It’s not like there is anything else going on, right? Even on September 11, President Obama couldn’t muster up any sort of presidential behavior. It was bad enough that his lapdogs over at NBC chose to air a Kris Jenner interview rather than have a moment of silence. But, no! President Obama had to one-up them and chose to appear on “Pimp with a Limp.” On September 11.

But “Pimp with a Limp” is just the tip of his priority-driven iceberg. Hey, didn’t Obama also just snub Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu due to “travel conflicts?” Guess what those conflicts entail?

Yes, something else happened yesterday. While the press would have you believe the most pressing issue of our time is a Romney statement, what actually happened is that our embassies were attacked. And Ambassador Stevens, among others, was killed. Surely President Obama will now be focusing on that, right?

That’s right. Vegas, baby! For some sweet, sweet fundraising!

It’s a pity that he can’t stay there, like everything else stays in Vegas. Of course, Obama also has time to slam Romney while jet-setting. Ace of Spades takes him, and the media, to the woodshed, natch. And it is beautiful.

Four already dead and now the U.S. is evacuating personnel from Libya.

What appears to be a coordinated attack with the potential for more attacks. Evacuations, deaths and Obama is hitting the strip. And the media? Crickets, except for when they are trying to slam Romney for Obama’s failure.

Dangerously disgraceful.



Telemundo’s José Diaz-Balart is all twitterpated about Obama’s visit to Vegas and can barely contain his excitement about landing the only interview with President Cool:

The squee is strong with this one. But Diaz-Balart isn’t the only one quivering with antici … pation:

The event hasn’t actually started yet, but one Twitterer was able to grab a quick snapshot of the president getting ready for the shindig:


  • Love of Country

    Remember when Barack Owebamao told US not to go to Vegas? But he can go to Vegas for no good reason during the emergence of a breaking crisis, but not before criticizing Romney’s response to the crisis???? Dinglebarry doesn’t know the first thing about being a leader of the people nor does he know how to be a proper American …. unbelievable!.

    • Maria

      Everyone here was so irate with him, casinos were up in arms, local businesses were too.. I hope the people here remember come election day. I know I will.

      What a double standard. He can hate on Vegas and try to get the American people to deprive us of revenue from tourism (which is our bread and butter), yet when it’s convenient he runs here to raise money for himself, and during an emergency no less.

      BTw- Nice one with stealing that!

      • Love of Country


        And if not for double standards …. dinglebarry would have no standards at all?

  • Dio Heerai

    We have to give this a few days to be sure , but if the public let Obama and the MSM get away with this . Its time for conservatives to wrap up go home and start doomsday prepping . Because at that point it matters not what campaign Romney runs , they just want free stuff and Obama. This is not a test of Obama or Romney its a test of the American people. I hope we pass

    • Phantom Stranger


  • allenbarr

    well BHO still has time to blame christianity for the riots

  • stuckinIL4now

    Be careful that the blood on Obungler’s hands doesn’t get on the casino chips.

  • f. lindsay

    OBAMA is a Player,we call him a ‘Hustler’ in~Community. @BarackObama Apologized 2~Barbarians that carried a US DIPLOMATs DEAD body into the STREET. While 2000+ people paraded &CHANTED anti-American SLOGANS- The PretenderNthief states that AMERICAN CITIZENS should WATCH insulting these LUNATIC NUTTERS—-
    NEW FLASH BArry is ACTIVELY DESTABLIZING the MIDDLE EAST,KILLING their ‘BELOVED’ LEADERS ,giving REBELS weapons,stoking ANTI AMERICAN sentIment & has backed EVERY1,but our ALLIES.2 WHAT END? BO does NOT know What he has done 2 MILLIONS of LIVES.GOD help Us…..pleaze

    • Orangeone

      Our Fox 9 News tonight said the people carrying the Diplomat were citizens trying to help him. I just about fell off of my chair with them spewing O’Bambi’s talking points.

