorry you libtard males are so threatened by women who are obviously smarter than you.

  • $29561723

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a reporter actually chooses to be somewhat objective is regarded as refreshing. I don’t agree with many of her viewpoints, but she will not break under the weight of progressive dogma and is more fair than anyone else out there. Toss in that she’s stunningly beautiful and I’ll watch her on Fox every time she’s on.

  • Bigfoot Steve

    Sadly, KP is an open borders shill, which is worse than Obama the baby whining about Fox.

  • tdpwells

    Come to our side, Kirsten. All the pretty girls are over here.

    • LightSabre


    • $21367552

      A quick scan of her twitter feeds from the past week would reveal that she doesn’t suffer the many knuckle-dragging fools on your side trying to make “arguments” in favor of taking the US back to the 19th century.

      • Kleverabevera

        Well at least she is not goose stepping along with rabid sycophantic cult members on your side. Is she?

      • beebop1952

        ad hominem references to the nineteenth century are so passe ….

      • Catchance

        If you want to talk about going back to the 19th century, how about all the “green” companies to which Obama gave money (that have since gone bankrupt)? How about his shutting down the Keystone Pipeline? How about grabbing our automatic guns? How about giving money and arms to countries that practice Shariah law? Obama wants to turn us into Greece.

  • lee metzger

    Kirsten, you really need to “come on over” to the republican side. You know politics is nothing but a game to the left who simply spout talking points, regardless of the absurdity of their position. Having said that, no matter what you do, I do have immense respect for you in that you’re not afraid to criticize your own party, a rare commodity on either side of the aisle.

  • michael s

    Kirsten is just another Pres Obama hater displaying racism, and still upset over 2008. Mad that her old boss Hillary didn’t ride white entitlement to the white house.

    • BigTBoom

      Oh no, a free thinking Democrat not in lock step with the party, obviously she’s racist and must be silenced or branded as “one of them”!

    • beebop1952

      Funny four years ago women were reviled for using their “lady parts” to vote HRC and what did the great and wonderful 0z do this year ??????? yeah. Left you and yours for the vile and ignorant examples of humans you all are.

      • michael s

        You mean those 18 million cracks in the ceiling your queen thought she could bring to the republican party? Didn’t happen did it. As for this year who is in the white house because of the 7,000,000 women majority vote?

    • Zane Henry

      grow up. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of sore winners than you Obama sycophants. Name one thing he’s done that’s been a net positive to this country. I’ll await your talking points laden response.

      • michael s

        Records profits for GM and Chrysler every year since 2009.

        • Zane Henry

          yeah, that’s rich….record profits. Is that why GM is STILL circling the drain, and chrysler was sold to Fiat? Care to try again?

    • TundraThunder

      Newsflash! Mikey’s tossing the ever-ready race card when one of theirs doesn’t toe the lefty line. Now that’s funny!

  • Kleverabevera

    Unfortunately she is such a rare and scarce example of what a democrat used to be. Question government and keep it accountable.

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    In any state run environment, one must have a controlled opposition. Fox plays their part magnificently.

    • Kleverabevera

      You may have a point. I hate conspiracies but my gut hears some truth in what you say.

  • yourpaled

    Why do some posters see the need for Kristen to skip over to the GOP? Just because she pointed out the liberal hypocricy so openly, makes her a true journalist, party be damned! But, to go after 60 minutes and their favor of Obama so openly now is also somewhat hypocritical, because where were these true journalists during the debates between Obama and Romney, or Biden and Ryan? That was the time to expose to the public, a huge audience all over, the BIAS of the main media. THAT was the time to ask Obama the really tough questions about Bebghazi, or about the millions wasted on green energy! It was also a chance to attack the moderators and their one-sided bias that we see constantly. Journalism today is a far cry of years gone by, but is a sign that parties who want complete control of citizens will use the media to their purpose. Just look back on the tyrannical regimes around the world!

  • Danny Wheeler

    Go, Kristen!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittykatnip1970 Karina Pettinger

    I have a lot of respect for Kristen Powers! She seems like a fair-minded intelligent Democrat who isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it! It’s refreshing! I get so irritated with most of these Democrats who wear their blinders and only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, ignoring the truth right in front of them, and setting common sense aside.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    A democrat who can tell the truth with no spin. Love it.

  • scubaski00

    This isn’t news…60 Minutes has been like State Run TV for DECADES!!

  • walterc

    The one democrat on the planet that you can have an intelligent discussion with. She knows how be unbiased int he media, and easy on the eyes besides. Can’t believe she’s from Alaska and a Dem.

