Wowser! Team Romney and Ryan don’t just rock it at Red Rocks; Nevada is Romney/Ryan country, too! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were in Nevada yesterday.

To contrast (and for giggles), look at Biden’s crowd in Nevada the other day.

To be fair, he gathered a few more than Sandra Fluke did in Nevada.

Now, take a gander at the massive Romney/Ryan crowd.

And, paging Eva Longoria!

Care to call these people “stupid” to their faces, sweetie?


Fired up? Romney and Ryan supporters sure are.

  • TwitWit

    GREAT PICTURES! Romney/ Ryan 2012

    • BlueGood

      Awsomely Delightful and Exciting to see!

      WOOO HOOO!

  • kate_middleton

    LOVE it.

  • Nick Summers

    Amazing! And refreshing!

  • Iamwethepeople

    Marvelous, just marvelous. I see red.

  • FChuckTodd

    Clearly, Obama voters are just becoming more selective in what events they attend. Let’s talk about something else please.

    • Rick2340

      HAHA – I like your name – must be a Rush listener.

  • Garth Haycock

    I’m guessing that CBS news has reported that two or maybe three hundred attended this event.

    • sb36695

      Who is CBS?

      • PAttyconservatopia

        Communist Boradcasting Services @sb36695

        • HWarrior13

          Haven’t they formally changed their name to PRAVDA ? @twitter-736095344:disqus

          • Melody Canterberry

            No, that would be MSNBC, followed by CNN (PRAVDA 2) then CBS (PRAVDA 3).

      • KRNC


  • webnetcity

    BOOM!!! Do you hear that thunderous sound in the background Dems?
    That’s the sound of the silent majority coming to evict your liar in chief
    and his affirmative action wife.

    Your days of honoring yourselves with lavish vacations and wasting our money
    will soon be at an end :)

    These pictures choke me up… God, I am so proud to be an American today!
    We can do this!!!

    • Titin Agustin


      • Dee M.

        That makes me so happy and so PROUD. I believe with all my heart that the Romney/Ryan team will restore our country to the greatest nation on earth!! Romney/Ryan 2012

      • sunnyagent

        thanks for posting this link! Seeing R&R at the end together really made me proud!!

    • Sandy Anderson

      That is my home state! Although I am overseas military spouse, I sure hope they do Romney/Ryan proud! Gotta keep out the slime like Harry Reid and his bribing cohorts – but clearly the energy and enthusiasm are with Mitt and Paul!

      • C J

        THANK YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE !!! for your service to this great Nation.

      • HWarrior13

        Sandy, some of us aren’t courageous enough to do what you and your spouse do….but back here at home, many of us are making calls, waving signs and donating, etc., to get Gov Romney and Rep Ryan elected, so our tax dollars will go to areas where they are SUPPOSED to go to, as per the Constitution, ie., funding a military and also trying to get rid of laws and “programs” that are NOT included in the Constitution…ie, funding illegals and “free” birth control. Thank you and your spouse for all you do.

      • Rebecca Dalmas

        So cool. I am not a military spouse, but we live in France as my husband is French. So glad the internet helps us stay connected to the USA!

    • redheadgrl

      Exactly! I’ve been saying since August the “Chick-fil-A effect” (C)redheadgrl will put Mr. Romney in the White House. The silent majority came out and stood in line for 2 hours to buy a freaking chicken sandwich. Do people really think we’re not ready to stand in line to VOTE?

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        redheadgrl, if I could “like” your comment 100 times, I would. Well said! And my sentiments EXACTLY!

      • Melody Canterberry

        That is a great point. Your comment needs a “love” button. And to those standing in line early to vote, or waiting until Election Day, double- triple- and quadruple-check your vote. I don’t trust the machines for a minute.

    • The Daffodil Times

      This picture was photoshopped to make the crowd look bigger

      • Ben Hardee

        Could be mistaken, but it looks like a panorama shot (perhaps with iphone OS6?) that went wonky. I’ve had a very similar effect on shots I’ve attempted.

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    The only way Fluke could pack out a venue would be to hold a rally in a phone box. Notice that Romney supporters can also spell.

  • Bob Pool

    I was there. It was an impressive showing. Very long lines and lack of parking didn’t stop the faithful.

  • Sabu Jupiterwale

    Liked the Mexican-American guy and the lady sporting the t-shirts. The guy’s shirt should have read “Mexican-Americans for Mitt Romney” for correct semantics. But the message is loud and clear :-)

    • Rolando Medrano

      I’m the Mexican that was wearing the shirt. .. I’m tired of politico correctness. If it would of read latino or something like that, I don’t think it would of had the same response.

