Oh, dear. This is beyond delusional and out of touch. Reminiscent of his absurd “doing just fine” and “headwinds!” comments, President Obama today said that the economy is totally “poised to take off,” during an interview with Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman.

Also, metaphors are hard.

What actually is poised to take off? Hilarious mockery. It was swift and sure, natch.



And, an out?

Heh. Keep it coming, Twitter. Mockery is the best medicine! So, there’s that.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_je3pcCrJTw&w=560&h=315]

  • Jack Deth

    As Michael Ironside’s Jester said to Tom Cruise’s Maverick in ‘Top Gun’.

    “That was some of the finest flying I have ever seen…. Until you flew into that mountain!”

    Some of these moronic sycophant Bobble Heads Obama preaches to should be taken out and flogged. Just for being so pathetically stupid on a day that ends in ‘Y’.

  • HannahJK

    According to the stats, people are “taking off” of unemployment and landing on disability.

    • Samh09

      I thought it was straight to welfare. Maybe they are one in the same. I dunno.

      • $36544368

        Disability and welfare aren’t the same.

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

          If you’re getting disability fraudulently it is.

          • Samh09

            The thing is I know of someone (I do not know her personally, but I know who she is through a friend of mine) who collects disability even though she is perfectly capable of working. She uses her “disability” money to buy maui wowie.

          • $36544368

            I’ll agree to that. But having gone through hell myself to get disability (and hating every minute of not being well enough to work), I can tell you that it’s pretty difficult to get it fraudulently…rounds and rounds of doctors’ reports, court dates, ‘impartial’ doctors examining you, etc. That being said, I’m not trying to intimate that it’s not possible.

          • Judy B

            I’ve known more than one who got it fraudulently!

          • Lin Jarvis

            That has changed significantly. Now it is only difficult if you actually have a disability, and are not a dem.

          • $36544368

            Exactly…I actually have two disabilities, and I am not a democrat.

          • $36544368

            Exactly…I actually have two disabilities, and I am not a democrat.

          • Lin Jarvis

            That has changed significantly. Now it is only difficult if you actually have a disability, and are not a dem.

  • Mike Horve

    Where is our economy taking off to? Probably China, Vietnam, India, etc. Anywhere but here and that’s what Obozo wants. He hates America.

  • Cold War Grunt

    In the words of Bob and Doug McKenzie … “take off hoser, eh”.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      We’ll have a couple cold ones and a back bacon sammich, eh.

  • t jack

    As evidenced by the contracting manufacturing index.

  • tredglx

    Has 0bama been hangin’ wit’ da choom gang again?
    (yes, that’s how I remember Hawai’ians pidgin-speak when I lived there in the 90s)

  • TocksNedlog

    Don’t you all be dissin’ the president! He’s RIGHT; the economy IS poised to take off!

    Just like Thelma & Louise.

    • Vennoye

      NO, NO, NO……….he didn’t say “US” economy, silly people…….he was talking about China’s as all the jobs and rich people move to a more rational climate!

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    a lie told oft enough…..

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    I think he meant boys to bakeoff
    its a dog cooking competition for inner city males.

  • http://mikespoliticalmusings.blogspot.com/ Cynical Mike

    How can anything stay “poised to take off” for going on 4 years? Don’t you get some serious cramping when you stay poised for too long?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      C’mon, Mike! Obama is the first President to have a “Summer of Recovery” for 4 years in a row!

  • digitalPimple

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Take off like a North Korean missile launch.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZR4D5E2WTOI4MSKK7AJS6EG3OA Everybodys All American

    The economy is poised to take off. I think it will take off the next four years as a minimum.

  • http://twitter.com/jas_public Joseph Smith

    Obama says the economy is “poised to take off” … also, the chocolate ration will be increased to 25 grams.

  • http://twitter.com/Sistervative Sistervative

    No one told Obama that going off the fiscal cliff is a bad thing. He’s so excited for it…he thinks the “Fiscal Cliff” is a new roller coaster going up in DC.

    Ah, Romney really should have brought him “Economics for Dummies” at their lunch meeting.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/45OWFS22NKCSLSRQ4TXSNS7QMU Rod M.

    Social engineering a generation 1)Demoralization 2)Destabilization 3)Crisis 4)Normalization
    We are somewhere between Destabilization and Crisis. Obama is doing everything within, and outside of his powers to manufacure the Crisis.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I guess you can tell Obamuh “no deal” and if the economy is taking off then it’s likely headed for Mars or maybe the Oort cloud at the edge of the solar system.

  • Belinda Henry

    Welfare is poised to increase!

  • Ariadnea

    More like poised to shoot off the down the cliff! In comiiiing!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/izzyjsmom Donna #TeamUSA

    yep, economy poised to take off over the fiscal cliff

  • Junie3

    Wow, what a lunatic. He needs to be evaluated.

  • Easy_Mr_KnowItAll

    The Prez’s lazer like focus on golf, er, jobs I mean…lazer like focus on jobs has finally paid off…

  • Jim Denney

    Does George Bush get the credit?

  • disqus_6dLo74rmrr

    “This is your Captain speaking. We are poised to take off just as soon as we fix all four engines. Are there any mechanics on board?”

  • rrpjr

    This isn’t delusional, it’s an intentional set-up of a Narrative in anticipation of the impending collapse, so Republicans get blamed for derailing the supposed “recovery.”

  • Terry_Jim

    …soaring like a spruce goose.

    • disqus_ys7YLGvSbv


  • Sharon Schlund


  • afvet4america

    Taking off now Food Stamp Nation next stop.

  • Herman LaClair

    the economy is poised to take off more $$$ from your paycheck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.bradham.1 Bill Bradham

    Six months from now, he’ll just say that the economy was in worse shape than they thought and it wasn’t quite so poised (see: shovel-ready.)

  • digitalPimple

    For who?!?? Him and Michelle maybe. No one else.

  • Lin Jarvis

    Remember when “the private sector is doing fine”? More of the same.

  • Burt Zerker

    No, that was a typographical error, what 0bama actually said was: “the economy is poisoned, and I’m taking off”

  • argyliz


    1. Obama working as an attorney for ACORN, sues
    Citi and

    other banks to force them to accept sub-prime

    2. They won the lawsuit and used this as leverage
    to force

    lenders throughout the US to accept sub prime

    3. After a few years the house of cards collapsed
    and 50% +

    of those bad mortgages caused

    4. Housing and financial crisis followed, causing
    wide spread

    unemployment and business and bank

    This all happened in a period of about 15 years,
    hitting a peak

    2008/2009 and continues …..

    And one person is to blame – Barack Obama. He may
    have meant well and his motives pure, but the results have been

    disaster ….


  • http://twitter.com/rcintc rc

    If it’s poised to take off, why did he propose $50B Stimulus?

  • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

    “Delusional”? I disagree…outright deceit is more like it. And he knows it! He’s only spouting b.s. for his minions.

  • denbren52

    I picture a jet rolling toward the edge of the cliff and then going nose first into the abyss below. Not a pretty picture.