As Twitchy reported, a shooting occurred at Taft High School in Calif. Students are tweeting information and rumors, including rumors of a hit list made by the alleged shooter. They are also tweeting the names of two people reportedly injured in the shooting.

More students tweet that student Cleveland Bowes was shot. Many spread the rumor that a teacher, Mr. Heber, was also injured. There is some indication that his name is Ryan Heber and that he is a science teacher at Taft.

Others try to dispel the rumor that the teacher, Mr. Heber, was shot, although he may have been injured.

The rumors persist that Bowe Cleveland was injured, however. This is allegedly Bowe’s Twitter feed and this was his last tweet prior to the shooting.

Prayers go out to Bowe from the Twitter community.

This Twitter user is allegedly at the hospital with Bowe, and tweets updates on Bowe’s condition.

Students also continue to tweet that the alleged shooter is Brian Oliver.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this story, and the rumors, and will update with further development and confirmation.


Bowe’s friends reach out to Stan Lee, who tweeted about the shooting earlier.

Bowe is a huge Spiderman fan.


He retweeted this earlier this month.

And tweeted these.


#PrayForBowe begins and the rallying of Stan Lee continues.



USA Today has reported Bowe’s name in connection with the shooting.

  • Bob Smooper

    Why is Twitchy speculating, mere weeks after attacking news channels for speculating after Sandy Hook?

    • Kevin

      Because Twitchy reports on what other people say, not on what happened. They’re accurately reporting the tweets. No speculation there.

    • journogal

      Twitchy isn’t speculating anything. They are showing tweets from Twitters. Do you know the difference? This isn’t a news site, but showing what’s happening via Twitter.

    • Joe W.

      None of your goddamn business, Princess.

    • Emily B

      It says UNCONFIRMED right at the beginning of the title. I guess you must’ve missed that.

    • Let’em Crash

      Hey your back! The recent libtrolls suck, only you provided good, direct from the playbook, talking points. And why aren’t you doing that now? where is the “see guns are bad.”