As Twitchy reported last night, President Obama callously referred to the four murdered Americans in Libya as a “bump in the road” during a “60 Minutes” interview.

Was he taking a page from Geraldo Rivera’s disgusting book? He referred to Ambassador Stevens as a “dead dude.” Shameful.

Evidently, “real journalists” didn’t see fit to point out President Obama’s disgraceful remarks.

Indeed. But, no. Guess what was the story? Meany pants Republicans pointing out the disgraceful comment. More from ABC News:

“I guess when u win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing,” tweeted former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, “an attack that kills an Ambassador is just a ‘bump in the road.’”

Other Republicans and conservatives, including officials from the Romney campaign, similarly criticized the president.

Oh, the Rethuglicans at it again! Criticizing the president by, you know, quoting his own words. Racists. Other media outlets chose to ignore as well, evidently.

Some make it all about Romney’s “slam,” natch. As always, Obama gets a pass and it’s all about Romney’s “statement.”

The always contemptible press secretary Jay Carney doubled-down on the disgusting by saying that criticizing Obama’s shameful statement is “desperate and offensive.”

Unreal. Desperate and offensive, heal thyself.

While the media may give a pass, citizens will not. And, so, #BumpIntheRoad was born. Take it away, Twitter!


More, please, Twitter. We can see November from this bump in the road.

  • Josephine (D)

    First, a serious one: Netanyahu is a #BumpInTheRoad to Obama.

    Second, a not-so-serious one: The Cubs 2012 season is a #BumpInTheRoad.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      I feel for you, I have the Mets.

      • orringtonmom (D)

        2012 wasn’t kind to the bosox either. bobby valentin is our #bumpintheroad.

      • Josephine (D)

        Yeah, the Mets are stinking this year, too.

        I must say, Johan Santana’s no-no was awesome! At least you have that to smile about. =)

        • Mini14’sBlkStrat

          That was a good day, Thanks.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Come on, it was just a little gaffe and it never would have happened if hussein obama had a prompter with him. For the “smartest” president ever, he sure is simpleminded.

    • AlmaAlma

      He just doesn’t care. He is just one big act.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    what i say to liberals who think conservatives are “over reacting”:
    acceptable answer: Our policy does not want to cause international trouble but we will get the responsable ones to answer for what they did.
    what he sounded like: Yeah, no biggie. Its not even that important

  • peteee363

    just think about what obama might call more of his appointed people if they were also murdered? he has great respect for the people who work for him, they are mere bumps in the road! not to mention a embassy is considered american soil, we lost american soil during these attacks, this man is waaayyyy in over his head.

  • danmet

    The car is in the ditch, because it hit a #bumpintheroad …Another #shovelready project?

  • John Wehrle

    Let’s face it, when you’ve spent your entire adult life throwing people under the bus, everything becomes just a #BumpInTheRoad.

  • birdyfl

    Obama wants Americans to think he’s on the job-But neglected our Ambassador-and the others-Went back to bed-thats more then a#BumpInTheRoad.

  • Orangeone

    An act of war in Libya is just a #bumptintheroad to O’Bambi

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Honest to Christ that sonuvabitch is absolutely shameless. No sense of decency or anything, and ffkng disgusting the way the Collaborationist Media suck up to him and covers his skinny cracker ass. Honest to God that’s just horrible.

  • nc

    $16 Trillion debt is a #Bumpintheroad.

    But we don’t have to worry about it in the short term.

  • Catchance

    43 straight months of over 8% unemployment is just a #BumpInTheRoad.
    Solyndra going belly up is just a #BumpInTheRoad.
    GM heading for bankruptcy again is just a #BumpInTheRoad.
    No shovel-ready jobs is just a #BumpInTheRoad.

  • ratizbad

    He meant ever word of it,To taunt Americans (He h ates Us and we h ate him)if he is re-elected watch the fireworks go off.

  • Maria

    Ugh, deplorable.

  • SansMercy

    Obama looks at this #bumpintheroad as 4 more “shovel ready” job openings. #Recovery

  • Snarky D

    With so many bodies under Obama’s bus, does it surprise anyone he considers Ambassador Stevens just another bump?

  • Paul C.

    What do you expect from a sociopath-in-chief, without his teleprompters.

  • ember

    May the past 4 years be seen as a ‘bump in the road’ in the very near future!

  • Streetiebird

    Clearly, this is a difficult process and it’s going to be a long process and there will be bumps in the road, we understand that. But we got a very important start under new conditions today. – Condoleeza Rice

    The 60 minutes interviews were a big win for Obama. Romney is going to be crushed in the debates :)

    • Paul C.

      Obummer will have NO teleprompters.

      • Streetiebird

        Yeah, and he’ll do fantastic, just like in 2008! :)

  • G.

    Any event which causes our beloved “President” to shift focus from his marching orders to dismantle America is either a distraction, an inconvenience, or a bump. (Well, other than golfing, being a rock star, lying to America, pimping for admiration, pimping for campaign $$, reelection efforts, vacations, or any activity not related to being a president…)