  • Maria

    “It’s a pity that he can’t stay there, like everything else stays in Vegas.”
    We don’t want him either! Haha.

    Seriously, though, this just proves he is an utter failure as a President, he is late to address every tragedy that happens in the U.S. if he even addresses it at all. And usually he is too busy golfing, vacationing, or doing a fundraiser for his fail compaign rather than be the Commander and Chief this nation needs. A Commander and Chief should drop whatever it is they’re doing, especially if it’s as tedious as this was, and address the American people to put them at ease and let us know what he plans to do about the situation. But, no, this President is selfish and thinks everything can wait until he’s done having fun. He’s even put off meeting with the jobs council so he could have his precious vacations and fundraisers while the majority of us cannot afford to even take one vacation! Romney on the other hand, beats Barry to the punch by addressing the American people and he’s just the candidate for President! It seems Romney has his priorities straight. The People come first. /rant

    • Sis Smith

      are women not considered people.we sure don’t come first to romney or he would not take away our medical benefits,are the retired not people,not in this case or he would not take away ss,disability,military tell me,which people come first…the rich and the crooked….maybe you have plenty of money and good insurance so you don’t have to worry.some people don’t have money or insurance,and need those benefits.maybe you don’t go get your cooty and boobs checked,i sure do,and can’t afford what it cost to have it done.nothing comes first to romney but his wants,definetly not ours….the people..and what priorities?????you got bought as much common since as romney,not much huh…scared someone is gonna take a little of your money….

      • NWFL Conservative

        Honestly, how do you get through your day being so completely disconnected from reality? And from the lack of coherency of your post and your lousy spelling and grammar I am guessing you were not at the top of your GED class. I too am a tarheel, born and raised in Raleigh and I am ashamed to say we come from the same state.

        You have bought into the liberal “sense of entitlement” crock of crap, hook, line and sinker. Why don’t you wake up and come out of your liberal Kool Aid induced STUPOR and start thinking for yourself for a change. I challenge you to find and post a SINGLE STATEMENT made by Mitt Romney to substantiate ANY of your baseless parroted allegations. I suspect all I will hear is crickets chirping. Your turn “sis”, the ball is in your court.

      • TugboatPhil

        Sis, you’d do better to read the 2700 pages of health care law that your savior shoved up your, my and everyone in America’s backside. You think you don’t have money now? Wait until the taxes and penalties start kicking in come 2014. Hope you like Medicaid, because that’s where we’re all going now that BJ Barry has screwed the Doctors.

      • RandiJensenGray

        What is sad, is here soon Iran and all the other Middle Eastern countries are going to be pointing there missiles right at the US with the help of China, who HAS the strongest navy in the world. Guess what you worrying about woman rights, your insurance, getting crap for free from the government is NOT going to matter. Thanks to your President, our country is weak and vulnerable and because YOU live in America, the enemy is going to want you dead. So, keep worrying about yourself and all your personal needs, because they are not going to exist! What really pisses me off is my husband has served 21 years in the military to protect your freedom to complain about your women’s rights and you support a president that had done nothing buy make my husbands job in the military harder. As for Romney, it is sad that he has to say something first about this whole mess in order to motivate Obama to get off of his lazy ass and do his JOB as a president.

        • loriaw07


        • Maria

          BRAVO!!!!!!!!! Beautiful.

      • loriaw07

        Obviously… by your grammer, spelling and punctuation…”you got bought as much common since” as a dead fly. Get over your fairy tale war on women…there is none except within your own liberal party. You my dear, have been brainwashed by those you THINK give a damn about you. Your Obama care package isn’t worth a damn when your freedom is taken from you.

        • loriaw07

          P.S. …scared someone is “gonna” take a little of your entitlements… You are a fool!!!

