That beautiful photo was retweeted 57 times and made a favorite 28 times. We can see why: Stunning! But the stunning Christmas photos don’t end there. Social media outlets like Twitter allow users to share and experience the joy of the holiday season around the world.

Christmas lights @ Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo.. So pretty & romantic.. Feeling festive..

The world tour continues.

No need to travel! Twitter users share the photos via the magic of the internet.


UK – England – London - Christmas Lights - Star -Christmas decorations at Oxford Street

London is so pretty at night with all the Christmas lights✨ #london #oxfordstreet #lights

And Glasgow, Scotland:

No worries! Other shutterbugs are on the scene.

Christmas lights along Buchanan Street. #Glasgow #Scotland #Christmas #holidays

George Square, Glasgow #christmas #lights

Dublin, Ireland:

Christmas Lights in Dublin Dec 2012


Brandenburger Tor #germany #berlin #xmas #christmas #lights #brandenburger #tor #night


Christmas lights sur les Champs Élysées #paris #Xmas

Christmas lights in Paris #champselysées


Loving the atmosphere ??? #viadelcorso #rome #roma #italy #xmas #christmas #lights #night #december #winter #cold #awesome #beautiful


Christmas lights ?? #christmas #lights #spain

South Africa:

Christmas lights



And here in the United States:

Cleveland, Ohio:

Christmas lights in downtown Cleveland! One of the best dates ever :)

New York:

Christmas lights , decoration & splash in Manhattan - I ❤NYC

new york city decorated for christmas #midtown #manhattan #newyork #newyorkcity #christmas #lights #NYC

Charleston, S.C.:

'Tis the Season. #christmas #lights #charleston #marionsquare #downtown #festive
#Christmas #lights #downtown #Charleston

And some Twitter users are sharing some of their very favorites.

Now you can drive around your neighborhood to see the gorgeous lights celebrating the joy of the season, and you can cruise around sites like Twitter to see the lights around the world. The future is awesome.

What are some of your favorites, Twitchy readers?

  • GaryTheBrave

    George W Tush or savagesavage will probably say something like flashing colorful lights are used to signal the pagan gods or some such thing. Bring it on trolls!

  • TugboatPhil

    Aren’t most of those lights powered by burning carbon based fuels?

  • Bob Smooper

    Happy Holidays!

    I hope Twitchy posts an article to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan!

    Enjoy your holiday trees folks! Happy Holidays!

    • wwbdinct

      When pigs fly! Merry Christmas to all (except you Cooper)

  • Lady 12

    Those lights in Australia were probably my favorite. They showed so much effort.

  • RblDiver

    If anyone is in the Albuquerque area, I strongly recommend going to see the River of Lights display at the botanic gardens. Just went there last night, and it was pretty darn cool.

  • gene lalor

    Hey, Cooper, why not post Eid Al-Fitr photos juxtaposed against pictures of innocent people jumping from the WTC?

  • $23629333

    I can remember – decades ago at Christmas time – walking Doggy Daddy to the top of the escarpment and looking down upon the city and all the lights. A snowfall made the view all the better. Memories…

  • Josephine (D)

    Wow, I thought Christmas lights were mostly a US thing for some reason. The other countries do well.

    Mom and I are going to the Toledo Zoo in a few days to go see their lights. The one in Indianapolis was pretty nice too.

  • Lady 12

    I have a question: has anyone else gone to a store, told an employee “Merry Christmas” and gotten a furtive but fervent, “And a very Merry Christmas to you as well”?

    • redheadgrl

      I’ve gotten a lot of Merry Christmas this year at retailers!

      • Lady 12

        It’s cool, isn’t it?