  • Kels H2

    So wonderful!! It is so good to see these pictures! <3

  • Binks Chicala

    lets keep this momentum going!! my family lives in NV so i’m happy to see the support is there too!

  • FreelovingJ

    I am so pleased to see this crowd for Romney & Ryan. Time to take back Washington. But this time everybody, we need to STAY ENGAGED. We need to make sure we watch what our reps are doing and make sure they are there for US.

  • V.L.


  • LadyMacKeltar

    We are so glad to see this happening all over the nation. It’s about time people woke up!!

  • FightforAmerica

    I can only think of 1 good thing that Obama has accomplished, and that is, he awoke the American people who have been asleep for a very long time. Most of us have just taken for granted that, because we are a great nation, that we can just go about our everyday lives and assume that our government is doing what they were elected to do …protect The United States of America.
    Obama has reminded us of what our Forefathers and our Soldiers have shed blood for, and that the fight will NEVER be over.
    This frustrated and bitter S.W. Pa. Democrat that clings to my guns and religion is sickened by this administration and all of its lies. I campaigned for McCain / Palin last election. ….. It is time to remove the threat and the embarrassment from our White House !!!
    Go Romney !!!!

    • Colleen Kelly

      You have hit the nail on the head, wonderfully stated. Frustrated and bitter over in S.E. PA and proud to cling to my guns and religion…and the Constitution and what the USA stands for (or is supposed to) despite Obama’s best attempts take that away from us as well.

      Hoping the rumor is true that Romney is coming back to PA. Got to have a shot at doubling those crowds in NV :) So awesome to see those pictures, fires me up even more!

    • jackay

      That’s right, coming from another bitter clinger in SW PA! I love these pictures and always take notice the red/white and blue that proudly fills these crowds. You just don’t see that at Obozo rallies. Praying PA goes Romney/Ryan!!

      • C J

        Praying with your for PA

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      We can only pray it is so . .. . then get out and kick ass on Nov 6 (electorally speaking of course.)

    • Adela Wagner

      He also helped those that voted for him and are sorry for it now, realize they must do their own vetting from now on. Do not depend on the media to give you useful information. And it IS the economy, we must have a strong foundation at home, but what is happening overseas is the sour icing on a stinking cake he is trying to serve up. Go R&R!! Praying Daily in Ohio!

  • sb36695

    This is so exciting! It gives me HOPE!

  • Amanda St.Thomas

    I wish I lived in a state that wasn’t so darned liberal – I hate it. Maybe someday we can get candidates to come see us but it will take driving the liberals out. Go Mitt!

    • KRNC

      Live in Texas..solid RED…they don’t come here either! LOL It’s ok…maybe it’s cause they know we gotta get the lost sheep…We are so red here it’s “ridiculous Lucy!” Need another R to come in and fix the DEMOCRAT messes…Reagan….now Romney/Ryan!

  • CalCon10

    Well, fellow Republicans/conservatives, too bad it’s all meaningless.

    The SEIU voting machine technicians will ensure that the “proper” result occurs.

    Doubt me? Look at what’s going in NC, not to mention what the SEIU did for Harry Reid in 2010, when Sharron Angle was leading by 10 in pre-election polls.

  • Booker T.

    These crowds are sick! I can’t even believe my eyes. It’s shocking to me.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yo, Booker T.! How’s the MGs?

      • Booker T.

        Darn, I wrote this comment in haste. Folks say this election will be close. This picture just disproves that. I really hope Romney does well in CO.

  • Botzilla

    When you pull the lever for Romney and Obama gets the vote that make me nervous, I do not trust progressives and this election is still wide open for fraud.

    • Tigre57

      everyone should make sure and ask somehow for proof their vote went through the right way. We need to really stay on our toes and keep an eye out for cheating, it’s all they have left.

  • C J

    Awesome everyone knows a looser President when they hear his lies over and over. Time for a REAL CHANGE…. Go ROMNEY/RYAN.

  • Kenneth Buker

    This was a great event! It took at least 3 hours for all of us to get in. I had estimated about 4,000 of us, but according to the local news it was closer to 6,000. Mitt and Paul did a great job of getting the crowd fired up. I am more certain than ever that we will take the state, and probably carry Dean Heller and Dr. Joe Heck to Congress, as well. I’m sporting one heckuva sunburn today, but it was well worth it.

  • tomtom1983

    Next Obama rally will be held at Save-A-Lot. Lol!! Libs are going down as their power is nearly depleted. They now have to actually earn their elected positions rather then calling you a racist so they can commit voter fraud.

    Libs are truly moronic. You libs are such fraudsters. By by libs.