      • MileHighinAZ

        Sis Smith, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you’re not a troll, but truly a misguided person who, and I’m saying this as kindly as I can, does not have her facts accurate. The concerns you state – Romney snatching away medical benefits, SS benefits, military pensions, etc. – are simply false. These are lies perpetrated on people for the sole person of inciting false fears. Do you understand that if Obamacare goes into effect you will be forced to pay an annual penalty (let’s call it what it is – a tax) if you do not buy insurance? I hope that if you’re sincere in your comments, that you’ll avail yourself of more reliable information. If you’re here to make trouble, well then, don’t waste your breath. Folks who read this site are typically very well-read, and quite intelligent.

      • GreenEyedGal

        I love how independent today’s American feminists are. They don’t need a man! Unless they want free birth control, and then they run screaming and crying to Uncle Sam.

        Put your big girl panties on and act like the liberated woman you are. Pay for your own damn care and quit bitching because some people have more others.

        I’m quickly approaching the end of my rope.

        • YeahWeWill

          They are feminists. A true feminist will pay for her own damn birth control. I did! And I worked . Pay to play!

          • YeahWeWill

            Damn cannot edit. They are NOT feminists. They are whining biatches

      • disqus_OyGmlRTxA4

        Lady! Get a job so you can afford health care…Don’t you see it?? The issue here is the president have a gouts to do his fundraising when our embassies are being attacked and fellow american are being killed. DON’T YOU GET IT!!! He is the Commander in Chief for crying out loud! So quit whinning like a #$%&@ and get a job,,,,, oh if you can’t find one blame it to your president…. Go figure!

        • Maria

          Well to be fair, some people don’t qualify for health insurance, like myself. However, I don’t wish anyone else to have to pay for me.

      • Roy Norton

        If you think healthcare is expensive now..wait till its free.

      • bpostal

        @sis yet you can afford the internet!
        misguided priorities maybe!

      • Maria

        WOW you are one misguided woman. You have heard nothing Romney and Ryan have said except what your Puppet Masters spin. Romney is keeping parts of the Obamacare, just not making it MANDATORY for people or robbing Medicare like Obama did ($716billion). I have no insurance myself, but the Obamacare PCIP I used is damned expensive. Having no insurance saves more money.
        Cooty and boobs? That shows your immaurity right there.. I get regular Papsmears, but they cost me under $100 with no insurance. As for my breasts, well you don’t need to do that until you’re 40 and I’m 12 years from that.
        Check the facts before you speak. And learn to spell. It’s common sense, not common since. I have more common sense than all Liberals, like yourself. Time to move on!

        Wow, as NWFL Conservative pointed out..Sissy is from North Carolina, I would have thought she or he came from the North (no offense to Northerners). lol

      • PunisherGrim

        The only thing I could really glean from your disjointed, poorly-written comment is that you are a delusional Obamazombie idiot who doesn’t know the practical facts of what you’re talking about. It’s so much easier to parrot snippets of spoon-fed propaganda than to think for yourself and know what you’re talking about, isn’t it?

  • Dio Heerai

    The Romney campaign of “good governance” never works . After 911 Karl Rove’s campaign was to scare the living daylights out of people ,it worked like a charm. Time to get real, the public are idiots treat them as such .

  • NWFL Conservative

    Just W…T….F….. is wrong with the people in this country that they simply cannot see through this America hating scumbag?

    How can anyone with any self respect and love of our country and our way of life not be outraged at his egregiously outrageous behavior? Is this what our country has come down to?……..I think I may have answered my own question.

    Vive la révolution!!!

  • Orangeone

    I’m going to put this question out to fellow posters. If the movie being made by a private person re: Muslims is offensive, why isn’t O’Bambi’s “I killed Osama Bin Laden” movie just as offensive or even more so?

    • stuckinIL4now

      I’ve heard a lot of people today say they think it’s Obama constantly spiking the football and taking victory laps over Bin Laden that set them off–though they’d make up any reason they need to for senseless violence against Americans. And they did this on 9/11.

