Bless his heart. David Frum is now trying to take on the mantle of Hero of The Downtrodden. What set him off this time? A strong, conservative woman who rejects the Nanny State. Poor David must be used to “Julias,” who didn’t build that. Well, except for sammiches. Sexist Frum will let them build sammiches all on their own!

He penned what we assume is supposed to be an article for The Daily Beast, titled “Why Does Michelle Malkin Hate Half Her Country?”

I’m about to quote something pretty deplorable, but not in order to deplore it. It is from the inimitable Michelle Malkin. (And when I say inimitable, I mean it literally. I confess: whenever I wanted a character in Patriots to say something truly over the top, I put a small portion of a Michelle Malkin transcript in his/her mouth. I could not – would not have dared – to try to invent anything near so vituperative.)

Oh, he’s so fancy! And pearl-clutchy! He wouldn’t “dare to invent anything near so vituperative.” Man up, dude. Plus, he doesn’t seem to notice the irony of calling someone else meany pants while spewing insults at her.

Nothing. There was nothing mean, unless by “mean,” Frum means honest. That’s likely his problem. The participation ribbons crowd can’t deal with honesty. The “vituperative” stuff to which Frum refers? Simply Twitchy founder and CEO Michelle Malkin talking about the absurd hype over Romney’s 47 percent ‘secret tape,’ and explaining to the willfully ignorant a little something about a debilitating entitlement mentality:

He’s talking, of course, about the Peggy the Moochers and Henrietta Hugheses of the world: savior-based Obama supporters for whom the cult of personality trumps all else. He’s talking about the Sandra Flukes and Julias of the world: Nanny State grievance-mongers who have been spoon-fed identity politics and victim Olympics from preschool through grad school and beyond. And he’s talking about the encrusted entitlement clientele who range from the Section 8 housing mob in Atlanta who caused a near-riot to the irresponsible, debt-ridden homeowners who mortgaged themselves into oblivion and want their bailout now, now, now.

Egads! Truth is terrifying! What a bully; how dare she speak truth and try to encourage personal responsibility! Teaching people how to lift themselves up? That doesn’t suit.

Malkin, and supporters, continue to try to set Frum straight. Bless his beltway-bubble heart.

Yep, he said that. And asked why life’s “lottery winners” hate, fear and hold others who have fared less well in contempt.

What is wrong with him? Seriously. Michelle Malkin’s success? She did build that. It wasn’t handed to her. She isn’t “lucky.” She worked, and works, her arse off. And, guess what? She employs others and enriches their lives, and the lives of their families and children, in ways that the government never, ever could. If anyone hates half his or her country, it’s David Frum. He’d rather people remain dependent upon the government teat from cradle to grave with no hope of advancement. No need to aspire to anything, people. You probably aren’t “lucky” enough!

That says more about you, David.

Yes. And here are some of the classy responses, which Frum is defending while trying to turn them around onto Michelle Malkin.

There’s your war on women. This Twitter user sums it up.

Bingo! What more could we expect from Mr. Frum, anyway? He has said that Romney needs to pander more and promise to keep entitlement programs. Government dependence for all! He also wasn’t pleased with a wingnutty wingnut Ryan pick. And he took to his fainting couch with a jar of smelling salts when John Sununu dared to call out Obama and wished he would learn how to be an American after his “you didn’t build that” remark.

Mitt Romney actually tweeted something today that puts it all in a nutshell.

Bingo. Those who wish that web of dependency to remain are actually the ones who are meany pants. Conservatives, like Michelle Malkin, want people to succeed.

And know that they can.

Unlike bigots like David Frum, who believe that without “luck,” some people are incapable of success. Hater, heal thyself. And man up while you are at it. Please. It’s really sad now.

  • Hiraghm

    Without luck, and lots of it, some people *are* incapable of success. Because they lack creativity, initiative, intelligence, ambition, industry and/or any combination thereof. Ms Malkin’s success is entirely due to her hard *and* smart work, coupled with her ambition. The indolent, lazy, stupid, insipid, uncreative, lacking in initiative and/or ambition are often jealous of the success of the successful, refusing to believe that there are people out there who are superior to their sorry selves.

    • NCMountainGirl

      The late Barbara Frum was perhaps the most influential journalist in Canada. An interview by her was a must not just for Canadian politicians but for world leaders.