  • Faith Dunn

    i live in MD…he wont visit our state..we need him too..go romney/ryan 2012

  • Vivian Powell Phillips

    I’m sorry, I live in Nevada and support Romney but there is no way Romney will ever win in this state. The Culinary Union supports Obama and between it and the huge amout of Hispanic voters here Romney just doesn’t stand a chance…wish it wasn’t so but it is.

    • Paul J. Citro

      I can understand where your coming from, I’m from Ma. and most of them are takers.
      R&R 2012

  • dej2

    Wow, Go Romney! Nevada is truly a great State!

  • Greg Greenlee

    This makes me so hopeful! With more info on the Libya breaking and the Administration in full spin mode, Mitt keeps packing arenas! We need to win decisively to prevent the inevitable Dem vote fraud!

  • John Hanover

    I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and the awesome and beautiful Red Rocks, apart from legendary concerts nothing sounds better than a couple of guys who will bring us back to democracy.

  • Cheryl Clark

    This is when they should have set up at least speakers in the parking lot so those that couldn’t get in could listen THEN take the picture would have made even a bigger impact.

  • Proud Nana

    Go Romney/ Ryan, we need truth and sanity back in our White House.

  • sunnyagent

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR 11/6!!!!!!!

  • yviemarie88

    REAL hope! REAL change! R/R all the way!!!

  • mkreider

    Great to see those kind of crowds in NV. I know the culinary unions are strong and pushing for Obama but the people of NV are not stupid. They know the economy should be a lot better than it is and it is Obama’s fault.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    holy cow. how inspiring. real hope (that our country is not lost) i can believe in …

  • The Daffodil Times

    How much did they pay that Mexican couple to wear that shirt? No sane Latino would vote for a man who paints his face brown before going on a Latino tv channel and makes disparaging comments about Latinos during the 47% banquet

    • MotherGoos3

      Nobody pays those on the right..that’s a leftist move. We travel on our own dime.

      • The Daffodil Times

        Suuuuuure you do. Suuuuuuure….NOT!

    • Rolando Medrano

      No one paid me, and we’re not a couple, I met her there. In fact I went and had that shirt made my self, I waited in line for 3 hours to get in. And I hate politico correctness , that’s why I put Mexicans on it. But I’m a proud American. And it’s just ignorant of you to even say that.

      • Katherine Southard Reece

        You were there? Cool…. tell me what that support on the far right is holding up. Also, how come the canopy drops 4-5 feet suddenly. And why are the same people appearing in more than one place at a time?

        I don’t doubt that 10,000 people showed up, but why did they decide they had to photoshop the crowd? Doesn’t that make you wonder?

  • Melody Canterberry

    Wow … just wow. That is so encouraging. After reading all the crap about voter fraud, the Benghazi FUBAR, and then that ridiculous story about the Seal Team Six movie airing two days before the election, this story is a welcome, welcome sight.

  • tinker_thinker

    Awesome, Go Romney/Ryan!

  • nc

    Woo Hoo!

  • Obama Lies

    As a Nevadan who HATES that Vegas runs our elections (Thanks so much for keeping Reid in his position of tyranny, Vegas!), I truly pray that this is a good sign.

  • sailordude

    If Nevada goes Romney’s way I will lift my travel ban on your state for reelecting Harry Reid in 2010. Deal?

  • Ryantheryno

    Why does the sign on the top photo read “Romneney 2012”?

  • Ace_Rothstein

    Nice job on the photoshop on the first pic!

  • vcferlita

    Awful photoshop job on that first photo. Wasn’t even necessary.

  • thinkmingle
  • Katherine Southard Reece

    Why do the two big supports on the far right on the first picture look wrong? The one on the very far right seems to be holding up nothing?

  • Katherine Southard Reece

    This was photoshooped…..

  • colleen_clifford
  • Hugh Schmidt

    Unfortunately about half the picture of the Nevada rally is a photo-shopped fabrication. Do you know who was the source?

  • Willie Meihls

    LMAO that photo at the top of the page has so many photoshopped images overlays on it, it’s pathetic! THAT crowd is NOT THERE!! For all you believers, sorry to say this, but any ‘non-expert’ can look at that picture and see it’s been ‘tampered’ with to look like the crowd was way bigger than it actually is….sad isn’t it? that even in a photo you all NEED to be decieved! LOL so gullible you are!

    • Willie Meihls

      it’s even making the rounds on social networks as to what a fake that photo truely is! LMAO that exact image is circulating with circles drawn on it to ‘point out’ the duplications for those of you who are blinded and cannot see it for what it is…a true photoshopped fake…and there are several more that weren’t circled that you can spot right away…keep on keeping on believing lies America!