Bravo’s chef Tom Colicchio got the spittle-ball rolling. As Twitchy reported, NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre appeared as a guest on “Meet the Press” this morning.

Yuk, yuk, yuk! It’s getting tired, Mr. Black.

David Gregory completely let his bias show; to Piers “Musket” Morgan, that’s totally awesome. Journalism shmournalism!

Er. Look in the dim-witted mirror, sir. As Twitchy readers know, thinking is hard for Piers.

Thinking is hard and so is maturity. But what is really important to add to our national dialogue?

That’s right. We need to have a national conversation about spittle, according to Twitter users, including some members of the media. It is the most pressing issue of our time, evidently.

Angles! Wait, but whose spittle was on the grassy knoll? Were there two spittle-spewers or just one?

The Guardian’s Dominic Rushe includes a photo, too.

MSNBC’s Finney thinks it is of the utmost import!

How can she fawn over Gregory’s bias while distracted by spittle?

Other Twitter users join in the froth-obsession. See, he’s totally crazy and stuff. Because, saliva.

Oh, no.

Yes, please.

  • Renny

    What is it about the left and a meme? They’re like stupid, little robots. “Spittle! Spittle! Will Robinson.”.

  • Kabong30

    A little bit of spit is certainly better than the avalanche of word vomit the left is pumping out daily about this. Get this straight libs, you are not convincing me to give up my guns, period. My guns protect me, and because I have taken the steps to legally carry they protect you morons too.

  • lainer51

    That’s so ironic because the King of Spittle has been, still is and always will be Chris Matthews – this has been laughed at for years; spittle = LaPierre – boring and unoriginal.

  • sleazyrider

    Yes but in Matthews case…thats not spittle…

  • linnicy


  • Steve_J

    Has Musket been hacking accounts again to gain an advantage for himself in his interviews?

  • MoxieLouise

    Yes, and screaming “YEEAARRGH!!” while pumping your fist in the sky is much more sane than spittle. See Howard Dean.

  • Jack Deth

    This from a subject of an “empire” who mastered “Pointed Sticks” (Pikes and Halbreds) and their many uses for blood letting and mayhem before discovering gun powder and smooth bores.

    I can’t fault their wind, then later coal, steam, oil and small nuclear powered navies. Or their Royal Air Force before and throughout WWII. But firearms, not so much.

    • MoxieLouise

      True…the Tower of London was more like a House of Horrors.

    • K-Bob

      No love for Lee-Enfield rifles?

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, K-Bob:

        The .303 Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) is a sturdy, well crafted, mass produced bolt action rifle with a decent medium range round. Made famous by Tommies and ANZAC through the Boer, both World Wars and into Korea. And for the soldiers behind the rifle to direct ten rounds of aimed fire in ten seconds. Thus creating and refining the “Mad Minute” response to massed attacks.

        Also like the later FN-FAL. Though only in semi-automatic. And the Browning P-35. Still one of the best 9mm pistols around.

        • K-Bob

          Good stuff, thanks!

  • FilleGitane

    Piers Morgan should borrow Erik Loomis’s dildo and use it to go fuck himself

    • K-Bob

      Preferably one of the antique ones he (ahem) dug up. Wooden, with splinters.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    More tiresome sneering at their social obligation to protect children. As the late, great Andrew Breitbart proved so many times, that’s all they bring to the table. And shoot, I don’t blame LaPierre for being that angry. The NRA or its members had NOTHING do with this mass-shooting, or any other. Yet, they were mentioned in the news on that day as if they drove Adam Lanza to that that school. It isn’t their responsibility to care for the mentally ill, or fix social violence. None of these reporters seem to know anything about guns, or the programs the NRA offers that teach responsible self=protection and gun-ownership. The liberal media is attempting to “Zimmerman” the NRA over this tragedy, and LaPierre should not hold back his anger, and neither should any other NRA member.

  • c2

    I stand with Wayne LaPierre, and Piers Morgan to do to my backside what Ted Nugent told him to do to his.

  • K-Bob

    You want to see the spit fly, watch Ted Nugent say “Drop Dead” to Piers Morgan. I hope it was like a warm shower in the face.

    (the spit isn’t visible, but I think it was definitely implied)

  • aegean1

    Wow, really, that’s it?

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    On 12/18/12 at 2:30am, I used my legally purchased Springfield XDm to stop an armed thug from breaking into my neighbor’s home while they were sleeping. Guy was on some sort of drugs. Kept begging me to shoot him. Held him at gunpoint for 15 minutes until cops got there. My elderly neighbors are greatful…to still be alive….thanks to my training and alert reaction to danger.