      • Garym

        However her son is a douchbag. So much for Barbara Frum.

        • hutch1200

          He ran off, and literally joined the freak show part of the “Circus Party”.

  • douchie

    Ayn Rand is looking more and more prophetic every day.

  • $30423294

    Frum mistakenly quoted Gatsby as saying:

    “(my father always told me, whenever you feel like criticizing someone,) just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

    Well, not to nitpick, but that line was spoken by Nick Carraway, the narrator, not Gatsby himself. The line is meant to be ironic. You see, Gatsby had every advantage and squandered his life, so, yeah, he had all the advantages Carraway had, yet turned out pretty badly. So you see, Carraway’s father was wrong, you CAN criticize someone, regardless of their advantages. Which is pretty much the opposite of the point Frum is trying to get enshrined in the declaration of independence or whatever.

    The point is that the quality of one’s life doesn’t have anything to do with wealth, or “luck” as you say. It has to do with where your treasure is, for there is where your heart is (to paraphrase Christ).

    • vino veritas

      Good observation. Dumb Frum would probably call you an intolerant racist religious extremist for not tolerating his blinding ignorance and stupidity while attempting to look and sound something approaching profound.

    • Eliza

      My treasures are my children and now my grand-children. There is no amount of money you could give me to replace such jewels. Liberals do not understand that concept they are to busy working so that they can buy their spoiled kids iphones, ipads, cars and the list goes on and on and on and on. Oh, and their kids can do no wrong, until they shoot someone.


    Mr. Frum; you seem to be sulking but attempt to hide it by being insulting. How unworthy of anyone. Bless your heart.

  • Notjack

    For so many on the left, saying they were lucky is better than saying they got their jobs by voicing the ‘correct’ political opinions and brown nosing those in power.

  • HoundOfDoom

    Sounds like Frum is angling to get a guest shot on ‘Morning Joe’. David – more people are reading you on Twitchy than will ever see you on that ‘network’.

    • TugboatPhil

      I think he wants to be Eliot Spitzer’s next female conquest.

    • TugboatPhil

      I think he wants to be Eliot Spitzer’s next female conquest.

    • rosalie

      He’s only relevant to the Left. How exceedingly sad.

  • [email protected]

    We need to start treating the libs just like the Islamic extremest . Liberalism is the same kind of religion as Islam . No amount of logic or compromise will help build a bridge over their river of insanity. Their level of hate and anger is just astonishing. Just vote Romney and take the country back. Dont try to reason with them

  • Marty Luther

    In high school if you “got lucky” you bragged about it yourself.

    • hutch1200

      Hard to get lucky when you’re getting your a$$ kicked every day for your lunch money. But he seems to have made up for by getting frequent flyer miles, and 3 chins, at Golden Corrals’ buffet. Five times a day!

  • Tony0920

    Michelle says the things that i would say, if i were so eloquent. I am in love with Twitchy, and as i have said before, after 4 (Biden wood) hours of Twitchy with no change of ‘status’ , i refuse to call my doctor. It’s my morning, noon, and evening read. Feel good stuff, knowing her and her team are so capable of fighting the good fight. Mega Kudos Michelle and Twitchy.

  • Tony0920

    Michelle says the things that i would say, if i were so eloquent. I am in love with Twitchy, and as i have said before, after 4 (Biden wood) hours of Twitchy with no change of ‘status’ , i refuse to call my doctor. It’s my morning, noon, and evening read. Feel good stuff, knowing her and her team are so capable of fighting the good fight. Mega Kudos Michelle and Twitchy.

  • smorkingapple

    Frum is a bigot yet the woman that argued for internment in WW2, regularly smears Muslims using the worst of them as examples of an entire population, and is a virulent anti-immigrant voice somehow is not. My mind is boggled.

    Folks, let me explain something to you. If you were born in America, by DEFINITION you are lucky. I tell people I grew up with in the ghetto this all the time to smack them out of their doldrums. The worst ghetto in America is Beverly Hills compared to 3rd world nations. So if that applies to folks in the ghetto, it definitely applies to folks like Romney and Ryan who were born on 3rd base yet keep swearing they hit triples.

