Congratulations! Author and Fox News contributor Amanda Carpenter took to Twitter to announce her new and exciting gig with Senator Ted Cruz.

Yes, they are.

Aww, Media Matters’ Oliver Willis is stomping his feet. Jealous, toots? Or scared?

More Twitter libs let their fear show.

Sigh. New tone!

The civil send congratulations and wish the always awesome Amanda Carpenter all the best.

We send our congratulations to both Amanda Carpenter and Senator Cruz. Fight like a girl? You betcha.

  • V the K

    No one ever taught leftists “If you can’t say anything nice, STFU.”

    • Canadian in USA

      Yeah…it seems to be more of, “If you can’t say anything nice, make it as vile as possible…oh and don’t forget to use as many vulgar words as as you can.”

      • Lisa Dean

        And keep the misogynistic proud and don’t forget the death threats either.

        • Canadian in USA

          Sad but true.

          • V the K

            Indeed. Maybe I should have said the leftist rule is, “If you can’t say anything nice, spew obscenities and make death threats.”

    • TugboatPhil

      Wouldn’t they be mute if they followed that?

      • RightThinking1

        Geeze Tug…, be careful. You know as well as I do that ‘mute’ is ‘dog whistle’ for ‘dumb’…, which is ‘dog-whistle’ for ‘stupid’, which would mean that you are a ‘hater’, which means…., aw heII, I don’t know what it means anymore.

    • rinodino

      Take you own advise Righty

      • Geary Marks

        Ever learn much about english grammar in school?

        • Zanshi

          Nah. Dave was too busy being indoctrinated to actually learn anything useful. 😉

      • $36544368

        Geez…are you here again? Or should I say ‘still’? Go home!

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Let’s see .. . . onslaught of splithering venom from our Media Matters trolls pathetically trying to shred Carpenter & Cruz both in 3…2… 1 ….

    /Oops, guess they’re still waiting for their style sheets.

    • kch50428

      The trolls are just getting up for the day about now… :)

    • rinodino

      I like Amanda C, not a bad word to say about her, not going to help ONE BIT for republicans to win back the WH or Senate, but congrats all the same…. just the simple facts, you guys don’t win national elections anymore and won’t until you change your tone

      • LightSabre

        Tone=take same stand as democrats.

        • rinodino

          No. Tone is not to call all mexicans illegal immigrants…. don’t call 50 some million people voting for Obama as wanting Handouts and on welfare….. Sure fire ways to lose national elections

          • RogueRose

            Kind of like your guy calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him “enemies”.. like that tone??

          • RightThinking1

            Ok…., the 50 million on welfare all voted for Romney. ROFL….

            Oops, sorry, that was bad tone…, I’m sure.

            The Left just can not grasp that responsible leadership will sometimes require that difficult and unpopular demands will be made of the people. Thus it was for Lincoln, thus it was for Churchill, et al. (uh-oh, is ‘Churchill’ a dog-whistle’?)

            O’s single focus has been on the politics of himself, and his party, in that order. Those are still his focus. Aside from an obscene ‘stimulus’ bill, the president has lifted not a finger to aid the economy, but has spent hugely in promoting his voter base. ‘Winning’? Yes, but so did the barbarians storming the gates of Rome. Congratulations.

          • michael s

            65.000.000 voted for him.

          • TexSizzle

            Proving P.T. Barnum was right.

          • Obamammy

            65 people voted for him?

            Does your keyboard have a comma?
            Seriously folks these are the apes we have to debate.

          • Zanshi

            Michael isn’t from the US. Where we would use commas, Europeans use periods for large numbers. They use commas when referring to decimal places, where Americans use periods.
            Oh hey! That means Twitchy has International trolls funded by Soros posting here!

          • $36544368

            OMG! You mean we not only have to deal with US trolls, but international trolls as well!?

          • SpinMeNot

            And who calls all Mexicans illegal immigrants? Cough up some proof, or go back to humping your coconut. On the other hand, we have proof of people voting for BHO and democrats because of the handouts they receive, or because of the color of his skin.

            I look forward to your posts, they are just a wonderful example of the low information, talking point based culture that thrives under the democrats. You should be proud that you make many other useful idiots look like pikers.

          • $36544368

            Humping your coconut? LOL! I’ve never heard that one. I’m sure I’ll be putting that in my arsenal…along with ‘never look at your thighs while wearing your reading/magnifier glasses’. I’m also going to try to start adopting your attitude…some of the liberal fodder on here frustrates the heck out of me. I’m going to start look forward to reading their posts because it helps me believe that maybe I’m not so crazy after all 😉

          • David Christian Newton

            You are well advising yourself. The right-brain only thinker who “feels” things instead of invoking rules of logic, induction, and deduction before getting into a bathtub full of cold water that he intends to heat up with an electric heater….is now a member of the “ruling class” . The same guy who filed suit because there was no admonishment on the side of the chain saw that stated “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BRUSH YOUR HAIR OR TEETH WITH THIS APPLIANCE”… now a member of the politburo.

          • David Christian Newton

            Exactly, my grandchildren are 13th generation Texans via my wife’s family….a bunch of Spanish Jews who came into Monclova and Saltillo in the mid-1500s. They have been present in Texas since the earliest part of the 1700s. She is an extremely solid rightwing crazy, and totally opposed to any notion of any kind of amnesty for illegal aliens,especially that would provide a path to normalised citizenship. Neither she nor I have ever voted anything but straight Republican since 1968 – 1972 (I’m the older one),
            She and I are both in favour of complete and total abolition of any kind of public assistance…if all could see how it has turne idyllic places like McAllen, Texas into hell-holes in less than 30 years…everyone would be running to close down every intake center for the Departments of Human Refuse and AnchorBabyMother Affairs to-morrow morning.
            There is, simply put, a peon class of people that has been resucitated by the Socialist Democrats and we shall never gain their votes. To lump them in with the Latins who would die before they would take public assistance is foolish…those who do, like Karl Rove and company are fools and are insultingly ignorant. THERE IS NO WAY TO INDUCE PARASITIC SLUGS TO VOTE REPUBLICAN WITHOUT SIMPLY OFFERING MORE BABYMOTHER SUPPORT THAN THE DEMOCRATS. THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS MORASS IS TO DISCONTINUE AFDC, FOOD STAMPS, SECTION 8, WIC, SSI, SS Disability automatic qualification, UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION, MEDICAID, AND THE SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM. OTHERWISE THE CANCER WINS, AND THE NATION DIES.

          • orringtonmom (D)

            tone is also not calling all republicans/conservatives racist and anti-women. so yeah… that.

          • Mike Johnson

            So, don’t tell the truth then? Got it.

      • Obamammy

        So that’s a promise from you to slit your throat or jump off a bridge or hang yourself or whatever you gay liberals do to get attention when you don’t win elections? Like the ones you are losing in 2014 and 2016?

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos hate this because they believe that only THEIR cronies deserve to have government jobs.

  • David Christian Newton