Darn skippy! As Twitchy reported, pro golfer Phil Mickelson put some divots in the green when he caused a kerfuffle by ¬†saying that he was considering a “drastic change” due to high income taxes. How dare he speak truth? He has since expressed regret for those remarks, because it apparently angered some fans.


Indeed.¬†Many Twitter users rushed to the golfer’s defense: Why on earth should he apologize?


But, the controversy continued. So, Mickelson held a press conference today, which got off to a late start.

Mickelson arrives at the presser.

And he apologizes again for making the comments publicly.

And, the old “fair share” media-pressured narrative comes into play.

It is a shame. He knows the tenor of his remarks was correct. And he has no reason to apologize for it. Many Twitter users agree.


“Fair share”! And by that, we mean punishing success and class warfare. How very moral!

It was CrimeThink, you see.


  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    Why does he need to apologize for honesty? He’s letting the left win!

    • http://twitter.com/equaltreatment Elaine

      Intimdation and threats. Works for all dictatorships.

    • maybetoday777

      Why does he need to apologize for free speech? What a moronic country we live in.

  • http://twitter.com/stupid_republic Stupid Republic

    Much like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, it’s disappointing that Mr. Mickelson was forced to walk back his comments under the attacks and boycott threats of the left. It’s not like he was telling flat out lies or distorting the truth.

    Then there’s this Richard Head of a contributor at Forbes who whines that Phil’s only being taxed at 52% instead of 62%.


    • http://twitter.com/TruPundit BristolGOP Backup

      The palace guard MFM will not tolerate dissent!

  • Txgirlinnh

    He has absolutely nothing to apologize for. I’m so sick of the “but – but – but they need to pay their fair share” party. Get off your lazy, entitled, self righteous asses and quit whining. If they put half as much effort into their lives/families/careers/future as they did complaining about the evil rich guys and the complete “unfairness” of it all they too might be asked to pay 63% tax rate. Then, they too, would see how ridiculous it is.

    • Canadian in USA

      Agree 100%. Seems the whole “aspire to make it to the top” as been replaced with “I’m entitled to my entitlements”.

      • Txgirlinnh

        When so many vilify financial success it’s not surprising. That doesn’t make it any less preposterous though. When did success become evil in this country while ebt cards became some form of a sick “badge of honor”. I am completely empathetic to people needing a leg up on occasion but it seems our country is producing life-long welfare leeches by the generation now.

    • http://twitter.com/TruPundit BristolGOP Backup

      He used the correct words in the correct order to express a correct idea correctly. So the media jump to attack him in unison. STOP EFFING APOLOGIZING!!!

  • TheChuckr

    Why should he apologize for not wanting to pay confiscatory CA and Fed taxes? The liberal media too easily intimidates those who speak out and speak the truth.

  • lillymckim

    Another low life Lib Professor who never played a sport in his life “lecturing” the successful.. who does that sound like?

  • lillymckim

    Tiger Woods did the same thing in 1996 and I don’t blame any of them for doing so.
    Half the tour lives in Florida for the same reason.Taxes.
    How dare someone buck the Obama regime!
    Stand up people be proud of your success and never apologize for it you did build it!

  • nc

    I shudder to think of what kind of behind-the-scenes pressure was put on Mickelson to produce this response.

  • $30158943

    Poor pro golfer who makes millions a year for playing a game that most people have to pay big bucks to play and he has to pay 4% more on his income above $450,000. Boy life must be tough.

    • dwsmokin

      As opposed to virtually any other pro athlete, the golfer is the antithesis of a “union” worker. They get paid on performance alone. Don’t do well-don’t get paid. Anything Phil makes is a result of his performance. Period. Plus, he’s got a rep as one of the most decent, generous players on tour. Why don’t you pick on the guys with the guarantees-maybe the NBA for instance?

      • $30158943

        And endorsements which makes up the bulk of his income. So if he doesn’t make anything no taxes are paid.

    • aegean1

      It doesn’t matter how much he makes, the point is it’s HIS money and the government is stealing it!

      • Thea Patriot

        LOOTERS !!!

    • $29561723

      What’s yours is yours. What’s his is yours.

    • http://twitter.com/KALKAM71 KALKAM

      It’s his money, he can decide how to spend it…not you…and yes life is tough when people like you think you have a say in such matters.
      Quick question to prove how evil you are…

      A couple retire and sell their home to live off the money….it sells for more than 450K….all the money they will have for the rest of their lives.

      You think they are rich?

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      I have one question rambling around in my brain:

      Are those who profess the “fair share” religion, also interested in getting a sensible “bang for the buck” ? That is, would they agree to an analysis of both the sources and the uses of Federal funds ? Complete with audits of all larger government institutions, corporations, political parties and unions ?

      • $30158943

        Yes, already happens, there is a consolidated financial audit and independent agency audits conducted by Inspector Generals at each federal department.

  • dwsmokin

    Hey Phil-shut up! You don’t have to apologize to anyone. You are an independent contractor who gets paid based on performance. You pay all your own taxes (without any employer matching). Any endorsements or contracts you have are based on the fact the YOU PERFORMED!. And most of those you’re apologizing to aren’t fans anyway. Stick to your guns and play.

  • SpinMeNot

    My guess is that Mr. Mickelson is/was pressured by his publicist/agent or directly by his sponsors.

  • Steve_J

    There was no reason for him to apologize.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    I think he apologized for the same reason Micheal Jordan (to quote Rush) doesn’t publicly back democrats:

    Because republicans buy shoes too.

  • http://twitter.com/KALKAM71 KALKAM

    What a p***y….I hate taxes and anyone that hates my hatred for them….and I hate their kids…and their friends…and their ancestors for breeding.

    We are owed the apology from the filthy commie lovin progressive thieves.

    Now him and Chris Christie can date…

    • Thea Patriot

      You can call them LOOTERS. It’s appropriate.

      Just a term from Atlas Shrugged.

  • Thea Patriot

    If you tax the wealthy until they live poor, then you achieved one of the major goals of Marxism, A ONE CLASS SOCIETY BEHOLDEN TO THE LEADER.

    • Ronald

      The wealthy will always be wealthy. He who has the gold rules.

    • Ronald

      The wealthy will always be wealthy. He who has the gold rules.

  • dcnj

    Now he can apologize for apologizing…just shut up and swing the club…

    God help the Rich White Man…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    Sounds like someone must have threatened him with a tax audit that he couldn’t win. Not that he did anything wrong, but they would make sure he couldn’t win. There is no other reason for these apologies for speaking freely.

  • jetch

    if Phil thinks it’s inappropriate to complain about taxes because there are people living pay check to paycheck, what does he think of Obama playing golf and having lavish parties all the time??

  • jetch

    if Phil thinks it’s inappropriate to complain about taxes because there are people living pay check to paycheck, what does he think of Obama playing golf and having lavish parties all the time??

  • Ronald

    Why the heck should he be paying income tax at all? For that matter, why should I be forced to pay income tax?

  • Ronald

    Why the heck should he be paying income tax at all? For that matter, why should I be forced to pay income tax?

  • http://twitter.com/1RandiStarr Randi Starr

    So he was neutered?