    I know you clowns want to believe there is some linear relationship between working hard and success no matter what your upbringing or background are, but here in the real world, that’s not the case. Luck, good fortune, right timing, being in right place, etc all play a large part and there is absolutely nothing wrong with stating that.

    • Gary Dewyn

      “Luck, good fortune, right timing, being in right place, etc all play a large part …” Let’s take a look at your argument from the perspective of my immigrant grandfather.

      Luck. No, he saved his money to buy a ticket on the S.S Staatendam (Holland America Lines) in steerage and landed at Ellis Island in May, 1907. Luck had nothing to do with it.

      Good fortune. My grandfather was far from wealthy. What he did, though, was learn a trade, masonry, and built dikes in the Netherlands before he hopped the ship at the ripe old age of 21.

      Right timing. I’ll give you that one. He escaped der Nederland just a few years before the outbreak of WWI. He also landed at Ellis Island one month before the largest influx of immigrants in the history of the island.

      Right place. Even that takes work. Grandpa told me that he looked at what was happening out west and as soon as he could he got on a train for California. As a mason he found there was more work available in the tiny city of Los Angeles whereas he would likely need to wait in line to get on a construction crew in NYC.

      Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, for the rest of the story. When Grandpa got his first brick laying job in L.A., he got fired from it the first day. Being Dutch he did not know how to read American blueprints. He put bricks where a window was to go. He learned from his mistakes and studied blueprints on all subsequent jobs.

      He also observed how others were treated. He noticed how other immigrants and minorities were considered no better than “strongbacks” while English-speaking workers were given the good jobs with better pay.

      My grandfather learned English and never spoke Dutch for the rest of his life. He saved his money, married a Bohemian woman whom he met shortly after arriving in L.A., and started his own masonry company a few years before the Depression. He hired two other bricklayers, an Italian immigrant and a black man. They thought they were his hod carriers. When he told them they were hired as bricklayers those men knew they had jobs for as long as they wanted.

      My grandfather stayed in business building homes, office buildings, sidewalks, and fences until he was in his 70’s in the 1950’s. He retired, shut down his business, and lived about twenty more years. He was successful, but never wealthy. Even after his death there were still sidewalks with his stamp in downtown L.A. and there may be some of his structures still standing.

      My grandfather did not rely on luck or good fortune. He learned and observed. Then he applied what he learned and observed.

      When President Obama said, “You didn’t build that,” a lot of his supporters argued that he was talking about roads and highways and teachers and… Well, there are a lot of other people who learned from those same teachers, traveled on those same roads, yet are not as successful as others. They did not apply what they learned and observed.

      That’s the difference.

      • John316

        Nailed it.

        If you have no imagination and are generally a dim-witted dullard,or imagination but no ambition,you will fail regardless of how “lucky” you were.

        Ambition alone will keep you above water,someone can put your work ethic to work.But ambition+imagination(barring chronic illness or accident)=success in most cases.

    • Frank

      Muslims smear themselves every day. In fact, they have smeared innocent people’s body parts on walls, cars, etc. nearly 20,000 times in the name of their prophet since 9-11.

      And Mr. Dhimmi, please provide specific linked examples of Michelle supporting the Japanese internment camps and her supposed opposition to LEGAL immigration.

      Were all waiting….

      • jsolbakken

        Michele Malkin understands that the Japanese People were a serious monolith politically and culturally back in those days. Only fools would have assumed that they were NOT a potential threat. Also, did you know that both Canada and Mexico interred their Japanese residents also. It was NOT NOT NOT only in the USA that that happened. And remember that Michele Malkin is Filipino. Most people have forgotten how many Filipinos were murdered by the Japs who occupied the Philippines, but she has not forgotten.

    • Garym

      Truly one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever read on teh internets. The lady who built this site came from two immigrant parents and has worked her azz off to be one of the most influential people on the internet. She built her own site and Hot Air (which she built up and sold, isn’t capitalism grand). She built this site, which has some fantastic editors that she hired and pays. Frum had a Canadienne famous mom, who I guess, put him through Haaaavard, which he turned into a political career. He was lucky. The owner of this site, Michelle Malkin, made her own luck.

