Hilarious! Now that’s what we call rapid response.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Joe “best thing we’ve got going” Biden came out swinging … for Romney. At a rally in North Carolina, he rightly announced that the middle class has been buried for four years. Who knew? Joe does have one honest bone in his body! Paul Ryan swiftly announced that he totally agrees. America should stop digging and elect Mitt Romney.

Today, awesome shirts have been added.

A screencap from MittRomney.com:

Send some of “yo dollas,” as President Obama would say, and receive an “Honest Joe” T-shirt!

Twitter users agree.


  • John (it true me am)

    Wow, someone was on the ball on this one.

    • http://twitter.com/CatherineBarre4 Catherine Barrett

      Don’t count on it .. my order for shirts and buttons etc. was place on AUGUST 26th and I still haven’t gotten that order .. not going to get me again .. I just make donations .. don’t expect to get your merchandise.

  • John Beam

    It needs to be in ads, and Romney HAS to mention in the debate tonight that he agrees with Joe, that the middle class has been married for Obama’s years in the White House. It needs to be a nail in Obama’s coffin.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z5XK22SPFSB6LDTMBYXIK3FCCY yahoo-Z5XK22SPFSB6LDTMBYXIK3FCCY

    The remarkable thing is, Joe was brought aboard for ‘foreign policy experience’.
    I would say that he is a joke…, but it isn’t really very funny.

  • Cyborg0012

    I want one!

  • rant stocks

    This is joe at his best…just like – They going to put all yall in chains- Give me a break!