  • John Zanotelli

    Kirsten, we are very proud of you for doing the right thing. It’s about time that someone did this. Thanks.

  • nc

    Kirsten is old school Dem, the only way their party can survive in the long term. I may disagree with her on many policy issues but there’s none of the blatant disrespect that typifies so many on her side that don’t toe the line.

  • JPAT

    Kirsten, a breath of fresh air from a Democrat, maybe you should come over to the right. Too bad most do not see the medias bias to the left> God Bless

  • AdoEdem

    Guys, stop correcting leftists insisting that Ms. Powers isn’t an “authentic” liberal. Actual moderates (and by that I don’t mean leftists pretending to be “moderates”) will get the mistaken impression that so-called “liberals” are actually sane and rational.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    I always judge individuals by the content of their character and Powers demonstrates she is an ace, neither Republican or Democrat, just an individual speaking the truth

  • Eric Hutchison

    Obama reminds me of Hugo Chavez and his attack on free speech in Venezuela. http://bit.ly/YAsG4h

    • Zane Henry

      He should have rolled the tanks after the election to make his Chavez costume complete.

  • Apac Son

    60 minutes, CBS, one whole hour of lies and disception. What a program. Every American needs to start listening to what they say and remember what they do.

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    More Dems need to break ranks from this Tyrant. He’s not good for America. Threats, Intimidation, Censorship……. all in a days work for this Marxist/Leninist.

  • Dennis E. Amnott

    Oh wow people are pissed because Kristin Powers called the 60 Minutes interview with Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton by Steve Croft a “puff” piece. For the past 4 years under Obama it is no secret that CBS News has been taken over by the Barak Obama Propaganda Machine, where NO ONE asks a question that hasn’t been vetted by the White House Communications (propaganda) Department. Les Moonvees (President of CBS News) was bought and paid for by Obama, George Soros and his cronies.
    Steve Croft, et al the rest of the CBS 60 minutes crew sold out their journalistic integrity shortly after Mike Wallace had his breakdown. From there on in all credibility has been lost forever. Same holds true for ABC, NBC CNN, PBS and MSNBC for Obama knew to control the country he first had to secure control of the media. With that order of business taken care of he next has to totally destroy the Republican Party through media attacks, distortions, Executive Orders and plain outright lies.
    This whole Administration should be tried on Impeachable Offenses and sent to Criminal Court then commitment to Sing Sing for the remainder of the miserable pathetic lives.

  • TheGazeAblaze

    Her and I will never agree on much,but she is honest,and brave!!The Kool-Aid drinking Obama sheeple are going to give her hell,and she knew it right when she tweeted that.That’s real journalism,wish there was more Democrats were like her!!Way to stand up and say what you believe,it took a tremendous amount of bravery,this almost never happens!!Thanks for being honest Kirsten!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

    i noticed a alot of change in her since the elections..maybe it opened her eyes as to what her party represents

  • http://www.facebook.com/faith.dunn2 Faith Dunn

    i noticed a alot of change in her since the elections..maybe it opened her eyes as to what her party represents

  • http://twitter.com/neindustrial Don Carter

    I hear a Sucking Sound Mr. Obumber.

  • Shawn

    Kirsten Powers reminds me of that one guy that did crossfire with Pat Buchanan, a liberal that actually made sense. This guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Kinsley

  • michael s

    When is Kirsten going to attack sen Mary Landrieu for speaking against Fox News? After all if she’s consistent she will do a column and tweets against white Sen Landrieu,like she did black POTUS. After all she is consistent,isn’t she?

  • JR48

    There was a time when the last thing that a politician wanted was 60 Minutes on it’s doorstep with a camera and a microphone, asking questions. Those days are long over.
    Now it’s merely a pale, sad shadow of it’s former self. And yes,it’s absolutely state run media. A free informercial from the Clinton for President campaign.

    But to me, no different than the rest of the media who coo and fawn over their favorite politician. A man that they never vetted, his opponents that they vilified for daring to oppose him on any issue.

    It’s terrible and sad to contemplate what America used to be but is no longer. I don’t know why Powers bothers to comment. The faux meme is everything, facts and results don’t matter anymore. There is no productivity, no accountability, all that is left is spin and subtrefuge, manipulation and marketing.

    Obama is tee’ing Clinton up for her 2016 run, and 60 minutes was just holding his purse while he did it. I think that we now know what the deal is that they made in 2008 and why she agreed to take this job.