    • hutch1200

      Opprotunity knocks for all Americans. Make sure you don’t have your “Do NOT Disturb” sign out! Like the 3rd Gen takers. They’re comfortable right where they’re at. So being poor in the US, apparently isn’t that bad. Doltish kinda comment. But ya did put alot of thought into it, so I’ll give ya credit for that.

    • jsolbakken

      The issue is not so much “luck” as it is the proposition that I owe the “unlucky” a living to be paid out of my own “luck.” Sorry, commie idiots, but if you try to do that it will dismay you to discover that, lo and behold, I’m not so effin’ “lucky” myself anymore. No, I’m just another “John Galt” “down on his (own) luck, too.”
      It will suprise the commie retards but not me to see the amount of “luck” in society dry up pretty quick.

    • Donna Acosta

      As the great-grandchild of immigrants, I also have to disagree. That’s not how it’s gone for my family: They worked hard, sacrificed, and made do. And you know what? Every time I’ve done the same, *luck, good fortune, right timing, and being in the right place all seemed to magically happen for me.” There’s this thing called *work,* and lo…it works!

  • Bui van vat

    Frum’s 15 minutes of fame are surely long ago used up.

  • NCMountainGirl

    If you really want to yank David’s chain each time he trashes a strong independent woman- which he does a lot- ask him “But are you bitter?” That was the line comics used to parody his late mother, an extremely influential journalist who was arguable the most famous woman in Canada. She was so well known the Canadian version of the muppets based a character on her.

    Every time I have read Frum writing about a woman who is more influential with Republicans than he can dream of being he completely trashes her as being too emotional and generally undeserving. Got some mommy issues, do you, you poor little rich kid?

  • holygoat

    Does anybody take Frum seriously anymore? Even libs understand he’s little more than a token sideshow act for the left.

  • Bali Bali Zingo

    D Frum needs to toss in a salad once in a while. Screw his lucky meme. The 47% are the lucky ones having a govt that has the ability to help. Yeah I’m so lucky I own my own business and if I don’t work I don’t eat.

    • Michael Rice

      But you didn’t build that>>>

    • lostintheswamp

      Sucks to be you.

  • stillinthe60s

    Hey Michelle, you don’t think DF came at you to try and attract more people to his Daily Beast article? Doubt he’s capable of building much of a readership unless he flogs on a true conservative so the liberal “toler-rants” are enticed to check out his shineola.

  • J.N. Ashby

    “Not everyone’s had the same advantages as you,” so? So you owe them for not having advantages? Survival of the fittest isn’t a competition of individuals. It’s a competition of families/genetic lines. Those advantages are meant to be there. Don’t pretend to believe in evolution only when it’s convenient.
    AND ANOTHER THING: Whether one has or hasn’t had the same advantages, perhaps we should take a page from the book of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want, but you must try, try and try, try and try.”

  • Maria

    I adore Mrs. Malkin. She says it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Frum needs to get the stick outta his ass, because nothing she said was offensive, it was all true. He just can’t handle the truth!

    • Paul C.

      I agree, the lefts mask always pops off when they don’t like something.

  • AUBraves

    I agree with Frum. The current administration is among the very lucky….

    But, can you depend on luck in November?

  • $21367552

    Well, since EVERYTHING has to be spelled out for you, what was “mean” and not to mention stupid about your comments as well as Romney’s was that it was far from 47% of the population that sees themselves as victims, it includes seniors who paid taxes all their lives, students who haven’t started paying taxes not to mention members of the armed forces which I thought conservatives were the ones who were friendly towards. Even IF 47% of the population were “victims” it’s not exactly a smart strategy to make comments about them and say it’s not your business to try to get them to take personal responsibility when you are trying to win an election.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Well, he didn’t say that, and YOU KNOW IT. He said, to a group of people at a fundraiser, who had asked about his strategy, that appealing to 47% of the population who do not pay taxes with a promise of lowering taxes is not going to work, so he’s not counting on those folks responding to his message. He didn’t say he doesn’t care about those people — in fact, his campaign is built on the idea of lifting people out of dependence on the government — he said they’re not going to be impressed with a promise to lower taxes, when they’re not paying any.

      I’m so sorry that people on the left are not smart enough to grasp the difference.

    • rosalie

      I’m willing to bet that most people who are in the categories that you mentioned are not insulted. I know I’m now because I know what he means.