      • Orangeone

        I tend to agree with that philosophy.  The book by a Seal Team member was just released, 60 minutes did a one hour show with the author, the DNC was screaming Bin Laden is dead for days.

    • TugboatPhil

      And what about those scumbags storming the embassy that were shouting, “We’re a billion Osamas now!” Remember how everything Bush did always had the left howling, “You’re creating more terrorists.”

      Well The Savior, Baraka, has resurrected Osama Bin Laden. He ain’t dead no mo’.

    • NWFL Conservative

      Honestly, I don’t think this movie had a single thing to do with the attacks. It was just a very convenient scapegoat for these “religion of perpetual outrage” subhuman savages to use deadly violence against the “great satan”. I firmly believe that this was a PLANNED 9/11 anniversary attack, And the preemptive apology by those imbeciles in our Egyptian embassy gave them all the scapegoating they needed. Not that they need any excuses to murder innocent people, they have already shown us that for the last 11 years.

  • EverybodyTalks

    Hopefully, the Undecided are watching.

  • Reed

    Romney must bring Obama to his knees on his record and quickly!

  • Reed


  • xristosdomini

    The President blew off Netanyahu… for strippers, Blackjack (I hope I can still say that) and David Letterman.

    Where did he learn his foreign policy “expertise”? A Roulette wheel?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      You can say blackjack, sure. Crackerjack still exists, after all. 😀

    • MileHighinAZ

      I have never been embarrassed to this degree for my modern-day country until today, when Obama insulted Netanyahu like he did. God help us.

  • Trevor Senko

    I wonder if Vegas is taking bets if “O the Lazy” will have a job Nov 6th.

  • Mickey Byrd

    things that make you go DAMN!…. a liberal in Vegas with access to our countries budget. Please let him follow the last part of the Vegas slogan…. “stays in Vegas”.

  • James Neal

    BSakaBo is looking for the real killers, not
    on the golf course, but in VEGAS, of all places. The man has no shame,
    no dignity, no conscious, no leadership skills, and his failed
    administration has delivered no hope and no change (for the better).

    Actually, what change that has happened is all negative.
    $16,000,000,000,0000 in debt, plus 8% (or plus 15% real) unemployment,
    25 million people out of work, 47 million on food stamps, gas prices
    doubled to $4. His share of the debt is 5,000 BILLION in just 3.5 years.

    The greatest mystery is what parallel universe the people who would
    give this total loser four more years — what non-reality world are
    they living in?

  • Conservativeanarchist

    Let’s just make one thing clear–Obama is the pimp with the limp.

    • NWFL Conservative

      The pimp with the limp NOODLE. Our Eunuch in Chief is an utter disgrace, He is even more spineless than Mr. Peanut and I NEVER thought I would ever hear myself saying that.

      If Ronald Reagan had been President, half of Benghazi would still be on fire right now. Libya eff’d with us once and RR gave them the bitch slapping of their life. Now all they get is apologies from our Apologist in Chief. Pathetic, just utterly pathetic.

      • MileHighinAZ

        Oh for the days of Reagan + Thatcher.

  • lana ward

    The kenyans dead eyes tell it all, no heart, no soul he doesn’t give a rip about anything except himself and winning

  • tomincol

    Wait a minute, I remember him saying not to go to Las Vegas. Big Daddy strikes again

  • tomincol

    As the slots are clanging, the dice are rolling, the cards are turned face up, Cairo burns and there has been NO American response to the security breach at the embassy.

  • Dencal26

    When Hillary’s and her entourage were pelted with rocks and shoes by hundreds of people in Egypt a few months ago that should have been a warning to beef up security.

  • Chris Holly

    I’d say yesterday was more than a “tough day” Mr President it was a heartbreaking tragedy.we need leadership please share this video “America Sreet”

  • Kam Patterson

    For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed that my country is being run by a non-caring, egomaniacal, gutless, whiner of a crybaby, worthless piece of shit ever to stain the human gene pool.