  • andycanuck

    Frum is projecting the “lucky” and “life’s lottery winners” memes because he got into journalism through family connections such as through his (now-deceased) mom, Barbara Frum, who was a leading journalist and news anchor at Canada’s state-run, leftist-liberal Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He didn’t start from scratch so no one else must have.

  • thomaspriebe

    The L.A. Times’ James Rainey, whom MM tore a new one a few weeks ago, tweets that “former Bush speechwriter Frum want @Romney to drop his 47% meme.”
    The thing is, if you look at this hack’s tweets, the 47% remark is about the only thing he’s been tweeting about. Not Biden’s “gonna put y’all back in chains” remark (one single tweet about that, defending Biden), not about the attack on the consulate or the death of the ambassador and the other three Americans and the O administration’s B.S. about it … nope, for Rainey, it’s just the 47% remark (and Romney’s critique of the Egypt embassy’s apology) all the time … that’s all the news to this hack … and then he has the nerve (and lack of sense of irony) to quote Frum that Romney should drop it !!!!!!!!!!

  • rosetta_stoned

    Actually, I do hate half the country and I have no problem admitting it.

    • jsolbakken

      If I had more respect for them I would hate them. As it is I merely dislike them; albeit with the white hot intensity of a zillion supernovae.

  • Tex Taylor

    No skin in the game, but if observation means anything from TV appearances, David Frum simply isn’t as talented or intelligent as Michelle Malkin. Probably jealousy.

    Sorry David, but frankly you’re more of a Washington hack, worthless to the cause. Vote Obama and go back to the Washington dinner parties while you still have the time.

    You’re persona non grata in Conservative circles I run. We can’t forgive the 2008 Obama boot licking.

  • Brett McMicken

    it’s pathetic how the party that always wants republicans to compromise and reach across the isle when in power are the same people who apply hate to anyone and everyone who doesn’t believe 100% their way

  • NWBill

    It always amazes me when people go after Michelle by stereotyping her – and then complaining when she doesn’t fit their stereotypes. Describing her in comparison to a woman who lived 100 years ago – as one poster did – proves the point. Her opponents can’t match her intelligence, passion, and principles in the here and now, so they try to frame her in ways that no longer exist. Women like Sandra Fluke live through stereotypes every day of their lives; women like Michelle Malkin (and there are precious FEW like her!) BREAK stereotypes every day! Michelle Malkin is the living embodiment of what Andrew Breitbart wanted for America; she carries his spirit as an example for the rest of us to follow. But that’s not to say that she isn’t her own person … no, not at all. Michelle is one of the most “defined” people any of us know; she knows herself, her friends and family, her fellow citizens, and her country like few others do. If Barack Obama ever realizes that he never – and doesn’t – understand the country that gave him so much, and that he leads (for now), he ought to pay Michelle to come, sit, and teach him what this country is REALLY all about. He could even bring his own Michelle in for the teaching moments; she’s demonstrated serious flaws in her understanding of what this country is built on, herself … and could use the instruction, as much as he does.

    But, that will never happen; after the Obamas are sent packing in a few months, and end up in Hawaii … living in a mansion paid for and supported by others … they will write their memoirs, and their columns, build their Presidential library/Basilica/temple of worship, and throw their parties, all the while decrying the abuse they suffered from ’08-’12, and how they ONLY TRIED TO DO WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS RIGHT (cue the snickers from Chicago) – while Mr. Romney, Mr. Ryan, and others begin repairing the damage, and putting this country back on the right path again.

    The same path Michelle Malkin has been showing the way towards for all of us, ever since the moment she came on the scene … and the knives came out in attack. But, hey – she’s shown that she can take the heat, as well as do her thing; she’s Michelle Malkin; mother, wife, businesswoman, prophet, sage, and lover of all things American.

    And those things – along with what she does with them – makes her more American than most of us.

  • Mike Lee

    David Frum needed to write about Michelle Malkin in order to get some attention for himself. That’s how unimportant he is. And he knows it. Now he has received his troll attention, making him feel like he matters for a short while. Pathetic.

  • freeinaz

    It appears Frum is a little jealous of Michelle Malkin for her continued success and superior knowledge of facts. Frum, come out of the closet and just admit your a progressive.

  • Frau Katze

    Former conservative David Frum! Best advice: just ignore.